How Do You Serve Hay To A Chinchilla?

Baby.Angel021 asks…

I was just wondering what does everyone use to put their hay in?

I have heard so many sad stories of chins and hay racks and balls and feeders I'm just wondering what everyone uses and what works.

Right now I just put the hay on the shelf and whip it down everyday cause they like to go potty on it. I have tried a bowl and they still pee in it.

Infolific answers…

We use hay cubes. That is, the hay has been pressed into a pretty solid cube about the same size as the pumice stones for chewing that you can buy. Our chinchillas will chew on this cube until it's pretty small. It's kind of messy as there are hay bits all over the place, but at least the main part that is being eaten remains clean.

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  1. The Hay balls are very dangerous

    One of your littles ones was found hanging by her arm and it could have ended badly.

    Luckly she did not lose her arm and with some gentle massages help her recover.

  2. I put their hay in a large ceramic bowl. They have never peed in it. The have a small ceramic bowl for their pellets and a large one for hay. if they pee in it, hmm.. why don't you try leaving some hay in a corner and that could become their litter corner and then they will pee there all the time, and they won't do it in the bowl? or fluff a lot of bedding in a corner maybe that will work

  3. i have a sort of wheel thing that has bars all around it it is not that big it ataches to the side if a metal bared cage. put the hay in that and you chinchilla will pull it out when ever it wants some. you can get one at care alot

  4. My owner likes to put mine in a toilet paper roll that I chew on. Most of it just falls through the floor, but at least I can't mess on it.

  5. actually, i'm not sure chinchillas are a good pet for young children since they can be fragile and difficult to handle. they're also nocturnal, and might not want to play during the day at all. it depends on the chinchilla and the child. and i agree about the cleaning, chinchilla cages can be a nuisance. you should also think about whether the child will lose interest, as they can live for up to twenty years!

    that being said...i used to use a hay ball for feeding hay. after dinner one night, i heard barking, went to investigate, and saw one of my six month old kits with his head firmly stuck inside it, and still hopping around like nothing was wrong. i panicked, gently worked his head out of the ball, and i'm sure his siblings and parents had a good laugh. but that could have gone really badly, and now i just feed hay by placing a bundle on a ledge, as they only potty in their corner on the ground floor, and it stays nice and clean.

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    It depends. Some 12-year-olds are quite responsible while others can't keep their attention on anything for very long. As a kid I maintained a very large fish tank including all the cleaning. Some of my friends couldn't even be bothered to walk their dogs.

  7. Hey would a chinchilla be good for a 12-year-old boy or would it be too much for him?

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