Repashy Fish Food Review

Repashy Grub Pie

Cory, owner of Aquarium Co-op, has publicly warned hobbyists against jumping on the food-of-the-day bandwagon. His opinion based on his extensive experience is that most fish foods are good and that the difference between the best and worst foods is so small now that it's not significant. Instead, he suggests picking food that you can afford and that your fish will actually eat. I'm inclined to agree with his assessment at least when it comes to the needs of the average fish keeper. However, I've found a few Repashy foods to live up their hype.

I've tried the Soilent Green, Super Green, and Grub Pie Repashy foods which I ordered from Angelfins. At first I prepared a relatively large batch with the intention of keeping it in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. This amount turned out to be too much for how much I actually needed so I switched to making individual portions as needed.

Spoons and Button with String

For Bottom Feeders: I put 1/4 teaspoon of powder into a larger measuring spoon. I then add 3 teaspoons of boiling water to the powder and mix. I leave the larger measuring spoon on the counter to cool. Once cooled, I slice the gelled food into 2-4 portions depending on my needs at the time. I then drop the pieces into dishes at the bottom of my aquariums. My corydoras and otocinclus eat the food this way. They've taken to this food more readily than anything else.

For Mid-Water Feeders: I prepare the food in the same way described above except I tie a string to a button and then submerge it into the Repashy solution. This allows me to suspend the food in the water column and the button helps hold the food together while it's picked it. My dwarf gourami, forktail rainbows, neons, and rams eat the food this way. So far my angelfish haven't shown any interest in the Repashy food.

The ingredients of the Soilent Green and Super Green are very similar (first 2 ingredients are the same and Soilent green has 5% more protein) so I may choose just one in the future for simplicity. The Grub Pie is different enough that I'll likely continue to buy it. It's appropriate for many fish and it allows shy fish to get at food compared to how flakes are quickly taken by more boisterous fish.

I've found that the prepared food doesn't pollute the water after a few hours in my aquarium. I'm continuing to work on finding just the right amount so there are no leftovers as I don't want to overfeed or leave the food in overnight.

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  1. Nice tip on the 'button' thing. I was wondering how I could keep it suspended. I just got my bottle of Bottom Scratcher today as I purchased a Zebra Pleco and this was recommended on a couple of web sites for them. Was going to foray into some of the other foods for my Rams/Angels and it seemed to me it would just sink, so thanks.

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