Largest Megalithic Sites in North America is in New Hampshire

During a recent trip through New England, my husband and I visited one of the largest megalithic sites in North America — America's Stonehenge near Salem, New Hampshire.

Like England's Stonehenge, the site's stone chambers and walls comprise an ancient solar and lunar calendar — and it's still accurate, some 4,000 years after it was built. Astronomers and archaeologists have been studying this site for years.

After viewing artifacts, exhibits and an orientation video at the visitor center, we followed a half-mile trail to the structures, contemplating this site's age-old mysteries. Youngsters can conduct their own “dig” in the kid's archeology pit.

America's Stonehenge is 5 miles east of I-93; take State Highway 111 (Exit 3) and drive 4-1/2 miles east, then follow Haverhill Road 1-1/2 miles south.

For information call 1-603-893-8300.

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