Chinchilla Breeders

We're often asked if we know of any chinchilla breeders in such and such an area. Generally, our answer is, “no.” We're just pet owners and aren't really part of the world of raising chinchillas in large numbers. However, we recognize that finding a list of chinchilla breeders isn't necessarily easy so we decided to compile one.

Please note that we don't know the people listed here. They have simply identified themselves as being a breeder of chinchillas. If you'd like to be added to the list, let us know, but note that we are unlikely to list you unless you have a website. And adding a link to us somewhere on your site would be great or click on the Like button above. Since we just provide information and don't chinchilla breeders, we won't be in competition with you. Thanks!

US-Based Chinchilla Breeders

AZ Chins

Angel's Chins

Chinchilla Rampage
Winmar Farms

ABC Chinchillas
Chocolate Chins

NWI Chinchillas

Sunset Chinchillas

New York
Paul Kubasiewicz

North Carolina
Tiffany's Chinchillas

Susan J. Lamb

Heavenly Stars ChinZ
Lone Star Chinchilla

Non-US-Based Chinchilla Breeders

Ontario, Canada
Burgess Chinchillas

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  1. Hello, I am looking to adopt a chin but can’t seem to find a breeder in my area. Can someone please help? I live in eastern ND

  2. Hello, I am looking to adopt a baby chin but cant seem to find a breeder in My area- Can any one help me out with this? I live in Schenectady NY.

  3. dose any one know a website that sale chinchilla food and treats and snacks and stuff that they would need.
    And information on how i can get a chinchilla from.
    I live in fl.
    And looking for a chinchilla.

    Here is my email address
    To send all info to

  4. I am looking for a young chinchilla as friend/ play mate for my one chinchilla its not a lone. I can't find a breeder or some one near me that has a younger one that willing to let me get one from them. Please i need help.

    • Where are you located ?

      • I am in up state ny right now

  5. I'm am very interested in buying a chinchilla but can't seem to find breeders or a website that will help me adopt one (Florida) any help??

  6. Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for a breeder who can help me in Rhode Island. I don't want to purchase from a chain Pet Store. Thank you for your help!

    • How often do you have chinchillas? We are looking to add one to our family,i had one growing up but we want to have everything set and ready before we get one so i figure in the next 4 weeks we would be ready.. I love in Rhode Island as well and dont want to go through a pet store.

      Thanks You

  7. Hi,

    I'm a big chinchilla lover I have 4 right now and I love them to death. My oldest is George almost 6 and the reason I fell in love with them. I can never find anything on reputable breeders or rescues in Alaska. I'm interested in maybe persuing this in the future. But won't be for a few years though. Too often I'm seeing chinchallas for sale on craigslist :(.

  8. Small quality breeder south of harrisburg, pa. Prices $50+. Many colors including ebony, tan, beige, standard grey, black velvet and gold bars.

    • Can you send me a email at
      I am looking a chinchilla.

  9. I searched for a breeder thinking they would have cheaper chinchillas then the local pet stores, and what I came to find is they're more expensive even for a standard one... Does anyone know anymore Delaware breeders, or if shows sell them cheaper then directly from a breeder?

  10. I suggest getting a spayed female or get anoher male and read up on how to introduce the wo properly (for starters).

    All I can give you is a bit of information.


  11. Hi. I would like to be added to your list. My website is called Cuddle Bug Chinchillas. It contains information about chinchillas, sales and , links to other sites, and a forum. I am located in Southern California. I would be more than happy to include a link to your site.

    Cornellia Kern

    • Can you send me a email. On your website. thks

  12. Shari Baker's website is no longer up

  13. hi my name is kara i live in edinburgh i have a male chinchilla and wondering if anyone can help me am looking for a friend for him as he is very lonley can any one help me plz ? xxxxx

    • @Kara:
      Hi! I'm Dani, and i'm from Indiana. Here is my favorite website. It has where you can e-mail them, different pages if you want male, or female, and they are professianal breeders. They are from Florida. They breed sapphire,velvet, mosaic, tan, ebony, TOV, violet,standard grey, black velvet, pink white, beige, and brown velvet to name a few. I hope this helps! :)


  14. hello i'm from australia and i was wondering if it is possible to get a chinchilla transfered to australia could u please contact me with any information in regards to this as i would dearly love to breed chinchilla's here in australia king regards michelle.

    • @Michelle:
      Hi, and i just thought I'd answer your question. Chinchilllas cannot be bred in Australia, because they need temperatures under 75 degrees F. Australia is much too hot. This is one of the reasons, and if you want to look into it more and search why, there are many listings. I hope this helps! :)

      P.S. I'm from America, and i have chinchillas. I also wish people in Australia could have them.

      ~Dani xoxo

  15. Breeder of show quality pedigreed chinchillas in Oregon

  16. I'm also a chinchilla breeder located in northern North Carolina. Please add me to your list, if you don't mind. Thank you!

  17. Please add us to your list. We're located in Sammamish, WA.

    Thank you,

  18. We are a chinchilla breeder located in northeastern New Jersey, 10 min. away from NYC.
    We'd like to be added to your US list. Thank you!

    • Are you guys still in business?

  19. Hi. I would like to be listed in your breeder directory! View my website for further information. I am located near pittsburgh pa. I have standard grey, heitro beige and coming soon, white.

  20. i am really looking for a chinchilla breeder in AUSTRALIA, nsw so if any of you know one or am one i really need you to send me a email.....thank-you so much

  21. I am a a breeder of good quality chinchillas in Kent uk.
    All are friendly and well handled.

  22. Breeding and rescue chinchillas in Louisiana.

  23. Hello, I would like to be added to your list of US Chinchilla

    • I am looking for a chinchilla breeder in California, either in Bakersfield or Tehachapi. It is very important that I reach them. If you can help me, I woud really appreciate it.
      Please email me.
      Thank you

      • Hello Joellen,

        First let me say that I have no idea as of the date you posted " looking for chinchilla breeder in either Bakersfield or Tehachapi ". And regardless I wanted to reach out to you. Especially since I have been exploring site after site in search of someone in Bakersfield with a chinchilla connection. Were you seeking a breeder to adopt ? or another reason ?

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