Author: Marios Alexandrou

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I'm a web developer, project manager, and most recently a search engine optimization professional working as a Management Consultant for a search engine marketing agency in New York. My interest in computers and technology goes back many years -- my parents bought me my first computer when I was 5. At that time, personal computers had all of 16K (yes, kilobytes) of memory. A computer science degree and various web development jobs later I found myself pulled into the world of SEO. I can't complain, I like it here.

This is where I post many of my thoughts and opinions about technology including what's going on with search engines; WordPress as a blogging and CMS platform; and useful software I've come across. Sprinkled in among all of this you'll find posts about social media and paid search both of which I dabble in both professionally and as a hobby.

In 2009 I spoke at SES Toronto on the new relevancy factors that search engineers are and will be looking at. There are a few write-ups of my presentation:

In 2010 some of my thoughts on project management appeared in PM Network magazine.

In 2011 I returned to SES Toronto and presented on Competitive Analysis. This session was actually a variation of a lengthier and more detailed webinar I did for ClickZ titled Deconstructing Your Competitors' SEO Program. I also published an article on SEO tools in Search Marketing Standard Magazine