Jaipore Indian Restaurant Review: An Indian Buffet with a Great Selection

Jaipore Indian Restaurant in Brewster, NY

In White Plains the go to Indian place was Bengal Tiger. And then it burned down leaving a void for which I knew of no replacement. Luckily my girlfriend had, with people from work, gone to an Indian restaurant named Jaipore in Brewster (no website, but their Google+ Local listing is here), NY which I finally had the motivation to try (it's a bit of a drive from where I live to Brewster). A quick check of the website revealed that a buffet was being offered on Saturday and I love Indian buffets.

The restaurant is in an older converted large house so it has a lot of architectural detail and character. A very pleasant setting. We were the first to arrive for lunch and were seated near a bright window. While we were given a drinks menu, the waiter assumed we were partaking of the buffet which was a good assumption.

As a starter, I had a small salad with fresh cut tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots on field greens with an Indian dressing. She has a sensitive palate and noticed a slightly spicy finish to the dressing. It was a mild flavorful taste. My boyfriend isn't much of a salad fan so he went straight for the “good” stuff.

While we were piling stuff onto our plates, our waiter delivered 2 freshly made individual chickpea dosas which were a pleasant surprise.

While the buffet did offer soup, neither of us tried it. We did enjoy the lentil donut, roasted chickpeas, pakora (fried onion & potato fritters), rice, eggplant saag, tomato & onion roasted lamb, chicken tikka masala (not the creamiest I've had, but good nonetheless), tandoori chicken, and chili chicken. The food was fresh with mild spices and very flavorful. Little signs above the food indicated how hot to expect the spices to be, but nothing turned out to be overpowering. Also, one thing I like to do is just grab the sauces from the dishes and put that on rice. For example, I skipped the eggplant in the eggplant saag and just had the saag over rice. I figure why not focus on where the flavor is?

For dessert, we tried the traditional rice pudding and fried dough balls in syrup. The rice pudding was nicely spiced with an occasional raisin, orange rind, and herb infused. The dough balls were soft and filled with a sweet, but not too sweet syrup.

On our way out, we had a small spoon of Mukhwas including anise seed and candies. A perfect way to top off our delicious meal.

Overall Jaipore offers a solid Indian cuisine experience and I highly recommend it. Well worth the 20 to 30 minute drive.

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