Aquarium Plant Sellers in Canada

If you've ever looked at Tropica's plant list you'll see that there are a lot to choose from. I've also been provided with a list from a US-based plant wholesaler's and they have 180 different plants. So for the planted-tank enthusiast, the limited selection found in the typical pet store is disheartening. Luckily, a few small businesses have stepped up to fill the gaps in Canada.

All of these vendors ship across Canada. Note that I've purposefully excluded sellers without a website, i.e. those that sell on Facebook only, because they don't offer an easy way to browse their stock.

Aquascape Room
Prices here are the best I've seen. In addition, the plants are put through a sanitation process to kill bacteria and snails before they're shipped out. I've been helping the owner with his site so expect good things.

The Plant Guy
A great selection of plants many of which I haven't seen anywhere else. I particularly like the 2.99 deals that give you a small sample of a plant you can test and grow out yourself.

The Wet Leaf
If you're looking for Bucephalandra, this is the place to go, although many types are often out-of-stock.

Lizzie's Fishes
Also a source of Bucephalandra. A lot of items are often out-of-stock which can be frustrating.

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