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Would you know what to do if a co-worker was having a heart attack? Could you help, or would you just stand there and watch helplessly?

Would you be able to act if your child began to choke, or would you make the situation worse by slapping them on the back?

We're proud to announce that we're releasing a first aid manual as an ebook i.e. a downloadable PDF. While comprehensive in its coverage, this ebook will continue to be updated as new first aid information becomes available.

Download the manual here (opens a new window).

In this one-of-a-kind guide to first aid and CPR you'll find many topics on how to help during various medical emergencies. Some samples include head and neck injuries, bone and joint injuries, medical emergencies such as diabetes, and convulsions, and of course how to help someone who is choking, having a heart attack, or suffering from a stroke. Each section is broken down into a definition, signs and symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

This first aid manual is ideal for…

  • First aid and CPR training providers that wish to provide pre-course reading to their students.
  • Companies that want to make it easy for their employees to refresh their memories after receiving formal first aid training.
  • Students looking to get the most out of first and CPR certification courses by familiarizing themselves with the various techniques in advance.
  • Teachers and educators looking to enhance existing course material with little effort.
  • Vendors that want to entice potential buyers with a low-cost, but high-value gift.

Here's what the First Aid and CPR Manual looks like…

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  1. Getting ready for a major hurricane...thank you!

    Mike in Tampabay

  2. Thank you for the 50 page First Aid Manual that I was able to copy within minutes for our business employee records that we are required to have. It was so easy to print it out! I had gone to Walmart, The Home Depot & even AAA. No one had a printed copy. I even have a 255 piece American Medical Association First Aid Kit that we bought at Costco many years back, although it did not come with a manual. Go figure... So thank you again!

    • Carol
      Thanks so much! It is great getting this to put in my First Aid Kit. It could be lifesaving! To get this FREE is so generous of you! Everyone needs to have it. Thanks again!

  3. Excellent Job! Thanks for sharing this valuable information with the trainers.

  4. Having a CPR manual for free like this is a genius idea. Thanks!

    • The information contained in your manual is great. Thanks for the educative info.

  5. This is an excellent guide and an essential thing to have in the work place!

  6. Thank you that this is openly available. Awesome.

  7. Excellent download! I am putting one copy with each first aid kit in our office!

  8. Thanks so much for helping the community

    • Great work thank you very much

  9. thanks great info

  10. Great book

    • very complete guide

  11. very comprehensive guide

    • Thank you so much for sharing this information!

  12. Excellent download! I am putting one copy with each first aid kit in our office!

  13. great download!!!!

    • Thank you very much for such an essential manual. We just do not know when we will need it.

  14. alot of thanks for the free downable book

  15. Thank you for the free download.

  16. Thank you very much for the free download.

  17. Any idea how to download this? I click on the link and it goes nowhere for me.

    • What link did you click on? You should be presented with the option to Like, Tweet, or +1 this page. After which the link to the PDF would appear.

  18. Fantastic, good accompaniment to my first aid kit!


  19. Thank you for free FA and BLS manual!

  20. Thank You for the download , this manual is to be used to assist motorcycle riders when riding in a group outing.

  21. Thank you for opportunity to rec. this manual free of charge with the recession we are in we need to save where we can. This is a great tool to have at my home daycare. I will share this site with all my colleagues. thanks again. ojones

  22. This is a very helpful manual for trainors like me. Thanks for coming up with these updates

  23. This is an excellent guide to first aid and procedures although it would be useful if you could provide a publication date for this. Whilst the advice appears to be current, such techniques as CPR routine have a habit of changing every few years.

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