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Welcome to Infolific. That's a pretty odd name, isn't? It's actually the combination of “information” and “prolific”. We want to share the information locked away in our heads and the team here has certainly amassed a lot of it over the years. For long-time followers of Marios Alexandrou, the founder of Infolific, you may recognize some of his content from other sites he once owned. This site is now the hub of his writings.

We're pretty proud to have had our work:

If you're interested in learning a bit more about the Infolific authors, feel free to click on any of the names below. If you'd like to join the team, drop us a line. We don't accept all applicants, but if you're an expert in an area not already covered on this site, we'd really love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy what we've written so far!

— The Infolific Team

Avatar photoAllyson Haymaker

My husband and I like to travel. We also think that people forget about all of the great places they can get to without leaving their home country. That's why we set out to explore every state following guidebooks and the tales of others we've met along the way.

We're still traveling today although we often return to favorite spots. Even so, we continue to stumble upon interesting locations and meet interesting people. We have no doubt that we'll have something to write about for years to come.

Avatar photoAria Sullivan

Aria Sullivan is a skin and hair care expert with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. She is a cosmetologist and esthetician and has expertise in creating personalized skin and hair care regimens that help her clients achieve their best possible look. Her holistic approach to beauty takes into account not just a person's skin and hair type, but also their lifestyle and habits, to create a truly customized experience.

Avatar photoChris Needham

Wilderness survival is a strange hobby. I learn all of this stuff that I will only need to use in an emergency. And I'm constantly torn between the desire to actually be in a situation where my skills would come in handy and, of course, the desire to not actually be in trouble out in the wild. Ah well, let's leave the philosophical discussions for another day.

So my interest in wilderness survival started as a kid when I was camping. I always had a fascination with starting the campfire. The harder it was to get going the more fun it was. Matches were for wimps (or for when I got tired)! I've done a lot more reading and practicing since then and yet starting a fire by rubbing two sticks together still seems like the most valuable skill there is.

Avatar photoClayton Schug

What you won't find much here in the way of camera, camera accessories, or software reviews. There are plenty of sites that already do that quite well. Not to mention that I don't have the budget to keep buying such toys. Instead, you'll find my particular view on the world of nature photography along with the occasional tutorial describing techniques I've learned chasing critters around while holding a digital SLR.

As a hiker, I come in to contact with the natural world quite frequently and I try to keep my camera handy for such encounters. More often than not though, I carry my camera around for hours without finding anything to take a picture of. But sometimes I get lucky. It is those lucky times that have resulted in the photographs in this section of Infolific.

My current camera is a Canon EOS 40D. It's a digital SLR and it is fantastic. Since purchasing it, new models from Canon have been released and by the time you read this my camera will probably be several generations behind.

I have three lenses: 100-400mm L IS USM, 24-105 L IS USM, and 17-40mm L USM. All have served me well and make for a good set. I don't use much in the way of filters except a B+W polarizer and UV filter (more for bad conditions to protect the lens than to cut out UV)

I hope you find something of interest and feel free to post a comment or question at any time.

Avatar photoDarcy Degroat

I've always had an interest in all plants and trees, in particular. So when I first saw a bonsai I was enthralled at the prospect of basically having a tree of my own in the same space that of a table lamp.

But bonsai cultivation is more than just keeping a tiny tree alive. It's a creative process that allows me to create a living sculpture. It's about using my skills and judgment to coax out the unique character of the plant, transforming it into a miniature masterpiece. On this site, I'll be sharing the techniques and knowledge you'll need to shape and train your own bonsai.

Avatar photoDarren Berardi

I'm not a professional money manager. That is, I'm not paid to manage other people's money. I do however invest my own money. This site reflects my thoughts and ideas about investing with ETFs.

I'm a fan of the passive nature of ETFs. I, like many others, believe that beating the market is nearly impossible even for the professionals. It's even harder if you're trying to hold down a "real" job, enjoy life, and raise a family. So if beating the market is not going to happen, then the next best thing is matching it. And that's where ETFs in general and index ETFs in particular come in.

With index ETFs I target different sectors, assets, and regions. Once purchased, my plan is always to hold on to the ETF. If my portfolio becomes unbalanced, then future purchases are directed to the funds that are below their nominal portfolio share. Here's the breakdown of my portfolio.

US 40%
Micro Cap (IWC) 5%
Small Cap (IJR) 10%
Mid Cap (IJH) 10%
Large Cap (SPY and IVV) 15%
International 35%
Large Emerging Markets (EEM) 15%
International Large Cap (EFA) 15%
Canada Large Cap (XIU) 5%
Bonds 10%
Broad Investment Grade (AGG) 5%
Corporate (LQD) 5%
Specialty 15%
Commodities (DBC) 5%
REIT (ICF) 10%
Avatar photoDouglas Bigler

Hello fellow divers! Like you I went diving once and loved it. I now try to plan a trip around diving at least once a year. I'm even more motivated these days as I continue to hear stories from other divers about how this or that reef isn't as good as it once was. I need to get out there ASAP.

Anyway, I hope you like the information I've shared here. If you have any comments, do share. I'm always open to discussions.

Avatar photoDylan Bennett

My name is Dylan Bennett. I grew up in a small town, gardening with my mom and making things at home. I didn't really become interested in homesteading, though, until my final years of university where I was introduced to dumpster diving and the current hippie/bohemian culture. When I graduated I moved to Toronto, Canada, where I kept up with making food, experimenting with canning and other crafts, and dumpster diving.

In 2011 I did a 6-month internship on an organic farm, ManoRun Farm. Being there sky-rocketed my interest in self-sustainability, teaching me loads of hands-on information and giving me the freedom to explore the art of fermentation. Since then I've WWOOFed, played around with my own creations, made loads of wine, and taught some of my friends how to get things started for themselves. Now I'd like to pass on my information to you.

Homesteading is a term that refers to growing food, self-sustainability, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, and all that jazz. It most lends itself toward using organic methods, but could be adapted to non-organic ones as well. Ultimately, homesteading is about becoming more independent, exploring what works and what doesn’t, and finding fun and creative solutions to problems that don’t just involve going to the store and buying something. Homesteading is about expressing yourself and fostering community, while at the same time proving that you can totally do anything you put your mind to.

My posts on Infolific provide some background knowledge and ideas for projects that you can do yourself, in your own home. They are meant to be fun and educational, and can be done by anybody.

Avatar photoGeorge Vinci

I'm definitely what you'd call a dog person. I don't think there's any more perfect a companion, but don't tell my wife. A dog will hang out with you regardless of what you want to do. A dog will guard your house when you're at work. And a dog will always be glad to see you. I mean have you ever seen a dog that has had a bad day? Yeah, me neither.

I also have lizards. That's a strange combination for sure, but being strange isn't something I shy away from.

Both dogs and lizards need to be cared for properly if they're going to happy. Everything I know that I could articulate in words I've written here. Not that I know everything there is know -- I'm still learning myself.

Avatar photoKris Selnar

As a fellow pet owner I know that it can be tough to find information about chinchillas since they're not as popular as more traditional pets such as dogs, cats, and birds. My hope is that I've covered 90% of the information you need to raise your chinchilla so that it lives for a very long time.

Just so you understand my perspective, I'm not chinchilla breeder nor do I participate in shows. My chinchillas are our pets. Nothing more. But over the years I think we've learned a lot about their proper care and upkeep.

Please feel free to comment on any of the posts on Infolific. I welcome all comments and I'll do my best to answer any questions you pose. When I don't know the answer to something, I'll let you know. It's not my desire to trick you or to impress you. I just hope we can help.

Avatar photoMarios Alexandrou

I'm a web developer, project manager, and most recently a search engine optimization professional working as a Management Consultant for a search engine marketing agency in New York. My interest in computers and technology goes back many years -- my parents bought me my first computer when I was 5. At that time, personal computers had all of 16K (yes, kilobytes) of memory. A computer science degree and various web development jobs later I found myself pulled into the world of SEO. I can't complain, I like it here.

This is where I post many of my thoughts and opinions about technology including what's going on with search engines; WordPress as a blogging and CMS platform; and useful software I've come across. Sprinkled in among all of this you'll find posts about social media and paid search both of which I dabble in both professionally and as a hobby.

In 2009 I spoke at SES Toronto on the new relevancy factors that search engineers are and will be looking at. There are a few write-ups of my presentation:

In 2010 some of my thoughts on project management appeared in PM Network magazine.

In 2011 I returned to SES Toronto and presented on Competitive Analysis. This session was actually a variation of a lengthier and more detailed webinar I did for ClickZ titled Deconstructing Your Competitors' SEO Program. I also published an article on SEO tools in Search Marketing Standard Magazine

Avatar photoMatthew Sloane

I was born in the prairies of Canada and grew up knowing I wanted to explore the rest of the country. My travels truly began when I headed off to the University of Toronto which gave me regular excuses to drive across the country and explore. Throughout those trips I collected stories from others and wrote some of my own. I'm sharing both here.

If you dig around a bit you'll find destinations I'm sure you haven't heard about before. I like to highlight these destinations because they're unique and, well, you can learn about the more popular destinations anywhere. I hope I end up inspiring your sense of adventure!

Avatar photoMax Lepley

My parents weren't too keen on me having the sorts of pets that would run around the house. I ended up having pets like hamsters and gerbils, but my favorite were freshwater fish. Actually, I had just as strong an interest in freshwater plants as I did fish.

At first my interest was typical of a child's. But over the years I began to explore ways to optimize the freshwater environment to grow plants faster and bigger. I constructed a CO2 injection system at one point that worked amazingly.

I've got a little less time these days to devote to the care of my aquariums, but they remain my number #1 hobby.

Avatar photoPeter Alexandrou

As a youngster I started working as a lifeguard during the summers. From there I developed a strong interest in lifeguarding and teaching first aid, which then led to becoming a certified instructor and examiner with the Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian Lifesaving Society.

After graduating from York University, with a B.A. in Kinesiology, I took a position with the Canadian Red Cross in Toronto as their Safety Services manager. After a few years I started a first aid and CPR training company, offering courses throughout the greater Toronto area.

Because I wanted to share all that I've learned, I decided to write a first aid manual. Be sure to check it out!

Avatar photoStuart Ridder

Consultants get a bad rap second only to lawyers. Some of it is justified because realistically anyone can call themselves a consultant. But I've spent years doing the best work I can for my clients. I also like to share my experiences and views and I invite you comment on anything that I write.

Avatar photoThe Pragmatic Aquarist

In the years since returning to the freshwater aquarium hobby in 2016, The Pragmatic Aquarist has immersed himself in the planted aquariums niche. He's tried growing 100+ aquarium plants, housing dozens of fish species, and has even had the occasional successful breeding project with angelfish, furcatus rainbows, clown killifish, and red lizard whiptails. On this site he publishes some of the pragmatic approaches to problems that hopefully others will find useful.

Avatar photoTravis Burke

Like many saltwater aquarium enthusiasts I started in the world of freshwater. But I always had a fascination with more colorful and seemingly more varied creatures you could only get with a saltwater aquarium.

And so after saving up enough money I took the plunge. Things didn't go so well at the start and I had problems establishing and maintaining the right chemical balance of the water. Still, the learning process was fun and I'm glad I did it.

I'm better with such things now and I'm looking forward to sharing with you some of things I learned along the way.

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