Gilbert Stuart Birthplace and Museum, Saunderstown, Rhode Island

Tucked away in charming Saunderstown, Rhode Island, our family found the unique Gilbert Stuart Birthplace and Museum.

Stuart, who painted the portrait of George Washington found on the U.S. 1-dollar bill, grew up on this pretty site, which houses other works by the master portrait painter. Girls in period dress showed us around the restored home, and we saw a working replica of his father's snuff mill, the first in America. Just as interesting was the partially restored gristmill, dating to 1662.

Saunderstown is on the west side of Narragansett Bay on State Highway 1A, a few miles east of U.S. Highway 1 and roughly 8 miles west of Newport. The birthplace (815 Gilbert Stuart Rd.) is located just south of State Highway 138, between Highways 1 and 1A.

The home is open Thursday through Monday, from April through October. To learn more, call 1-401/294-3001.

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