Chinchilla Movies and Videos

Some of us take pictures of our pets, others take videos. Here are some that we've found on YouTube, a movie/video sharing website.

1. We start off with a professionally made commercial featuring chinchillas. It's well done!

2. Baby chinchillas. Not much action, but hey they're just babies.

3. A chinchilla having a snack in a cage. This cage looks a little small to us though.

4. Three chinchillas having a dust bath.

5. This one is a little slow, but the first minute does show that it is possible to hold a chinchilla and have it behave.

6. The quality is pretty poor on this one, but it does a decent job of demonstrating an alternative to the traditional exercise wheel.

7. One more of the chinchilla saucer. We're not sure if this saucer is too small, but the chinchilla in this video seems to be having some difficulties.

If you come across any more, let us know!

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    You should keep additional hay cubes or loose hay in the cage.

    • Make sure it's timothy hay, not alfalfa hay as it has too much calcium

      • About the alfa alfa is it ok to give to a 3-4 month chin instead of Timothy? You know because of the calcium needs the young ones have and that calcium and vitamin C prevent teeth problems...or anyone that has knowledge about this things to give some advice..

  2. My chinchilla's little house we bought him is made of hay do we need extra hay I don't know if he even knows it is hay he dosen't seem to be chewing on it.

  3. The food we buy our chinchilla is Kaytee Timothy Complete and it has timothy hay in it.

    • even though the food does have bits of hay in it, it's not enough. You should still buy a bag of just timothy hay and give them that. They need round the clock access to hay.

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    We haven't seen any high-quality chinchilla food that also includes hay so we have always purchased hay separately.

  5. If your chinchilla's food already has hay in it do you buy extra hay?

    • Yes! you always buy hay separately so they can constantly have access to loose timothy hay along with their food pellets

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    Our chinchillas aren't in any of these movies. We just posted links to some movies we liked.

  7. Do any of your chinchillas play in these movies?

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    We're glad to hear you enjoyed them. They are awfully cute.

  9. I love those movies!

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