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National Parks Visitor's Guide

A handy matrix comparing the facilities and amenities of the US National Parks. This won't replace a travel book or in-depth research on the web, but you can't beat it for …

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People either like to travel or just haven't traveled. We've yet to come across someone that has actually traveled and decided that it wasn't for them. Yes, the actual act of getting somewhere can be time consuming and frustrating, by it seems that the more effort a trip takes the better the destination is.

We've traveled all over and we're still finding new places to go. Travel stories, descriptions, and tips are what you'll find in this section. We hope that you'll be inspired to visit some of these places. And don't think that you need to spend more money than you have — if you don't cross country borders you can save a bundle. For example, if you're in the US you're probably a short trip away from a national park that attracts visitors from around the world. Happy travels!