How Do You Keep a Chinchilla Cage Clean?

I am getting a chinchilla and I want to keep its cage as clean as possible so how often do I have to change the litter and do I have to scoop soiled areas daily? I am thinking about wiping down the levels of my chins cage with baby wipes is this safe for the chin? What other cleansers can I use?

Dani's answer:
Actually chinchillas are capable of making a mess. You have to give dust baths, and when they jump back into their cages, they are not aware that a layer of dust covers where they are. What I do to prevent this; after their bath, i take one of them, and just pat them softly all over, or just brush off any access dust that might get on the levels of their cages. It is obvious you can't get off all of it, and you will need to clean. Every other day I get a piece of printer paper and a duster. I sweep the dust onto the paper, along with poo. I do this every other day because my chinchillas have a schedule of dust every other day, and the day they don't have a bath, I sweep the dust so it doesn't hurt their respiritory system. (They will be in the bathroom with my older brother for playtime while I sweep. I don't sweep with them in there so they do not get stressed.)

Hope this helps!

~Dani xoxo

Dreamer answered:
Simple Green is completely non-toxic and biodegradable. You can also use diluted bleach water, as soon as it dries the bleach breaks down into salts and water and is totally harmless; people use bleach water to clean up after young babies and animals all the time and it's very safe.

Chinchillie's answer:
You shouldn't have a cage with wire shelving, as this can cause arthritis as they get older. If you do have a cage with a wire bottom/shelves… replace the shelves with Chin safe wooden ones to make sure there is plenty of wood for them to rest their feet on. As for the cleaning thing, I hoover the shelves using a Dust Devil daily. I have a “L” shaped wooden piece on the bottom of my cage, as the cage has a wire bottom – and underneath the wooden shelf I slide a piece of newspaper in… they pee on that and I just replace it. It's tucked under the wooden shelf as well so they can't chew it!As Jen has said, the home remedies work best I find – you know what you are putting in!

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  1. get a mini broom/dustpan u no what I mean to sweep out poop daily or every other day.. carefresh bedding is good. spot clean daily if needed. but spot clean weekly no matter what, just pull out parts of bedding that have bee pee'd on and replace with knew. once a month take out the levels/floor to the cage and wash and disinfect.

    • If I want to wash the wood shelves in the cage how long I have to wait for them to air dry before I put them back ?

  2. I just adopted 2 chin's from a friend and I cleaned out the cage the minute I got it as there was stuff stuck all over it. I washed all the toys and hanging things as well as the mats for the shelves. Not even 2 days later it smells again like strong urine. What can I do? I was always told that these animals don't small? Help?? Any suggestions

    • My chinchilla goes in a little litter pan that goes in her cage,there's a soft bedding I use and she pees in there only..but poops everywhere lol,we're outta luck on stopping that

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