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We're happy to share what we've learned and experienced over the years with you. Sometimes we create content that we think is particularly useful and so we bundle this content into downloadable PDFs, Excel files, or even large image files. All of this is free of charge, but we do ask that you Tweet, Like, or somehow share a link to this site so that we can continue to provide this server. The downloads are scattered throughout the Infolific site so to help you check them all out, here's the complete list.

WordPress Plugins and Other Software

Real-Time Find and Replace for WordPress
An incredibly handy plugin that allows you to replace anything that appears in the final HTML for any post or page on your WordPress site. Remove links, adjust code, and add new functionality to your content without touching a single PHP file.

Include Pages in RSS Feeds for WordPress
By default WordPress RSS feeds include only posts. So if you're using WordPress as more of a CMS as opposed to just a blogging platform, none of your pages are being included in your feeds. This plugin fixes that issue.

Republish Old Posts
Republish old posts automatically by resetting the date to the current date. Puts your evergreen posts in front of your users via the front page and feeds.

Enhanced Plugin Admin
At-a-glance info (last update date, rating, votes) on your site's plugin page about the plugins you have installed (both active and inactive). Easily spot potential problems due to plugins no longer being supported or that have received low ratings.

Add Any Extension to Pages
Add any extension of your choosing (e.g. .html, .htm, .jsp, .aspx, .cfm) to WordPress pages. Change it anytime.

Social Media E-Mail Alerts for WordPress
Are you running your own WordPress-powered site? Install this plugin to automatically receive notifications when your site is getting traffic from Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, or any of your choosing.
Password Manager
If you're looking to manage your passwords in an Excel file, this is the solution for you. It uses Blowfish encryption via custom VBA macros to encrypt data in cells.

Hobbies & Leisure

Plant List and Reference Guide
This is a pretty cool, but large image jam-packed with information about a large number of plants. This makes for a useful reference. Even more so if you have a color printer!

Cooking with Herbs
Ever wonder what herb goes best with a certain type of food? This handy matrix will tell you just that.

Gardening Calendar
Maintaining your garden is a year-round effort. If you're not sure what you should be doing in the off-months, check out this calendar.

Medicinal Uses for Herbs
A lot of people have benefited from the medicinal use of herbs. We think you should always consult a doctor, but that doesn't mean the use of herbs can't also help. Find out how in this downloadable PDF.

Money Management

List of 1500+ Exchange Traded Funds
If you're an investor and interested in using ETFs to tap into the stock market while keeping trading and management fees down, this list is for you. In it you'll find over a thousand ETFs categorized by different attributes like market cap, sector, country, etc.

Stock Quote Tracker
Microsoft Excel is an incredible program and now you can use it to track the performance of your stock purchases. Create spreadsheets with layouts of your choosing — it's Excel!

Health and Fitness

First Aid and CPR Manual
You never know when you'll happen upon a medical emergency. Why not make sure you're able to help and maybe even save a life?

Workplace Health and Safety Manual
Learn the warning signs of an unsafe work environment and what to do about them. Injuries in the workplace are no accident!

Medical Resources and Information
If you're looking for medical help for a particular diseases or ailment, it can be hard to cut through the clutter on the web. Instead, consult this directory that compiles reputable organizations and facilities that are in a position to help you.

Medical List and Information
We've got a free, multi-page PDF full of information about medications. Well, it's mostly free. All you need to do is share it on Google+ and then the download is yours for the taking!


24 High-Resolution National Park Maps
These maps provide a great overview of the national parks. They're not the tiny maps you find around the web, but of sufficient resolution that you can print these out and make for a good travel reference.

National Parks Visitor Guide
A handy, information-packed printable matrix identifying the facilities and amenities available at each of the national parks.

Pets & Animals

Dog Breed Profiles
A scoring of many dog breeds on a number of a characteristics to help you assess each for compatibility with you and your family.