Where to Buy a Chinchilla

The healthiest chinchillas will come from professional breeders that are involved in shows. This stands to reason since these people are aiming to win prizes. Even their castaways are going to be strong and healthy.

However, there may not be any professional chinchilla breeders in your area which means an added expense due to shipping. The next best alternative is another chinchilla owner. Buying from a fellow pet owner gives you someone you can meet first and determine whether they're worthy of your business. Good sellers will also be willing to offer you support and advice (within reason) after your purchase.

Two other options include pet stores and rescue organizations. Pet stores are certainly convenient, but many of the big chains simply don't pay enough attention to their pets. You could end up with a chinchilla that has gone through some hardship. There's also the option of getting a chinchilla from a rescue organization. These people are knowledgeable and will do their best to ensure your chinchilla is healthy, but by their nature, rescued chinchillas may have gone through some hardships as well.

The one place we recommend against purchasing a chinchilla is from a fur breeder. These chinchillas are ones that the breeder is rejecting for being sub-par. This reason alone isn't a problem though. The real problem is that chinchillas from fur breeders have grown up in very small cages with no toys or “play” time. Chinchillas raised in such environments will be more likely than not to require added patience and care from you to become good pets.

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  1. Were can i get a chinchilla in toronto ?

  2. I am looking for a breeder in or near Toronto! Or... Shipping well priced breeders. (apparently you can ship chinchillas)

    • I just brought home to awesome chinchillas from David at BlueHeavenChins in Toronto... he has a great variety and has helped me in picking out two really nice chinchillas. You can contact him... blueheavenchins@yahoo.ca

  3. Were can I buy a chinchilla in Las Vegas?

    • if you are still interested in buying a chinchilla, I have my chinchillas for sale, I live in North Las Vegas :)

  4. Where can you buy a chinchilla in Florida?

    • You can buy one from me in Atlanta, i have a female that i don't have room for anymore with a giant cage and toys and hammocks and everything you'll need to take care of it except food. She comes with everything i have for her, her name is pandora, and i'm looking to get about 250 for the whole setup, we paid about 450 for the cage alone so if you're interested please let me know asap, we don't have room for her here cause we are getting a new roommate and she's in the room that's being rented... look foreward to talking to you...


      • I can also consider meeting you half way if necessary

  5. where can i buy a chinchilla in beijing?

  6. does anybody know of any chinchilla shops in Dublin Ireland and If so how much would it cost for the whole thing cage accessories etc?
    Cuz im beggin my mom to get another pet!
    i also have a border terrier dog? would that scare the chinchilla or what?

  7. Depending on were you live matters if you live in the city get one at the pet store that is where I got mine

    • We can't get them here! No 1 breeds Chins!

      • I live in Oz. No1 has a breeder/importer license here. some1 tried in 04 that's the last i heard. Couldn't find any more info for Australia. That was last year (08) that i looked.


  8. Depending on were you live matters if you live in the city get one at the pet store that is where I got mine and im 13

  9. i am a pet lover and i'am looking for a fury and playful pet.so i decided i wanted a chinchilla but i have no clue where to get them
    i dont know if i want to get one from a pet store or a breeder
    does anyone know like a site where u can find breeders near u

    • Actually, i found mine at jacks aquarium.....I'd look there first.

  10. can you buy chinchillas in Livingston NJ?

    • Of course, please try to get one from breeder instead of pet stores. It's not b/c pet stores don't take good care of them; some pet stores are doing a good job. The major reason is chinchillas are very sensitive animal; they got scary way too easy. Once they have been frightened, they will lose the trust to human, and remember for a very long time. Due to the very same reason, chinchilla is more for an adult pet, not suitable for young children.

  11. Can you get chinchillas in Queensland, Australia?

    • I doubt it. I would like one maybe a breeding pair later. I still don't think anyone is importing or breeding them in Australia yet/still. Read one reference on an ABC forum that someone applied for an import permit in 2004, and that was it. No more information other than that.

      I hope we can get chinchillas some time soon. They're good and different pets.

  12. Jessie,

    If your primary reason for taking the chinchillas is that it is a "good deal" we suggest not getting them. The cost of supplies and equipment is a tiny, tiny part of the ongoing effort required to keep a chinchilla healthy and happy.

  13. I have found an owner of male chinchillas who wants to give them away with all their supplies for free. However, seeing as how they are very delicate and I have never had one before, but have read a lot about them, I am worried I might make the wrong decision. I don't want to make a mistake I regret by buying an unhealthy one or not taking good enough care of one, but I don't want to miss up on this offer. Maybe I should just get a bunny. What do I do?

  14. Tater,

    Petco has chinchillas, but the thing is that you dont know if they are 100% healthy and if they are real nice. I would also recommend rescues because you would be saving a chinchillas life and you dont have to worry about finding a breeder a million miles away!!!

  15. I want to also recommend rescues. Just make sure they are creditable. We adopted our first chin, Liam from Monty's Place, he's 100% healthy. The adoption process was like adopting a child and that's exactly what we did. Renee is a beautiful and compassionate human being. I don't know who's luckier: Liam or us. Thank you, Renee!

  16. Avatar photo


    Adult chinchillas can be fine. If they were raised by good owners who handled them from birth, they are very likely to be friendly and not bite. There is, of course, no way to tell without spending some time with the chinchilla.

    With a baby chinchilla, the responsibility is on your to raise them right and to give them lots of attention so that they are well-behaved. However, even then, some chinchillas simply won't be as nice as you want them to be. A lot like how some cats grow up unfriendly.

  17. I'm afraid that if I get an adult chinchilla it will bite me and I won't be able to do anything about it. Should I get a baby instead?