Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum, Pennsylvania: 6,000 Elephant Curios on Parade

As we drove through southeastern Pennsylvania on our way to Gettysburg National Military Park, a 10-foot-tall white elephant and a sign that read “Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum” attracted our attention. We quickly agreed it was time for an unscheduled stop!

After a “greeting” from the white pachyderm, “Miss Ellie Phunt”, we went inside and were amazed to find more than 6,000 elephant curios on parade. Gregarious owner Ed Gotwalt happily explained the origins of the elephants that most aroused our curiosity.

Ed's pachyderm collection started back in 1967, when his sister-in-law gave him an elephant as a wedding gift. Since then, it has grown to include things like an elephant hair dryer, a potty chair, cookie jars, lamps, vases and the like, many donated by visitors. We also saw elephant cutlery once owned by actress Lana Turner and, of course, some Republican Party memorabilia.

Mr. Ed's ( 6019 Chambersburg Rd.) is along U.S. Highway 30, about 12 miles west of Gettysburg. It's open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. To learn more, call 1-717/ 352-3792 .

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