Freshwater Aquarium Algaecide Ingredients

The following has been copied from the Algaecide ingredients thread on UKAPS. I'm publishing it here to make sure I have the info even if the UKAPS forum is taken down. I've added some notes to the products I've used.

Salicylic Acid:

Links: WikipediaPubchemECHA

Brand: Happy-Life
Product name: Algin Regular
Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid 35mg/100ml

Brand: Happy-Life
Product name: Algin Extra
Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid 35mg/100ml
(Pending email answer from manufacturer on what makes it Extra)

Brand: Easy-Life
Product name: AlgExit
Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid 2mg/g

Notes: This has been effective against green fuzzy algae growing on plants and glass. It also seems to slow the growth of green spot algae on glass. No conclusion for how well it works against BBA yet, but I can say that 3 weekly doses is not enough to eliminate BBA.

Copper Sulphate:

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Brand: Esha
Product name: Protalon 707
Active Ingredient: Flask A: 6mg/ml Copper Sulphate, 0.02mg/ml Salicylic acid. Flask B: 23mg/ml Copper Sulphate

Brand: Oase
Product name: Blue-Green Algae Remover
Active Ingredient: Copper sulfate pentahydrate (2,8 g/l)

Brand: Söll
Product name: AlgoSol
Active Ingredient: “SpektroSorp” dye, Copper Sulphate


Links: WikipediaPubchemECHA

Brand: Tetra
Product name: AlguMin
Active Ingredient: Monolinuron 0,245g/100ml

Brand: Tetra
Product name: Algetten
Active Ingredient: Monolinuron 0,59g/100g

Brand: Tetra
Product name: Algizit
Active Ingredient: Monolinuron 1,95g/100g

Brand: Tetra
Product name: Algostop Depot
Active Ingredient: Monolinuron 2,27g/100g

Brand: Tetra Pond
Product name: AlgoFin
Active Ingredient: Monolinuron 0,75g/100ml

Brand: Tetra Pond
Product name: AlgoFree
Active Ingredient: Monolinuron 0,375g/100ml + Polymeric Quaternary Ammonium Chloride 1,0g/100ml

Brand: Hobby
Product name: Algenkiller
Active Ingredient: Monolinuron

Brand: JBL
Product name: Algol
Active Ingredient: “3- (4-chlorophenyl) -1-methoxy-1-methyl carbamide” also known as Monolinuron

“Poly(oxyethylene) (dimethylimino) Ethylene (dimethylimino) Ethylene dichloride”:”Polixetonium chloride”, “Busan 77”, +other names

Links: PubchemECHA

Brand: API
Product name: Algaefix
Active Ingredient: Dimethyliminoethylene dichloride ethoxylate 45mg/ml (4.5%)

Notes: This was effective against a slimy, string algae I had. It required just a couple of doses, but it took out shrimp. There's a bit of a write-up here.

Brand: Tetra Pond
Product name: AlgaeControl
Active Ingredient: Poly[oxyethylene(dimethyliminio)ethylene(dimethyliminio)ethylene dichloride] 5.4%

Brand: Microbe-Lift
Product name: AlgAway 5.4
Active Ingredient: Poly(oxyethylene) (dimethylimino) Ethylene (dimethylimino) Ethylene dichloride: 5.40%

Brand: Microbe-Lift
Product name: AlgAway 60
Active Ingredient: Poly (oxyethylene (dimethyliminio)-ethylene(dimethyliminio)-ethylenedichloride 60%

Glutaraldehyde and related chemicals:

Links: WikipediaPubchemECHA
Many products that has Carbon/Carbo/Liquid CO2 in the name or description will belong in this category.
Some of them do not declare the ingredients online or on the bottle. Due to the nature of the product they are still listed here.

Brand: Seachem
Product name: Flourish Excel
Active Ingredient: Not entirely clear but likely related to glutaraldehyde. They have changed the available MSDS, only lists “Proprietary” ingredient now.
The name polycycloglutaracetal has floated around the community for some time.

Notes: This has been effective to reducing, but not eliminating BBA. I've used as a spot treatment as well as a whole tank treatment. When treating the tank, I overdose by 2.5x of the initial dose. This doesn't seem to harm fish, shrimp, or snails although I've seen some melting of cryptocoryne's and val's both of which recover.

Brand: API
Product name: CO2 BOOSTER
Active Ingredient: Glutaraldehyde 1.6%

Notes: I tried 1 bottle of this and didn't notice anything different than Seachem Excel.

Brand: APT
Product name: Fix
Active Ingredient: Epoxy Aldehydes 3%

Brand: Prodibio
Product name: CARBON LIQ
Active Ingredient: “Contains glutaraldehyde.”

Brand: Happy-Life
Product name: HappyCarbo
Active Ingredient:

Brand: Easy-Life
Product name: EasyCarbo
Active Ingredient:

Brand: Sera
Product name: Flore 1 Carbo
Active Ingredient:


Brand: Tetra Pond
Product name: AlgoRem
Ingredients: Aluminiumtrihydroxid, Hydrochloric Acid, Aluminium

Brand: Tetra Pond
Product name: “Fadenalgenschutz” (unknown english name)
Active Ingredient: Terbutryn 0,46g/100g

Brand: Tetra Pond
Product name: UVBooster Plus
Active Ingredient: Hydrogen Peroxide 6,0g/100ml, Silver 0,0006g/100ml

Brand: Amtra
Product name: Algenkur
Active Ingredient: Humic Acids

Brand: Easy-Life
Product name: Bio-Exit Green
Active Ingredient: “Mix of specific organic acids and growth stimulators.”

Brand: Easy-Life
Product name: Bio-Exit Blue
Active Ingredient: “Strongly stimulates the growth of heterotrophic soil bacteria.”

Miscellaneous – Mysteries:

Brand: SL-Aqua
Product name: Aquarium Plant Protector Z-2 Formula
Active Ingredient: From the back of the box: “organic sodium compounds, inorganic calcium aluminum compounds”

Brand: Green Water Labs
Product name: Algae control
Active Ingredient: From the website: “proprietary plant extract (2%)”
Inert Ingredients: From the website: “acetic acid & ascorbic acid (<1%), water (97%)"

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