Chinchilla Clothes

We've seen the occasional chinchilla owner ask if there is any clothing that is appropriate for chinchillas. The quick answer is, “no”.

It is unlikely that if you're comfortable with the temperature of your home that your chinchillas are uncomfortable. Not too hard to believe right? After all, they're covered with some of the densest fur in the animal kingdom. At the same time, if you're warm then you run the risk of having your chinchillas overheat if you put additional layers on them.

With the warnings aside, you still may want to put clothes on your chinchillas perhaps with the intention of taking pictures. If that is your plan, you can use doll clothes since they're likely to be the right size. An alternative for those that are craft-oriented, is to make your own.

Keep in mind that you don't want to make the clothes too tight especially around the neck area. We also recommend that you don't leave your chinchillas unattended so that you can take appropriate measures if they start chewing on the fabric.

If any of you have pictures of your chinchillas in clothes, feel free send us a link. We'd love to see pictures!

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  1. However cold it is outside in your home it is near the highest temperature for a chinchilla. They live in the Andes, in rock crevices, through the winter. Overheating for them is a major problem.

    I don't think it is cruel to put them in clothes, as "cruel" has to do with intent, but it can kill them. If you want to dress your pet, get a dog.

  2. you should not dress your chinchilla its just plain old CRUEL

  3. I have a 4.5 month old chinchilla and I bought a doll cape, dress, and crown for her. She's used to being handled so putting them on her isn't stressful. After I am done taking pictures, I immediatley remove the clothing and give her a special treat. This way it doesn't turn into something horrible for her and we get great pictures!

  4. I guese it would be ok for just a little while but not every day

  5. Ok mabey it's not exactly cruel but they have plenty of furr to keep them warm so I still think that unless you r compleyetly sure they are happy it's not completely nessasery

  6. i m totaly with jessica it's cruel

    • bc she like act she was sad or any thing and no its not cruel

    • i just do.. and no its not cruel

  7. how did u know she loved it?

  8. Megan an Regan are right because that happed to mine before and i live where it ALWAYS snows so my chinchilla like lives in a lil sweater!!!!

  9. sorry, but i just think putting clothes for our entertainment is cruel. its sad

  10. what if i live in the coldest house on earth. not really. but it is very cold.

    • they will have enough fur to keep them warm DONT worry

  11. I have 3 chinchillas, and I would love to have some clothes for them to wear.

    • never put clothes on your chinchilla they will get heat stroke

      • try small dwag or 18inch doll clothes, better yet just try to make some your self! Melissa not 2 b rude but, they wont get a heat stroke if your just taking pictures and your in an kewl environment. Small dwag clothes are the best doe. Peace y'all. Dnt put your chinchilla in clothes all of da time. But if u take them out and dey r cold its okay for a tiny shirt or so.

      • well we think that are chinchilla would be ok in clothes if it is cold or something like one time I took chole outside and she shiverd really bad and i put a little dog sweater on her and she LOVED it!!!!

  12. I am getting a chinchilla also and this website is a lifesaver.

  13. i thought about dressing up my chinchilla for a photo contest to win a hammock but no ill just wait for the right moment... i dont want to risk having her chock or get the clothes stuck...

  14. Avatar photo


    We're not in any way suggesting that people harm their chinchillas in the quest for pictures. As for doing something contrary to an animal's nature, you have to admit that having any pet in your home violates this lofty rule of yours.

    We're not ashamed, but we're sorry you found the post upsetting.

  15. I am apalled that you should encourage people to dress chinchillas.

    Treating an animal contrary to its own nature, contrary to common sense and with disregard to its wellbeing because you think the pictures might be fun in a weird chintzy-cutesy way is an extraordinary thing to promote. Until I chanced on this article I had previously had considerable respect for this site - you should be ashamed.

    • its ok if u dress ur chinchilla up for like a hour that would be ok but not for like a week
      i dress my chinchilla up all the time and she just sits and lets me i really dont know why ur so discusted
      its just dumb that u think that

    • If you own any restricted pet then you are extremely hypocritical. Keeping an animal in a cage is for our enjoyment, let's be honest. Taking the best care of them is still "contrary to its own nature."

      With that said, they're not keeping their chinchilla in clothes like it's a person getting dressed for the day. They want to put a cute outfit on it and take a picture and take the outfit off. Don't put anything restricting, pay close attention, and don't use hot lights to light the photo and it'll be fine for that short moment. If you notice it overheating or being distressed, stop and remove the clothes and address the issues. It's common sense.

  16. That would be funny to see a chinchilla in doll clothes.

  17. This website is very helpful and user-friendly! I will be purchasing a chinchilla soon and your website is helping me make good choices!! THANK YOU!!!

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