What Breed Of Dog Gets Along Well With Chinchillas?

I own three chinchillas and am thinking about buying a dog. The chinchillas live in wire cages in a one-bedroom house. I don't want to traumatize a dog or the chinchillas by having them live together when they are not compatible.

Caroline's answer:
I have a shih-tzu, but she has not been around animals many times. She absolutely loves my cousin's lab, but she was attacked by my friend's cat. She has not been spayed (no need to) so would chins get along OK?

She has not had any puppies either.

Chri's answer:
Our Shih-Tzu female, which birthed 7 litters of pups, now thinks our Chins are her pups…
I would guess her Yoshi offspring would rather hunt them… we don't allow them together. The yoshis don't bother them even though they have access to the caged chinchilla areas, but if the chinchillas were free and one darted past a yoshi… good luck

Kristin's answer:
I think any kind of dog would be dangerous to a chin, so I'd keep them apart while they chinchillas are playing outside the cage at least. I'd recommend a calmer dog then a lab or any kind of retriever. Try to get a more relaxed dog, not too small cause a chinchillas perfect toy and snack, not too big cause of jumping. Maybe a sheltie or that size. Goodluck, oh and try for a no barker or quiet barker.

Christina's answer:
What if it were Moses who is a labrador retriever? Recently about several months ago, he killed a baby rabbit. Would it be possible to try to train Moses so he wouldn't hurt the Chinchilla that I'm getting? BTW, he's fine with the Hamster in the cage.

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  1. Before I get a chinchilla, I want to know if a pomeranian is friendly to a chinchilla. Is there anyone who could answer this question?

  2. Certain breeds definitely could have more of a predisposition to chase and hurt small animals. Rat terriers, jack Russells, any breed originating as a vermin hunter could potentially be harmful. That being said it's more about the specific dogs nature. We have a pit bull/greyhound and a cattle dog/jack Russell both do fine with our chin

  3. I don't think its a matter of what breed would get along with a Chinchilla. It all depends on the personality of the dog. do you plan on letting them roam the house together? chinchillas know their predators they aren't dumb. you most likely will be scaring your chinchilla big time. your technically suppose to keep dogs and cats away from cage or atleast don't let them make contact often etc.

    • Actually, chinchillas have no natural predators. If they were together with a dog, they would probably be scared at first, but they are social so they would probably get used to it. If, however, the dog is easily excited and rowdy, the chinchilla might be in danger. A barker wouldn't be a good idea, either.

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