Fertilizer Dosing Schedules for Planted Tanks

There's a lot to remember when it comes to maintaining a planted aquarium especially if you're experimenting with different components in the search for the perfect “balance”. I've tried two fertilizer regimens and within those two I've tried tweaking different elements. To help me remember and manage this I created two Excel spreadsheets where I could punch in a few values and have the appropriate dosing schedule worked out for me. I also calculated how much a particular regimen would cost (spoiler: Seachem's products cost multiples more than buying premixed Estimated Index Macros and Micros).

Fertilizer Dosing Schedule

You can download either of the Excel Workbooks for free. Here is the one for Seachem Flourish and the one if you're using EI Macro and Micro solutions. You can, of course, modify either to work with whatever you're dosing in liquid form.

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