How Do I Stop My Chinchillas From Barking At Night?

My chinchillas start barking at like 2am and wont stop till like 6am. Of course it's off and on but I can't sleep.

Infolific's answer:
Our chinchillas sometimes bark. It's pretty rare and as long as we spend time with them and let them run around before we go to bed, the barking seems to be less common. We've gone for weeks without hearing any barking.

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  1. My chinchilla grunts when he runs? Anyone know why?

    • He or she probably is scared of you make sure you give him treats and spend time with them and don’t pick them up or touch them when they are like this let them carm down and then show that you are friendly and not a threat my chinchilla used to do this but he is gone now

  2. My 9 month old chinchilla that i just bought yesterday started barking like crazy around 2am and didnt stop until 7am when i petted her and put a sheet over the cage. I got up every few hours to pet and talk to her. I think shes bored or calling for attention since she loves when i cuddle her, so im going to the pet store today to buy a hideout hut and some toys to put in the cage to see if it helps. Her barking is so loud and it wakes me up. Lol.

    • Sometimes if you give them a night light next to their cage, it helps the barking.

  3. I have got chinchilla that barks in the morning and afternoon what can I do about it .

    • Mabye try putting a cloth on there cage and have them in a quite room another alternative is having the tv on my chinchillas used to love listening and look ing at the lights on my tv

  4. I brought my cat in the room for once and my cat is just sleeping and my chinchilla is barking even more why? Help?

    • It doesn't matter if your cat is docile and doesn't even acknowledge the chin they will still bark because they are prey animals. Your chin feels threatened and is letting you know hes uncomfortable with your cat being in the room with him.

  5. I have a beautiful 6 month old male chin I have to part with. I am moving in an apt and cannot have him. he is so sweet and spoil. I close off my hallway and let him out for about 30 minutes every night he loves to run and jump. he has Once he bonds with you he will jump up on your shoulders and just sit there and wait for his treat. I got him when he was 12 weeks old and looking for someone to really spend time with him and take care of him. HIs name is rodie and everything goes with him. cage treats etc. He is still too young and hasn't learned to get on the wheel yet so I continue to let him out. They need excerise. Anyone in the Raleigh, NC area and want a wonderful little furry critter and will take care of him let me know. We have no kids its just us and we are in our late 40's. Please e-mail. Thanks

  6. I think you should first trouble shoot if you can maybe buy her/him a toy or maybe ythey are out of food or maybe out of water if those don't work I would move her/him out of my room.

  7. I have a chinchilla that is about 6 months old & she only barks if i'm not around for a long period of time, but I have only had her for around a month or two.Could she already be attched?Also how do I know if she is in heat,I need answers.

  8. My chinchilla will chew on the wire sides on his cage. He also squeaks like he is bored and then chews on his wooden hut. I let him run before i go to bed but it doesnt help, and soft music makes it worse. I need my sleep and i dont know what else to do.

    • Meagan, more than likely your chinchilla is lonely. My chinchilla used to do the same thing. But once I got him a female chin, he was happy. What really is weird though, is that I bought a rabbit for my chinchilla first before I bought him his female companion. He loved that rabbit so much, that he would stare at it while the rabbit was in the cage. He was in LOVE with the rabbit. I think because he bonded first with the rabbit is why he was so crazy over it. He would rather play with the rabbit than be with his female friend......Lol...

  9. i got a question...i got two chinchillas ther almost 7 years old and one has a cold i think because he is sneezing and got yellow stuff in his both eyes and one is shut over and the top of the eyelid has no fur on it...i wanna take them to the vet but my parents dont have enough money too because we just took our dog of 14 and had to put him asleep i was wondering if ther is anything i can do..i saw in the article if they do got a cold to provide heat but i dont wanna over heat them so any information would be or something i can do at home here till my dad gets his next check...would be great..thank you so much...jessica

    • Hey Jessica i just wanted to suggest you call your vet and explain you dont have the funds but you need to know what you can do 2 help until you do. I brew a tea bag only dipping it in the hot water for maybe 10 seconds then take it out and let it cool but dont squeeze it you want water to still be in the bag. Once cooled you can wipe there eyes with the bag and as you do squeeze the bag so the tea liquid gets in there eyes it wont sting tea has healing properties and all natural. Do this twice a day for two days and see if it helps. I use this on my dog. Good luck


  10. My chinchilla barks occasionally, especially if I let him play in my room for a long time and then put him back in. He also barks when my cat comes in. I guess this is some sort of natural behavior . . .

    • Well, Jose the reason your chinchilla barks when the cat comes in is because of fear. He is barking to announce to other chinchillas their is danger nearby. Chinchillas run in herds in the wild. They protect each other with their barks. Their are actually different barks meaning different things. Their is a website here online that you can visit to hear the diffferences in barking and know what each one means. Let me try to find that website and I'll get back to you....

  11. im having problems with my 4 chinche's: almost every night, when i go to bed they seem to have like a PARTY in their cage, they wont stop barking they play with each other ive seen them chase each other and make squeaks. theryre NOT fighting or anything they all grew up together and never fighted. it wont stop, like i wake up in the morning and somehow they pushed one of their wooden houses up a ramp to the second story and i find them as if they hadnt stoped jumping around all night this is good for them though because they get plenty of rest during the day and LOVE to chase each other they never seperate from each other, its great but i cant sleep!

    • You, my friend, have very happy chinnys! Try letting them out every night! Chins are most active at night and morning then sleep all day! This is very normal for them! Give them plenty of things to chew on; different woods and such. Try placing them in a different room if possible. Our chinchilla has a room to himself at night and does not like the door being open. We have 2 curious cats and we're not taking chances! Exercise, toys and more out of cage time to see if that quiets their partying! Best of luck!

    • That is so cool! Let them play and be happy, but you may need to put your chinchilla's cage in another room to get your sleep.

  12. Might be just bore.
    Need more free running time.
    cage mate, chew toy, running wheel and music might help!

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