Water Bottles and Food Dishes

Water bottles and food dishes come in all shapes and sizes. We've tried a few, but have now settled on particular models.

Lixit Quick Lock Flip Top Water Tank

This water bottle is larger than what's needed for a chinchilla. However, we like it because it has a very secure clamp for attaching it to the cage. This is important to us because when we travel we want to make sure that the bottle will remain in place for many days in a row. Another feature that we like is the flip top which makes it easy to fill with water without having to remove the bottle.

The one thing we don't like is that the bottle has ridges on the outside that our chinchillas like to chew on. They can actually chew enough of a ridge away to create a hole in the bottle. Luckily for us, the first ridge is above where we normally have the water.

water bottle

Lixit Pet Flat Sided Quick Lock Crock

This is the primary food dish we use for our chinchillas. We chose this dish because of the easy lock system that not only secures the dish, but also allows us to remove the dish for cleaning as needed. As with some other products, our chinchillas chew and knaw on the clamping system such that we need to replace the dish every once in a while.

quick lock crock

Gravity Bin Feeder

We use this feeder for when we travel. It can easily hold several days worth of pellets and securely attaches to the side of the cage to prevent spillage. Even if we have friends coming over to top up food dishes, we'll put this one in the cage. The biggest problem with this feeder is that the clamp is made of soft plastic and our chinchillas have chewed through it. So we need to augment the clamp with some metal twist ties.


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  1. if the gravity feeder is plastic it shouldnt be in the cage. there should never be plastic in the cage. also a glass water bottle is better for the reason stated, they chew holes in the bottle and could get water all over the cage and themself. its also easier to clean. plastic will also hold bacteria and scents which is never good.

  2. Just as a caution to would-be chinchilla owners (like myself). I've read several articles arguing against that "gravity bin feeder". Since chinchillas are "escape artists," they may try to squeeze out through the feeder.....and could become stuck and die (as one person found theirs stuck upside down after being gone two days. After hearing that, I wouldn't even consider that type of feeder. Just get an extra ceramic bowl.

  3. When I bought my second chinchilla the owner gave me this tray thing made out of metal with two dishes in it
    It honestly loks very practical but needs to be kept at the bottom of the cage since it makes a lot of noise when the chinchillas jump on the shelves. Soo I don't use it since I prefer only having a wheel at the bottom of the cage. I use ceramic dishes that are pretty big, my oldest chinchilla Otto sits in them while he eats. It's funny to watch, you just got to remember to shake all the poo out once in a while

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