Pickett State Park, Tennessee: Amazing Caves and Rock Formations

Some of the most amazing caves and rock formations around can be found at Pickett State Park, a 17,372-acre wilderness area in northeast Tennessee.

This oasis never seems to be crowded and offers nine great hiking trails. Many of them take you past Indian rockhouses — huge rock overhangs that once provided shelter for Native Americans. The 1/4-mile Indian Rockhouse Trail leads you to one of the park's most impressive rockhouses.

Other park attractions include a large natural bridge and the magnificent Hazard Cave. As you walk into the cave's huge opening, you feel mighty small.

If you want more, head for the nearby Twin Arches Trail inside the boundaries of the adjacent 100,000-acre Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Considered moderately difficult by hiking standards, the trail winds to a pair of sandstone arches like those in Utah.

Open year-round, Pickett State Park is about 100 miles northwest of Knoxville, just south of the Kentucky border, on State Highway 154, which leads right into the park. Cabins and primitive camping sites are available.

For more information, log on to Pickett State Park site or call the park at 1-931-879-5821.

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