Maine's Liberty Tool Company: Possibly the Largest Secondhand Store

While driving through the little town of Liberty on our annual visit to Maine I happened upon the Liberty Tool Company, a jewel of a hardware store that claims it's Maine's largest secondhand store.

If you can trace a culture's history by its tools, as the owners claim, Liberty Tool would be the place to start. We marveled at the tools stashed to the ceiling, aisle after crowded aisle.

Besides hammers, you can also buy old kitchen tools, books and other items, all packed into an 1880s building that previously housed a general store, a grocery store, a rooming house and even a dance hall. We were very impressed at the thriving business that secondhand tools can build!

Liberty is in mid-coast Maine on State Highway 220, about 17 miles west of Belfast and 2 miles south of State Highway 3. Liberty Tool Company is on Main Street; it's open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily June through mid-October; open only Wednesdays through Sundays from early March through May and from mid-October through late December.

It's open some weekends in January, but regularly closes in February for restocking, so call ahead.

For details, call 1-207/ 589-4771 or browse our site.

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