What I'd Do Differently For My Second Visit to Bonaire

Every trip is a learning experience and I find that with hindsight there are things I'd do differently. For Bonaire, here's what came to mind.

  • Dive earlier in the day. Do two dives in the morning. Take a break and get out of the sun during the time when it's strongest.
  • Be sure to remove wet suit between dives to keep from getting cold which in turn makes the second dive colder.
  • Get Nitrox certified to squeeze in more dives or reduce the surface interval in between dives.
  • Rent good underwater camera gear. Rentals aren't too expensive when you consider that buying your own equipment would cost a lot for just a couple of trips a year.
  • If buying an underwater camera, make sure it supports the RAW format so you can apply the proper white balance after the fact.
  • Underexpose photos. Can't recover blown out sections and photos would look better with shadows instead.
  • Instead of packing a lunch, instead pack a morning snack and then have a “proper” lunch after the morning dives (see item 1).
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