Lefteris Gyros Restaurant Review: The Best Greek Food in Westchester County

Gyros Sandwich from Lefteris in Tarrytown, NYGyros Sandwich from Lefteris in Tarrytown, NY

I have been to Lefteris Gyros (Tarrytown location) many times and tend to order the same dishes because they're consistently good. During my last visit I ordered the grilled octopus and pastitsio. Previously I've had the gyros sandwich and gyros platter. Pretty much all meals come with pita bread, tzatziki, and a small Greek salad.

The grilled octopus is simply incredible. The dish typically consists of 2-3 tentacles or 3 pieces of meat in total, laying across the full length of the dish. It is lightly covered in oil presented with quarters of lemon. I like to squeeze just 1 piece of lemon over the octopus to provide some flavor without over-powering the delicate flavor of the meat. It is always fresh and thus tender and never chewy.

The wax paper wrapped gyros sandwich is large — overflowing with lettuce, diced tomatoes and onions. The pita is fresh, full of tasty gyros meat and a dollop of tzatziki. The gyros is nicely spiced and not too salty. The herbs and fresh vegetables compliment the gyros flavor to create a party in your mouth. This is one of my more common selections.

Pastitsio looks similar to a meat lasagna made out of macaroni with bechamel sauce. It arrives as a large, tall square with layers of cream on top of noodles on top of meat — it is a hearty meal. I think it's tasty, but not the best dish on the menu. Of course, my aunt's recipe is superior so I may be a bit biased. It too comes with pita and a small Greek salad.

By the way the Greek salad here is amazing. The dressing is a delicious mixture of sweet-salty-vinegar. It is so popular that they sell the dressing separately and you can even order online. If you have never eaten here before you must have a Greek salad on your first visit. It is the most popular item. The salad comes in two sizes — as a side with other entrees and as a large salad. The large salad can be a meal on its own.

In previous visits, I've had the pork and gyros platters — served with Greek salad, pita bread and fries or rice. Not being a fan of the fries which are cut too thick for my liking, I will ask to have them swapped out with onion rings (there's a nominal charge for this swapping).

Service is attentive and the food is prepared quickly. There's outdoor seating as well as plenty of space inside. The decor is average, but you're not there for the decor. At meal times Lefteris Gyros is often packed. I try to arrive 5 or 10 minutes before noon to beat the crowds. If you're still not convinced, Lefteris is commonly recognized in magazines as the best Greek restaurant in Westchester county.

Overall I recommended this restaurant.

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