National Road-Zane Grey Museum in Norwich, Ohio

The National Road-Zane Grey Museum in Norwich is well worth a stop if you're in east-central Ohio.

In the early 1800s, the 600-mile National Road (now U.S. Highway 40) was the granddaddy of federal highways; it stretched between Cumberland, Maryland and Vandalia, Illinois and was the only thoroughfare that linked the eastern United States to the western frontier.

Famous author Zane Grey was the “Father of the Adult Western.” The museum's dual focus is an accident of circumstance and history, as Grey was born in nearby Zanesville, which happened to be located along the National Road.

The museum includes a fascinating diorama that depicts the entire length of the National Road, plus details about the vehicles that traversed it, from Conestoga wagons to automobiles. Grey fans will enjoy a replica of the beloved author's study, along with manuscripts and other memorabilia.

The museum is open from Wednesday through Saturday, Sunday afternoons and holidays from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day call for more information (8850 E. Pike; 1-800-752-2602).

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