Aquarium Plant Sellers in Canada

If you've ever looked at Tropica's plant list you've seen that there are a lot of plants to choose from. I've also seen lists from US-based plant wholesalers with 150+ different plant species and varieties. Not to mention the international players such as Dennerle and ADA whose products rarely make it to Canada. So for the planted-tank enthusiast, the limited selection found in the typical Canadian pet store is disheartening. Luckily, there are more and more Canadian businesses stepping in to fill the gaps in Canada.

All of the vendors below ship across Canada. I've included the location since, all other things equal, a seller that is close to you is probably better than one shipping from the opposite side of the country particularly in the winter.

If you'd like to be listed, leave a comment below. Only sellers that ship in Canada and have a decent inventory will be added.

NameLocationDate / StatusComments
520 BuceOntario2020-06-16 / Down to a handful of plants.Plant selection varies widely, but sometimes brings in plants (e.g. bucephalandra) that others don't carry.
ABC PlantsQuebec2020-07-20 / Inventory remains strong.They produce their own tissue cultures (like Tropica) and sell to the public (unlike Tropica).
Aquariums WestBritish Columbia2020-09-02 / Just added them to the list.Carries Tropica, bunched plants from Thailand, and some bucephalandra.
AngelFinsOntario2020-06-21 / It looks like a plant and fish shipment came in. Among others, there's a bunch of Hygrophila species I haven't seen elsewhere.They sell much more than plants including livestock and hard-to-find equipment/accessories. Has plants (including many Cryptocoryne tissue cultures) that no one else in Canada sells.
Aquascape PlusNova Scotia2020-06-16 / Not currently shipping plants, but will resume shipping June 26. There's some indication that availability shown online may not be accurate because they order from Tropica based on pre-orders from customers.Sells Tropica's line of plants. Note that there are two lists of plants. One represents plants on hand and one represents plants you pre-order that Aquascape.Plus fulfills once they receive the plants from Tropica.
Aquascape RoomOntario2020-06-16 / Down to around a dozen or so plants.Frequent re-stocking so worth keeping an eye on.
Fish AddictsBritish Columbia2020-06-16 / Decent selection of plants available.Has a solid selection of aquarium plants.
Nick's AquaticsBritish Columbia2020-06-29 / At the time of this writing had 29 plants in stock. A relatively new discovery for me. Plants sold are grown submerged vs. the typical emersed (out of water).
ShrimpFeverOntario2020-06-24 / Regular plant inventory remains limited. However, just added ABC Plants' tissue cultures to the mix.If you're looking for livestock (shrimp, nano fish) in addition to plants, start here.
ShrimpLifeOntario2020-06-16 / Selection of plants at normal levels.If you're looking for rare mosses, this is the place to check out.
Sirius AquaticsOntario2020-07-10 / It looks like a new shipment just came in.Carries Tropica's plants both tissue culture and potted.
SKA Shrimps and Nature AquariumsAlberta2020-06-16 / Hard to know what's in stock since price lists are used instead of a "real" web site.Has a good collection of plants, but there's no website (yet) to browse so you have to work through their Facebook page.
Sous L'EauQuebec2020-06-16 / Selection reduced, but a good number of plants still in stock.Formerly Aquapaysage (I believe). Plant selection appears to be increasing.
Steel City ScapesOntario2020-06-16 / A good selection of plants available.Seems focused on carrying Tropica's line of plants.
Sustainable Marine CanadaOntario2020-10-19 / Began selling Tropica plants.Started of as a marine shop, but has expanded into freshwater and now sells Tropica plants.
The Planted AquariumOntario2020-09-24 / Has a small selection of plants in stock. A new entrant into the aquarium plant space.
The PlantGuyManitoba2020-06-16 / Down to around a dozen or so plants.Brings in plants from a source or two that other companies don't so worth checking out.
The Wet LeafAlberta2020-08-19 / Plant supplies are so limited that they're not selling any ony at all.Great selection of plants including Tropica.
Tails and ScalesOntario2020-06-16 / A good selection of plants available.Has the biggest collection of Tropica 1-2 Grow tissue cultures that I've seen in one spot. Recently added ABC's Tissue Cultures. Also carries pots like other plant sellers.
Tim's Shrimpery and AquaticsBritish Columbia2020-06-16 / Down to just mixed moss and moss balls.The bucephalandra selection is quite extensive.
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  1. I think The Wet Leaf is the best store for aquascaping in Canada. They have a big selection.

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