North Dakota's Big Sky Buffalo Ranch: See Buffalo Herds Up Close and Personal

We enjoyed the thrill of a lifetime at the Big Sky Buffalo Ranch near Granville, North Dakota, when we saw a herd of more than 100 buffalo up close and personal.

A member of the Duane Woodall family, which has run the ranch since 1901, drove us about 10 miles out of town to see the herd. We came within 20 feet of the buffalo, which pretty much ignored us.

We were close enough to take great photos… watch the calves with their moms… and marvel at the huge bull's massive shoulders. We also saw a rare white albino calf named “Mystical”.

Granville is about 22 miles east of Minot on U.S. Highway 2 in north-central North Dakota. (It's also about 41 miles west of Rugby, the geographic center of the North America, also on Highway 2.)

The Big Sky Buffalo Ranch headquarters and gift shop, where the Woodalls sell buffalo meat and other buffalo-related specialty items–are at 204 South Main St. in Granville. Tours are available year-round, weather permitting.

For more information, call 1-800-570-7220.

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  1. This Buffalo ranch no longer exists. What a let down. There is a shop in town that sells buffalo meat and beef. The buffalo meat is not grass fed. It is evidently purchased from local farmers. The phone number on the Big Sky website works for the place that sells the meat; it's just not what I expected after reading the website.

    • This is a shame. Just watched the build show on TV and thought a good family to support with purchase from ranch products.....just dang.

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