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The exact reasons why people are drawn to pets has been explored by many. In the end, the equation is quite simple: pets make people happy and why shouldn't people be happy? As with just about everything else in life, we all seem to be drawn to different animals whether it's the exuberance of a dog, the calming effect of a cat, the exotic nature of a chinchilla, the bright colors of aquarium fish or the majesty of a might horse (yeah we consider them pets too).

Fortunately, many of us live in places where we have many, many options to choose from for the kinds pets of pets we bring into our homes. We owe it to our pets to know as much about their needs as possible and this means researching what others have learned before us. And that's where Infolific comes in — we've captured years and years of experience within these articles and we really hope that can answer any questions you may have. If not, feel free to drop us a line!