Charlevoix, Michigan: 26 Mushroom-Shaped Buildings to See

Each year, our travel plans include a stop in Charlevoix, Michigan, home to art galleries, gift shops, cafes — and mushroom buildings.

Yes, you read correctly! Charlevoix features 26 unusual residential and commercial buildings designed and built by Earl Young, a local architect and real estate agent. The cozy-looking structures are built out of stone and feature low, curved rooflines.

We always stop at one of the buildings, Stafford's Weathervane Restaurant (106 Pine River Ln.; 1-231-547-4311). While you enjoy lunch or dinner, you can watch the Bridge Street drawbridge go up and down to allow high-masted boats to pass. Don't miss the magnificent stone fireplace and its massive 9-ton keystone!

Charlevoix is at the intersection of U.S. Highway 31 and State Highway 66 in north-central Michigan, 17 miles west of Petoskey. For more information, contact the Charlevoix Area Chamber of Commerce at 1-231-547-2101.

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