3 Essential Gadgets Every Dog Owner Must Have

This day and age, we go out of our way to get the best and the most recent gadgets. There's something about consumer technology that we just can't resist. We have smartphones, we have smart watches, we even have smart shoes. Modern tech is pretty much woven into every fabric of our lives. But how about our for pets? They could benefit from cool tech just as much as we can. On top of that, consumer tech could definitely help us to manage having animals around the home. There's all sorts of chaos that happens when you leave a dog or multiple dogs along.

Here's a list of 3 essential gadgets that every dog owner must have. And you best believe that they'll make owning dogs a whole lot easier. 

Wireless fence 

If you've got a big yard, that means good times and lots of exercise for your dog. But most houses do not have a fence around their home for either aesthetic reasons or any other reason for that matter. When you have a dog, there's always a fear the your dog will wander off and not come back. They might get lost in a big city that's unfamiliar and ruthlessly ever changing. Or they might wander a bit and get picked up by someone else thinking their a stray. The most insidious situation is someone actively taking the dog for themselves, knowing that they have an owner. 

If your worries at all about this, you can get yourself a wireless dog fence. If you browse through wireless dog fence reviews, you'll see that a lot of them have similar features. They l have GPS technology. They're all based on a vibration warning with static shock boundary. And don't worry, the “shock” that's given is akin to the static shock you get when you touch a door handle with socks on. It's not going to hurt anyone. All you have to do is set your boundaries and let the wireless fence collar do its magic. 

Doggie camera 

Sometimes, with new dogs, it's hard to properly train and acclimate them. We've got to work schedules, families, and responsibilities outside of the potentially full time job of trying to train a dog. If we have to go to work, we might leave our pet alone for that entire 8-10 hour stretch. Anything can happen in those hours. If you're someone that can't be present for the majority of the time, the next best thing is to get a dog camera. 

A dog camera lets you see your dog, observe its behaviors,and even has a bark-activated sensor that lets you know if something is happening in your absence. Some models even have a two- way speaker that allows you to talk to your dog in HD sound. They connect to your phone via WiFi and lets you play, rewind, and save videos collected throughout the day. The newest models are even fully capable with voice activated tech such as Amazon's Alexa. 

Deshedding tool 

Out of all the breeds—and all of them are beautiful in their own right, there's something extra special about the long-haired fluffy ones. The puffy tufts of fur are an absolute treat. But if you're like the many people that own a medium length or a long haired dog, you know that keeping up with the shedding can be an absolute nightmare. It's gets everywhere. It gets on your clothes, it gets on your food. You can be walking around with your morning coffee and get pleasantly surprised by the texture of your best friend's hair intermixed with the cream. This is why you need a good deshedding tool. If you just get a cheap one that may as well be a comb, you're looking at a world of fur on top of fur, with a little bit of fur mixed in. 

Plus, investing in a good deshedding tool is not just an investment into your pet, it truly is, at its core, an investment in your hygiene and cleanliness. When you're out and about , you don't know if the people around you have allergies. You also don't know the severity of their reactions to pet hair and dander. Reducing the amount of shedded hair is a way to keep your clothes and your home looking good, as well as offers a quiet courtesy to the people around you. 

These three gadgets are not only convenient, they're very quickly becoming a necessity in this technology-filled modern age. Your dog will appreciate the extra attention, and you can rest assured that your best friend is watched after, within its boundaries, and kept clean. 

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