Chinchilla Facts

We've come across some interesting facts about chinchillas during our research. Here's a list of things that don't quite fit in with other pages on this site.

  • Chinchilla fur is considered the softest in the world and is thirty times softer than human hair.
  • Chinchillas must regularly bathe in dust or volcanic ash to remove oil and moisture that gathers in their thick fur.
  • Chinchillas have the highest fur density of any land animal with more than 20,000 hairs per square cm. Their fur is so dense that skin parasites (such as fleas) cannot live on one lest they suffocate. Whereas humans grow one hair from each follicle, a chinchilla has more than fifty hairs from a single follicle.
  • They are agile jumpers and can jump up to five feet above their head.
  • Martha Stewart has 15 pet chinchillas.
  • Chinchillas have no dander, which is the leading cause to pet related allergies.

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

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  1. My 6 month old Chinchilla keeps trying to pull the towel into his cage. The first time he did it i helped him make a hammock. I have bought him a real hammock for his cage and he uses it but why does he keep clawing and chewing on it?

  2. I have my heart set on a male standard gray chinchilla, and I'm saving my money. I'm so close! $350/$450! I've been saving for a while, and researching what my chin will need to stay healthy and happy. I've got everything ready in my cart: hammock, play tunnel, carrier, orchard grass, mineral stone, dust, bedding, playpen, chew toys, treats, food, wheel, and triple level cage. I drew out a schedule for feeding, cleaning, and dust baths. I'm currently working on chinchilla-proofing one room in the house, and I've chosen a safe corner to put the cage. I picked out a name: Milo! ^-^ if there is anything else that chinchilla owners reccomend that i missed, please reply

    • Hi!

      You sound like you will be a very responsible chin owner. I have 2 boy chins, white and black they at 6 years old. Couple of things you do need to know. On your list I didn't see a ceramic tile for cooling down. Chin's can over heat so if you are putting them in a room that has a lot of sun during the day you may want to re consider. They are better in a dry basement moisture is not good for them and they are nocturnal and need a dark space during the day to sleep. They can not get wet! Chins are also very suseptible to eye infections and if not treated correctly can die. One of my guys has eye infections all the time. NEVER use water to clean the eye! A prescribed eye drop is needed by the vet! But if this is not available to you and you are concerned with discharge you can use a none antibiotic human drop for red irritated eyes. I will take a paper towel and moisten it to gentle clean around the eye, once this is cleared I will then put 2 drops in the eye, twice a day. To be honest putting your chin in your bed is not safe there are too many things that can go wrong. I prefer to wear a baggy top and tent around my knees and my guys love to play hide and seek. Chins if cared for properly can live 15 years +.... If you are going to be going away to school in the future... You will need to consider this with your commitment of owning a chin it is a long commitment. Wish you all the best and love how you have saved your money and researched so diligently! Very responsible!

  3. Am I the only person who has their chinchilla crawl around under bedcovers?
    Beachie loves it, and I am not sleeping at the time. I put down "his" sheet beforehand.
    It started with hurricane sandy, trying to keep him warm when we had no heat, lol

    • My chinchilla loves to be under my blanket. I'm not sure why though, she cuddles up next to my leg and sleeps. Is that normal?

    • Mine does this too. He will sleep between my legs. But you have to be VERY careful with this as they can overheat very easily. Their fur is too dense so they get hot easily. They can live comfortably with temps being in the 50s. If it's above 75 they can have heat strokes so you just need to make sure he's not getting too hot under there.

  4. My daughter just got an 8 week old chin and she is adorable but every time she has her out of the cage she leaves little poop drops every where and all the time, will she grow out of this or is it nerves? I don't like her being out of the cage because of this and it's breaking my daughters heart !

    • This is typical behavior and won't end. After adjusting to a new diet, the droppings should be dry making cleanup fairly easy.

    • How about you read up on a pet before you decide to buy one. Chinchilla's poop uncontrollably. They dont have a valve like we do to control when they go. You can train them to pee in a litter dish, but the pooping will never stop. Please do the pets of the world and your daughter a favor and research a pet before you buy one. Chinchilla's are actually pretty high maintenance. They like a strict routine and need to be let out for at least an hour every day. Find a good book and please read up on them.

    • I know how it is my daughter wants sooo badly to let her chin out but it poops to much

      • They are rodents so they poop every where. It's normal, but you still need to let your chin out for at least an hour a day, regardless of whether or not she has a wheel to run on. No balls either, they can overheat in them very easily and it can cause back problems. Not to mention they like to hide under and jump on top of and off of things and they can't do that in a ball.

        • My chinchilla is not pooping when I let him out of his cage and if he does it is only one or two drops and I let him out for at least 30 minutes . This has been happening for the last few days. There is still a ton of poop in his cage so I know he is pooping but why is he pooping less when he is out of his cage?

    • Make sure your daughter is careful handling her. Chins have hollow bones And they break VERY easily, think cheap toothpicks. They are rodents so they poop every where. It's normal, but you still need to let your chin out for at least an hour a day, regardless of whether or not she has a wheel to run on. No balls either, they can overheat in them very easily and it can cause back problems. Not to mention they like to hide under and jump on top of and off of things and they can't do that in a ball.

    • Chinchillas need to be out of their cage for at least an hour a day interacting with you so it bonds. The poops do not stop. Maybe design an area to have the chinchilla that's easier to vacuum. Chins are known for their chewing and pooping

  5. Does anyone have any suggestions about trying to change a chinchillas body clock? This nocturnal schedual sucks.....I really dont want to get rid of them but my daughter cant sleep. Has Anyone had any success with tricking them into being less nocturnal? thanks!

    • You can try playing with him during the day more and in the mornings. Naturally chins are most active at dawn and dusk, Im not sure that will work, but its worth a try.

      Also, you can more his/her cage to a part of the house where you wont be able to hear him/her at night.

      • Dont put the cage away because if you dont have them near people they wont be friendly

    • Start keeping the lights on and laying with your chinnie-chilla During the daytime and playing with him and keeping him entertained! Excersize him and make sure he stays busy so that he gets tired at night!!

      Hope it helped!!
      Source: Having chinnies Myself :D

    • You can't change their clocks... It's genetic. However, you can wear them out. I let mine out for like 3 or 4 hours every night and he passes out until at least 2 and then he'll run on his wheel a tiny bit, but not nearly as much as if we hadn't worn him out.

  6. Oh and the female is still in perfect health, but moral here... Research your vets that claim to handle exotics, if possible try a vet referred by someone you know who has brought thier pet there and seen quality care is given first and foremost. And always have an emergency stash of cash for unexpected emergency visits. (though I could afford the first surgery a second or even the possibility of other incurred costs if additional complications arose I could not provide for my new pet.) And hopefully you never need to use that emergency stash for any reason.

  7. They just cannot ignore dust baths. I do the same as jewelz except I put the dust bath in the cage and tap the container. So my chinchilla has get IN the cage before he can get a bath.
    The first couple of times, I tapped the container in his face so he could smell the dust, then i'd tap it all the way to the cage not letting him in it until the container was IN the cage. I would also tap and say BATH TIME. To double reinforce, while he was rolling around in the container (in the cage) I would tap the outside and say BATH TIME.
    Now wherever he is in the house, if he hears the tapping or BATH TIME he jumps straight in the cage regardless if I've gotten the container in there yet. He just KNOWS it's coming. ^_^

    • This is so awesome! I have to say, the double reinforcement thing probably helped him learn faster.

    • Don't leave the dust in the cage. It can cause respiratory problems and digestion problems. The bath should be offered when you let the chinchilla out for "playtime". Which means letting him out for at least an hour every day. But the bath should only be offered 1-3 times a week; it depends on how humid it is where you're keeping him.

  8. Hi,
    1st time on your site, it was truly wonderful. I am going to purchase a 3 story cage for my little boy Edmund and it comes w/ plastic trays, worried for his safety about the plastic and his chewing, could tell me where I could purchase these metal trays. Then I want to get some fleece bedding covers so he can lay comfortable and a hamock for him. Is the material okay for him ?
    Also when he is sleeping he sqeaks is he okay?
    We are new to this little fella and we want him to be happy in his home, so far we set him up with music to listen to and we want to purcase a small tv for him, he loves watching it w/ my daughter.

    Thank you for your time,

    Linda Kirby

    Thank you for all the info on your site

    • He is nocturnal so if the squeaking is at night he probably wants you to play with him. Although if the squeaking is in the day you probably woke him up and he is annoyed at you. The plastic is OK. Mine used to chew but grew out of it. It is like you get a new house you have to hang all your pictures then you run out of picks to hang! The fleece is vary toxic to chinchillas so no. If he is an only chinchilla the music will be good but the tv may or may not have to much radiation. The three stories is good. Don't put in too many ramps. It is hood for him it jump around and stretch out his legs!

      • I don't know where you're getting your information but, plastic is a BIG no no. Use wool fleece only. My husband and I are experienced chin owners and have extensive knowledge about the little cuties. We absolutely love our babies. So, please heed my advice.

        • Hi my chinchilla was running around my room and jumped from my bed into my empty little trash can. Now she doesnt fully roll in her dust and she grunts at me when i lift her. Does that mean she has a broken leg?

        • Hey! We have a sweet 3 year old that we adopted from an animal rescue, boy chin and he stays in my daughters room. We have a large 3 story cage and he loves playing. We do let him out and keep his cage and toys clean. Has all the special food and dust and water. Hay , etc. Yesterday I noticed his eyes have a grayness to them and it worried me, it was Sunday and I'm a t work today. He doesn't act like he's in pain and no redness or discharge . Just wondering what you think it could be since you have more experience 😊

    • Just keep an eye on the chewing. If he's not chewing on the plastic then it's fine. I don't fleece my shelves because I'm on the top floor of my apartment building and it will be too hot for him in the summer. They can have nightmares... Sometimes mine will squeak like that too while he's sleeping so I open the door and he'll come cuddle with me. If he's still sleeping when he squeaks it's probably a nightmare, but if he wakes up and squeaks he was probably just startled out of his sleep. (:

    • The plastic shells are OK. I made fleece covers for mine to help and it feels nice on their feet

  9. So, I just got a baby chinchilla and she is somewhere between the age of 4 to 6 months. I let her out a lot everyday in my bedroom but she always seems to go into small places and hides. I can never get her out and she doesn't seem to come to treats. If i call her name "Skittles" and snap she pokes her head out, but when I grab for her she barks and goes back in. If you have any suggestions as to how I can get her to come to me with no problem please tell me, I could really use the help! THANKS!!! :D

    • i often bribe my chillas with their dust bath. that way after tapping the container, they know they'll be rewarded with dust. they hop in, i cover the opening and return them to their cage. makes it easy to recapture them, when needed.

    • I got my chinchilla when he was the same age...what we did was start out with him on the couch with us...he was scared to jump off it so he just ran around and on us. we let him come to us and I would reach out after a while and tickle him under his chin with one finger. we did that for weeks. After about 2 weeks he was jumping on the back of the couch and wanting to be loved on. Now, I can't seem to get him to get out from under my feet...All you have to say is "You want Love?" He is there!

    • Do not grab at her. Let her come to you. I started by laying down next to mine's cage because he was comfortable there. He started running all over me. Do not grab or pick them up unless you absolutely have to or if they jump onto your hands. It breaks their trust with you when you grab them. You have to be very patient and let her come to you. She will get curious eventually and they loooove being pet under the chin but on their own terms. I've found that mine is a lot more cuddly when he's tired, like midday so that helps too. If you can just reach your hand in the cage and just pey her without chasing her, that's huge.

    • She doesn't trust you yet. Give it time and don't reach for her. It may take anywhere from 2 months to almost a year.

  10. I have a chinchilla and my dad's boss captured him in the wild. He did have an owner before but it seems like hes been abused. Every night I go out and sit with him, but it seems when I try to pet him he wants to bite. Its also hard to be with him during the day cause I have a little brother and sister who keep making sudden and loud movements/sounds around him. I dont know what to do. He wont let me pick him up and hes way to skiddish to pet. I only pet him for like 5mins then he freaks out.

    • Chins do nibble kind of like babies putting everything in their mouths. Your chin may be nibbling to get to know you. They very rarely ever bite hard. When it nibbles try not to jerk your hand away so you don't startle it. Just be patient and keep trying. It will take time to gain your chin's trust and with possible abuse in its past it will be even harder. Every chin has a different personality so yours may just be shy. Good luck with it. I would read and research as much as possible and get to know you chin and its behaviors so you know the best way to gain its trust.

    • Debra,
      I have a male Chin that is similar in temperment. I have found that if I put a treat, sunflower seed or such, in the palm of my hand he will come over to take it and sit there to eat it as long as I sit still. After a couple of weeks of tricking him with treats he allows me to scratch his neck and chin as he eats. I have also found that he does not like a hand coming down from above him, he prefers to see your hand under his chin and then an ear scratch or a belly rub. See if that will work for you as well.

  11. I have five chinchillas and my experience has been that if they bark in the middle of the night, they are lonely. Also introducing them to a new chinchilla is pretty tricky. Put them in separate cages within smelling, seeing and "talking" distance from each other and when you do let them meet, it has to be supervised. They can and will kill another chinchilla if they are scared, territorial or just plain anti-social. Find a confined room where there are no wires available to chew and let them out as much as you can for their exercise. My one bathroom has a hot tub and we dont keep it filled unless we are going into it and the chinchillas have great fun slidng down it and then climbing back up and sliding down again. Bizarre but they love it. It is also better to get as big a cage as possible, ferret cages are good or a very large rabbit cage (but reinforce with chicken wire, they can squeeze out of impossible spaces, once found a baby chinchilla a few hours old 2 floors down in my house- the only reason I saw her was because she was white, you can't always tell if the female is pregnant). also they can jump more than 4 feet high when they want to. They each have their own personalities just like people. I have 3 chinchillas who absolutely adore people, one that bites whenever it can and one who couldn't care either way. I dont't give them raisins to eat as a snack, instead I give them unsalted pumpkin seeds. Also, I let them come to me to say hello" evenvthe most timid will get curious and approach you after 5 or 10 minutes and quietness is key, if you make too loud a noise they will feel threatened and retreat from you. Just a couple of suggestions from what I've observed them

    • Hi, Dori
      Is it possible for a chinchilla to thrive by himself as oppossed to other chinchillas together in the house. I can only sustain one, however he is very spoiled with a 3 tier cage lots of chew toys and some suffed dog chew toys for comfort and his dust baths. I do have a cage issue on all animals so I let him have the run of the house ( I have a studio and I chinproofed it) know they live a long time but to be in the house 24/7 with only me as an interaction, im wondering if he will get depressed? I leave the window open for him to look out of so he's not looking at walls all the time. Please let me know.


      • I think as long as your spending lots of time with him every day he will be fine

  12. I am so sad because my hamster was really sick and we had to put him down but I am trying to get a chinchilla so wish me luck!

  13. Hey i found the perfect chinchilla that i have fallen in love with and i need your guy's help with giving my parents reasons to why i need to get her because i really want her!!!!
    thanks for all your help and have a wonderful rest of fthe week!

    • hey I had the same problem with my parents. Some good reasons to give them is that they don't smell unless you dont clean their cages. They also have no nails so they cant scratch you.
      Good luck

      • thanks for the help! i already know that they didnt smell but i forgot that they dont have any claws! Thanks for your help and keep e'm comin!!

      • hey! I love chinchillas too. i at first had the same problem but then i got one for christmas. i told them it would show responsibility and they keep you company. also, they are sooooo cute. plus if you can keep a hamster, why not a chinchilla. they are only a little more effort. their cage needs to be changed the same amount as hamsters ( once a week ) and you feed them morning and night. one bad thing is they are nocturnal so it might keep you up all night. but you will get used to it like i did. their cage needs to be around the size of a normal oven maybe bigger. they eat treats, hay, pellets and can have half a rasin, but look up how old they need to be unless it may choke them if they are too small. they NEED wood to chew on or their teeth will grow into their skull. they cant stay in heat too long or they will have a stroke. chinchillas are very friendly, but dont make them mad or they will bite you. you need to have a bath with their special bathing dust. keep them updated on a bath every other day mostly after you play with them. they need to have a water bottle and dont forget to change it. tyr not to drop them or pull their tail because their tail will come off if pulled hard enough. chinchillas dont like loud noises because their large ears are delicate. they are great jumpers and need to explore your room every once and a while. dont let them chew on anything painted or wires, they could get sick or hurt. they need to know they are safe. now that is only a little of what i know if you need anymore info feel free to reply.

  14. Last night we lost our littlest furry family member of 10 years (Mattie aka Maddie aka Baby Chin). She brought us great joy with her personality. We spent many many hours handling her when she was little. She learned the meaning of words "no" "hi, baby Chin" and "come here". We learned so much from her and she taught us so much as well. She brought a smile and laughter to all who visited our home. Our dog, Maggie, has looked for her today. It breaks our heart and we will miss her very much. What a wonderful little critter! Thanks Mattie aka Maddie aka Baby Chin for the memories!

    • Wait did you lose her or LOSE her, because if you LOST her thats a pretty young age for a chinchilla.

  15. My husband got me a chinchilla for valentines day this year cuz I had my eye on one so I have been doing all kinds of searching on the internet to learn about them. I have never owned one so I didnt know much starting off. Ive read enuf now to know the basics like the dust bath and a proper diet. But I still havent found much on their communication. Like why she likes to bark around 4 or 5 AM? Not every morning but at least 2 or 3 times a week. She has also started a new habbit of nibbeling on my finger thru the cage or when im holding her. I have been reading about training them and gaining her trust but she just always acts like she is terrified. Ive even tried sittin by her cage multipul times a day for a few mins to just talk to her and I seem to be maken no progress. She would rather stay in her house and hide. Any tips on what she is trying to tell me??? Any advice would be appreciatded!!!!!

    • The most common is a "barking" sound that they make to indicate that they're scared and to warn other chinchillas of danger. On occasion, our chinchillas will bark if there's a particularly loud car going by the house or if there's an unusual noise outside.
      Although my chinchilla "Barks" at me when she wants a dust bath. My chinchilla was the same way when i got her, she would hide at the back of her cage and want nothing to do with me. I just kept feeding her and trying not to stress her out. I found that you can win your way to a chinchillas heart through treats. my chinchilla loves the "Extreme fruit and nut small animal treats" from Petsmart. Atfirst you will have to set them in her cage, but eventually she will come take them out of your hand. Instead of trying to hold her now cause that is probably terrifying her, i would let her out in your bathroom to run around, but MAKE SURE the toilet seat is closed. My chinchilla doesnt really like to be held, but she loves for me to pet her, give her treats, and when i let her out she jumps in my lap.

      • My chinchilla is very much the same way, she loves neck rubs and ear scratches and will run on me when she is out but does not particularly care to be held, but the more time you spent with your chin, the more they will bond with you

    • I heard someone said when brought home the new chinchillas and if we have wooden house or something like cave- shape for them in the cage .some chinchillas might rather hide themselves in their habitats than going out and getting acquainted with the owner and this will problary develop the independent and untamed behavior .man who sold one for me said if I have time about the first week try not to keep her in the cage except for her sleep time only but no need trying to hold her all the times,just let her explore you and her new environment and all is on your sight.

  16. Hi
    chinchillas eat hay and for a snack eat rasins for a snack. They bond with humans but they need a few weeks about 3. They need a very tall cage much more than wide with about 3 stories. They need to be kept cold with a high of 75 degress or they will overheat. They are nocturnal. Your dog may have an instink to hurt your chinchilla so i would be careful. There life span is very long it can range from 10 years to 20 years.
    hoped i helped a little!

  17. I saw chinchillas at a pet store after my college aged son told me he wanted one....Oh my gosh...the are adorable...Now I want one also....

    I have so many questions....what do they eat? Do the bond with humans? How big of a space do they need to be comfortable? Do they need to be kept warm or cold? Will they be agressive with my dog? I can't think of any more right now but I am of course going to do a lot of research on this...Also what is their life span????

    Thank you for any information you can give me

    • Hi Colleen,

      I am a soon to be chinchilla owner, and so far I know a lot about them. Your dog will probably not like the chinchilla, same with the chinchilla. The chinchilla might think of the dog as a threat, or that the dog is trying to hurt the chinchilla, or something. Yes, they do bond with humans. It takes about 3 weeks to get bonded with a chinchilla. They must be kept in a room at least 75 degrees and under. Above will be fatal. Their life span is about 15 years. Any cage will do for a chinchilla, but don't put them in something like a fish aquarium or something. Take it out of the cage alot and play with him/her. Good luck with your chinchilla! =)

      • Chinchillas can get along with dogs, especially if its a well trained dog, if all your dog does is yap like one of those rats you guys call chihuahuas , and dont have a prey drive to kill, you should be primarily fine, Im not saying they will get along, but it is possible, my 6 and a half month old border collie just nudges the chinchilla and gives him rides when the chin jumps on his back, its so adorable, but when we first got him ( the chin ) we had to wait a few weeks before introduction.

  18. Hey I just got a chinchilla chin and was wondering if u shouldnleave it in it's cage intill it gets use to it's environment
    Thanks for the help

  19. I just got my chinchilla a couple of days ago. I live in a basement and I was wondering if I should keep him in my room where there are no windows with the lights on during the day or put him in the living room with a couple of small windows where it is cooler as well? I also read that they are not supposed to be in drafty areas, basements are kind of cold is this ok? Thank you!

    • Cold temps are ideal. Keep your chinchilla in a cold environment. (they can overheat at 75-80° and die) also, a place with no windows is preferred. They like cold, dark places but not completely dark, because they have bad eyesight and might hurt themselves. Direct sunlight can cause them to overheat as well.

  20. my chinchilla wakes up if i touch her cage and wants out. She also is best friends with my pitbull/newfoundland mix. she will sit in one spot, then run up and jump off the dogs back then run and hide somwhere. Luna loves it and will there for hours. they also have campouts under our chairs. luna will put her face under the chair and Kash(chinchilla) will run under the chair and play with luna. all you can see is a big black body with a huge wagging tail. its so random

  21. I have a chinchilla, her name is Chi Chi lol. I just got her to the point where she eagerly comes for treats ( i shake the bag to let her know its treat time) She will also willingly let me pet her. Although, she will not let me pick her up! She runs and kicks. Once i pick her up she is seemingly fine. She is calm and doesnt shake or anything and she lets me stroke her and scratch her and actually seems to like it! I try to let her out in my master bathroom as often as i can, but i feel as though she will never let me willingly hold her :( Any suggestions?

    • Most don't like being held. They like to sit on you or be pet.

  22. Don't leave a chinchilla alone for three days
    Also thanks to all the chinchilla people who answered my questions!!!
    You guys are awesome and were a huge help!!!

  23. When chinchillas bond strongly with their owner will chinchilla let other people touch it

    • Well this is what I think...
      I think that it depends on the chinchilla
      I'm sure that if you have a very strong bond with a chinchilla that when another person sees it,it will be scared at first but get familiar to them but will still have that bond with you

      This is just my opinion and if u where you j would get others also

      Hope I was a little help

  24. I Just got a chinchilla and my dachshunds are just sitting in front of the cage watching should I be worried,because they use to sleep in my bed with me now they just lay and sleep in front of the cage.and when I pet him and play with him the dogs try to lick him.what should I do.

    • yes he will try to eat him

    • i had a chinchilla and we got a dog soon after he's a border collie but, he was scared of my chinchilla, so i'd say it depends on your dogs personality and if your chinchilla is wary enough, mine was quite a bold one who seemed to like teasing the dog by jumping in and out of his basket

  25. Are female or male chinchillas nicer
    Someone please tell me as quickly as possible!!!!

    • Both genders are nice I think females are nicer tho.
      Could be wrong tho!

      • i do not know about that? i have 2 chins one male and one female the female listens and loves to come to me but the male seems to be more timid??? and scared?? hes coming along slowly but still scared??? the female always responds to my voice and watches everything that i do at night??? i am a night owl and see what they do at night and the female seems more active than the male unless it comes to treats then hes right there??

        • I dont want a female as they can spray urine up to 6 FREAKING FEET, ITS UNBELIEVABLE .

  26. Hi I may be getting a chinchilla in a couple of days and I had a few question to see if the chinchilla is for me:
    Are male or female chinchillas nicer?
    Can they die from being to scared because o have s puppy who could scare it very easily?
    I heard that if theyre scared and your holding them they will poop all over the place,is this true?
    How long do chinchillas live?
    How often do their cages need to be cleaned?
    Is there any differences in the color types?
    Well that's all the questions I have for now, but I will have more.
    Thanks for all the help!!!

    • I have done alot of research and...
      they live for about 15 years,
      I dont think they will poop everywhere when scared.
      There cages should be cleaned 1 a week.
      Chinchillas come in MANY different colors!, some colors are grey, white, biege, black and many more it depends on the breeder!

      More facts are:
      They are nocturnal
      they need at least a 3 feet cage {vertical more than horazontail]
      they take dust baths
      they are the most soft animal in the world!

      I hope this helped!

      • Thank you so much!!!!
        that helped me a lot!!!

      • one more question are male or female chinchillas nicer?

      • They will poop everywhere scared or not. They have two types of poo...the first is dry, hard and doesn't smell. A tiny pellet. They have no control and a healthy Chinchilla poos...ALOT. it is part of them. They have a second type of poo that they eat directly from the bum. Don't be grossed out, it is actually oart of their diet.

        I have yet to see this, but it is in my research.

        I let mine out for an hour or two from the master bathroom (where his cage is and also a 100% Chinchilla proofed place) into the bedroom wich is also mosty Chin proof. I have to watch him there or... odd thing get get chewed on. Books, cords! etc.

        We have two cats, so playtime means scratching at the door. I have to keep it shut (who knows) so I pick a series program I watch with him nightly. He has started sitting next to me while I pet him and nibble some of the 2tbs of pellets he gets per day.

        That took months of daily interaction.

        They don't trust quickly (mine didn't) but if you have enough 'no pressure' time EVERY SINGLE NEW STEP is so rewarding. I remember the first time he 'boinged' onto my legs. The first time he put his front feet into my hand. His entire self. Then scatching under his chin. Every step.

        Just know,they live 15+ years.

        Good Luck 🍀

    • Yes they can die from getting too scared and loud noises. They live 15-20 years. Chinchillas are known for chewing and pooping. They poop all the time. I vacuum my guys cage everyday and change his fleece covers once a week. They can not get wet and require a dust bath every few days. I interpret this into his play time out of the cage and for bonding time. They need to be kept cool if it gets over 75 they can die. They require lots of time definitely not a feed it and forget it kind of animal. They are very smart and so worth it.

  27. I was wondering if male chinchillas or female chinchillas are nicer. Also is it ok if your cats (2) come inside maybe once a week and they are outside cats? Also do you think a dog will mess with them? Do you think that they will get bothered by a hamster? Also why does every one say that chinchillas are better for older people and not younger people and are they good got 11 year olds?

    • your cats wont bother them if they come inside unless they run around outside of their cage, no all dogs will do is sit and stare, no they wont be bothered by a hampster, and people say that they are better for older people because there is not alot of noise and stress on them but there cage needs too be cleaned once a week and im sure you will do fine with a chinchilla

  28. Hi I may be getting a chinchilla for the holidays and really need some help!
    First of all I have to cats ho are very playful! Will they try to hurt my chinchilla and possibly kill it?
    Also I am very busy and want to know if a chinchilla can be left alone for a few hours!?!!!!!?????
    And will my chinchilla be okay if I am not home for about three days?
    Overall I am just trying to find out if a chinchilla is for me! If you have any other pet choices please tell me!

    Thanks a bunch!

    • I personally dont think I chinchilla is for you.

      Your cats would probably chase the chinchilla if not attempt to kill it. If you are able to keep them seperate at all times that its possible. Cats can also give chinchillas certain diseases(i believe bortatella but cant be certain).

      Chins can be left alone for most of the day, provided they are in their cage. They really become active in the evening so as long as your home for an few hours at that time where you can let them out in a chinchilla safe room to play etc.

      I myself wouldnt leave a chinchilla alone for three days. The thing is that unless you have someone who can watch out from them you never know what could happen. Chins rarely show signs of anything being wrong until its advanced.

      Remember chinchillas can live 20 years or more. Are you ready for that kind of commitment? Do you have an emergency vet fund, I can attest to how expensive vet care can be. Do you have a qualified vet who can see them in an emergency? One who is experienced with chins? Eat, poop, sleep, poop- that is a chinchillas life- did I mention poop? If your a neat freak know that they make a mess constantly. There will always be poop on the floor, and probably some hay as well. They are fun animals but take a lot of care.

      As for other animals, the hard part is the three day thing. Im thinking you might be better off with a small bird, or maybe a hamster? Possibly a Degu if you do alot of research, but they really arnt "handleable" more of a rodent television. They also only live 9 to 12 years or so.

      If your still intrested in a chinchilla I suggest going to, make an account and ask lots of questions and read lots of threads. Its the greatest chinchilla resource I know.

      Good luck with what ever you choose.

      • no chinchillas live about 15 to 25 years and chinchillas gourge them self and eat as much as possibleso you would need to feed them in portions they would not do well left alone for 3 days

    • please do not purchase a chinchilla if you have a house cat that is allowed to roam free...this is very dangerous for the chinchilla because chinchillas do not get along with domestic house cats or dogs. Your cat will most likely mistake your chinchilla for a rat and possibly kill it. I love chinchillas and just got one. Its a great pet for any one 13 years or older and i strongly suggest getting one if you can get the cat situation sorted out because they are awesome and cute pets. if the cat issue is not resolved, try getting a sugar glider because they love to play with other animals such as cats and r very cute 2

      • Thanks for your help I really want a chinchilla tho!
        My cats are not very big helpers and rarely come in my room!
        One more question,
        do chinchillas make weird noises at night?
        Thanks so much!!

      • Chinchillas make very weird noises at times.
        Chinchillas like to stay up at night but will go to sleep sometime. Chinchillas like to play so they will be a bit noisy at times.

      • What if your cats only come in rarely but barley come into the same room as the chinchilla?

      • i have a house cat that is almost three yrs of age and he has no interest in the chins he does glance at them when they make noise but he does not even bother them and as well when it comes to letting them out i have my cat put away for an hour or two until they are placed back into their cage then i let the cat out and everything is peachy!! and he always looks at them and it does not bother the chins at all they just look and go at their business is what i experienced so far and my cat is use to animals like dogs and a bird and fish and does not even fade him at all as long as i introduced him to them then i was fine he avoids them after a while and says practically who cares another animal you brought home oh well?? (LOL)

    • NO! Never leave your chinchilla alone for more than a few hours 3 days will cause it to suffer from anxiety and depressio thinking you left it will make it get deprssed when chinchillas bond with their owner alot a bond is set and the chinchilla is keeping its self for u and u alone if your were to upset it or make it belive you were abandoning it the bond would break and you and your chinchilla wouldnt be the same again. So chinchillas arent for you, no small pet is for you due to them needing alot of attention which you cant provide

  29. I love chinchillas! I have a very tame gray and white one! I love her to death. They are very smart to me. I hope she'll live forever! But I'm not that lucky. They deserve lots of love and care. He/she they are fabulous!

    • How cool!!!!!
      I'll bet she will live for a long timecbecausr she has an awesome owner!!!!

  30. And do chinchillas need grooming and brushing everyday?

  31. i am getting a chinchilla in a couple of days and i am kind of nervous people say they are hard to keep alive and i dont want to spend over 200 dollars for something that will die in a couple of weeks.

    • as long as the have a food bowl water and the love and attention of a caring owner they will flourish with you
      make sure you keep the temp in the 70ish range or they will overheat

  32. I have four chinchillas, two silver mosaic males, and two females, grey and a beige velvet. Both pairs have cages that are about 3 feet wide by 5 1/2 feet with wheels and four levels. The bigger the better, for them to get exercise! they also have a playpen for their dust bath with a little "dust" house, you just have to watch them because they will jump out if they have a chance. A top helps but even so they need to supervised Our one female heads up the stairs to her "room" when she gets away from us, the females seem a little more skittish than the males, could just be ours, but they all have very distinct personalities. What I did with ours, which seems to have worked is i put my hand in their cage and (you have to patience and "out-wait" them and eventually they will come up to your hand and will even "taste" you a lil bit!! You should give them alfalfa when they are little, and timothy hay when they get older. I also found that it helps if you rub your hand in hay, it disguises the human smell.... or at least it makes them more comfortable but mine have gotten to the point that they just climb in my lap and then I pick them up to bring them down to their dust bath. The baby boy now barks a me when he wants to come out, which is all the time!! Another note, be careful with babies, even adults actually, they can squeeze through very small spaces very quickly and are very hard to catch when they don't want to be caught. Another suggestion for extra exercise for the Chins, is to find a space ( i use our one bathroom which has marble and is quite large and not too many things in it for them to get hurt) and really let them run around!! Ours like to slide into our (empty) hot tub and then jump back out!! Wierd, but they seem to enjoy it, hysterical to watch and the marble keeps it a little cooler for them too!! Just note that if you're using a bathroom make sure there are no detergents of any kind that they can nibble on, that goes for any rooom with wires, plastics, etc. And they make noise too, we have a room just for the chinchillas, if their in your bedroom they may keep you up at night. Also on a last note, be careful when you introduce chinchillas to each other, they can gang up on each other and bit and even kill an unknown chinchilla, that's how we ended up with four. We tried to introduce our little "Cinnamon" to our other two chinchillas and they chased her and terrorized her to the extent that I couldn't leave her in cage with them (always supervise them when there is a new one even if they look like they're getting along, they would've killed her (they are a very bonded pair), and I tried everything, same dustbath (so they all had same smell), putting cages side by side, letting them see and smell each other but separated by wire, nothing worked. thus, we ended up with a second mosaic male who is a hysterical little man!! He and our little girl settled in and now they're bonded too!! Suggestion, if you are debating getting another at some point (they do better with another chinchilla than alone), see if you can bring your chinchilla with you to test them to see if they are compatable, and I would do it while they are still young, they seem to get more aggressive to new chinchillas as they grow older!! They should be in temperatures from 60 to 70 degrees with as little humidity in the room as you can, they can overheat and die (we got a air conditioner for their room so we regulate their room temp.) And don't ever put them in hamster ball, there is not enough air and they can get very hot inside and again, they can die (signs are staying very still on their sides and sometimes panting, they do not sweat). Never dress them up in clothes, makes them hotter. Oh and rabbits are said to carry diseases communicable to chins, guinea pigs seem to be okay, they get along o.k., but it's no contest, chinchillas are much smarter and if you keep their cages clean, pretty odorless. They need a clean environment (as best you can), they can get poop in their fur and it can be hard to get out, they also need to be brushed periodically, you will be able to tell when they need to be brushed just a little bit (tiny pieces of their hair will stick out). Sorry this is so long but I figure that it is better to know the details rather than find out the hard (and deadly to chins) way, we almost lost our orignal two when the temps went over 80, I ran out and got air conditioner, gave them ice in little bowls tht they could chew on and put icebags on top of cage to lower the temp with towel over ice bag. i hope this helps you!!

  33. Brianna this is Chelsie again i just wanted to let you Know that im 17yrs. old and that i had gotta my 2 chinchillas(Snowflake & Ruby) from a Chinchilla Breeder in Vista,CA The owners are really nice elderly people and there son helps too. They have been breeding chinchillas since 1966 and the chinchillas come in a variety of colors and they know everything about chinchillas and i meen everything literally. They sell chinchilla food, every type of chinchilla suppys, chinchilla toys, they do daycare(like if you go on a trip and can't take your chinchilla with you they will take care of your chinchilla until you get back), they even are like doctors they prescribe medication for anything if your chinchilla isnt feelin good, they sell chinchillas, and they are the one stop shop for all your chinchillas needs you wouldnt need to go store to store just to find something for your chinchilla You should really check it out its the best place to go for all of your chinchillas needs. You can either go there in person, talk to them by phone, email them, or even fax. just go to this website and you will find all the info. there. Have fun with your little on and Good Luck :)

  34. Im getting a baby chinchilla in a week and im nervous.Im afraid she might jump when i hold her.I want her to not be afraid and trust me.This is my very first chinchilla and i have NO experience what so ever.Do you have any advice or anything that will ease me?

    • Hi Brianna there's no point in saying he/she won't jump when you try hold your chinchilla
      at first chinchillas a very scared and they will run i u try
      and hold it you need to bare with ur new baby and eventually it will
      ease with you, I got Rico last month and he is only now begining to
      let me hold him the trick is to Plamouse him with a treat like a raisin (they love them)
      but not every day and just take things slow with them
      best of luck pet with your new furry friend let me know how you get on x

    • Hi Brianna i posted a reply but i dont know if it posted so Im replying again, basically Chinchillas are nervous little things so when u get ur chinchilla it will be a little jumpy and will try to wriggle out of your arms. you need to give ur new friend time and let him/her get to know u and they will eventually trust you. Instead of grabbing your chinchilla when u want to hold it, try plamousing it with a Raisin (they love them) but not everyday and you chinchilla will learn to trust you. I have my Rico a month now and he is only now beginning to let me hold him. Its all about being patient and the trick is not to rush them or you will make your chinchilla very nervous and afraid but if you give it time you will have a new best friend in no time :D

      Hope this helps pet and best of luck with ur new furry baby let me know how you are getting on

      Colina :D

    • I'm 12 years old. And i have two chinchillas right now. they are one of the best animals (except for dogs) chinchillas are actually really easy to old when they get older just grab them by the tail to pick them up (i'm not kidding) But when their younger cup them in your hand because they basically have no bones at all so don't squeeze then just make sure to hold their body so they won't get out of your hand. Make sure they have a pretty big cage and an area you can let them out. Don't give them peanuts and VERY LITTLE raisons. Goodluck! i'm so excited for you!

      • Hi. I am a chinchilla breeder in Iowa. I just had to comment on your post because it was very disturbing. NEVER pick a chinchilla up by the tail, they can break easily and then more often then not require amputation. My chinchillas love crainberries and goji berries(dried) as well as dandilion leaves(dried), popcorn(with no additives, made for rabbits, but if you get it still on the cob from a farm its good too.) and apple twigs as treats.

    • hello Brianna i have had 2 chinchillas and when you hold your baby chinchilla you would 1st want to cup one of ur hands and put it towards ur chest then you take your other hand and place your chinchilla in that cuped hand then make that hand into a cuped shape and place it right above where your first hand, make sure you have your chinchilla completly covered against you and make sure your hands are tight and not loose because they will get a bit squermy and try to get out of your hands, you also will need to try and stay calm because the chinchilla will sence that if your not and then she will try a little bit harder to get out of your hands, dont squeeze your hands to tight because she will feel squezzed and become scared. For her to trust you, you will need to first respect her space so when you bring her home and put her in a cage or where ever you are going to keep her in wait about a week or two so that she can get used to her serounding then slowly after the first week or two put your hand flat next to her cage door and let her come up to you, she may wanna come smell you or get on your hand but make sure you dont move your hand away as she does this remain calm and she wont be scared(first time doing this you might get a little bit jumpy and accidently remove your hand quickly but if you do just close her cage door and let her calm down then you can try again later) and remember it will take some time for her to adjust to everything around her including the people associating with and around her so you gotta be patient and i know you might get egger and want to hold her and play with her and all that as soon as possible but in order for her not to be afraid of you or not trust you, you will need to do it on her terms which meens let her come to you, respect her space, be patient, and gradually she will begin to trust you and not be afraid and thats when you and her will become great friends :) hope everything goes well Good Luck :) if you have any more question about everything regarding chinchillas go to this webite and everything will be answerd for you.

  35. i have a pet chinchilla named Herbie. i got him about four years ago when he was a baby. is it odd that he doesnt really like his ball. he always wants to come out of his cage but once i do he never wants to go in and once he's in he just sits there and doesnt move. i wanna make sure he gets his exercise but then again he's always in his wheel. .... another thing. i've had him for so long and he's still extremely nervous around me and he lives in my room and i always interact with him.

    • Sometimes chinchillas prefer being in the company of other chinchillas, as opposed to their owners. Also, when you pick up your chin, if you grab him around the middle, it makes them skittish. I don't know if that's what you do, but it may contribute to the problem. Chinchillas do not like a lot of commotion, but they do enjoy it when you talk to them. Chinchillas have there ways of getting exercise on their own, even in cages. No chinchilla wants to go back in its cage once its been let out. To keep from grabbing him when he goes back in, coax him with a treat. I hope you have luck with Herbie. Best wishes, Madison

    • Hey ray. I have 8 Chins (2 male 6 Female). I started with 3 about six months ago.
      1. Chins don't like hamster balls. Their tails are not as flexible as mice and rats and their foot/toe bones are more fragile and can break easily.

      2. Training needs a system based on three things: Timing, Consistency and Patience.

      Timing- Chins are more comfortable after sunset. They will tend to hide if its too early because almost anything can eat them.
      - I coincide playtime with feeding and treats. I start with a familiar noise thats easy to remember (I like tapping the cage bars). Once everybody is in a specific 'treat' spot, I give each one half a raison. Then I open the cage to cue the 'exit'. Once they are out, close the cage to make sure he doesn't return until playtimes finished.
      -During playtime you should relax and let the Chin come to you. If you chase him, he will run.
      -Near the end of playtime, refill the food dish. This adds incentive for their return. BUT DON'T LET HIM IN YET.
      -When YOU are calm and ready, open the cage and tap the bars like before, cueing his return. When he arrives, close the cage and give another half raison.

      Consistency- Always stay as close to the pattern as possible. If you vary too much the training can be undone. If you don't have the time some nights, don't try to make up for it that day. They are much less outgoing and cooperative during daylight hours. Its instinctual.

      Patience- Learning takes time. Teaching takes more time. He will not get it for awhile. And sometime he'll forget. And sometimes you'll forget. One thing that will always happen is if You are on edge, He will be, and he'll hide. Try your best to take deep calming breathes and relax. Talking about anything not exciting helps.

      **Take some time to reset the old behavior before starting the system. Keep him in cage for about four(4) days, starting the *Sound*-*Half Raison*-*Food*- *Sound*-*Half Raison*
      **Any Treat Begins With *Sound*

      Good Luck, sincerely,
      Me and the '8' (ChurchDoor, KillfaceDeathRabbit, Pepper, Oni-X, Sometimes-Y, Che-Z, Seven and 4Sale)

  36. I have a chinchilla named Niko and He is very jittery but very lovable. chinchillas should be in a room 60 to 70 degrees. They need to grind down their teeth so you should buy wood toys at petsmart or petco. Also, they need at least 2 hours of exercise out of their cage. Last, you should give them 2 raisins a day. I hope you found this helpful!:)

  37. I just bought two Chin's after doing some research, finding they like more then one. Who wants those precious creatures alone anyways. There a bit skittish, but totally understandable. There slowly warming up, but it's not going to happen over night. I have the tall cage, wood blocks, treats, give them raisens. Any other toys recommended? Besides a running wheel. I know I love to spoil them, they seem pretty intelligent, so I don't want them to get bored. Also will they aclimate to holding, any recommendations to get them used to people, new sounds, etc. We have a pretty quiet house. But what happens when I vaccum. I don't need them stressing out. If anyone can help it'd be greatly appriciated!!

  38. Hi Rico has been chewing on his cage (he cant chew throught it though) does anyone know why this is, he cant be bored because i let him out at various intervals during the day in his chinchilla ball, should i be worried?

    • chin's will gnaw at any thing to grind their teeth down its completely normal

  39. I just got a new baby Chinchilla his name is Rico i think its funny to watch him in his bathhouse :D can anyone tell me when its right to start letting him run around in his little ball?

    • do not let him run around for more than a hour or he will overheat give him 20 minute intervals between for him to cool off they don't like air blowing on them i hope all of this info will help you care for Rico.

  40. chinchillas have 75 hairs in one follical

  41. Hi Emily,

    Welcome to the chinchilla club! Just some things you should know. Chins, (their nickname), are really easy to raise if you follow some simple rules. First, they need a tall cage because chinchillas like to climb. Inside their cage they should have things to play with that are safe for small animals to play with. Also, inside their cage they need chew blocks, a hay bin for timmothy hay, a food dish and a water bottle. You should use pine sawdust/chips in the cage. Although the cedar chips smell better, the oils are bad for chinchillas.

    Chinchillas love treats. When giving treats to them, you should not give them too much at one time. Too many treats and make them sick, just like you get when you eat too much candy. I give mine dried fruit. They seem to love it. It's funny to watch them when I shake the fruit bag. They come running to the cage door like little bums. Watch giving them peanuts, the have a hard time digesting them and could cause them problems.

    When it comes to taking care of Fritz, you need to change his cage about twice a week. His cage can become yucky if you don't. Who likes to live in yuck? Not me. Fritz needs to take a bath a few times a week. Chinchillas don't use water to get clean. They use lava dust to take the oils out of their fur. You can get the dust from petsmart. I have a tub that I put the dust in. I love to watch them roll a round in the dust.
    Well, I hope this information helps to take good care of Fritz. If you need any help or have any questions, just email me at: (get permission first from an adult to email me)


  42. The Chinchilla... For all that considers to get a Chin please make sure you are ready to have a relationship with much love as these little guy will give you that and much more. I can't tell you how much JOY they can give and should be owned by someone that is willing to give them the same. I recently lost our 1st chinchilla and she was a bundle of Joy and Love to us. We have since gotten a few more and they are Great and we will Love them but we will alway miss our Chin.

  43. I have a chinchilla and it's great for children, because, i am one. He stands up to the bigger animals and is not disturbed by the barking of my dogs, squeaking of my hamster, meowing of my cat, or squealing of my guinea pig.

  44. i have a chinchilla, whose name is Diego. He doesnt have any top teeth and he is very jumpy. I can never hold him without him jumping everywhere! but i LOVE him sooo much and he is so cute and soft!

  45. I love my chinchilla, Willy. He loves phone chargers and I try to keep him away from wire devices..I recently had a flea infestation and I've seem to notice thats hes jumpy but they seem to not be attacking him.

  46. chinchillas like to chew on a lot of stuff, so keep things away from the cage. they are verry lovable. try giving them cheerios.

  47. hey a way to stop wall chewing put like no chew spray used for horses on the corners of walls not alot but it works

  48. My chinchilla eats wires and fabrics and wood off the wall.....a lil terd....but still i think yours will be ok

  49. can chinchillas eat news paper?

    • Can the eat newspaper or will they eat newspaper? They will eat the newspaper if they get ahold of it. I know that people line the cages with newspaper and the chinchillas eat it but I do not think it is good for them. The cages I have for my chinchillas have a drop floor that the mess can fall through but the chinchillas can not get to the paper.

  50. If i put my new chinchilla i just got with my other in a open room to play for about an hour will they get along? cause i don't have another cage. i do have a traveling cage about three feet across but i know you can't leave a chinchilla in that little area. so i want to know if they play for an hour hour and a half if can put them in a cage together right away.

    • it's great to do a SUPERVISED play time and it's HIGHLY recommended :) however, just because they can play together doesn't mean they can live together :(
      From the other sites i belong to and have read... you shouldn't introduce them for at least a 30day period where they are in seperate cages and rooms! (now I don't see the big deal about rooms) but they say this is protect the other animal from any potential health issues the new one may have.
      This is just in my humble opinion :)
      Good luck,
      Kupcak :)

  51. Does anyone know of any fabrics that aren't harmful to chins?

  52. Hi Madison,
    Yes your chinchilla may like the ball (mine needed time to get use to it) if they stop for too long beware s/he may be trying to themselves an escape route!!! lol make sure the ball is at least 14" *I believe the one i purchased was stated for chins. you don't want your chinchilla to be arching his back too much. One of my concerns from reading (but I personally have not experienced) is ppl worry about their toes get caught in the air holes and hurting themselves - again this hasn't happened to me (yet).

    Hi Beth,
    It doesn't mean your surviving chinchilla will get along with another chinchilla however, I think s/he would have a better chance as s/he is use to having a friend :) You will still need to seperate them for a while and do supervised playtime to get them to know each other. It's also a good idea to seperate them for about a month any ways to make sure the new one coming in doesn't have any health issues.

    To anyone reading my responses... these are just my opinions from information I have collected since adopting "Charlie"

  53. one of my chinchillas just died if i get anoother will my other get along with the new one?

    • I too had my male "Chester" past away. My female "Kiki" was young but she was attached to him. I waited until she stopped morning her loss to introduce my new male "Gizmo". I started by putting their cages next to each other. Her cage was taller so it gave her away to "escape" from the new guy. I did this for two weeks. I then started to put them in one cage for short periods to help the Gizmo get familar to the new surrondings. I did this for about a week then I put them together. I feel this transition helped everyone. They get along so well that they have had two litters of kits. Just today we had a new addtion to the family.

  54. can u put chinchillas in a run-about ball?

    • Balls are not the best idea to put them in, it is very frightening for them, and they will try to move very quickly in them, causing them to run into any objects or walls. in addition to that they will poop substantially while they are in the ball, and there is no place for it to go so it just bounces around while they are in there and will get stuck in there fur.

  55. Do Chinchillas need Timothy hay everyday or a couple times a week. Also do you know where I can purchase a hay bin.
    I know someone who gives his Chins bermuda hay. I thought that was bad for them. He says the Chins like it better.
    Thank you,

    • You should give him/her 50% timothy and 40% alfalfa and if you want, 10% bermuda.

  56. Hi, I'm highly allergic to most animals. Especially cats & dogs. Would I be allergic to a chinchilla?

    • No fourtunetly you wouldn't be allergic to chinchillas because their fur is SOO thick the cant get dander, fleas, or ticks! but you might be allergic to the dust they bathe in

    • Most likely. chinchillas have a lot of fur and need many dust baths. this dust gets all over the place and they do shed just a bit. you should cantact your doctor for more info.

  57. how can u tell if the chinchilla boy or girl

  58. I was wondering just how often i should give my chinchilla a dust bath. everyday once or twice a week? can you give me an idea of how often. Oh, and if it counts for anything i live in the western part of nevada sorta near Reno.

    • Well i would recomend Givivng it a dust bath once a week. it will save money if it's it's only once a week and it can become slightly uncomfortable for the chinchilla after his or her bath because the dust is caught in their fur and nose. Do not leave the dust bath in your cage because your chinchilla will use it as a litter box, an then he or she will be bathing in it's own feces! hope this helps.

    • yes you shud give it one 3-2 times a week or more :)

  59. r chincillas rabbits? i was looking at rabbit breed descriptions and one of the breeds said chincilla

    • noooooo chinchillas are a mixture of rats. they might look like a rabbit but is not at all like a rabbit

    • No theyarenot lagamorphs, they are rodents.

  60. I have a questions about fleas... can chinchilla's get them? I recently purchased a chinchilla (1yr male Charlie) and he seems to be scrathing a lot and very jumpy. I haven't had a pet in quite some time but... I think I recall such actions to be caused by fleas?? how can i get rid of them? it's too hard to look thru their fur to see anything.

    • chinchillas cant actually get fleas they are just very jumpy, iv got one called ollie but hes only 16 weeks old

      • he is jumpy but he also will nip or scratch himself prior to being jumpy.
        I have looked him over and I personally do not see fleas or feesie *sp? so... i'm thinking he's just a 'chinchilla' lol :) thank you for responding.

    • Actually fleas would suffocate in a chinchilla's fur becuase it is so thick. So no.

  61. can you leave the dust bath in longer. my boy crackers goses nuts over it and i use it as a tool to get him back in his cage. he would be in his bath for hours if i let him...Also i gave him dry apircots like one a day and i guess they were a bit juicey for him (he loves them) but i stopped when i noticed his chinchilla was a little damp. its not bad but alil clumpy, but dry. do i need to cut it off or will it grow out? the dust just dries it. any help out there?

    P.S. if you give your chinni any store bought dry snacks meant for people, dry them in a oven at a low temp to get all moisture out. worth it for the wee ones.

  62. hey, we want a chinchilla so bad we might get one megan will name her whit and black one dusty and india will get the same one and name it pancacks :)

  63. i really want a chinchilla and im trying to convice my parents to get one for me for Hanukkah. I really want one!:)
    (P.S go to (my site)

  64. Hi hope someone can help me. My chinchilla has started to lose his fur and has bald patches. Is his diet lacking something or could it be more serious?

    • Take your chinchilla to the vet so you can stop the problem before it gets worse it may be exspensive but it will be more exspensive to give your chinchilla surgery and remember you could be saving his life.

    • I have been looking at chinchilla facts. Have you bathed your chinchilla lately? If you have and didn't dry his fur immediately, that may be the problem, he will lose his fur from the bacteria from the water staying there. Their fur is so thick it cannot air dry. Hope this helps. Lotsa luck! :)

      • DUDE YOU CANNOT GET HINCHILLAS WET THEY'RE LIKE GREMLINS. YOU HAVE TO BATHE THEM 1-12 TIMES AWEEK IN DUST. Not just you find under the bed do on something you havent touched in a while but volcanic dust that you can buy at the petstore.

      • Never ever ever bath your chinchilla. They bath themselves with their dust baths. They can not get wet

    • I'm afraid your chinnie may be dieing. :,( I'm sorry. I surely do hope that your chinchilla will somehow get better though. You must immediatly take your chinchilla to a veteranarian to see what is truely wrong with it. If it gets lethargic, has shallow breating or is not eating properly, I would have to think it has a very bad virus or it's just very old. Try vitamin drops like vitamin C papaya fruit tablets ect. Make sure he is eating a bit of alfalfa hay as well as timothy hay. do not feed him treats more than 1 a day. if he is chewing on plastic or metal a lot, try to make him stop immediatly. If he's eating something that you are not sure he should be, cut him off from that. Make sure that you chinnie is taking dust baths 2-3 times a week. The baths should take up to 6 minutes. I hope your chinchilla gets better soon. I am getting a chinchilla soon. my hamster, Jerky just died :( .

      • I hate to say this but when you reply to these, you should try to be a little more gentle about tough subjects. Say something a little more encouraging.

      • i think he put it very gently, you should yell at the water person, this guys seems to know something.

  65. Well if she chattered that means like give it a try put the leash on her if she tries wiggling out,stop and try another time later on. Remember only walk her iin the house.

  66. I have a question about my chinchilla but i have a commet first my chinchilla sort of talk to me in a funny way and its cute.I asked my chinchilla that if she wants to take a walk and ansered with a chatter noise what does that mean?

    • Well if she chattered that means like give it a try put the leash on her if she tries wiggling out,stop and try another time later on. Remember only walk her iin the house.

  67. i have been saving up for a chinchilla for a long time but i don't know if i should get a girl,boy,girl and boy, boy and boy, or girl and girl HELP!

  68. I have a pet chinchilla and he is sooo much fun.
    His full name is Otis Gordon O'Connor...
    I've found that he loves to be in dark warm places like my
    sweatshirt pocket or even in the sweatshirt itself with me.
    he likes to sleep in my bed too but only deep under the blankets..
    one down fall about having a pet chinchilla is their gastrial disfunctions.
    Seriously... I don't think they can hold it in. All otis ever does is hop around and ever hop he takes a little
    poop falls out. now they aren't gross fecal matter it is just amazing how much they poop

  69. i am thinking of getting a chinchilla but i wanted to make my own cage for it. what type of cage should i get? and what should i use for the shelves for the levels? thanks for helping

  70. Chinchillas are the Best pets ever, so affectionate!!!

  71. hedgehogs are so much more fun than chinchillas but they are stilll cool

  72. chinchillas are awesome. i think there really cool and does any one know wether they have to be kept
    in pairs or not cus my mum said i can only buy 1 but do they have to be in a pair of 2 ????

  73. chinchillas are awesome. i think there really cool and does any one know wether they have to be kept
    in pairs or not cus my mum said i can only buy 1 but do they have to be in a pair of 2 ????

  74. WHAT kind of factis MARTHA STEWART has 15 pet chinchillas why would i put that on a report

    • i also think that is weird

  75. My exotic animal vet @ the University of TN college of vetrinary medicine, told me tht the best thing to use is the pre-packaged calcium sticks designed just for chinchillas, these are also safe for guinea pigs and rabbitts, she told me that in some of the calcium supplements for other animals, birds, hamsters, mice etc there are extra hormones added that are not good for chincillas and can actually shorten their life span by clogging their ateries. Also the pre-packaged calcium sticks also have a chinchilla safe wooden core that they can nibble on to file their teeth. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions u can e-mail me @ my vet lives a few doors down from me so I will be happy to ask her any questions.

  76. 15...really? i doubt it she is to clean to have a pet, even though chinchillas are practically odorless and dander free but still. MARTHA STEWART ya right!! PSSHHHH

  77. i don't think martha stewart has 15 chinchillas. LOOK IT UP DUDE

  78. i have 3 chinchillas i was told to give them cuttlefish for calcium and vitamins ,and also help with there teeth ,well what i would like to no is i also have 6 guinea pigs who also need vitamins and calcium and help with there teeth to, does anybody no if i can give the guinea pigs the cuttlefish to ,or is it something just chinchillas have as i always thought that cuttlefish was for birds

    • I have been told by our exotic animal vet at the University of TN College of Vetrinary Medicine to buy the pre-packaged calcium sticks that are designed specifically for chincillas, because when u begin using other supplements designed for other animals there are differences in the amounts of additives such as hormones etc. Kaytee brand makes a 2 pk of calcium sticks for chincillas that have a safe for chinchilla wooden center that they can use to chew on to file their teeth, and those are also safe for guinea pigs and rabbitts. Hope this helps

  79. If you wnt to see any facts, instructions to keep your chinchilla happy come to this asome website.



  80. Is there any way that you can tell how old a chinchilla is? They told me the pair is 2 to 2 1/2 years old. She was pregnant with one kit. He acts funny, goes around in circles and then falls down. What's wrong with him.

    • no chinchillas never age they always stay 0 hahahahaahahahahahaha =)

      • They do age. At a certain age they quit having babies.

  81. Hi There,

    I have two Chinchillas that have been living inside four 6 months now. Unfortunately we are now moving and they are unable to stay inside any longer. Keeping them cool in the summer months isn't a problem, but i am more concerned with keeping them warm during the evenings when it's a lot colder (they won't be outside during the winter months). Is there any way i can possibly keep them warm at night? They have a hutch which has been modified so they aren't able to chew their way out and i have also purchased a hutch 'snuggle' which reflects heat away but is also supposedly meant to keep heat in? The hutch does have a hideaway section that is stuffed full of bedding.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    FYI - The hutch has also been re-inforced to prevent foxes/cats/vermin from getting to my Chinchillas! Please be awar i have entered my email address incorrectly! It is in fact

    Many Thanks


  82. Hi There,

    I have two Chinchillas that have been living inside four 6 months now. Unfortunately we are now moving and they are unable to stay inside any longer. Keeping them cool in the summer months isn't a problem, but i am more concerned with keeping them warm during the evenings when it's a lot colder (they won't be outside during the winter months). Is there any way i can possibly keep them warm at night? They have a hutch which has been modified so they aren't able to chew their way out and i have also purchased a hutch 'snuggle' which reflects heat away but is also supposedly meant to keep heat in? The hutch does have a hideaway section that is stuffed full of bedding.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    FYI - The hutch has also been re-inforced to prevent foxes/cats/vermin from getting to my Chinchillas!

  83. I am getting a chinchila and what do I give it too sleep in?

    • They like to sleep in a little wooden house. You can usually pick one up at any pet store. They like to be secluded, away from any predators and they like the wood to chew. Although, your chinchilla may not always sleep in it, my chinchillas don't always sleep in theirs, they like like to sleep on their perches.

  84. i have just been given 3 grey chinchillas as there owner could no longer look after them , there fur looks bad and greasy as they havnt had a dust bath for over a week ,will the fur go back to normal once i give them there dust bath or do i need to do something else ?

    • It should go back to normal, but it may take a few dust baths. What ever you do, DO NOT use water on them or brush them.

  85. I have a pet chinchilla, and he is so wonderful!
    He's my baby boy, and quite the jumper. I absolutley adore him and love holding him and he, surprisingly, loves cuddling like my cat and dog do. (I know I have quite a zoo)
    And most surprising of all? He loves being pet in the same places as a cat or dog!

  86. I am a lover of chinchillas my friend Hannah Piper loves and adores chinchillas just like me.When I grow up I want to have at least 40 chinchillas in my house and I want my friend Hannah to be my life partner.for now hop on get it hop on well ill type later BYE!!!!!!!!

  87. We both love this site. It tells us a lot of things about chinchillas. We both adore chinchillas dearly. We think they should be the top animal. We heard that they are endangered and we want to do all we can to stop that. Both of us agree that chinchillas are our favorite animal. The first person is ten. She has about six. She has to give some away and the second friend is also ten but the first friend is going to give one of her chinchilla babies to me! I am so excited! She tells me that they are fun and cute. I know they are cute! Well that's all we have to say except WE LOVE CHINCHILLAS.

  88. how fast can chinchillas run im writing a paper on them and i want to get my fasts straight

    • Well, a rabbit can run up to 35MPH and a squirrel can run up to 12MPH. So I would imagine somewhere in between. The problem is, chinchillas don't really run, they hop. and they hop so fast it will look like they're running. So, i don't really know how fast they can run or if anyone has really clocked one.

  89. do they have an effect on people who suffer from astma can it make astma sufferers worse

    • The good thing about chinchillas is that their fur is so thick they wont ever have dandruff or flees or ticks. Someone who has asthma would be affected by the dander from a pet causing them to have an attack. With Chinchillas you would not have that problem.

      However, Chinchillas do take a dust bath about twice a week, that may cause an asthma attack.

      My boyfriend's mother has asthma and when we bring the chinchillas over she has absolutely no problem. But if she was to come over to see the chinchillas she would have an asthma attack within 40 minutes of being here because of the bedding chinchillas have to use.

      So my point is, someone with asthma would not have an attack from the chinchillas but from the dust and the bedding used.

      Hope that helps!

    • yes they do

  90. i love my chinchilla

  91. Ilove my chinchilla and they r the best pets in the world.
    If anyone knows how to make them cater to u more please send me a website to
    log on to Thanks so much.

  92. I love chinchillas i have one and they r the coolest things in the world. The r so soft i love mine.
    And if anyone knows how to make the cater to u more please tell me and type up a link i can go on to thanks so much.

  93. I have only one chinchilla and I live alone, do they need interaction with other chinchillas and people or can they live in a house by themselves without the outside world. He has a huge three tier cage with a swing, hammock, and excercise wheel but does not seem to use it. Also, he still does not let me pick him up (he came from a pet store) but he does come to me and jumps on my lap when he wants too, how long will it take for him to allow me to handle him, it's been over two years.

    • That could be problematic.

      Chins should let you pick them up, epically if they're over two years old.

      The fact that he jumps in your lap, is a good sign. Maybe he just doesn't like to be held?

      Also, chinchilla's have a very long memory so maybe if he has been picked up and dropped or has been harassed that could be why.

      Another reason is if he came from a pet store and was born there, a lot of pet stores do not treat them as well as they should be treated.

      As for them needing company, they need to be let out for at least a half hour everyday with human interaction. In the wild, they do live in colonies, so another chinchilla may help him out to feel more comfortable.

      hope that helps!

  94. I really want a chinchilla but in my country (kuwait) they don't sell chinchilla dust bathe so my parents wont let me have one so can a chinchilla get cleaned by regular sand!

    • No, a chinchilla needs volcanic dust because of their fur and skin. The good news is you can buy the dust online for pretty cheap, here are some websites:

  95. um... does anyone know why my chinchilla has been peeing on me? it's so strange. everytime i go to pick her up now, she stands on her back legs and thrusts her pelvis out and squirts a stream of urine onto my hand. i can't find any info on it either. if you have a link or any info about this please let me know!! thank you!!

    • i read somewhere that they have a good strong memory and if a human treated them wrong they would remember, also females will pee when frightened or agitated... hope this helps

    • she pees on you because she is scared of your hand. she does this to fend off preditors. mine does the same thing

    • i read that your chinchilla will pee on you because it thinks you smell not kidding. My Toby pees on me sometimes...i don't know sometimes i just think, Hey maybe he just has to pee. so he does

  96. Where is the best place to get a chinchilla? A pet store or a breeder?

  97. hey i got a chinchilla for christmas and it's AWESOME it's so funny to see it do a dust bath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Ya try to say good things about the chinchilla so your parents should say ok let's talk and hopfully they will let you thats what happend to me now I am getting one!

  99. Hello. I have a two year old boy chinchilla and any time my arm is in his cage, he wants to hump. Is this something he will grow out of or do I need to get him nuetered? Thanks for any advice.

    • What I did is I got him two stuffed and furry dog toys ( a beaver and a rabbit) He uses these to for his release. They say it's not easy to get them neutered so this was an alternative I used.

  100. I really want one but my parents say that if he/she dies in more then 2 weeks I have wasted over $300! What do I do?

  101. I have three chinchillas. I find that they aren't smelly at all, in fact I think they are so awsome I would buy more... except my cage is too small. But anyways they aren't that smelly.

  102. I really want a chinchilla but my parents won't let me get one because they say they a stinky. Any suggestions

  103. hi i have a chinchilla the are amzing pets they are so cool i have a quetion im doing a project on them what would happend if the all die like how would the affect us humans or like how are they important to us

  104. I am about to get my first Chinchilla and I was wondering if a boy and a girl act any different? If their is a difference, what is it?
    And I was going to get one that is 8weeks old, is that a good age?

  105. Are Chins solitary creatures or do they need company with another chin?

  106. Sydney
    with time your dog will get use to your chinchilla but you need to try spend time with 2 of them at the same time so your dog will see that you like them both. he/she will even play with your chinchilla later.i also had that problem before but now they are very happy playing together.

  107. i have only had my pet for three weeks now and he has never bitten me once i am really happy with him. But my dog is also my big baby and he would always spend nights in my room so i have to keep him out of it when i have my chinchilla out running around. I only let him in when Rain (chinchilla) is in his cage so he is safe. But i want my dog to know that i love him too and that i don't have favorites please help me cell: 1(989)7637933 i need help to make sure my dog is okay and my chinchilla is safe in his presence out of the cage.

  108. I got my chinchilla almost 6 months ago and he is a really good pet.He really likes to be out of his cage and to run around my room but i have to be careful because he is very fast and likes to hide in places that i can't reach him.he really likes the cool weather and he is very happy and curious lilttle pet of mine and i am glad that i got him!!

  109. i have a question and that question is if the chinchillas are mean

  110. hi ive had my chinchillas for awhile now and ive only been able to smell them once as long as you clean there cage everyweek they will never smell.personally i dont think there dust smells at for the biting every animal is different. any animal that feels scared will bite i got my chinchillas from a friend of mine one chinchilla only bit him once and ive never had a problem with them biting. they will bark at me if they dont want to be picked up but they wont bite as long as there comfotable with you then you shouldnt have a problem when you first get them put a treat in your hand and wait for them to come to you.remember chinichillas are social with eachother but being a person you have to gain there trust and once you have that you'll never have a problem

  111. I'm about to receive a pet chincilla from a friend of mine who's parents wont let him keep it and I think they are some of the most beautiful creatures alive and cant believe that they were almost hunted to estinction just because some snobby rich idiot wanted a fur coat.

  112. Chinchillas don't smell. You dont give them real baths like in water. u give them baths in dust. If you think they smell bad u can get scented dust that they sell at any pet store. Their urine smells after awhile but it's easy to clean it all up. Some chinchillas do bite, it depends on how tame they are. every pet is different, but as long as u give them lots of chew toys you should be ok. My chinchilla usually only nibbles on my toe nails.

  113. i really want a chinchilla for christmas but my parents are unsure about it. Just to clear up somthing, do chinchilla's bite? and do the stink even after bath's?? PLEASE REPLY ASAP! :)

  114. I have a beautiful boy chinchilla and trust me, he couldn't survive in the wild. They are breed from long lines of other domesticated chinchillas, so obviously you don't know what your talking about. It isn't unfair in any way. They are safe that way and if kept outside their cage, they will die. They can fit into anything their head can, and they wouldn't even exist if everyone was a no meat eating or fur selling hippy like you, then the first 11 chinchillas brought over to america never would have been breed andsurvived. Instead they would have slowly became extinct and wouldn't be around to have pets today. Do your homework before you make a stupid comment like that.

  115. To be honest I would love a pet chinchilla, but I don't agree with hem being kept in cages. They should be wild and its not fair.

  116. Courtney,

    Chinchillas are fine in cool homes. If you can survive, they can survive. This doesn't apply to heat though as they are not as tolerant as people to high temperatures.

  117. I'm getting a chinchilla probably today or tomorrow, how cold can it be for the chinchilla? i Know it has to be under 75 but how cold can it be? I was just wondering because my house is pretty chilly in the winter.

  118. Hey my name is Taylor I`m 10 years old and I LOVE chinchillas!!!!!They are such sweethearts,amazingly soft,and not to mention adorable!!My mom says because I have a hamster (Cuddles) I don`t need another pet, and i agree with her, but I would choose a chinchilla over a hamster any day.

  119. My Boyfriend and i got a rescue chinchilla called chinny about a year ago, he was very frit at first and it seemed that he would never be tame. But i tell you now persevere because after 6 months, every week that passed we noticed improvement. He's not totally tame now but will come up to us and let us play with him. If you have the time to spend with them they can be very rewarding. I try to spend at least 3 hours a day on him, after time you'll see they've got their own personalities and cute little expressions.

  120. i love chinchillas so much im seceretly saving up $ to buy one

  121. In response to Dolly,
    Chins are like people they have different personalities. Some like to be handled, some do not, however even though they do no like to be handled they still want your attention, so continue to speak softly to them. A chinchilla that hides from you may have been handled roughly or when it didn't want to be and that's why it does not trust you. You can try training it, which takes time and patience. Start with a treat, a raisin, a cherrio, or banana chip. Place it in the palm of your hand and the chinchilla will come explore due to their curious nature. Eventually it will take the treat from your hand. After it continually takes the treat from your hand start putting the treat further up your arm, eventually it will climb up your arm, you may then try to put your hand under its bottom and pick it up. But as I said not all of them like to be held. I have a female who climbs on me but will not let me hold her so don't get discouraged. You also said they like to run around your room sit still on the floor and see if it comes to you, chinchillas often like to use people as their jungle gym.
    Hope I could help. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me at

  122. In reply to chile_mommy,
    I have 3chins and one of them lost patches of fur around their nose and ears it grew back a couple months later. If it is wet around the patch it most likely gnawed its fur which is normal. Also I have a friend who has a chinchilla who is missing fur, but is perfectly healthy. Sometimes it is unknown why that happens. If it is in a noisy environment than move it to some place quiet. It may be stressed. If they fur doesn't grow back but the chinchilla continues to be responsive and playful, I wouldn't worry much about it.

  123. hello, i have two little pet chinchillas that i have recently adopted. One of them is a mother and the other is a young son. We do not know exactly how old they are but we know that the young one is a little buggar. It is hard for us to get close to them. They do not like to be held often and get extremely jumper when they are touched, but prefer to run around our room. Im just wondering what kind of things i could do to help our little friends feel comfortable with my boyfriend and I. I'm scared that they may not be able to get along with us. My boyfriend and I love them very much but its hard for them to be comfortable with us.....
    if you guys have any suggestions please help

  124. Our foreverfriend is 8 months old and also has lost a patch of fur the size of a quarter. What should we do, if anything? It has been a month and the fur is not growing back. He is otherwise healthy.

    Please help,

    Mommy 2 Chile

  125. I have a chinchilla and I love him so much. He loves to cuddle and play with me and he's wonderful. I do suggest getting a chinchilla but only if you're up to take great care of one because they are harder to take care of than the average pet. After I give my chinchilla exercise he lies on his side and lounges like a dog and it's normal. He's just tuckered out from all the running and wants to sleep.

  126. Hi,

    I'm getting a chinchilla and I have heard that they are very loving,friendly,happy animals who ever is out there and wants to get one please consider it!!!

  127. i have a chinchilla and he rocks my socks and i love him with all my heart!

  128. Hi,
    We got our chinchilla from my son's math teacher in May of this year. He's approx. 7 yo and he's really bonded with me. Even gives me smooches from the cage. My problem is he is difficult to get out of the cage for exercise time. He does have a wheel but he can't seem to figure it out.
    I'm terrified to force him out of the cage for exercise time for fear of breaking his little bones. He has a huge cage and runs around like crazy but the times we've taken him upstairs to his exercise room it's been so cool but we always have a hard time getting him back in the pet transport.
    Any suggestions?
    Oh, I also have the big ball they can run in but he just stood there like he was terrified. We only tried it once and I'm not sure if I should try again.
    I did want to mention that he did have some romaine lettuce last night, just a bit and it was the first time. He usually snacks on apples and raisins. He eats alfalfa hay and the forti diet pellets.
    I'm so much more attached to him than I ever thought I'd be. I love him and he's a constant source of pleasure and amusement. I'd like to keep him around a long time.
    Thanks for listening and any and all advice will be welcomed

  129. When I out my chinchilla in his cage after his excersise time, he lies on his size and looks like a dog sleeping. He always seems perfectly fine, but I was just wonering if this is unusual behavior that should be examined by a vet. He is a part of my family!

  130. The best way to bond with a chinchilla is to take it out of its cage and just lie somewhere. Soon your chinchilla will get curious and run up to you, maybe even jump on you!! It will get used to you, running up and down your body. After a while, you can even try to pet your little friend. If he gets scared, don't be discouraged. Wait and he/she'll come back, and you can try again. Another thing that is very effective with my chinchilla is scratching him around the soulder blade/neck area. He'll tilt his head up, and open his mouth in pleasure!!! You have to take the time to get to know your chinchilla, what his favourite foods are, and the places he/she likes to be scratched. I gaurantee, if your good to your chin, you'll be friends in no time!

  131. What is the best way to bond with a chinchilla?

  132. Avatar photo


    We've never seen that behavior before. Our chinchillas will certainly sit still as if they're in a trance, but they don't rock back and forth. They eventually snap out of it and continue running around like there's nothing wrong.

    Hopefully your chinchilla is just adding a slight variation to what ours do. Good luck!

  133. Hi! I just got a chinchilla, and I have been reading everything I can find on them. tonight he is sitting very still, and sort of rocking back and forth, with his hands in front of him.. looks like he is meditating, any idea if this is of any concern?

  134. Avatar photo


    A chinchilla's bones are delicate. You can't play with them like you would with a dog, but they can certainly be held if you can get them comfortable with you.

  135. I want to get a chinchilla but one of my friends said their bones will break when you hold them. Is this true?

  136. Avatar photo


    Our chinchillas only bite when our fingers when they smell of raisins. As for picking them up, it can take some time. At first you should let him get used to you by not attempting to pick him up. Then try giving him a treat while holding it between your fingers. After that, put the treat in the palm of your hand so that he needs to climb in to your hand. Keep doing these sorts of activities and eventually you should be able to pick up your chinchilla.

    Ideally your chinchilla would've been handled at a very young age so that he'd be used to it.

    As for barking, that usually the sound a chinchilla makes when scared.

  137. I have a chinchilla that was born Jan. 19 of this year. So far he has been pretty good. He has nibbled us a few times. My questions are: I was told that they seldom bite. Have you found this to be true? My other question is: he almost always barks and hops away when I try to pick him up from his cage. What does this barking mean? Will he ever allow us to pick him up without this running and barking? Thanks!

  138. I have 1 pet chinchilla at home. He is so cute! I got him when he was just a few months old. I got him a few days before last Christmas. He was really small. Now he is a big fluff ball! If I sit quietly or lie quietly, playing on my DS Lite in my bed, he will start jumping on my face! Chinchillas are sweet, gentle creatures. Take the time to bond!

  139. Avatar photo


    Take your chinchilla to a vet. It's safer than experimenting with home remedies.

  140. I have 3 chin's. My male is about 3 years old and he is missing fur on his side. I have tried athlete's foot powder in the dust but it doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions?

  141. Avatar photo


    That's a hard one to answer. One odd behavior isn't enough to say whether a chinchilla is stressed or not. Ours don't exhibit that behavior, but they probably do other strange things that your chinchilla doesn't. Is your chinchilla otherwise fine? Does he eat? Does he run around the cage and around the room when you let him out? Does his fur look healthy? Are his eyes clear and lively looking?

  142. I have a question about the behavior of the chins. I have seen my chinchilla make rapid scraping movements as though he is digging for something with his front paws on the plastic perch where the food is in his cage. Is this normal behavior or does it mean he is stressed or just playing?

  143. I have 2 chinchillas. Some chinchilla owners may be concerned if their chinchillas do not eat any fresh food (fruits, vegetables, etc.). As a general rule they do not. I know several people with chinchillas, and none of them will touch fresh food. For example, I dry lettuce for mine (it takes 3 or 4 days) and they go crazy over it, but if I offer them fresh lettuce, they run away. There is a place called JustTomatoes,etc. online that has the greatest quality dried fruits and vegetables for humans. My chinchillas adore these. They like the following (dried of course): Corn, peas, carrots, apples, persimmons, peaches, apricots, bananas. I am in no way affiliated with this company. It is just that I have not found any dried products that remotely compare. Try drying some leaf lettuce until it's crisp and watch your chinchillas "gobble it up".

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    Sorry, we've only ever had female chinchillas. We're not sure what the best course of action is in your case.

  145. I have a male that is spraying out of his cage. What can we do? Will neutering help? Thanks.

  146. Hi. I'm hoping to get a chinchilla real soon! What is a good age to get one at? Is it better to get a baby one or a 1 year old one?

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    Chinchillas need special food (not rabbit food), a cage large enough to house them, an exercise wheel, a room to run around in a couple of hours a night, and temperatures lower than 75 degrees with low humidity.

  148. What are the main things that are needed to take care of chinchillas?

  149. Avatar photo

    Hi Philip,
    Chinchilla adults are about the same size as a small to medium-sized domesticated rabbit. Their length runs in the range of 9 to 11 inches long not including the tail. An adult male chinchilla weighs between 0.8 to - 1.1 lbs while the females are generally larger weighing in at up to 1.3 lbs.

  150. How big do chinchillas grow?

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