Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill Review: Very Filling Deep-Dish Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza from UnoPepperoni Deep Dish Pizza

Yes, Pizzeria Uno is a chain and there often isn't all that much to be said about chains, but I'm a big fan of pizza so I figured Unos was worth a review. I've been to a few Unos around the US, but the one I've been to the most is in White Plains, NY. And yes, I typically order a pizza.

During my most recent visit for lunch I was with my girlfriend and she opted to have just a salad. She ordered the Chopped Power Salad, a limited time only offering, with chicken breast, spinach, plum tomatoes, carrots, feta, red grapes, goji berries, raisins, soy nuts, almonds, pepitas and cranberries all combined with a vinaigrette dressing. It was light, sweet and fresh with a delicate vinaigrette flavor. While she enjoyed the meal, she decided afterwards that she prefers her salads without chicken breast on them. I on the other hand like my salads with pepperoni, but that's another story…

I ordered one of Uno's signature pizzas called the Chef's Special — a regular sized deep dish pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and onions (the combination of toppings were my choice). If you haven't had thick crust pizza before, you're in for a treat. The crust is flavorful and filling in its own right. I managed to eat just one slice more than half of the pizza despite it being “smaller” than pizzas from anywhere I else I frequent.

On previous visits I've also started with the field green salad that includes goat cheese and glazed walnuts. It is a nicely balanced flavor of cheese, nuts and greens and I recommend it. I'm usually bored with traditional salads so I like to see ones with tasty ingredients in them.

In the past I've also tried the BBQ chicken pizza on a very thin crust. If you're not quite up for something as heavy as deep dish, this is a good alternative. While I enjoyed the BBQ chicken flavor, I found the chopped Spanish onions too overwhelming. So since that first time around, I've had to remember to ask for no onions. Without onions, it's one of my favorites.

On the beverage side I don't get anything too fancy. Unfortunately, the last time around the mug with my tea had an unpleasant flavor on it. I'm not sure what it was; cleaning detergent perhaps? Anyway, I brought the problem to the attention of my waitress and she immediately apologized and offered a fresh cup of tea. However, it was one of those situations where once you're grossed out there's no going back so I just got a glass of water.

Overall I'd recommend Pizzeria Uno for the deep dish pizza.

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