Free Workplace Health and Safety Manual

Safety First

Safety is no accident. Every worker has the right to a safe working environment. Every worker has the right to be properly trained. Every worker has the right to refuse unsafe work. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that all work tasks meet minimum safety requirements.

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Warning Signs that a Worksite is Unsafe

  1. There is no direct supervision of workers.
  2. Training is non-existent or not adequate.
  3. Orientation is not given to new workers.
  4. Equipment is in poor working condition, or old and unkempt.
  5. Floors are messy, dirty, or slippery.
  6. There are no warning signs or posters, e.g. helmets must be worn, etc.
  7. Injuries occur regularly.
  8. Protection equipment is not used and/or is not provided.
  9. Teamwork is non-existent, e.g. when something heavy needs lifting.

Safety can be achieved through a systematic approach to evaluating risks and seeking solutions to eliminating them. This begins with all members of an organization that wish to create a safe and productive work environment.

Although it may seem that increasing safety on the job will cost more, in the long run it is financially worse if someone becomes injured or killed, especially if there are legal repercussions, which many times there are. All employers, managers, etc., are responsible for what happens to their workers.

This workplace health and safety manual is intended to offer information on how to improve Health & Safety (H&S). It is important to understand however, that every job is different, and modifications may be needed. It is also important to seek professional advice on the work site, e.g. an engineer, on how to make the environment safer.

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  1. Hello. I tried to download the safety manual by clicking on the link but it opened a blank page. Is there any other way to get this?

    • Try right-clicking on the link and selecting Save or Save As.

      • Thank you!

  2. Unable to download a copy of Free Workplace Health and Safety Manual. Kindly a copy to me via

    • Sorry to hear you're having problems with the download link. Can you tell me what you're seeing so I can diagnose the problem? Thanks!

  3. this info on occupational health is great.

  4. Indeed no job is so important that it can not be done safely. safety first should be applied to everyone.

    • i haven't gotten the opportunity to read this manual but the excerpt on this page is quite good enough and convincing that the manual would be super

  5. Very informational. I hope we start adapting these safety tips in our workplace. Keep it up. Thank you

  6. Please could you email me a health and safety manual as I have just completed my level 2 H&S course . Many Thanks

  7. Really hoping this will give me a good start with re-doing our safety program... wish me luck!

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