Review of Horsefeathers Restaurant in Tarrytown: Sit Outside and Enjoy a Burger

Horsefeathers Restaurant in Tarrytown, NY

More often than not I visit Horsefeathers on the weekend for lunch and so I'm typically picking something from their brunch menu. And, with an interior tavern decor that is a little dark and dreary, I prefer to dine on the patio when the weather is nice in the spring, summer, or fall. The combination of convenient parking, good food and outdoor seating has pulled me to Horsefeathers many a times.

While perusing the menu, the wait staff will deliver a basket with a few baked goods that are quite tasty — warm scones, little chocolate chip muffins, cinnamon sticks, and small slices of bread.

Two menu favorites are the spinach salad bowl and the angus burger. You won't find the salad on the brunch menu (it's only on the dinner menu), but you can still order it — I guess as a salad it's not that big a deal to make. It arrives in a large plastic bowl with thickly sliced mushroomes, generously shredded swiss cheese, quartered tomato pieces, a sliced hard boil egg, croutons, and a warm honey mustard dressing. With these toppings this salad is a hearty and tasty meal.

Burgers are Horsefeather's signature food. They have a number of patty options including angus beef, turkey, veggie, and grilled chicken. In addition, there are a few sides to choose from including hand cut steak fries, sweet potato fries, salad, or slaw. And there are a bunch of toppings so you're not stuck with American cheese (go for cheddar). I typically order the angus burger with a toasted potato bun. If you're looking for less bread, go for the English muffin option. I prefer the sweet potato fries as my side — they're thinly cut and perfectly salted.

I've also tried the breakfast burrito which I think was a good representation of such a dish, but was too much egg for me. I've also had the nachos which were good, but not better than the burger so they're not something I order regularly.

Overall, I highly recommend Horsefeathers particularly if the weather is good and you can sit outside. When the weather isn't cooperating, head over to Lefteris Gyros down the street which has better indoor seating.

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