Chinchillas on TV

There aren't too many TV shows where you're able to see chinchillas in action. Although Martha Stewart has many of them as pets, they don't make appearances on her shows very often. The best TV show we've found is PetKeeping with Mark Marone (coincidentally this show is produced by Martha Stewart).

The PetKeeping show isn't all about chinchillas. It covers a wide variety of pets. We've seen one episode that featured Chinchillas. Presumably the shows repeat so it is quite likely this episode will come around again sometime. For those that are interested, search your TV listings for episode #306. The original air date was October 24, 2005, but it was repeated as recently as June 4, 2006.

Every episode includes appearances by the Three Muskateers (Mark's chinchillas). There are actually four of them, but only three ever appear on camera at any time.

Also, watching TV one evening, we were pleasantly surprised to see a chinchilla in a commercial. With chinchillas not as well known as other small animals (e.g. hamsters, guinea pigs) we thought it was a great way to increase public awareness of chinchillas. It's a SoftScrub commercial and you can view the 30 second spot on their website: Chinchilla SoftScrub Commercial.

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  1. I was told that they need hay at all times. wether its the regular or the flavored. Its for their fiber in their diet. I hope this will work for you. Im just learning things about them myself. Ive had mine now for a month. So Im taking in new stuff evey day.

  2. I tune in occasionally to see the animals. As a form of entertainment that's what TV is for. Animal care and advice obviously should be left to a Vet. Any responsible pet owner already knows this. I'd hope before anyone decides to take a pet they consult reputable sources and not a reality TV program. I loved the chinchilla videos on your site.

  3. Pinkerton,

    You are not the first to post disparaging remarks about Marc. However, we take his show at face value. That is, he introduces a lot of different animals, provides a starting point for interested pet owners, and amazes us with how he has managed to get all the animals on the show to be so close to each other.

  4. In response to Marc Marone (moron). Do not be fooled by an under-qualified so called D-list celebrity just because he is on TV. He runs a glorified petting zoo. There are many cases of neglect, not only chinchillas but the other animals as well. Many cases of inbreeding and neglect for profit. It's heartbreaking. Do you think it's acceptable to keep a chinchilla in a plastic container?

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