Total Car Rental Review

The diving on Bonaire is primarily shore-based. Instead of arranging for a boat, you arrange for a truck rental so that you can get around the island with your scuba gear and air tanks. My truck rental came from Total Car Rental. I've only used them once and didn't try any other rental agencies on the island, but overall I wasn't happy with the experience. Yes, the truck got me from point A to point B, but it had enough annoying problems that I'm left wondering whether vehicle quality is an afterthought.

Again, the truck never broke down and at no point was I stranded, but…

  1. Strike 1: There was a trick to starting the truck. It wasn't your typical turn the key until the engine catches. No one from Total Car Rental explained this to me so the first time I tried to start the car I couldn't. Neither could two others that tried including a local. Fortunately I was at my bed and breakfast rather than stuck out on the road. Eventually a representative from the rental agency came by and explained how to start the car.
  2. Strike 2: The wheels or axles made a lot of noise as I drove. Enough that driving with the windows open meant not being able to hear a conversation in the car.
  3. Strike 3: After driving over a few bumps, the truck would start “binging” a warning that the driver's door was open. Opening the door and slamming it shut fixed the problem for a minute or two, but eventually a few more bumps would trigger the binging again. There was no way to stop it. So for 5 days I drove a truck that constantly made noise — not a great way to relax on vacation.

Apparently the truck had just come back from the mechanic and was supposedly in tip top shape. Yeah, right.

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