Chinchilla Bath House

In another article we discussed the need to allow your chinchilla to bathe. However, we didn't mention specifics on dust bath options which we'll do here.

Super Pet Chinchilla Bath House

The first bath house that we purchased was from Super Pet (see image below). It functions as specified by the manufacturer except we never felt comfortable with the hook mechanism for attaching it to a cage. Instead, we just placed it at the bottom of our cage. Our chinchillas seemed to like it and being plastic it was easy to clean.

If we could, we would get the manufacturer to make a non-colored version of this product. We'd also get them to make the plastic smooth so we'd have a better view of our chinchillas rolling around in the dust.

chinchilla bath house

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  1. My chinchilla has matted fur on both of his hips and he will not let me touch them, let alone brush them. Any suggestions on what to do to help?

  2. Muffin, it is not good to let them sleep in the dust, too much exposure and over bathing can actually dry out your Chin's skin and leave them itchy and flaky! I try not to give my girls access to their baths for more than about 30 mins at a time 3 days a week. :)

    • Hmm. That is a good point! I have actually been following them and they rarely go in there anymore, and only to bathe (and this rare, the little pigs) though. I have read about a lot of breeders who always leave the dust in. I don't know... I check their fur every week, I tend to give them a full body checkup to make sure they are okay and not being agressive in any way to one another. So it's all good =]
      Thanks thouogh!!! If anything happens I will know what to blame, though hopefully it won't. hah

  3. I use that one and I hooked it with those hook thingies and be sure it works great. When my chinchillas are not sleeping in it at least one of them is on top of it snoozing away
    Proof it works fine
    Though yeah I wish I could see better inside.

    • I got this but my chinchillas chewed through it. Not safe for them to injest plastic.

      • I know
        I added another chinchilla to the mixup and she treated it like candy so I had to take it out =/
        Since I work with clay I'm gonna sculpt them a little ball type bowl that is big enough to hang out in hopefully.

      • you shouldnt leave it in the cage. you put it in for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a week. never leave it in the cage because it will dry out their skin and make them uncomfortable.

        muffin, what kind of dust are you using? the only good kinds are blue sparkle and blue cloud, with blue cloud being the better of the two. you can get both online or you can get blue cloud at petsmart now. you may have to call them and ask them to ship some in cause they dont always have it in.

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    A fish bowl is fine. You can use any container really. Clear class is good because you can see through it and won't get as scratched as plastic.

  5. Is it ok if i used a fish bowl?its big enough for my 2 chinchillas now...but is there any difference aside from it being glass and clear?

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    Chinchillas aren't usually afraid of confined spaces. Quite the opposite really as they like to crawl in to boxes and tubes. Are you staying around when you put the bath house out? If so, try leaving your chinchilla alone to explore on its own schedule. Another idea is to try putting some dust on a flat surface to introduce it to your chinchillas. Then use a container.

    Good luck!

  7. Hi there,

    I just got my chinchilla on monday!!! She is such a cutie pie but i think that she is afraid of using the bath house. I don't know if it is because she is still new here or if she just doesn't like the confined space of the bath house. Do you have any suggestions? Thank-you

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    Your new chinchilla will probably be stressed just because of the change in surroundings. To ease the transition, leave your new chinchilla alone at the beginning rather than trying to force it to play with you.

    As for cage size, the bigger the better. Breeders keep their chinchillas in fairly small cages and hobbyists like us construct cages that are 2' x 4' x 4'. If you do decide to get one, be sure you have a place where you can let it run around outside of the cage.

  9. Hi, I have been looking into getting a chinchilla since I babysat one quite a few years ago. Recently I found it possible to purchase one; however, I was looking into what to buy such as a cage, bath house, food, etc. and have found it overwhelming. I found a cage made by All Living Things and that seems the best option given my finances and available room. How big should the cage be though? I am only getting one but if the chinchilla has been in a certain kind of cage with another chinchilla will it cause a lot of stress for him to be alone in a different cage? If so how do I prevent that? Any information you could offer would be great... Thankyou so much!

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