Pizza, Pasta and Things Restaurant Review: Great Pasta, But Not Consistent

Pizza Pasta and Things Restaurant in West Harrison, NY

Pizza Pasta & Things has 2 locations, but I've only been to the one in West Harrison, NY — it's been here for 30+ years so they're doing something right. It is a local spot that has recently updated their dining room furniture and is suitable for families, sports teams, and casual get togethers. They offer both a sit down dining room and a take out/quick eat in seating. I've eaten in and also done the take out — recently I've favored the take out.

While not fancy, the food is hearty, generous and fresh. If you are very hungry and looking for pizza or pasta then you're unlikely to be disappointed. If you're looking for innovative cuisine unlike anything you've ever had, you need to look elsewhere.

I've had these pastas over the years:

  1. Linguine a la vodka: This used to be my favorite dish and was the primary motivation for many visits. But it no longer is prepared the same way and I don't like it as much. This is also the dish that seems to experience the greatest variety between visits making it a crap shoot.
  2. Spaghetti with meat balls: A simple dish, but one that I commonly get. The pasta sauce is zingy and the meatballs are massive (I often eat just one of them).
  3. Spaghetti bolognese: You might think this dish would be similar to spaghetti and meatballs, but it isn't. The sauce tastes different either because they're doing something different or because the meat, which is mixed throughout, affects the flavor.
  4. Gnocchi bolognese: When I want something a little different than just spaghetti, I get the gnocchi. I'm pretty sure the gnocchi is freshly made.
  5. Tortellini alfredo: Very rich and one of my favorites.
  6. Linguine with white clam sauce: Didn't work for me at all. The flavour was not what I had expected.
  7. Lasagna: Not a standout. I'd skip it.

The pizza is a thicker crust with a tasty tomato sauce. This is where I like to get pizza when I'm ordering a whole pie. I typically get ham, mushroom, and onions. Even though the mushrooms seem like the kind that come out of a can, somehow the combination works so well that I pretty much inhale half a pizza without much trouble. They've recently introduced an extra large to the size options which, for the extra price, is worth getting.

Whether you're getting pasta or pizza, consider ordering the garlic knots. Actually, if you eat in you'll get them delivered to your table automatically — it's their equivalent of bread for the table. For take out orders you'll need to ask for a side order.

Overall, the pastas can be tasty, but they're not consistent. It can seem like a completely different restaurant between visits which can be quite disappointing. The pizza is consistently very good. More information here.

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