How Do I Get Rid of Flies?

Mary recently wrote to us:

My granddaughter has a chinchilla she has had for awhile. There are now small flies around the cage and on his droppings. What is the problem and had can I get rid of the flies?

Our advice for Mary:

We haven't had to deal with flies so these suggestions are based on what we would do rather than actual experience.

The challenge with getting rid of flies is that you need to get rid of ALL of them at the same time or else they'll just breed and re-establish their numbers. With that in mind, it's important to find all the places where the flies are living such as in the bedding, food dishes, food containers, cardboard boxes, etc. If possible, dispose of all of these items if the cost isn't prohibitive to replace them. At the same time, clean the cage and clean the room that the cage is in.

One more thing that might help is putting out fly paper. Be VERY careful where you place these so that they're out of reach of your chinchilla. Ideally, remove them from the room when your chinchilla are running around just to be extra safe.

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  1. Flies are a common problem with new chinchilla owners but it is NOT always because she's not properly cleaning the cage. If so, Every other time she cleans out the cage, i would recommend she wash it instead of just replacing it with new bedding. this will also get rid of any unwanted smells. You don't have to be proffesional to care for your chinchilla. also you shouldnt leave any foods that can rot in their cage for more than a day. This will definatley attract flys. If the chinchila doesnt eat it, take it out!

    Hope this solves spome unanswered questions!


  2. We were told to bathe the Chinchillas once a week. This should be done daily? Also, we were told to clean the cage once a week as well. I clean out the pooh every time I see some in the cage but I leave the litter box alone until it is time for cleaning. Again, we just got the chinchillas this past Saturday and not to sure about all the care it needs. The cage is very large for the 2. They have A LOT of room to play and run. Any information is greatly appreciated..

    • It would be better to bathe your chinchilla daily. You need to keep their fur in the best of shape. And yes, cleaning the cage once a week should be enough. Wash their cages every other time you clean it though! It's also important that you let your chinchillas out every once in awhile. It may be a big cage, but hinchillas like to explore. However letting your chinchillas run free can be a hazard. They have leashes but i certainly do not recommend them because they would scare your little fella. They make play pens for this type of animal. If you would rather them run around freely, choose a space that is free of wires or anything dangerous tio chew on. They need a big, open space to run around in.

      Good luck!


    • Giving your chinchillas dust baths every day is important, especially after handling them because the oils from your hands can affect their skin and fur.

  3. I know what I would do, clean out the cage as quickly as possibe! Put out fly paper, and definatly clean your chinchilla!

    Best of luck!


  4. I ditto what Ray and Brenda said.That's what we do too.

  5. Flies!!!!
    We don't want to be hard here, but keeping your chinchillas home CLEAN is as important as feeding and excersise including sand bathing. We are home breeders and our cages are cleaned out daily, normaly in the evening when the chinchillas are out excersising and having their daily bath. Once a month the cages are stripped and disinfected using a rodent cage cleaner that can be purchased from any good pet store.

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