7 Reasons Hawaii Hates You

Before you buy tickets for a vacation in Hawaii, take a few minutes to think about this: Hawaii hates you and doesn't want you to visit. What? How did YOU make Hawaiians so angry? Let's count the ways.

1. Your Government Destroyed the Hawaiian Monarchy

Image via Flickr by Hawaii Air National Guard

Doesn't it seem kind of weird that Hawaii is a US state? It's about 2,500 miles from California's east coast and has a completely different history than the mainland US.

Until 1898, Hawaii functioned perfectly fine as an independent nation. That was the year that Hawaii became a US territory and the government forced Queen Liliuokalani out of power. It later became a state in 1959.

You might think, so what? That's all history, right?

Think again. Consider the perspective of Hawaii's native people. To natives, a bunch of Europeans showed up one day and decided to make major changes to their culture. If, say, Germany took over your state, wouldn't you be pissed?

Oh, and then Germany sent so many of its people to live in your state that you can't even get around by speaking your native tongue anymore. So this foreign country has essentially forced you to revoke your heritage and follow its culture instead.

Yeah, we thought so.

2. You Sound Like an Ass

Image via Flickr by Kojach

Just so you know, you don't sound cool when you try to use Hawaiian words while visiting Hawaii. When you mispronounce simple words like “aloha” and “nani,” you sound like an ass.

Here's the deal, it's about as acceptable for a mainlander to use Hawaiian words as it is for a white person to call a black person the N-word. You don't know what you're saying; you don't know how to say it; and you have no right to appropriate another culture's language.

To reiterate: you sound like an ass, so shut up already before Hawaii punches you.

3. You're Destroying Hawaii's Environment

Image via Flickr by Justin Ornellas

Tourists visit Hawaii because they love the sand beaches, lush jungles, and, of course, the warm weather. That seems pretty understandable. Unfortunately, so many tourists want to visit Hawaii that they're screwing up the very things that make them want to go there in the first place.

The state (do not make the mistake of assuming that the state and the native people have the same perspective on anything in Hawaii) plans to accept 262,000 visitors a day by 2020. That means Hawaii, with its population of 1.8 million people, will have 12.6 million tourists every year.

All of those people are destroying the environment. It doesn't even matter what tourists do. They can pick up after themselves, choose sustainable hotels, and refuse to use plastic bags, but it still doesn't matter because Hawaii cannot support that many people.

The situation is so bad that the Hawaii Ecumenical Coalition issued a declaration in 1989 saying that the Hawaiian Islands and its people faced a state of emergency.

Hawaiians who understand this hate you just for showing up. They don't want your stupid tourism dollars. They want to enjoy their beaches without worrying about sewage backflows.

4. You Helped Ruin Breasts

Image via Flickr by quinn.anya

Do you know what most Hawaiian women wore before European missionaries showed up? I'll tell you what they didn't wear… shirts! Hawaiian women typically strolled around without anything covering their breasts. And then a bunch of European Catholics came along and said, “Oh my! Cover those things up!”

The men are still pissed off over that one. Some of the women aren't too happy, either.

5. You're Mocking Hawaiian Traditions

Image via Flickr by garryknight

Now that you've stolen public breasts from the Hawaiian people, how about mocking the rest of the culture by wearing cheap clothes that vaguely imitate items traditionally worn on the islands.

Go ahead, put on that grass skirt made of plastic! Why not wear a feather head dress while you're sitting beside the hotel pool? Hey, it's your vacation, go for it!

If you think that sounds ridiculous, let's turn it around and use it on your culture. Let's say you're a devout Catholic, and here comes someone wearing a big plastic cross or maybe a Pope hat made of cheap materials. Are you offended?

Wait. Before you answer, consider that this type of dress has become acceptable by most of the people around you. When you get upset, they tell you not to be so uptight. I mean, come on, we're just mocking the traditions of your ancestors. Get over it already.

Now how mad would you get when you saw an airplane dumping these offensive cultural parasites on your native soil?

6. The Living Was Easy… Until You Showed Up

Image via Flickr by Sarah_Ackerman

Tourism has made it nearly impossible for average people to live in Hawaii. When you spend your tourism dollars on hotels and condos, you push housing costs so high that the people who actually live in Hawaii can't afford to live in Hawaii.

In 2000, the median cost of a house in Honolulu County was $274,600. By 2009, the median price had reached $552,100. Renting makes life a bit easier, but locals can still expect to spend over $1,000 per month for a small apartment.

Meanwhile, guess how much people get paid in Hawaii? The median household income in 2009 was just barely over $67,700. A family making that much money cannot possibly afford a house that costs half a million dollars.

The state might love your tourism dollars, but the locals know that every dollar you spend makes it harder for them to survive.

7. You Pay Hawaiians to Demean Themselves

Image via Flickr by Steve Snodgrass

Before you argue that Hawaii has more jobs because of tourism, stop and think about what those jobs entail. You're mostly talking about the kinds of jobs that force scantily clad women to dance on the beach for your entertainment or demand natives to roast pigs for your enjoyment. Yeah, because those traditions were only created for the pleasure of tourists who don't understand a thing about Hawaii's history or people.

Thanks so much for making economic conditions so hard for native Hawaiians that they're forced to demean their customs just to pay the rent.

Hawaii hates you, and it has some pretty good reasons. If you still want to visit, then take some time to remember that you are a visitor. You better act like a visitor if you want people to respect you at all.

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  1. No one needs Hawaii, no visitor anyway.

    Ive been to Honolulu numerous times to visit family. For vacay? Well, maybe everyone should see a place so beautiful once. People have been fine/friendly when I’ve been there.

    On balance, though? Very expensive. Not as much to do as many other places you can visit. Roaches turn up everywhere, more than other tropical spots.

    Don’t want us? Okay, many cheaper, also beautiful destinations. It’s all good.

  2. Nobody “owns” the place in which they are born, nobody. Some people are born in the most horrible places and others are born in rare beautiful places like Hawaii. Hawaii is a dream if you’ve been born and raised in a dump. Sadly the most beautiful places in the world have been overtaken by power and greed. The tourists will come and go but most that actually make the move to Hawaii are really trying to escape the “meanland” which is a very accurate description of it. Regardless of their color, white, black, brown, yellow, most are looking for some peace and serenity from this wicked and corrupt world. We can dislike the system but to show genuine love and respect for all people goes a long way.

    • This article is nothing more than a miserable person's negative thoughts written down. When tourists and visitors try to use the Hawaiian language or local words, that's cool. They are making an effort to familiarize themselves with our local language. That gesture is appreciated the world over. When I was in France, I tried to speak as much French as I could. Did I mispronounced things? Sure did. But the locals loved it and told me so. To suggest it's akin to a white person insulting a black person with racist terms is about as absurd as this whole article.

      Hawaii doesn't hate anyone. This author has no right to assign hate to our home.

      • You are wrong. Hawaii is one of the most hateful places I’ve ever lived and I went there because I truly believe in my heart that aloha is the way to live. You want to understand how deeply racism hurts, go to Hawaii you’ll find out damn quick. Ugly culture. Ugly hateful, I never want to see it ever again. Ten years on Bigoted Big Island, in hate filled Hawi. Aloha and bite me Hawaii.

  3. I’ve visited Maui 7 times, Kaua’i once, Lana’i twice, Moloka’i once. Unless you act like an entitled jerk Hawaiians are really cool people. I don’t feel like anyone in Hawai’i hates me when I visit. I’ll tell you - the thing I feel is the mana (spiritual energy). From my first visit. It tends to be stronger in certain places - I embraced it.

    I study Hawaiian culture extensively. The US did annex Hawai’i illegally - this is not conjecture, but recorded history. I feel like we are at an impasse. The last member of the Hawaiian royal family has passed with no heirs. So if the Monarchy is restored - the ruler would have to be elected from a pool of Native Hawaiians. This is possible. Maybe the US could provide military protection for the islands as a type of reparation for illegally annexing the islands.

    What really bothers me is that the big resorts, hotels, businesses are not owned by natives. It feels like the native Hawaiians should be enjoying the prosperity of tourism - if it even continues.

    Anyway, if you visit Hawai’i my advice is: 1) slow down. You are on vacation- no need to hurry or get stressed. 2) learn about the history and culture of the islands - it is fascinating. 3) you can say Aloha, Mahalo, etc. but read the room. Sometimes saying ‘hi’ or ‘thanks’ is enough. 4) remember that just because you are on vacation - the people who live there are doing just that - living their lives. We all have good days and bad days. 5) research locally owned / native owned businesses and patronize these places. 6) be humble. A little humility goes a long way.

    Me ka ha’aha’a.

  4. If we put it to a vote, I'm guessing Hawaiians would vote to stay in the union by a wide margin.

  5. I will say this in reference to #5, the athletic club I go to has this Hawaiian smoothie stand that’s built to look like a Hawaiian straw hut however even I’ve always found it to be quite tacky and I’m not Hawaiian. After all in order to look like a Hawaiian straw hut it’s made entirely out of plastic and artificial product which doesn’t give me that “reminds me of Hawaii feeling” it’s seemingly there for. Once again, if I could describe my opinion of it in one word… tacky!

  6. I was born in San Francisco in the dark primeval time known as before the Hippies. San Francisco is very similar to Hawaii. My father with family going back a long ways, a generation before the 1906 Great Earthquake told me when he grew up there was no Golden Gate or Bay Bridge and no easy way out except by boat or ferry. Just like an island. He said the City changed in a bad way because of WW2. Folks came from all over and never went back where they came from. Just like Hawaii. My wife is Portugese from the Azores. The Azores is a volcanic outcropping half way between Spain and New York. Looks and feels just like Hawaii. You cannot stay there more than 90 days a year, and citizenship is limited to family from the Azores. Some of her family moved to Hawaii in the late 1800s. Azorians were brought to Hawaii to help manage agriculture, as Hawaii is very similar. I have spent on average about a month a year on the Big Island and have never had one bit of trouble from anyone. But have seen with my own eyes some very negative young men and woman appearing to be Hawaiian give us bad vibes...let's be specific ... Kuaii north of Poipu and inland, and Maui at the Salt Ponds and Hana. Never went back to Kuaii and after several months in Maui went to the place I was warned to avoid the Big Island. Love it. Reminds me of Northern California in the 70s. Wide open outlaw country. Pure freedom. Point is this just as the locals in California were given genocide and hate to be displaced due to the discovery of gold. So were folks in the Azores and Hawaii and countless places throughout the world. Get a good vocation or some education and you can live in Hawaii just like anywhere in the USA. Hawaii is more affordable than San Francisco for just about everything and taxes on property are 75% less as it is subsidized. What would happen with no Haoles paying the bills....just saying. End of rant peace out.

    • that is nothing compared to our entire race being appropriated, and our home being exploited for your entertainment. you tourists use up all of the resources us kanaka & locals need. it's a small island. this happened because colonizers decided they wanted our land in the 1800s. we did not want to be an american state. we wanted freedom and independence from people abusing our island. you sound entitled and ignorant. the hawaiians kissing your ass are doing it so they can make money. don't worry, we all hate you. so we'll keep our "bad vibes" far away from you. GO TO YOUR PRECIOUS AZORES AND STAY AWAY FROM OUR ISLANDS!!!

      • This article is nothing more than a miserable person's negative thoughts written down. When tourists and visitors try to use the Hawaiian language or local words, that's cool. They are making an effort to familiarize themselves with our local language. That gesture is appreciated the world over. When I was in France, I tried to speak as much French as I could. Did I mispronounced things? Sure did. But the locals loved it and told me so. To suggest it's akin to a white person insulting a black person with racist terms is about as absurd as this whole article.

        Hawaii doesn't hate anyone. This author has no right to assign hate to our home.

  7. I’m not a Native Hawaiian, my family traces their roots to Germany and Iceland, im probably as non Hawaiian as it gets. But I do my best to educate myself on the culture, and the meanings behind things before getting on the internet and acting like I know everything.

    The point I feel this article is trying to make is that native Hawaiians want to get rid of the American governmental way. Which, to be fair, isn’t all that unheard of. We’ve all seen the civil unrest in the states in the last 3 years. Everyone in the mainland is preaching that we need to “reform the government!” That’s all the Hawaiians are trying to do, re-instate their native government and undo some of the really shitty things the US has done to the land, and they are rightfully angry about it. But, time heals all wounds, time apart from the tourism based economy would give native Hawaiians time to rebuild and fix what The government did to their lands.

    We can all find a middle ground and work from there, they just want to get their home back.

  8. Hawaiian's are generally cool if you're visiting and don't act like an idiot or speak rudely. We never had any problems with the locals. Everyone we spoke to was nice and courteous, and we had a great time on both occasions (Kauai and Maui).

    There are some grumpy ones though (just like everywhere else in the world) and are better left alone.

    Here are some red flags to avoid:

    1. Will usually fly the State flag of Hawaii upside down.

    2. Drive very fast around curved roads, while tailgating you, and honking in their jacked up truck (or bus).

    3. Typically live in areas with hand painted signs on wood that say "Keep Out" or "Locals Only" etc. These areas are usually just shabby towns off the beaten path for most tourists (though not always). The homes will either be tents or cinderblock houses covered with tarps, plywood, or other random scrap metal/plastic. They look pretty dumpy. Hence the grumpy.

    4. Pick fights with surfers who "steal 'their' wave.

    5. One of those angry "activists" on TV scowling at the camera and complaining about everything.

    Leave the grumpy Hawaiians alone or get out of their way and you'll have a great time. They are probably sick of slow drivers taking pictures or being asked the same question 5000 times. There's too much beauty on the island and plenty of beaches to get bogged down by a few bad coconuts.

  9. While we're speaking of tourism, I've spent the majority of my life in Colorado, and, graduated high school from Summit County high school, home of Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mtn. While obnoxious tourists can be challenging, the ones who visit and try and blend in are accepted with open arms. I will be visiting Maui soon, and, I really don't care if the locals/natives/whatever hate me or not. I simply don't give a s#$t. I've spent the past several months educating myself on Hawaiian culture, history, food, geography, local traditions and customs, how to interact with natives and locals, where to go (and where not to go), respecting local traditions and ideals, and generally how not to be an 'a$$'. While visiting, I'm going to indulge myself in visiting the places I've studied, hoping to have conversations with locals and native Hawaiians, basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean (I haven't been to an ocean in well over a decade), eating indigenous food, and exploring the countryside. I've educated myself to a degree where I believe I can interact with the local community in a respectful and meaningful way. So go ahead and hate me for visiting.

    • Probably didn't have to include all the "hate me for visiting" stuff and could've just stuck to saying, "I'm educating myself on their culture". I'm not a native but I'm pretty sure it's that attitude that people hate. It sounds extremely entitled.

  10. What, pray tell, would be the main export to keep the islands afloat economically if tourism suddenly halted? This absurd “back to our roots” nativist campaign has the forethought of a petulant child who runs away from home. And thanks to that very movement, a movement that literally chose spirits over science, the thirty meter telescope will be placed elsewhere. Way to go! Aloooooooha!

    • Not to worry I'll never go back to Hawaii again I used to love Kauai but now is ridiculous with this tram system and the money you pay each and every time you want to visit the same beach not to mention you can't visit it at the time that you want to I mean it's just completely ridiculous so the Caribbean is my next stop no more Hawaii unless they make some major changes which I don't foresee

    • You’re the epitome of why native Hawaiians can’t stand ignorant outsiders. Tourism is only 20% of Hawaii’s GDP. If that industry “suddenly halted” then other industries would fill that gap immediately. It’s really that simple. Stop talking about things you don’t even understand. Make like that money pit of a telescope and stay out of Hawaii, ignorant Haole.

      • What is the definition of a Haole? Honest question! I spent 5 months in Honolulu in 2015 working at Schofield Barracks. I never had any negative glances thrown my way, but I stayed out non-tourist areas. I wouldn’t want anyone driving through my neighborhood either. I actually thought the cheesiness of tourist activities was silly. I stayed in a condo near the Disney resort. The only rudeness I observed were the Disney resort folks trying to keep people out of the lagoon in front of their water park. It came at a time when the lagoons were ruled to be part of the public beaches. They had to create public parking, so they made TWO spaces!! I gave a large family of locals my parking pass from the condos because I shared a car with two other people. I hope they used it every day and passed it around to their friends. The Aulani resort lagoon was one of the best.

        I was there during the spring and summer. I found it fascinating that more Chinese tourists were there during the 4th of July weekend than any other time!! The enormous celebrations and fireworks celebrations brought in tens of thousands of Chinese for vacation. Strangely, all of them had umbrellas and covered themselves to avoid the sun. Probably wise, but strange nonetheless. I’ve never felt so invisible in my my entire life. Other than than the July 4th observation, I have a few other observations.

        1. I was super surprised at how many poor people there were.
        2. It’s a place to go as a couple not as a single person. I explored and check out stuff and then I was back to Netflix and the gym after work.
        3. I couldn’t believe how many Mormon Hawaiians there were. Given the theory on race of that religion, I figured one of the Christian religions would have faired better.
        4. Pineapple jokes can be considered racist even if you mean no disrespect.
        5. Any rumors you have heard about the traffic are false, it is so much worse. So much, much worse.

      • I don't normally comment, but you really need to check your facts, https://www.ibisworld.com/united-states/economic-profiles/hawaii/#:~:text=The%20Real%20Estate%20and%20Rental,combined%2042.8%25%20of%20state%20GDP.

        I was born and raised in Hawai'i, so I know something about it. Everyone blames the white man for everything that is wrong there. However, the facts are that Ali'i are more to blame. It all started with Kamehameha I in the blind pursuit of wealth and destruction of his own people and the sandalwood forests. Then Ka'ahumanu and her power grab to destroy the Kahuna class, which was initiated by destroying the Kapu system. Liholiho ended up getting the blame, poor guy. Let's not forget the Great Mahele, which redistributed all lands amongst the King and 250 Ali'i families, which paved the way for the plantation exploitation. There are other examples that can be sited...

        Sorry but the Ali'i are far more responsible than any "foreign interference", and Hawai'i would be in deep kim chee without tourism.

        • I agree with you, Lopaka. I feel like the ali’i did not have the best interests of the kanaka in mind early on in the Kamehameha dynasty. I also feel that the missionaries did much to destroy native culture (which is beautiful).

          Racism in Hawai’i is not one sided at all. Check out The Massie case - if the guys charged in this case (one was murdered) were my people I would be angry too.

  11. Hawaii is Beautiful and there are lots of outdoor activities on all the islands. When you talk to the locals who are Hawaiian, Japanese and Micronesian some say that the locals leave here to find work on the mainland. I get the impression that there may not be enough work here for everyone. There is a problem here with hostility. Hawaii is what you make of it.

  12. I'm reading a lot of arguments that come down to the same thing.

    NATIVES: Please don't come to Hawai'i. We don't want you to come here, and when you do, it makes life harder for all of us.

    NON-NATIVES: My desire to do what I want is more important than your need to preserve your home and culture. Here are reasons I made up to justify that.

    None of those reasons matter. The people who live there don't want you there and need you to stay away while they try and manage the damage that you, and people like you, have done.
    If that's too much to ask, then I don't know what more to say. You're just going to do what you want because you want to and don't care who it affects.

    • I am happy to hear the Hawaiian people speaking-up and defending their culture and land. We all know who are the desttroyers of the natural world and the original cultures of our planet.

      Please continue to speakout against those who think this planet and it's natural/original peoples are here to entertain and serve them. We are witness to their inability to respect the HUE MANS, their cultures and the natural world. We need to understand that in order for them to survive they need to convert our beautiful planet and all living things upon it to a unnatural, artificial manmade toixic environment to suit their greed.

      As the original HueMans on this planet (representing more than 88% of the Earths' poputation) we must lend our voices to what is happening and to identify those beings who are threatening to destroy the unique cultures, wildlife and plant life of our beautiful planet and therefore our very existence.

      • Huemans? Are you high? And you all can think what you want but the fact of the matter is Hawaii is part of the US now and mainlanders have every right to visit and be here. I think you natives should be more concerned about your diet than being entitled and insulted about the very thing keeping you alive… tourism. And someone earlier said if tourism was ended the island would be financially fine. Thats BS. Bottom line is we all are children of god and natives to EARTH we should be able to go wherever without being ridiculed. Its a free country. You dont like it? LEAVE. Grow up.

    • Poi hit it right on the head. If I’m the end Hawaii needs tourism to be economically sustainable in the modern world it needs to be on the terms of the people who live there to decide how many and from what countries. I think the following policies would help.
      1. A tax structure that forces people who don’t have generational family in Hawaii to sell their real estate.
      2. Require all potential visitors to the island from the US mainland, except those who have generational family there, to take a college level course. Topics to include Hawaiian culture, how it has been ruined by the USA, US exploitation of Hawaii and it’s native population, environmental damage of tourism, and tourist etiquette. The cost to take the class $5000 payable to Hawaii. Class includes an essay graded in Hawaii. You must receive an A in the class to get a tourist permit. Permit doesn’t cover spouse or kids.
      3. If you come hotels start in the thousands of dollars a night and 8 hours of every tourist day is spent on working on environmental repair projects of the states choosing.
      4. Tourists require a behavioral contract. Any breach of that contract such as environmental damage, trespassing, damage to property etc results in immediate expulsion, fine, and forfeiture of all monies paid and loss of tourist permit.

      • This is sarcasm right, these policies are hilarious and would eliminate all tourism; therefore leaving tons of natives Hawaiians jobless and then they’d be complaining more about economic issues and not being able to afford to live on their native land

      • To your points:

        1. Will never happen. You could require permanent or semi-permanent residency for all new developments. The existing homes would be grandfathered in.

        2. Taking a quick online course followed by a quiz that must be passed prior to arrival would be a nice idea to have everyone learn the history of Hawaii and damages to the environment. However, $5000... in your dreams... The course would need to be an unbiased account of the history, culture, and the facts of environmental damage. (good and bad). Not a shame-fest to make everyone feel bad.

        3. What a stupid proposal. That's what taxes are for. Levying additional fines and preventing non-coral safe sunscreen from entering the state is more like it.

        4. There are already laws with fines for most of these. "forfeit all monies"? Give me a break...

    • I love all this sanctimonious, holier than thou soap boxing. Anyone who thinks Hawaii was going to stay isolated and ingrown forever is full of it.

      • I am a white haole in Hawaii. I came to Hawaii 20 years ago to go to grad school. My intent was to leave and go live in Indonesia, where I studied abroad as an undergraduate. In Indo I learned the language and lived by the customs and laws of the land. I was seen as a foreigner but greatly respected by Indonesians for my ability to adapt to and respect their local language and traditions, and to recognize the atrocities Western nations have inflicted on them. And to also not tell them what to do. They welcomed me as an ally and did not want me to leave.

        While a grad student in Hawaii, I took a job on a project that directly benefits Hawaiians and ended up staying here. I rent an apartment in Waikiki because I learned local people hate Waikiki and won’t live there, so I thought by doing so I wouldn’t be stealing housing options for locals and Hawaiians. I will start studying Hawaiian in the summer, something I have been trying to do for 20 years. I now work for a NGO that addresses climate change and I’ve found myself pushing to include Native Hawaiian groups in the decision making process. I approach Hawaiian groups asking for guidance instead of telling them what should be done. I routinely give money to a group helping homeless Hawaiian children on the west side.

        I could leave, but the land I was born in was stolen from the Algonquin. I am illegal everywhere except my grandparents country, Sweden. I tried to repatriate and was refused.

        I have made mistakes, notably mispronouncing Hawaiian words… and hence why I will take Hawaiian. I get stink eye all the time from Hawaiians, but as a white person in America I have faced this routinely by other ethnic groups placing 400 years of repression at my feet. I can only agree with their version of history, knowing they are right since I have done my own research.

        At this point there is nowhere else for me to go, morally at least. Hawaii has become my home and I fight for it. My allegiance is to the people here.

        I have always wondered what type of haole I am.

      • Yep.
        AND when Hawaiians visit my area , I don't treat them like crap . Even though they are messing up my little part of The Big Bend .They visit and drive up prices and get in the way and look stupid wearing "cowboy " hats and boots . They mispronouce place names and menu items .They want air conditioning and ice and have idea of the value of water .
        But that's okay . People are people .Boo Hoo Hawaii , you are no more special than anyone else on the planet .
        Tourists are tourists , Capitalism invading countries and destroying cultures , come on , that is the norm world wide .

    • Come visit and spend your money. We don’t want you to move here!
      When you come to buy a house, with all your money…Real Estate, now is to expensive !! We no longer can afford to buy a home!
      Your attitude, ya, leave that at home too!!
      So, come visit, and enjoy our beautiful Hawaiian islands, just don’t move here!

    • If the people that lived in Hawaii didn’t want tourism they wouldn’t

      1. Rent houses and condos
      2. Open hotels
      3. Have beach restaurants that cater to the tourists

      If all of these businesses didn’t run and there was no places to stay, people wouldn’t come.

    • I'm sorry, but this all just sounds like you're mad because you're unsuccessful. That's a you problem. Go to school, get an education, and maybe you won't be so mad. People don't get to just say an entire state is just theirs and no one else can come there. That's not how the world works. What if people on the mainland did the same thing to you? You would run and cry racism.

      The people would actually be much better off if they allowed moderate growth. Right now Hawaii's land use regulations are creating a wealthy class and a servant class with no middle class because middle class people can't afford to live there. Allowing for more housing on the island would revitalize the middle class and improve the quality of life for all of those living on the islands by bringing in more disposable income and creating jobs outside the tourism industry.

      Unfortunately, people like you keep holding on to this ignorant belief that they will somehow be able to keep non-indigenous people away from the island forever. That's not going to happen. The United States must maintain governmental control of the Hawaiian islands due to the island's physical proximity to the mainland. If the US government relinquished control of he islands, another country would definitely overtake the islands and this would give those countries a greater ability to launch a military strike against the US or place missiles on the island that could be launched onto the mainland. For this reason, the US government will never relinquish control of the islands. Therefore, all US citizens are just as entitled to be there as you are, and unless you guys start doing something to change the housing situation, you will all eventually end up just working for the rich plantation owners.

  13. You sound like a petulant child. The monarchy was an oppressive quasi-fuedal system that forced residents into serfdom. Further the idea of a connected "Hawai'i" was only forced upon all the islands by a conquering Kamehameha I who rampaged through the different islands and forced them into a kingdom in the year 1800. He was the one that broke Kapu and dismantled religious traditions. The US government did not overthrow the islands, a man with by the name of Dole did (yeah the pineapple guy), the US government actually condemned his take over and tried to send in forces to restore the monarchy ( But the then president was hampered by congressional politics). Dole was not a good person but his take over was initiated as a response to the then queen trying to take more power away from her people so that the royal family could continue to sell more land for profit. LEARN HISTORY! PLEASE DO NOT JUST REACT LIKE YOU ARE THE WORLDS GREATEST VICTIM. Also if kanaka hate the presence of the United states why do they all drive lifted trucks, eat imported beef and pig, live in houses, listen to rap music, wear appropriated clothing, use modern healthcare services, and work in hotels.

    • Hawaiians drive vehicles imported from the US because we were annexed by the US, we eat imported meats because we have been forced by our government to become dependent on imported foods even though we’re fully capable of being wild sustaining, we listen to rap (weird example of music) and all other non native music because we we’ve been integrated into American society, Hawaiians use modern clothing because they were oppressed by missionaries and foreigners like Americans, Hawaiians had houses before foreigners came they were actually more environmentally friendly than European homes, we work in hotels because our government has set up an education system that only pushes out blue collar workers so we don’t have another income besides tourism this also relates to us not being able to farm our own food at a self sustaining rate because our government won’t fund it so we don’t have an export.

      • Your a perpetual victim who has no ability to control your own life. Try being a kauwa (slave) in ancient Hawaii and then you may be greatful. Try being a makainana in old Hawaiia, with no rights or ownership. Then you might see more clearly. Try living anywhere else other than your privileged existence where you belong and no one else does. Where your racism is not tolerated. Try being a Marquesan that lived in Hawaii before the Tahitians came and stole the land and enslaved those there before them.
        And by the way. I know for a fact that you are less than 50% Hawaiian. Cut the NON Hawaiian part out of you. Only the Hawaiian part can stay. Which is probably non existent. Because your a racist hypocrite.

    • Not sure if anyone mentioned this or not, but if it wasn't Dole and subsequently the United States laying claim to the Hawaiian islands, then it would have been another nation who would have, most likely Japan - It would have only been a matter of time. Any bit of Hawaiian culture would have been totally obliterated as well. I'm not justifying what Dole & the U.S. did, just saying if not them, others would.

      It bothers me when modern-day Americans apologize for the actions of an industry tycoon, a government, its elected officials or its military back in the1800's. We had nothing to do with their actions or the prevailing attitudes of that era. Being a citizen of a country doesn't mean you're automatically in lock-step agreement with that country's policies, beliefs, or actions, especially from over 100 years ago!

      • It's not that people hate you for what your ancestors did. It's that people don't realize the extent of the damage their ancestors did and then proceed to tell those same people they victimized to "get over it". That would probably piss anybody off to be completely honest. It's extremely insulting to hear people that never experienced this kind of thing happening to their country say, "it's in the past so just forget about it". Like come on now, imagine how infuriating that'd be if the shoe was on the other foot.

    • and all I can say is "you're woefully ignorant! and need an education on illegal annexation, illegal occupation, genocide and breaking of international law!

      • "Native "? Lol

        about 800 years ago, Polynesians from the Society Islands arrived in Hawai`i. Claiming descent from the greatest gods, they became the new rulers of Hawai`i.
        EFFECTIVELY REPLACING the existing local culture
        No one is local
        One planet one people
        Stop dividing us .
        It is good to appreciate our difference , but no one owns the land and today's Hawaiians are not the original people that lived in today's Hawaii.

    • Well said. I’ve never been to Hawaii but I worked with a college in Oregon where there was a large group of Hawaiians enrolled and I saw this attitude overwhelmingly prevalent amongst them. Many of them were very disgruntled, and while they couldn’t stop talking about how awesome Hawaii was they continuously expressed what crap they thought Oregon and The USA altogether was. However, they were more than eager to take advantage of as many benefits as possible available at the state and federal level.

      Unsurprisingly, this was viewed as being hypocrisy from a bunch of ‘victimized’ crybabies.

      • People that take state and federal benefits as do the Hawaiians who are complaining about the USA which provides them these benefits are nothing more than parasites and moochers. If they want to be independent fine but there are only so many pineapples and coconuts that they can export and Hawaii doesn't have enough other industries to be self sufficient. They're fooling themselves if they think they can be independent of the USA or Japan or China or whomever would move in against a state of 1.8 million people.

        By the way for the Hawaiian hypocrites taking USA benefits. No one owes you a thing.

  14. Hello,

    as a little girl I always wanted to visit your Island(s). When I became a adult, and could finally afford a visit my husband and I went, then we took our kids, and we've been going ever since sometimes twice a year. I'm always asked why do we go to Hawai'i, so much? I love the culture, i love the Hawai'i Nationals. We as a family took the time to learn about the Hawaiian culture, we learned about Queen Liliuokalani. We watched a documentary. We learned that the US stole the Hawaiian Islands. We don't know everything about your culture, but we as a family have taken the time to learn and respect you all since we love your island so much. We have watched mom n pop places be torn down just to build a resort. This has brought so much sadness even to us, and I know we are not Hawaiian. O'ahu has never made us feel uncomfortable, we have never been treated terrible. I'm sorry for what the US has done to your Islands.

    • Any tourist who respects the land, and it’s people is loved by us. We don’t carry hate in our hearts for all tourists. Just ones who trash the place, and make it harder for us Hawaiians to sustain our living. Much respect to you and your family for taking the time to learn about Hawaii and our beautiful culture. 🤍

    • Same. I love the islands, the culture, the history. It breaks my heart to realize that maybe, if I love the islands so much, I should just stay away.

      I would really love to know what mainlanders can do to support native Hawaiians and policies that will help them in the long run.

  15. My friend's family used to live in Oahu, some of the members of this family married and had kids with one of the vietnamese families on the island. My friends want to revisit Oahu and take me along, although I'm hesitant because I am a Haole.
    I don't know if I'd travel to Oahu, because I don't want to be rude. I'm sorry for what my nation's government has done to Hawai'i. I promise to not be outspoken, or to pollute. If I do travel, I will remember I am only a visitor and will be complacent.
    I really don't want to be rude or disgust any of the people from Hawai'i with my white skin and past history between us.

  16. Equating a tourist using Hawaiian slang and mispronouncing native words to being the same as calling a black person the N-word shows you just how out of touch with reality the author is.

    Also, here in New Orleans at Saints games, we have a dude who dresses up as the pope with the big goofy hat and satirical garb just as you described. Everyone, Catholics alike, seems to love it as he's done it for at least a decade now.

    • BBradshaw, I thought that was kind of misinformed as well. The N word is very powerful. I could go on and on about how black AND white mainlanders seem to get treated at the "local" spots. We have to remember THIS PLACE belongs to HAWAIIANS. Its hard for me as a Louisianan to understand all the crazy racism though. I understand most of these people's plight because Acadiana and much of our great state was Americanized under our great grandparents noses. A great deal of Louisianans were French People just living off the land and working hard when we were "purchased" by the US. They made us pay taxes and adhere to rules that had nothing to do with the so-called democratic process America promotes. Even with all that being said, I don't understand why people are getting mad at these folks wanting to be able to afford a decent living out here in Hawaii. They want mainlanders (like myself) gone. They are really peaceful welcoming people in the majority. We had the white league in New Orleans. They hated Catholics. Louisiana is a place where party culture reigns supreme. We welcome everyone. Although we are American.... the Cajun and Creole people aren't to good at being told what to do and follow rules. lol. We just have to empathize with Hawaiians a little more. They should have more access to housing and resources. Their land should be governed by Hawaiians. There are other groups of Asian Immigrants who call this island home too. They need to leave as well if they don't have the Island and it's people's best interest at heart. We cant harden our hearts brother. When you come across these folks remember you are first and foremost an Ambassador of the Great State of Louisiana. I wish folk were passionate about taking it back too. Anyways, all love brothers and sisters, wherever you may be... whatever groups you belong to.

  17. I can't believe what I'm reading. My dream as a little girl was to visit Hawaii. I always dream of the beaches and dancing with the Hawaiian people. I'm an American Cuban born in the USA, and I love all island people. We share the same passion for the ocean. I'm saddened about this post and how the people of Hawaii feel about tourist. I completely understand. Tourist every year come to Miami Beaches and trash it. They don't respect the environment. Than they leave and bad mouth how rude we are. May we all find peace and one day when I have the Money I'll wish to visit Hawaii . Hopefully than things will be different. May peace be with the Hawaiian people.

  18. What a bunch of interesting posts. The people I meet from Hawaii are very nice when they visit the mainland. To a person. Not one jerk. I've also never heard any complaints about California. It's so strange that people that live in Hawaii can tolerate such anti-white racism and even justify it by history, or by not being local or whatever reason that suits them. It is the devils work to teach the children around you bigotry. It will infect them for all their lives and they will infect others. I've noticed that Haole is a bigot word because too many locals use it as an "N" word. Visitors should be treated especially nice because they are sometimes as clueless as children and who would treat a child badly?

    • Hi Everybody,
      I know nice Hawaiians, I know bad Hawaiians
      I know nice Americans, I know bad Americans
      I know nice people on our planet, I know bad people on our planet
      The only way for all of us is love. Let's we all strive for it and find ways.
      Happy holidays very soon :)

  19. You all need to calm down. We don't usually care about this stuff, most of us have given up on the whole taking over Hawaii thing or are still pretty angry about it. Also, this article is very offensive anyways and is just triggering you all into arguing.

  20. I would love to hear from an economist on how viable Hawaiian sovereignty would be in today’s global economy without subsidy from the US and minimal (or zero) tourism as proposed. After reading the social justice warriors vying on both sides of the argument, it would be interesting to hear from a non-emotional, strictly fact based perspective.

    • Agree and I would add that If they don’t want us then we farmers and such should not give them any food and the USA should not give Hawaiians a penny in financial support. I understand how mean they can be as 35 years ago I went for school and not one person would tell me where to shop for less expensive items and I ended up paying an arm and a leg for things and I had rent and all the expenses that go with school. Now you have the internet and could easily find stores like Walmart. They can not hide them anymore. Lol

    • There are 167 tons of gold stored in the bank of hawaii owned by the kingdom. Thats great for starters. Then theres back rent America can pay for leasing what theyve stolen before they give it back. Then there taxes if we let tourists come back. Or we can feed ourselves and have our own economy like we did before discovery when there were over a million kānaka here living just fine without the US occupation.

  21. Dear Hawaii-

    If it weren’t for WW2 and the Cold War you would basically be Guam, Midway or some other inconsequential territory that we could care less about.

    We don’t like you either. There is no reason you should be a state. If you want to be a state touch a state.

    Oh you had a Monarchy huh? Bwhahhaha. Please. See England if you want to see how a real Monarchy works.

    Two palms trees, three fat guys with floppy titties stomp dancing in front of some cross eyed dingbat in a hula skirt on a bamboo throne does not an empire make.

    We were busy making the combustible engine while you were rowing around in circles trying to figure out which unlucky local was gonna get named Ms. Hawaii and then promptly get tossed into the volcano.

    You are a crappy pacific island in the middle of nowhere filled to the brim with thieving, no count, ne’er-do-wells that bask in the glow of being part of the United States.

    Do us all a favor and STFU and take our money, carry our bags up to the room, do the pig dance bullshit with flaming batons and take us back to the airport when we tire of it... because you hit the goddamned world lottery by being stuck in the middle between the USA and the East and that’s the only reason you have any semblance of a modern civilization.

    • Just shut up and leave. Tourists have been giving us nothing but grief. We don't need tourists that give a rat's ass about the people, customs, environment, and wildlife. Your leave your trash and disrespect our culture all because you think you're entitled to. We'd love to get rid of all the fat white beached whales because we don't want your money. We want our islands back.

      • I couldn't have said it better myself Lower 48. I did have the opportunity to visit these islands for four days during low season from Japan (with my wife). It wasn't a very busy time and it rained three days out four (can't be helped). What did disappoint me was the behavior, attitude and very rude and ill mannered locals who have an enormous chip on their shoulders.

        The are racists against European people and the more Nordic you look the nastier they are. For that reason alone, I will never step foot on any of their territories again. I can easily visit Guam or Saipan and better yet I'd prefer to spend my hard earned currency in Cebu Island.

        I can have a much more pleasant vacation (that means being able to spend my free time as I choose and not to incessant demands we visit your cultural centres). I like to be quite and drink my booze in peace without the irritants of third world cretins threatening me for my race.

    • The article by OP already rubs me the wrong way, but this reply is even worse. You don’t have any business mocking the Hawaiian people and demanding them to “shut up and take [our] money.” Do you think the Hawaiian people will want you to visit any more by acting so entitled? Embarrassing. As for OP, it’s not really your place to speak for indigenous people on an indigenous issue (I’m Mexican and part Cora native). I can tell that you’ve researched Hawaiian history extensively, but you need to let the actual Hawaiians speak for themselves and tell us that they don’t want tourists.

      • They would be speaking Japanese if not for the US. I say succeed from our Union post haste. The islands you claim as yours are in reality Japans. DNA. The Jap Imperial Army came first and conquered you’re land. America saved your tits. Your economy would collapse within 90 days if all the Houles left and didn’t return. Most are SE Asian not Polynesian Japanese.

  22. Sorry....but:

    1. I personally am NOT responsible for my or any other government actions. This stuff happened before I was born, how am I to be accountable for that?

    2. If someone says Aloha to me I'm going to say it back, there's nothing wrong with it and no, it doesn't make me sound like an ass. If you're a local and greeting someone with aloha you should actually expect to hear it back.

    3. Don't blame tourists. Blame the makers of sun screen an sun block. Burns hurt and ruin vacations.

    4. Nope, I didn't 'ruin breasts'. Nowadays people cover their privates, it's not something that tourists 'ruined' in Hawaii.

    5. I'm not mocking anything. If you're offended by it you should direct your anger at the people who make the products. Also, if offended by someone wearing a fake grass skirt, you're being uptight and need to grow a thicker skin.

    6. You can blame big corporate greed for this one. I as a tourist am NOT responsible for driving up cost of home ownership. It's my understanding that shipping stuff to an island can be costly, perhaps that's where a lot of the higher cost actually comes in for damn near everything that isn't grown locally.

    7. I'm not paying anyone to demean themselves and nobody is putting a gun to their heads to do it.

    Chances are for many of you 'locals' that you aren't actually native. Only 20% of the population is native. Your parents or their parents migrated or were tourists at one point and decided they wanted to live there. You can't blame them either, who wouldn't want to live where the water is 70+ degrees year round.

    • Couldn't have said it better, like honestly I'm sorry for what the government did. I wasn't even born during that time and neither was my mother, and yet you have the audacity to blame us tourist who weren't even alive yet. If I do go to Hawaii before the year ends, I promise I'll be respectful and all, even though I don't really consider myself as mean. I wish people would just stop being so negative about tourist. I live in California and it's really expensive here since lot, also there is way more people who visit here in California and I don't get mad about it. I find it nice that people like to visit my state and see how beautiful it is because, I mean, California can be really pretty. Also I wouldn't be offended if people use native words like yours. I don't understand why natives are really offended if were are just trying to be more kind and respectful, I wouldn't mind if people do it to be respectful. It's not really like you own the word Aloha. I don't see the bad thing about girls and boys dancing for others, it can be both entertaining for the audience and the dancers. If I were a dancer I would be having fun because it's what I do.

  23. Hawaii, get over yourself. I’ve been a travel agent for 42 years. I used to send a lot of Canadians to Hawaii. After several visits, the last one, definitely the LAST one was Maui 3 years ago. I always discourage ANYONE wishing to travel to your islands.
    The hate stares, the reserved service. Who needs it? Your beaches are not that great, and my clients can spend a lot less money and be treated a heck of a lot better anywhere but there pretty much! You can keep it, and enjoy you so called Aloha sprit. What a joke that is!

    • Lady, you get over yourself!! Hawaii locals only give the "dirty stares" because your clients don't respect the beauty of the islands!! They leave their OPALA (garbage) all over the beaches and expect the locals to do freaking back flips for them when they have been told certain things can't be done. They don't heed the warning signs when they get close to dangerous areas and expect the Hawaii's tax paying residents to foot the bill for their rescues when they do things, like jump of a cliff into the high surf below. So before you accuse Hawaii locals of being rude or giving dirty looks, ask your clients what stupid disrespectful act the did or get that look from them. I was born and raised on the island of Kauai, and the locals there are AWESOME!! So Send your clients there, if your clients are going to Oahu (Honolulu), they are definitely getting that rude treatment. So before you assume ALL HAWAII LOCALS are rude, DO YOUR RESEARCH!! IF NOT ALOHA 'OE TO YOUR BAD ATTITUDE!!

      • No research necessary, personal experience. Good thing you’ll never get off that island. The big bad world outside of your very expensive bubble would be way too much of a shock!

      • I visited Maui two times and had a wonderful experience. If you don’t count the time a jerk in a pick up truck tried to run me off the road on my bicycle while riding through Paia. However the last time I went to Kauai. Beautiful place but The locals were so rude I swore I’d never go back to your state. I was born and raised on the beach in Ca surfing my whole life and the people in the water anywhere in Hawaii act like a bunch of arrogant pricks, like it’s their water. Hey its the Pacific Ocean!! You guys can have your 25% unemployment rate and high welfare recipients.. You can go back to wacking bananas out of trees and boiling poi for something to eat. I will never come back and spend my hard earned dollars there.

        • Bruhduh, If you surfing your whole life? Why didn’t you surf the Northshore, Oahu? Don’t get mad if you didn’t get offered waves? You would act the same at your home Cali break too? Stay home and keep that wet suit on! Be humble when you visit, you could of met a local surfer, and he would of guaranteed take you around the island... Aloha

      • The locals are ‘awesome‘ to you simply because you were born there. That is the only reason. The islanders are totally rude, and it isn’t about the garbage left by the mainlanders. I drove around your island, and a majority of the ‘natives’ have tons of trash encompassing their property. So don’t even. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

      • The only garbage filled beaches here on the islands are the ones that are supposedly "localz only" beaches. Been living here for nearly 20 years and know from daily experiences. Stop saying that tourists ruin beaches when all I see are broken heineken bottles, local kine picnic trash, and old rusty fish hooks all over the beaches that apparently the locals look after.

    • I'm happy you're not coming back to Maui Maureen! We don't need you or your friends. Maui will never have a shortage of tourists, so hopefully you will convince more potential visitors not to come! Tourists suck ass!

    • First of all, the reason why the island looks the way it does do today is because of all the tourist. For example, you! Two, tourist ruin our corals by stepping anywhere on reef, and polluting the ocean with the in-friendly sunblock. Before the Hawaiians got ILLEGALLY overthrow, they lived a hard working but, paradise life. They lived off land and sea. Everything was useful, from root to leaf.

      • Don’t you get tired of living in the past ? It’s gone man, gone!

        • Just supporting my people, got to stand strong!

      • You keep saying “all tourists.” I have been to Hawaii and I am really respectful of the culture and careful that I don’t do anything that could offend locals in some way. I understand tourists can be annoying. However, you guys need to wake up and realize that you’re not the only place in the whole world that was overthrown. It is history from so long ago, and yeah, it sucks that your culture was oppressed because of it, but I had nothing to do with it! I find it really hurtful that when I visited my dream place I had to put up with locals being downright awful and blaming me for the history of the island. I live in a popular tourist destination myself and although it gets very frustrating when tourists aren’t respectful of your home, myself and no one I know has been nearly as mean to our tourists as a majority of Hawaiians. I hope it won’t always be this way.

      • You wouldn’t last 12 hours foraging and fishing for your food, and defending yourselves from the rest of the planet. Get real!

        How much money has you and your family gotten from the US taxpayers to support your lifestyle?

        Hawaii has the highest welfare wages of any other state.

    • I live in Japan and I discourage any of colleagues from visiting Hawaii at all costs, it's really not worth a nine hour flight plus you can fly direct to Bali, Indonesia for far better beaches and amazing hospitality of the Hindu Balinese people. The Muslims are very nice also and all Malay in general.

      There's been a lot good coming from the Covid-19 preventing Hawaii from making a living now. I see after the middle age Japanese tourist plus that attack against a Japanese tourist is souring the nation on your Islands.

      • You forget one thing? Japanese feel comfortable here, Japanese can get around Hawaii without speaking English?
        Half of Waikiki speaks Japanese... and it must be hard discouraging your friends, when they can see with their own eyes how beautiful our beaches are, and surfing is the best in the world.. Aloha and please come again.. we love Japanese!

  24. I personally think the point the article makes about how learning a local language is offensive is narrow-minded and contradictory. The article itself expresses annoyance at how English became the dominant language in Hawaii upon annexation, so when a tourist attempts to learn a couple of words in the language of the locals, I don’t understand what kind of stupidity it is to hate them for this. My home country is India, a land where hundreds of more languages than in the islands of Hawaii are spoken, and I feel nothing but happiness when foreigners come and try to speak to me in Tamil or Hindi. I appreciate the effort and respect they are giving me as a native, instead of obnoxiously expecting English everywhere they go. I traveled to Mexico recently and I spoke primarily in Mexican Spanish, and the locals were, albeit surprised, excited and welcoming to see a tourist speaking their tongue. I think Hawaiians need to calm down if they are really this prideful and hostile to foreigners who are trying to appreciate their culture.

    • Hawaiians are beautiful people as are most people in this world. There are always a few loud and rude people who somehow are confused with the majority. They are not. Human Beings are a beautiful race with love in their hearts. Then, somewhere there is this greed, FAKE power, money gig that has NOTHING to do with the purpose of live, which is to feel the love that is ALWAYS within every human being and then to appreciate this being and this Creation as the Gift, the billions of year old Gift that it is.
      The article that spurred this is obviously written by a person that is not connected with their heart and that lives, therefore in fear which spawns hate. Don't be fooled. I live in a tourist town where A FEW Loud mouths are often heard spouting about this and that just as in Hawaii and all over this BEAUTIFUL AND MAJESTIC WORLD! People's of this world love others attempts to honor their society by trying to RESPECTIVELY speak their language. There is nothing wrong with anything on the outside as long as it is done with love. All people's have been ruthlessly taken over by other societies, but it is not THE PEOPLE that do this, it is at the Direction of some power mad fool(s). Do not ever include a majority when writing of any of these things in the stupid article. Again, the MAJORITY of PEOPLE, of HUMAN BEINGS, are BEAUTIFUL and LOVING! These people simply live aloha-all over the world and have no need to be mean to each other or to write mean and nasty articles that attempt to make others mad. So, may we all be in Diviine Breath or, as a Hawaiian local or tourist may say, with respect and sincerity, ALOHA!

      • Dear Eric,
        Thank you sooooo much for this uplifting, beautiful response! Thank you for taking the high road and showing us all the way home to our hearts. Love is all there is, everything else is just a lie. Living in fear is where all hate and rejection come from. I deeply appreciate you lifting us up where we belong, together, as one race, the human race, all sharing this magnificent world and loving each other, all the animals, all the plants, all the gifts of Mother Nature. You have drawn an amazing lotus flower of loving kindness up from the mud that was this murky story of dank, dark feelings, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  25. I was unaware that California had an east coast.
    Perhaps you meant east of the Hawaiian coast?
    Whenever I have a patient who speaks spanish, or I go to a country where they speak a language other than english and am conversing with someone, I try my best to use the person’s primary language as much as I am able. People appreciate it. They thank me for it. I always try to learn frases or words that I know I will need, and at bare minimum, hello, goodbye, & thank you. Why on earth shouldn’t someone show respect for the place they are visiting at least in language, ESPECIALLY as you shared how the language was overrun by english? Also, who’s butchering “aloha”?
    I’ve been blessed to be able to visit your lovely state twice, once to meet friends coming home after a 2 year deployment and once for a local couple’s wedding. I hope one day I can bring my family to experience it, so I guess I must apologize in advance for using our limited Hawai’ian and for flooding your sewer lines since the rest we won’t guilty of. ‘A‘ole pilikia and aloha ;)

    • Although I don't agree with this author that wrote the article, I can maybe help with your question. I was born and raised in Hawaii, and I don't speak the language. Not even Aloha.

      Because! It isn't Spanish or French. And as white people "we", or our descendants forced them to stop speaking their own language to the point it almost disappeared entirely.
      It isn't the same as learning some spanish before you go to Mexico. It's kinda sacred, because so much has been stolen.

      As I write this, don't think that every local hates white people or them saying "Mahalo"....that's not the case at all. My point is only that, it isn't necessary, it's an English speaking country and they appreciate you saying thank you and please in english.
      The only thing i can compare it to would be like going to Ireland ans speaking with and Irish accent because you want to show them respect? I know that is totally different, but it's essentially how unnecessary tourists using mahalo or aloha is. It's an English speaking state because of white people, and it's still a painful subject for some locals.
      In closing, enjoy your vacation and be respectful in whatever language you choose...but you don't need to say Mahalo to say thank you, they speak english by law now.

      • The reason people (tourists) learn a few words of the country they are visiting is politeness and respect, not assimilation . As a travel agent for the past 41 years, I discourage travel to Hawaii whenever possible. One can go elsewhere for a lot less of their hard earned travel dollars , to be insulted and given hate stares. You’re not all that Hawaii! Aloha!

        • How is Hawaii especially Maui doing now that it caught fire and burned to the ground. I guess Hawaii and its governor and politicians will be calling up the USA Federal Government and Joe Biden to be begging for federal money to be sent to Hawaii. What happened to the pull up yourself by the bootstraps mentality of the Hawaii natives.

          Guess you get to mooch off the US taxpayer again.

      • Yes I agree. I was also born and raised in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai. Someone thinking that they should say ALOHA or MAHALO to a local is really unnecessary. Hawaii locals all know how to speak English, so just say Hello, Thank you, and Goodbye..........

      • Your tour guides and airport greeters, hired by your tourism companies and your government, teach arriving tourists how to say aloha, mahalo, etc. You sell them books and dictionaries that teach them Hawaiian phrases. You sell them recordings that show them how to sing pidgin and da kine. It is part of the fun experience you are selling. I see no disrespect in doing what we pay you to tell us how to do. If locals are claiming they are not respected because we try, then quit wearing plastic skirts. Stop talking to us in aloha talk and speak English to us. And quit publishing those books that tell us we should learn some Hawaiian and pidgin. Das jus ignunt. p.s. I didn't steal your kingdom. Except for your weather, I wouldn't want it.

  26. I came to Hawaii to visit an old friend and fish. Fish from shore not a charter. I did a lot of research on shore fishing here. I went on a forum an asked for advice on doos and donts. I did not want to disrespect the locals in any way! I got wonderful advice from a Hawaiian. The end result for me was, being helped by locals at the kona pier. I was approached by a young local , mid 20s. He was interested in a lure I was using and asked if he could buy it. I sold it to him and gave him one also. This opened the door' another local tied flys for a trade, lure for flys. I gave out all my lures this day. These locals coached me, I fought a bait fish, and with that live bait I caught a yellow tail , locals called it a rainbow fish I believe. I gave that fish to them to show my gratitude. This was one of many highlights of my time spent here. I fully understand why we are not wanted, and I agree fully with the article.
    Sincerely, Dave.

    • Visitors hurt the ecology, but *everyone* does. I grew up in the old "dump your hibachi out into the ocean" days. The adults used to have these big trash fires on the beach along Portlock Road, man those were great, speaking as a little pyromaniac kid, now I don't think so.

      Best thing is for *everyone* to learn to be less hard on the ecology.

      As as far as life being easy back in the old days, no way. Hawaii had reached its Malthusian limit, and there were elaborate laws in place, the breaking of which generally called for death. That made for one less mouth to feed. It was very austere living, under a very strict system. Things got harder when the haoles came and brought their diseases, a money economy and so on, but the old days were NOT easy. I'd say, they were probably easier than being a working-class person in the US mainland now, if you don't mind owning little more than a strip or two of kapa to wear around your loins, a grass hut you shared with rats and bugs and fleas, and very basic food. Most Americans would go nuts living that way. Me, I damn near did it as a poor kid and it's very different from living in modern materially rich society.

  27. I thought that I would share a light-hearted story from when I visited Maui.

    So i was with my family, and we decided to drive to Hana which is on the other side of the island from where we were.

    Like the whole way there, at about every stop, we saw the same group of teens in a Jeep. We never said anything to them and they never said anything to us but we were both aware of each others company.

    We eventually made it to Hana, and we spent a Frenchman hours there. We might have done hiking but I can’t remember. Anyway, we get in our car and head back.

    Amazingly, we run into the same group of teens on the road. I had my window down and was admiring the view and saw them. There was a fork ahead in the road and one of them throws me the “hang loose” (Shaka) sign. I threw them one back and they went wild. They all seemed so happy in that moment and I was too. The purity of friendship and happiness was great. It really brightened up my day.

    And as we diverged in that fork in the road, I’ll never forget that moment. The youth and cheeriness of it all.

  28. Just got back from a week in Maui with my wife and boys who are 4 and 5 y/o. We have also previously visited Kauai, also for a week. While I did not encounter any issues with locals on either of our visits, the time spent in Maui I felt like I got the "stink eye" from a few other vacationers, who happened to be white. It was very awkward, as if I wasn't entitled to be there because I wasn't white. I'm of hispanic descent (so I don't look white), born and raised in CA. I have never had a problem with white people or any other ethnicities for that matter but this past visit really left a bad taste in my mouth due to several encounters. One- we were at Napili beach and my 4 y/o was taking pictures of a bird that landed on the sand near us, I repeat taking pictures, not chasing it away or throwing things at it, just taking pictures. A white lady tells my son to stop harassing the bird because my son was a visitor in the bird's home. Guess what lady? You're also a visitor and taking up space in the bird's home just as well (my wife had a few other words with her). Two- went to baby beach and saw a group of white people out in the water drinking, being very rowdy, and throwing empty beer cans at each other (wtf?), which I really hope they picked up. Decided to move along down baby beach to find some quiet which is what brings me to number 3- set up near a white family who appeared to be decent and had some boys similar in age as ours and we hoped they might play with each other. While out on the water I saw that those other boys were building what I thought were sand castles when I hear their mother ask what they were building to which they replied was the Trump wall and I kid you not they (the boys) actually started chanting "build the wall, build the wall," at that point the mother told them it was a beautiful wall but they had to build it quietly. Again, WTF? I'm not a resentful person so I will move on and I will raise my boys to be tolerant of others. I'm not trying to attack caucasians because I truly believe that all races/ethnicities have a few bad apples while the majority are good. Now, having said all of this I will also add that we met many other friendly white people during our trip. I'm just assuming that the resentment Hawaiians feel towards whites are mainly directed at the ones with attitudes like the ones I described in my three points above (the ones who feel that they own the place, do not respect the environment, or have narrow minds towards other cultures).

    • You are correct, in some parts. I will befriend any tourist that shows respect to our culture, our customs, our land, our wildlife, our people. If you're going to harass our monk seals just to take a picture with them, take a part of the land home as a souvenir (like the lava rocks on the Big Island), or trespass areas to hike in areas illegal to hike in, then, no, you are not welcome because you have no respect for us. You're only here to party. Granted, we do have our locals that leave their trash or they graffiti buildings, but we don't want added headaches. I wish the only type of tourism on the islands was sustainable tourism, where if you're visiting, you learn and contribute to keeping our islands the way they're supposed to be. But we have a greedy government where overtourism brings the mighty dollar, and I hate that we have to depend on tourism as our main source of revenue. I used to love to go to Ala Moana Center but it's all for the tourists now. Waikiki used to have their famous landmarks but they've all been torn down to make way for more condos/hotels. Also, people who visit the islands, end up coming back and buying real property, which drives the property value up so high that it drives the local people to move off-island because they can longer afford to buy a house here. With that, the new homeowners bring their 'superiority' attitude. Not all, but many. So I'm researching as much as I can about sustainable tourism because if we have to depend on tourism it should be a way that will benefit our islands.

    • I understand the anger and frustrations of the Hawaiian peoples. When indigenous people are trapped with nowhere to escape in their own environment, or are removed from their homes and placed on small holding pen plots of space, as we have done to the American Native People in this United States, the conscious among the unconscious grow resentful.
      I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, and we have similar experiences here with the people who move from other states for our mountains, skiing, wildlife, 300 days of sunshine, and because they cannot afford to buy homes in their states...many from California in the town I live in.
      These people have a strong sense of entitlement to drive fast on icy mountain roads, honking impatiently for herds of elk and deer to cross the roads, know nothing about living among bears and cougars and are surprised and angered when their cars are broken into for leftover French fries, and their trash cans knocked over for wasted food scraps. They water their lawns in an arid high dessert environment, decreasing the water table even more. Our homes are now outrageously expensive, and many people born and raised here can not afford to live here any longer. When an 80 year old cabin at 600 square feet of space sells for $240,000 it’s time for a virus.
      Those who don’t respect our Mother Earth are those I blame. Those who don’t believe in science. Those who are greedy, self righteous and think only of themselves. Those who choose to leave their giant footprints on this earth. The one individual who must live in a 5,000 sq. ft. House bigger than the lot it’s built on. Growing out instead of up. The unconscious 90% are who I blame.
      Disgruntled Architect

  29. Here's the reality. It's a surf-nazi type culture, always has been. "Locals only brah", the reason is small minded, small town, living on an island mentality. I live in a city and when I see country bumpkin tourists dressed wearing flip flops and Hawaiian board shorts, I really don't have time to "stink eye" or hate... because I have a life. And I can drive up the coast to another city. Being landlocked and seeing the same people on an island leads to resentment. I have been going to Hawaii for years, and yes there is a certain vibe that you get if your a howlie. I once pulled over picked mangoes off a tree and was harassed by a 300 lb Samoan women calling me howlie. Think about this poor girl, her day is spent yelling at whites to not eat the islands mangos. I feel sorry for the Hawaiian's they got their land taken away and basically repossessed by the wealthy 1%. I digress, I actually don't blame them for being moronic tribal nativists. They're no different than the average midwestern Trump supporter. They know they got shafted they just don't know by who so they blame all white people. Midwesterners blame Mexicans and Muslims. It's only gonna get worse. Mahalo.

    • Excuse me Mark, but you’re a very ignorant person. The reason why so many local people are angry with tourists or “haole” people is because they don’t take care of the land, exploit Hawaiian traditions, make housing less affordable, crowd our beaches, etc. So much culture has been lost and distorted throughout the years and there are very few full blooded Hawaiians left. The people who were born and raised in Hawaii and are of Hawaiian descent are upset because people from all over (not just white/mainlanders) are disrespecting every aspect of native life. The more rich, white people move to Hawaii, the less native Hawaiians are able to afford living there. They end up moving to the mainland. This topic is very relatable to Native Americans and how they took such great care of the land and it was taken away from them. Now the U.S. tried covering up their mistakes with making reservations, but it’s all too late because Native Americans can never regain what they once had. Same goes for Hawaii. You see it as things will just get worse... so let’s just keep doing it. Tourists/haoles/mainlanders/whites will keep coming to Hawaii because they want to “experience” what the island has to offer and perhaps maybe reside there too - on a small packed island. How about do what’s right and respect the land and the locals, instead of using them to make your wildest vacation dream come true.

      • Here we go again always with the same old nonsense ..... this time its hawaiians hate haoles. I am white, hardworking, and try to be respectful of everyone I meet. In college the "townees" hated the university students, in Green bay Wisconsin they hate Chicago Bears fans, Republicans hate Democrats, and some blacks hate whites. Why not evaluate each person on an individual basis and be excited about where that person is from, what they do, what they find interesting, what language they speak, etc., etc. Try to take something positive from every situation ..... jeez your so stupid. I hate you.

        • There's no such thing as hate, but a need for understanding. Most people see hate as this desire to look at something with disgust. But, in reality, its a call, a need for help. We have to understand each other to find the reason behind everything, no one does something without reason. People go through suffering, and being human, its instinctive to communicate to others your distaste. Even if it means projecting it as hate. I just wish that one day, everyone will come together, and not see each other as 'white' or 'black'', but as humans. We have bigger problems to deal with, such as global warming, and diseases, and we can't solve them if we keep arguing with each other. It may take something as big as an alien invasion to unite humanity, but if we can do something as small as giving someone a thumbs up, or a smile, we can help change our world into a better place

      • I lived in Hawaii. My 2 sons were born there. Hawaiians are the most hospitable people in the world, if you earn their respect and respect their native culture. I hear all about the rich white people, when in reality, in more recent years, it was the Japenese that came to the islands in the mid to late 80s and bought up much of the real estate driving up the prices exponentially. At that time the Japanese Yen was very strong against US dollar. Japenese are another very hospitable people. The Islands are a melting pot of different cultures and people. Whites are actually the minority. The Military and Tourism are what drives the economy in Hawaii, however, If people decide not love their neighbor as much as they love themselves, resentment and hate will always prevail, such is the way of human nature, not Hawaiin nature.

      • Well, I wish people of all creeds would stop moving to the mountain west! You’re all ruining the farm land and scenic mountains. Heck, I just met a really nice guy the other day who was raised in Fiji! What is he doing in my mountain town of 1900 people?! Hawaii, get over yourselves. There are ignorant people everywhere you go, but there are just as many good people. Your state is beautiful, be proud of it and help visitors know what is right and what is wrong. I know landlords on the mainland that won’t rent apartments to Poly’s because they will breach contract and move their entire family tree into the house. They end up having to do huge repairs on properties. Is this every Polynesian,no, but it’s some o the. Don’t make dumb generalizations.

    • *Mocks locals, ends sentence w/ 'Mahalo'

      As a local who's family has lived on our island for over 7 generations (I am of okinawan, native american, and Tongan decent) it's extremely hurtful for you to make these remarks and generalizations of everyone is Hawai'i. So what? ONE, ONE lady got mad at you for picking mangoes, called you a *haole* (not 'howlie'), and now you resent the entire group of locals living on the island. Maybe you are a real haole?

      • As far as generalizations go, it's important to note that this entire article was written in the editorial "we" ("7 Reasons Hawai'i Hates You") which I found rather presumptuous. The writer is literally addressing every Possible reader of every country in the entire internet, and explains why [all] Hawaiians (Kanaka and perhaps Kamaʻāina alike) literally "hate" them. Strong words. While there are valid points, (tough pills to swallow for many), this writer is not the heartbeat of all Hawaiians, much to her narcissistic dismay, just like "dude bro" above shouldn't have based his experience on "angry mango." One voice should not pretend to represent all of Hawai'i nei.

        • It’s an article for white people who have their feelings hurt, right? I’m a white guy in a mainland beach town and a lot of these issues are universal. Point taken about don’t be trash.

          There are lots of violent white people going after tourists here. Cost of housing is beyond our of control. Tourism is worldwide to Disneyland and Anaheim is full of poverty. Lots of people rail on visitors even when, or especially when, they spend money locally.

          In my mind I’m trying not to conflate being attacked in Palos Verdes with a situation I don’t understand. For the record I’m ok with tacky foam pope hats and tourism because it made Italy a first world country. It was a shithole before the 80s. Personally I’m not offended by characatures of Italian people or folk imitating. My own connection to Italy is acquired by choice for mostly economic reasons (great grandparent = passport = live anywhere Schengen)

          I’m flattered by all of the people from Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe choosing to be Italian since the 80s. Most people I think are ecstatic that Venice and Rome are getting annoyed with tourists cause other places welcome new business.

          Certainly for me, and probably a lot of Americans regardless of skin color, we don’t really have a cultural identity. People have racial identities; but I get funny looks when I tell people my ethnicity is American. Cousins in France don’t get those looks saying they are French and we all left Italy at the same time.

          I don’t want to stay at a chain resort for the same reason I don’t like to eat McDonald’s. It’s a poverty machine and it’s tough to conscientiously feed a business which profits on low wages, limited slavery in the US to the extent of convict labor in supply, ripping off franchinesees, chasing government subsidies, and worst forcing workers to subsist on begging like a Dickensian orphanage. How can I be respectful of Hawaii?

          I just think Hawaii is cool. Been learning a lot of stuff people think is Californian is really Hawaiian. There is a long history and it’s not just an other state which was news for me and probably a lot people. Mainland we can ignore native culture because it was government policy to eliminate native identity until recently. Alcatraz was a watershed protest which gets hidden in a false impression that native sovereignty, or what passes for it, was continuous rather than won back in the 70s.

          Genocide is typically designed to be denied such as how Nazi Germany deported Jews, gays, cripples, and communist to the war front. It was meant to look like people were just disappearing to hide the truth of government murder in extraterritorial prisons.

          Genocide by demographics is a common historical method. How can I celebrate Hawaii? If when in Rome do as Romans applies, what is important to know about not being a jerk?

          PS to anyone who thinks I’m too American, you are right.

      • why so hateful ? you are all being put in little boxes of hate to pit against one another . God made this planet not Hawaii locals. The planet is for all to enjoy wether your in Hawaii or Timbuktu. It belongs to all. Many Hawaiins visit other parts of the world and we should all be kind to each other. No matter what. People have to understand that some would like us to all quarrel to the benefit of the people compartmentalizing the world. don't let yourself be used as a tool. be a force for love

    • Native Hawaiian's are from somewhere else originally, they did not evolve from the island sand. The native Americans came across the land bridge from eastern Russia, these people were from Asia. I'm tired of hearing how the white Europeans took the land from these native people, they were not native, they just migrated earlier. They fought with other tribes just as all cultures have through history and many have oral histories celebrating the total destruction of other tribes. So basically white Europeans came to the America's and took it over from those that originally settled here. They were able to this because they had better technology especially in weapons of war. The natives in Hawaii are no different, they lost the place they settled to a more advanced people. This is not new. It has been going on since man has been around, one civilization taking over another. Greece was occupied by Turkey for over 400 years, yes, the cradle of western democracy ruled by the Turks. England ruled by Rome, Rome ruled a lot of territory, don't forget the Austrian's rule of a huge part of Europe. Midwesterners don't blame Mexicans and Muslims, people from the mid west and the south believe in this little thing called the law. People here illegally should be deported, they are criminals, they are here illegally, doesn't matter what country they are from. Any Muslim that breaks our laws by putting church law or views ahead of the laws of this country should be arrested and put on trial, not for being Muslim but for breaking the law. All religions, countries and races of people at one time or more in history have been shafted, enslaved, tortured and killed by some other people. Grow up and get over it, just because you're born somewhere doesn't make it yours. Don't like tourist, buy up the resorts and close them down, can't afford to live there, then move or get a better job. It's not this white Europeans fault, I grew up in a sharecroppers shack in Alabama, if I can do it so can you. Mankind has not changed since we have existed, the strong conquer the weak and take what they had, and as far as I can tell it looks like that is still the status quo. Not saying that it's right or fair but it is a fact.

      • Wow. I don’t really even know how to reply to that. So, if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re saying that if somebody is stronger than you they have your full approval to take everything from you and make a mockery of your life, land, history, beliefs, and culture? I’m just trying to understand your logic on this.

    • The "average midwestern Trump supporter" is a stereotype like any other. I suspect you've never spent a significant amount of time in the Midwest.

    • You had me until you insulted midwestern Trump supporters. Now, I see you're just a left coast elitist, who doesn't know the difference between "you're " shit and "your" shit. BTW, "howlie" is haole, dbag.

  30. I visited Kauai back in 1998 and am Irish-Scottish/Portuguese and I tan really easy and dark...I was sitting on a local beach watching a mom and dad with their six month old on a surf board when another woman with a one year old sat near me...we started talking about how she takes him out on the board and just paddles around... and said she had never seen me there before and did I live on Kauai...I said no I live in CA...she laughed and said that I looked like a local and she thought I lived on one of the islands. She said there is a lot of mixed blood on the islands now and that I really did blend in. So, maybe the trick is to not wear makeup, pull hair back, wear casual clothes and not try to be citified. I think what gave me away as a tourist then was the white rental car that looked like all the other rental cars...that was 20 years ago...and to the islanders that hate us mainlanders...it is part of the USA, so don't blame us for you becoming a state... and whether you like it or not.. those of us who want to visit...can...so get over it...just like you can visit the mainland anytime you want!

    • I agreed with your statement until you said "It is a part of the USA, don't blame us for becoming a state." The whole reason Hawai'i was ANNEXED was because of the mainland. They stepped right into our island and forced Queen Lili'uokalani to give them the islands. Before you make a false statement, check your facts.

  31. I am born and raised in Hawaii. I am local. I am mixed race and also married local.

    Although Hawaii is beautiful and we’ve been blessed to call it home, my job allows me to travel throughout the U.S. Let me tell you...Hawaii is racist and localist. It might even trump the racism I’ve seen in the Midwest.

    The population density is what makes Hawaii’s racism and localist/nativist attitude all the more apparent. People are elbow to elbow here. The close quarters makes it more difficult not to notice or react to racist threats or comments, or ignore them altogether. You’ll eventually meet the perpetrators again. They’re probably your neighbors. It’s always in your face.

    Threats or divisive comments to other people are never okay. Even if they are towards people you think are part of the establishment that is “taking your land away” or “owe you your land back”. It doesn’t give you the right to treat people like crap. Some locals seem to think that the world owes Hawaii something just because the outside world is “sullying” something as perfect as Hawaii. Some locals treat others badly because they think they can or they should.

    Hawaii is not paradise. It’s not better than anywhere else. Hawaii, for all it’s liberal politics, is actually extremely conservative and resistant to progress or change. It’s slow to accept outsiders. And it refuses to modernize itself because with any racism comes with a distrust of growth and evolution...a fear of change.

    In Hawaii, we are our own worst enemy.

    • It’s crazy for a local to be saying this. I came here and had NO idea. I never came here and had it in my mind that there would be racism. But maybe I don’t know my history... the thing is, is yeah I’m a white girl from Ohio that came to live here with her local family in Waipahu. Doesn’t make a difference. I come here in total respect and I get told to go back where I came from. To put this out there, I’m not a racist person, never prejudice. I guess it’s nice to be in this perspective. Never knew what a minority or racism had felt like before... glad I know how awful it is. Why can’t we just give love to one another?

      • Now you know what people of color feel like on a daily basis on the mainland.

        • I feel the need to clarify that being white definitely does not exempt you from hatred by other whites. It's not that racists only treat other races badly, racists are simply insecure bullies and haters and they treat everyone with disrespect, including their own race, their own families, their own land. The vast majority of racism I experienced in many, many years of living in Hawaii was from other whites! (and some Koreans). Many white people living in Hawaii absolutely detest any other white person who they think could embarrass them, they are extremely insecure!

        • B.S. You don't know jack. You just making excuses for being a racist. Just cop to it. Lived both places. The mainland has so much less racism. BTW, I'm black. I feel sorry for the whites that have to live with you people. Never felt sorry for them before I live in Hawaii. Even Obama wrote a little about it in his first book. You people need to enter the twenty first century.

      • I came over here for school a year ago. I am a haole girl also, I’m scandavian so I’m as haole as it gets. I actually haven’t experienced the in your face type of racism, but I have felt in a way. I agree with the guy above that it is has definitely showed me how people of color feel on the mainland so in a way it is humbling I guess. I have noticed that the more I show respect to others and the land and try to live with the culture, not stuck in my culture and old ways, then I recieve respect back. I mostly don’t feel the “racism” with my generation of millennials though, and I have noticed this as well as on the mainland. Millennials are changing the nation than what it was before. Also, I ended up taking a Hawaiian language and culture class when I moved here. I think this is so important for anyone moving here or even visiting. I learned about Hawaii’s actual history, not what tourism presents to you, which is completely different. Honestly it opened my eyes to a lot of things, personally too.

    • Finally someone who understands the Hawaiian situation. Very well written, and thought out. I agree with all of your thoughts.

    • I never lost anything in Hawaii anyway and I have no desire to visit there. You can not want me to come and spend money and that’s ok with me. I would rather spend my money elsewhere where I’m welcome.

      • ikr i love the carribbean. islands are so much nicer + the people are genuinely kind. they dont put on a show and then go home and are like "fuck those stupid tourists".

    • I agree with you and I’ve definitely felt the eyes being in Maui, and it sucks because I truly respect and appreciate the island. I’ve never felt more like an outsider being there. I’m a huge history nerd so I guess I can understand the frustration but only to a certain degree. My grandparents who moved to the US from Mexico have experienced racism to this day, and I have always hated the idea of people hating others because of their appearance or what kind of person they assume they are. I have lighter skin than my grandmother and am white passing, so I know why I get the stares in Maui. The mentality on the island sucks though. I’m from Los Angeles where the standard of living is also extremely high (2,000 for a one bdrm), yet I don’t blame anyone for coming or moving there. The beaches and views are incredible in California, and I loved working at a place where I got to meet tons of tourists. People travel to experience and immerse themselves in other cultures. Everyone has their share of dumb people who disrespect where they go, but I feel like you should give the good people a chance.

    • 100% agree, you couldn't have said it any better. I'm born and raised, but my husband is from the Midwest. I feel the same way!!!

  32. Hawaiians were are war with each other long before any one showed up. The Tall Giants that showed up and took power and took control by brutal murder were Polynesians.
    Just like the Tongans and Samoans. Just like the Chinese and Japanese, just like the Native American tribes. They ate each other, took slaves, and Conquered.

    So What I have to say about all your Hate? Why doesn't Kamehameha Trust fix all your Complaints. They have Billions maybe trillions of dollars??? (((Guess what, Your Hawaiian People Hate You Hawaiians. )))!!!
    Heres a tip. When you lift your hand to point your finger, there's three of your own fingers pointing right back at you.

    • I'm not pointing any fingers but as a Hawaiian I do agree with all minus one.Number 4 I don't mind that one. It common indecency for a person to not be wearing at least a shirt and underwear. But all do prove a point that Americans have been ruining this culture. Now because I wasn't born in Hawaii I can't say as much as people born there.

    • The whole article is absurd. If America hadn’t become involved with Hawaii, there would have been one of three outcomes: 1) China would have done the same thing. 2) Japan would have done the same thing. 3) Their backwards “monarchy” would have stayed in place, and most of those screaming for its return would be peasants working in the sugar fields. Anyone who has visited for an extended period or lived there (I lived on Oahu for 5 years) has experienced some sort of misguided racism. Want some “Hawaiian” culture? Go to Waianae and check out their “culture”, lol, and by “culture”, I mean meth, cheap beer, wife beating, and MMA. Stop taking yourself so seriously. BTW, pretty sure the article was written by a white person, probably one of the ones who goes to Hawaii, takes a few surf lessons and starts speaking pidgen.

      • All countries have their problems. All countries have had slaves and some still do. It seems like to me the USA has taken the brunt of all of it. We are people just like everyone else. Hawaii blames us for all their woes. Well u could have had Germany,China, Japan, or maybe Russia do the same thing. I think Alaska was very glad the USA took over or bought Alaska from Russia.
        Do you people really think you would have been better off. Do you actually think you would have had just days of leisure laying on the beach and surfing everyday. Or weaving baskets geez get over it. Your lives will be a lot better.
        It is like the black people. They blame the white people for everything. I’ve not done anything to them. Everyone needs to get over the past and live together. I love all nationalities. I have a half black granddaughterand a half Vietnamese grandson. I love it. I adore them.

        • Cindy, I agree with you. All Races, all Nationalities are ALL created by one God, nothing else to say but is true. I have European and Asian mix I get discriminated all the time but I don't care knowing I am a human being just like everybody else. so we are all HUMANS.

        • Cindy, you and your comment is saturated with ignorance. Blacks DON'T blame white people for everything! You white people are still acting like savages and animals towards everyone non-white - especially with this orange bigot in the White House.

          It's easy to say "get over the past" when you haven't experienced racism on a daily basis. People like you disgust me! The next time a man rapes a woman, why don't you tell the woman, "it's in the past get over it".

  33. A genuine question here: I am of Chinese descent, born and raised in Southern California and have traveled to the. Hawaiian islands ever since I was young. I never noticed until way later that locals and Hawaiians on all the islands most all think I am a local. (I tan super easily and while I have some nontraditional but culturally inspired freestyle tattoos done by a Hawaiian artist in Maui who knew my background, I was always mistaken for local, with or without tattoos.) When I honestly inform them that I am not local, people seem genuinely upset. They're never rude by any means but their disappointment ranges from genuine disappointment to outright annoyance. I was wondering if anyone could help she'd light on why they're unhappy to learn I am not local when they were certain I am? Thank you kindly!

    • I think your "culturally inspired tattoos" are probably a great example of cultural appropriation and as a Hawaiian with Hawaiian blood, learning that you're not in fact Hawaiian but have appropriated our culture in the form of tattoos, would annoy me.

      • I’m indian, and I am personally honored when non-indian people wear indian clothes or express their appreciation for my culture through tattoos and other things. There is nothing wrong with culturally inspired art in my opinion because it is a form of cultural appreciation. When someone is being unappreciative, offensive or presumptive regarding aspects of my culture, that’s where i draw the line between appreciation and appropriation.

      • noelani, stop speaking English, you're culturally appropriating my language.

      • Culture appropriation is the biggest joke in the world! The world feeds off of US culture and trends. I wish people would stop stealing my Scandinavian culture with all of their skiing!

      • This might be one of the most ignorant paragraph I have read, in an entire column including the original article and all the off the wall responses. When on earth did ‘art’ in this case expressed through tattoos become the property of one cultural group? I guess Harley Davidson club members should be offended every time someone gets a Harley or any motorcycle tattoo.

  34. I have been to over 50 countries and Hawaii is the most racist, and localist, place I have ever been.

    Less than 1% of Hawaii's population is pure-blooded Hawaiian. Most residents are relatively recent immigrants from Japan, Philippines, America, Samoa, China, Portugal, and Korea. So the 'Native' that is calling you Haole, telling you to go back to Waikiki, or just giving you a 'f*ck off" attitude, is actually... also Haole. That is the most bizarre part of racism in Hawaii, and it seems much more similar to localism in surf culture. You will hear local white surfers calling out visiting white surfers for not being 'Hawaiian'. You will see a local Filipino cashier ignoring a Filipino customer asking for travel tips. A Japanese tourist asking for directions from a Japanese bus driver being told rudely in Pidgin they can't help.

    So it is mostly localism and not racism. It is a contest of who has been there the longest and who can pretend to be the most 'Hawaiian'. Even reading through this blog you find people claiming how long they lived in Hawaii, names of towns/breaks they know, local knowledge that sets them apart. Residents are desperate to prove how non-tourist they are, and this insecurity is what results in all the hateful actions we see posted here. A white tourist is easiest to spot so they receive the most hate, and white residents feel the most insecurity and go to the greatest lengths to fit in. You'll find white residents speaking fluent Pidgin with neck/hand tattoos and this goes much further than learning Hawaiian history or fighting for environmental conservation.

    A high end resort tourist would never notice these issues. The employees they deal with are being paid extra to hide this attitude.

    Interestingly you'll find the exact opposite attitude in countries that were once US territories that never became states. For example in the Philippines, another group of beautiful tropical islands in the Pacific, you never hear people bragging about how long they have lived there, name dropping towns with little tourism, or about how much local knowledge they have. If you tried to speak Tagalog they would not ridicule your accent, they would encourage and teach you. They would not tell you to go back to your country, or to stay in the touristy areas, they would beg you to stay, to help them practice English, and want to learn about where you came from. They would take you to less traveled areas, show you the hidden gems, take you to meet their families. In the Philippines you can be proud to be foreign.

    • wow your comment is really bang on. You put into words what Ive been thinking while on vacation here in Hawai’i. I’m Polynesian living in Canada so I obviously don’t experience any racism whenever I’m here and I was shocked to come across all these articles and stories of hate. What I have found is that I too feel that burning sense of annoyance towards other tourists. Not just whites but all others. And on top of that when I look around and see all the faces of Hawai’i being diluted by Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos I feel enraged for the natives here. Where are the Natives working if all these jobs are being given to all others?

      I was in a grocery store last night in the checkout stand, 3 white teens behind me are having an argument about who of them is a true islander/Hawaiian. One said they were born on an island (somewhere in the US) so technically they’re an islander. Other 2 argued saying they grew up in Hawai’i so they’re Hawaiians. Meanwhile the cashier and I, both obviously real Polynesians just exchange this look of “wtf can someone please slap these idiots”. It’s really as you described it a game of whose been here longest and whose more Hawaiian then the next.

      My daughter who is half white and half poly will probably experience the prejudice that I do not but in that same effect she will have a way better chance then we did because she looks so white. She is super proud of her poly side and never acknowledges her white side as she so much wants to be like me. Because she is well travelled to other Polynesian countries, she, at 6 years old asks constantly where the real natives are? Why the beaches (at the hotels) are weird and not real with shells and wildlife... Why Hawai’i is part of the US and lots of burning questions because of course I have schooled her on the real history.

      Anyway in conclusion I don’t think anyone who isn’t Hawaiian or at least Polynesian can begin to understand the feelings of the natives here. Don’t compare them to Mexico or India or any other country because the set of circumstances, the people and history is a completely unique one. And for all those that keep saying “Hawai’i isn’t all that” yes, yes it is. You’re just being bitter because you’re not welcomed here with open arms.

    • I fully concur with you. I was stationed in the Philippines in the navy. In Alongapo I saw the typical hustlers that I saw in any city that caters to military people. But if you got out in the country, the people were very friendly.
      I once spent a weekend in Manila, and it was like being in a lot of cities in America.
      I stayed with Philippino family and I was treated like a king.
      I also spent time in Hawaii, and the attitude of the locals was palpable.

  35. I went to Oahu and Maui recently. Was harassed at two surf spots. By locals (I'm a surfer I get it, it was racial based, but I now get it). I was shaken and quite frankly pissed off.
    BUT I came home and looked up the history of the Annexation of Hawaii, and my god the USA has allot to answer for. Hawaii should be granted complete sovereignty, and it is up to the USA to make this right. It is unacceptable what happened, and why one earth are we not taught this is school? To the Hawaiins (Polynesian Hawaiin's). My heart bleeds with you, and my support is with your efforts for justice.

    • Whether or not Hawaii was legally acquired, that particular ship has already sailed. Hawaii is now part of the United States and it has been for nearly 60 years. It’s also the bulwark of the US defense posture in the Pacific Ocean meaning that it is critical to the security of the nation.

      Secession is no longer an option.

      But let’s just say that it was for a moment. Here are several issues which will have to be resolved for Hawaii to become its own nation, if that’s what the population desired:

      1.The standard of living would plummet - Tourism and the military are the backbones of the Hawaiian economy, An independent Hawaii could see one curtailed and the other completely dry up (or worse renegotiate its deals at far lower rates due to the fact that Hawaii would be in no position to do otherwise)

      2. A large portion of the population would leave - The benefits of dingus citizens would be far more appealing to many Hawaiians than would be a speculative venture as being the citizens of a newly minted nation. The population drop (and brain drain) on the island would likely reach critical proportions. How would this be addressed?

      3. Prices would be increased - The prices in Hawaii, while higher than on the mainland US are actually subsidized to be somewhat lower than they would be in an independent nation. Given the fact all of the fuel, the majority of the foodstuffs and all of the building materials would have to be imported into the newly minted nation, the costs of doing this without the current subsidies would be staggering. How would this be taken care of?

      It’s doubtful that any Hawaiian separatist movement has anything other than token support on the islands. Most adult Hawaiians who are looking at the world with a measure of pragmatism, realize that Hawaii’s future is as part of the United States, not as being an individual nation. The few who do not, would quickly find that their dreams about an independent Hawaii would quickly run into the harsh realities of a modern world.

  36. To all who comment here.
    I'm a bit late to this, but just got back from my first trip Oahu and Maui. I was and am the quintessential surfing tourist. BUT as a surfer/bodyboarder from a part of Australia where localism is a part of life and respect and considersation is the only way to surf many spots. I understand localism, respect, humbleness and staying out of the frame. I knew of the wrath I would encounter for my white skin and asian wife, and thought I was well prepared, how wrong was I.
    As further qualification, I frequently surf breaks that are secret spots or on Australian Aboriginal reserves, I know the protocol and the sensitivity.
    Also, I have travelled and lived all over the world, mostly in North East Asia. But also Micronesia, and Polynesia.
    On top of all this I am Jewish by decent. I secular in practice. I'm only too aware of casual racism.
    Hawaii was and is the most outwardly racist place I have ever been too. Violently racist. It is just wrong. There is no excuse.
    I specifically made a decision to only surf 'Tourist' spots, Lani's, Waimea Bay and Sandy beach. I had no issues there. But I stopped at spots surfed by locals, no camera, no intention of stepping in the water. But on each of the two occasions (I'm a fast learner), I have never felt so intimated in my entire life. 6 Locals, stood around my hire car and the racial slurs began in earnst. My wife was shaken up bad, second time I went alone. Same result, side of my car kicked in. Then there was stopping in small towns....H#### C###. I'm sure most of those who leveled these comments were no more Hawaiin than I am by DNA, but this makes no difference.
    This was appalling. As a non US National tourist or even if I was from Mainland USA, how on earth can I appease these historical grievances? How on earth do or ANYONE do anything? And is this mob rule mentality going to change anything anyway?
    So, as a leading industry executive, I will steer clear of Hawaii. Never again. This is not everyday localism. This is ultra nationalist hate crime. If these people were white that be the KKK on steriods....and the Police say, don't do anything, it is what it is. Where else on in the world could this be condoned? And where else in the USA?
    So, I haven't read most of the above comments, but this was my experience. Hope ot is isolated but I know it isn't and as for the US government, your tout Hawaii as a holiday destination, people travel from all over the world to be there, get this law and order and political issue corrected, it is not reasonable to have people exposed to your inability to settle passed grievances.

    • You don’t know the history of oppression in Hawaii. I do understand where you are coming from. I am native Hawaiian myself and do not hate white people most of us native Hawaiians do not hate you but locals (different) might. You need to understand the history of oppression from your people against ours and realize you are guest so act like it, leave our traditions alone. I apologize for those people but some place are off limits to non-locals that’s just how it is. To address the racism part your people stole everything from our people, killed us, took away our culture and in enslaved some of us so just remember the history.

      • Excuse me @ Laakea? How do you know what @Matthias Alexanderson (or anyone else you've never met or otherwise "researched" for that matter) knows or doesn't know? You're justifying the ill treatment he received based on something you claim he doesn't know about. Should you receive similar treatment for not knowing about Matthias Alexanderson - would that be just? And PLEASE don't respond with anything as tired as "if he knew the history, he wouldn't..." - if you're going to defend someone being treated unfairly, harshly, worse, etc because of their color, race, creed, religion, whatever, you're going to have to respond with "real" answers.

        I take so much issue with the rest of your post as well, but I'll bite my tongue and just address this one point for now. Do you think it's ok for one person (or group of persons) to mistreat another for no other reason than -- sorry to repeat myself -- their color, race, creed, religion, etc?

        I 100% agree that what the US did in "acquiring" Hawaii is an absolute atrocity... in more ways than I can possibly truly comprehend.

        But my question for you is: how does putting all this effort into fostering so much hate and resentment (or maybe it's just "justification of it" in your case) mitigate any of what happened?

        @Matthias Alexanderson isn't even a citizen of the previous Union (i.e. the mainland) that has oppressed your ancestors... the oppression that has had undeniable effects on you and your people in present day. But even if he was, does it REALLY make you feel good to know that he was mistreated? With what has happened, do you honestly think you can hate or intimidate or beat or discriminate it away? There's got to be another way.

        The methods you seem to be justifying won't work... and if they ultimately do, then we're all in a lot more trouble than any of us are aware of. "Us whites" (that's not me siding with them... that's me sadly acknowledging that I have to be associated with them by skin color... and that alone) already tried that and are responsible for the mess we already have before us.

      • Please see my update to my original post, I have repented. I still feel bad by the way I way treated, but I get where it is coming from. Understand most of us have never accurately been told about the history....which is no doubt part of the problem. Please read below:

        Matthias the now enlightened
        December 31, 2017 • 11:58 pm
        I went to Oahu and Maui recently. Was harassed at two surf spots. By locals (I'm a surfer I get it, it was racial based, but I now get it). I was shaken and quite frankly pissed off.
        BUT I came home and looked up the history of the Annexation of Hawaii, and my god the USA has allot to answer for. Hawaii should be granted complete sovereignty, and it is up to the USA to make this right. It is unacceptable what happened, and why one earth are we not taught this is school? To the Hawaiins (Polynesian Hawaiin's). My heart bleeds with you, and my support is with your efforts for justice.

        • I grew up there. Went to school from 3rd grade until University. Some locals do harbor a historical grievance. Ages ago Ireland had land stolen from them by the English. Does that justify some Irish thug beating an English tourist? Should a Palestinian beat a Jew because his grandparents land was taken unjustly in Israel? Especially I ask why should a 5th grader be subjected to this nonsense? I still remember the haole experience and will never go back. Racism and bigotry are wrong regardless. It has been like this in Hawaii for 50 years. People like you that make excuses for this racist behavior just perpetuate it.

      • yeah? whats the difference between locals and natives? you dont like the US and guess what alot of the US doesnt like you. we can get our island fix in the carribbean. your island is inconsequential. where is your hatred of the island which is apparently owned by a single white family from a hundred or so years ago? you people make me want to vomit.

  37. I had white neighbors who retired to Hawaii and left over antiwhite racism. The military tell me how antiwhite racist the Hawaiians are. I went to school with Hawaiians who were chinese and japanese and they called me haole. They were no more Hawaiian than I am although they were born in Hawaii.
    There is supposed to be a big Phillipino population there. When I asked the military how many are actually polynesians were there they said very few pure Hawaiians with alot of political clout. About 25% mixed polynesian-others. They said everything is so corrupt with the polynesian Hawaiians earning way more than anyone else in the same job. They told me all the Military spending in Hawaii is a huge amount of the economy. Agriculture is a small part of the economy with Dole the big contributor. Tourism is a huge part of the economy.
    I know what the US did with the Polynesian queen was wrong. However the island is mostly populated by other interlopers, the Chinese, Japanese, and Philippino. The big winner who would move in once the US would be pushed out would be China because they have the aggressiveness, the huge population and the money now. I'll bet the polynesians would hate Chinese domination as much if not more than they hate the US but there would be a whole lot more Chinese moving in and taking over the islands with everyone having to go through a Chinese middle man in order to conduct business. In reality it will never be just Polynesians again because you can't repeat the past. There are too few Polynesians left.
    Glad I don't live there. I visited the islands in the past and loved it then over 20 years ago. I would like to see tourism drop to the islands so these arrogant pricks get their just deserts. Less money because they haven't developed an economy that isn't built around tourism while they trash the tourists who bring income into their island. They just blame the white man for all their woes.
    This island is just like Japan with exorbitant real estate prices because there is less real estate available on an island and not because the whites oppress them. Japan is alot more populated than Hawaii. The Japanese aren't blaming their declining ecology on the whites like the Hawaiians are. The Japanese, unlike the Hawaiians have developed an economy independent of tourism. The Hawaiians
    don't have manufacturing which means everything has to be imported at huge cost just like Australia another island nation with deficiant manufacturing. I would love to see all industrialized nations pull out of Hawaii and charge them tarriffs so all the electrical goods the islanders have been accustomed to are no longer affordable to these arrogant Hawaiians who can just bitch about their entitlement and how the white man has oppressed them long after the whites have left. Then they will be invaded by the Chinese and it will become Chinese territory. It would sever them right. There won't be any polynesian Hawaiians left as everyone will be Chinese. You can count on it.

    • All non hawaiian imigrants you can blame the first big buisness men that brought them in to work the plantations how else would they be in Hawaii and thats how you get the different blood quantums. So sad how ignorant people can be Hawaiians didnt have ships to bring in immigrants. The wonder why locals dislike outsiders changing the culture. I am a 10th generation Hawaiian and yes we still passdown our land that we have owned for centuries and we love our aina and it still looks like old hawaii there not tainted. We still farm our own food fish in the ocean and live off the land whats left of it. So yea there are still a few of us left in Hawaii that are proud of what we own and keep our culture. What happened to Africa, and the indians it wasnt us hawaiians that killed raped and pillaged. Look in the mirror people. Becomming a state was not our choice after not getting hawaii as the 49th they got Alaska the brought military to vote in Hawaii to make it a state it was not our choice.

    • I agree with a lot of what you said (I would LOVE if the Hawaiʻi economy became less tourism- and military-based - and this is something we're having to figure out right now due to COVID-19). It would also be hard to just suddenly change our entire system due to our history with the US since US rivals like China would want to move in and take over both to spite the US and get a strategic military location.

      At the same time, we're not the same as Japan. In general, both in terms of population and politics, "the whites" generally affect Japan less, so it's hard to directly compare them.

      Like you mentioned, Japan has a larger population, so they are able to produce more on their own. But much more significantly, they are their own country, so they can shift their economy to best serve themselves much easier than a state can. It's not like we could push out the US military while we are still part of the US (and if we did we'd likely get targeted by some of the US's rivals immediately afterward). We also can't actually ship goods directly to us; most goods have to go to California to pass US inspections since we don't have the infrastructure in place, so sometimes we end up paying more for shipments from Asia/places East of us since we are part of a larger country that dictates a large amount of our economy.

      Also, if you actually look at income rates, Hawaiians tend to make much less than many of the other ethnicities in Hawaiʻi. In fact, the highest-paid workers are actually still White, even though there has always been an Asian majority.

      But I think most Hawaiians don't blame "the whites" for everything, most blame the current systems in place more than anything else (especially local ones run by local people - more often than not non-white local people - not the US federal government), and many of us recognize that we have to do more ourselves to fix this. Hopefully, we can get more local/Hawaiian children into high paying positions and build a more self-sustaining economy. Maybe COVID will force us to do this, although this is just as terrible and extreme of a situation as the hypothetical one you proposed (perhaps moreso since the whole world is being affected).

  38. This article made me upset. I understand the reasoning behind why the Hawaiian people are angry...but with cultural diversity the way it is TODAY how is it MY own fault that you choose to hate me?

    I feel for the Hawaiian people. With a husband of Puerto Rican decent and half of my family (in laws) being 100% Puerto Rican I have heard of the effects that arise from billionaires buying beach front property, American government pushing their culture onto Puerto Rico and the effects tourism has on the people as well, colonization etc... it's sad and I'm sure everyone is different...but my in laws being born and raised in PR welcome all those interested in learning their language, about their food and culture etc. and take pride in it!
    So i can say it's hurtful that I get the stink eye from Hawaiians just for VISITING for 7 days out of my life.

    My husband once lived in PR and wanted to experience the islands of Hawaii. We didn't come here to go to tourist shops with the same cheap fake merchandise similar to things sold all along our coast of California....we didn't come to clutter the beach, ruin the reefs, or go to the same 4 restaurants everyone else goes to... and we don't go around yelling "Aloha" and "Mahalo" wearing tacky knock off Hawaiian shirts.

    We came to Kauai to quietly and respectfully explore. To experience Waimea canyon, swim in Queen's Bath and off grid streams up in the mountains, go on countless hikes, see the wet caves, the gardens, the hell of a coast line that puts Big Sur, SD, SB to shame!

    We live in California and LOVE our home because we love the mountains and the beaches, sunshine, rain, snow...National Parks etc--and I personally enjoy our crisp cold air we get on the coast. We came to Hawaii to experience more of this beautiful planet we ALL share. So yeah it's rude for people that don't even know us to be jerks for no reason--espeically since we are genuinely enamored by your culture and educated ourselves prior to coming. Trust me when I say it pissed me off too to see a bunch of tacky (sorry to offend anyone but.... they were all white) tourists wearing the most ridiculous attire and being obnoxious. But to get super rude treatment when I ask to pet your dog (like I do to EVERYONE in California since I love dogs) or when I smile and say "hello" or order a coffee before my hike really killed my vibe.

    • I wasn't going to comment, because as a native I do recognize the racism and localism on these islands and I don't feel any comment on that in this forum will do any good, but I just wanted to make one point about rudeness.

      Not overtly racist statements or violence/threats of violence. Just plain rudeness. Dirty looks and sneers and shortness in customer service or just plain rude people you meet on the street.

      I'm willing to bet every commenter on here has encountered rudeness like that in their own hometowns. And I'm also willing to bet that most can easily brush this off knowing that everyone has a bad day sometimes and that some people are just rude people.

      What annoys me is the attitude that, since you bought the ticket over here, everyone who resides here is obligated to be super nice and ensure that you have a great experience every moment of your trip.

      I worked at a coffee shop and every day did my best to provide kind customer service. Except that one day. When awful things were happening in my life that didn't leave me with enough energy to give directions and correct pronunciations and offer tips on nice places to visit, all with a smile on my face.

      That also happens to be the one day that a tourist berated me for not smiling and being nicer.

      Did I ever see that man again? No. Did he assume that that one bad day was a representative of my customer service skills and even my character as a human being? Probably.

      No one who lives their life here has enough energy to make it their priority to make sure that the 7 days out of your whole life you chose to come here were absolutely perfect for you and every single other visitor. Especially considering the fact that visitors outnumber residents by around 12 to 1. That's just too many to please..

      • Well put. Maybe they need to stop advertising this “aloha” spirit over in the mainland and hyping Hawai’i up so much. It’s just another country, only smaller.

  39. I have visited last November, went to Big Island and Oahu. Indeed, I felt not welcome at all by the native folks. It was the worst holiday of my life and I came in to respectfully learn about the Islands and the their cultural heritage. Not by visiting the „Polynesian Cultural Centre” or The Dale Ananas Farm”, but rather by talking to people and experiencing the nature. Everywhere I went I got nothing but ignorant looks at best. The Hawaiann folks are unfriendly, ignorant and very hatefull towards whites. The are absolute racists. I just wanted to leave after a week but had to stay for two because of my flights to Europe. Keep your Islands to yorself, they are nothing special, overrated, overhyped, extremly unfriendly and expensive and ANTI WHITE. Never ever again will I visit Hawaii. There is no „Aloha Spirit” at all. They hate everyone that is not local. Oh, drugs everywhere, is like a meathheads paradise.

    • @Martin - sounds like a horrible trip. but I've got to say, your post was no better. I see little more than a bunch of unconstructive comments with no substance. Can you elaborate a bit? For example, what are 'ignorant looks"? In what ways did you experience racism or unfriendly-nes? I wasn't there with you so obviously I can't speak to what your encounters with natives and/or locals were like, but posts like yours don't do anything to help shed any light on either side of the issues being discussed. If you have something to say and can back it up, by all means, shout it from the mountain tops and maybe some folks will learn a thing or 2 or see things in a way they previously have not. But to just stand up barking out a bunch of unsubstantiated accusations does nothing but agitate and continue to foster hate.

      • I was last on Maui 20 years ago. Stayed on Sugar Beach. We were over charged at the food stores and the gas station. Rude and stupid locals. Most all the businesses are owned whites and Japanese. The island posers are a pack of losers.

    • We don’t want you here anyway so thanks for not coming back as a native Hawaiian i extend to you our gratitude for being a Haole that finally gets that WE DONT LIKE YOU AND WE DONT CARE IF YOU FIND IT OFFENSIVE BECAUSE WE WANT TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A SACK OF SHIT

      • Thanks for the confirmation there Keala Kalanui, I won't be visiting your island either. I will go elsewhere (anywhere else) instead of visiting a place that hates me and doesn't want me there.

      • This is sad. As a multiracial child in Michigan, I was exposed to many cultures of the Pacific Islands. Unusual for the area, but I am happy for that exposure. I have always felt a respect, love, and connection to those cultures. To hear about the extent of distain toward manlanders is shocking. How would I be responded to as a multiracial individual? I look Hawaiian. Would I also feel rejected by the culture I have bloodlines to like just as I was growing up in a predominantly white community? Disappointed and sad.

      • Wow, so much for the whole laid back, “go with the flow” Hawaiian outlook people in your state like to tout. Take away the tourists and Hawaii has practically nothing, especially outside of Oahu. Your state’s economy is completely dependent on tourists like me who visit for some relaxation. So yes, I will be coming back. Luckily I didn’t run into bitter, nasty people like you on my previous trip to Maui. Everyone treated me with some decency and respect, and I treated everyone else likewise. A bitter attitude toward whites (or anyone, for that matter) will not get you anywhere in life, and this is apparently a lesson that more people in your state need to learn. Especially since the people who overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy are all dead now.

      • The sad truth is this..... no matter how racist Hawaiians are or how rude or how many stare downs are given to tourists..... the tourists will still come. Maybe not a few from this discussion but the masses will still come. They will come from the mainland and japan and Canada and Europe and everywhere else. The other sad truth is that no matter how the islands were acquired, they would have been acquired by SOMEONE. If it wasn’t the U.S then It most likely would have been China. China would be a much worse scenario for the native Hawaiians. So hating the tourists isn’t doing much good. It won’t keep them away and hating america is pointless too because out of all of the countries that would realistically claim the islands, america is the best option if you want to preserve ANY of the traditions and beauty and history. The hate is probably eating up the native people and really accomplishing nothing. It’s a lose-lose for everyone involved. I visited maui and got a lot of rudeness and I visited Kauai and got a lot of kindness. Neither response would dictate me visiting again. Hopefully the people can come to some sort of peace with the fact that this is how it will most likely stay and that the hate is going to destroy them not the tourists....

    • I enjoyed being there, people are kind and compassionate. I'm very Earthy maybe they understood how I felt when I saw Waikiki so commercialized. Too many skyscrapers and people throwing trash on the beaches, made me sad. But none the less if you respect the Natives and Their Land, everything should be okay. In 2016 I went surfing North Shore, I'm going to leave that for the Pros, almost broke my shoulder. Had two Islanders rescue me

  40. So speaking another language is now cultural appropriation? You sound like an idiot. No It isn't like saying the N-word. If I start trying to speak Spanish while in Mexico, doesn't mean I'm slurring racial epithets at them. As a linguist I can't actually believe you are advocating against trying to learn another's language. If anything this is what people should do...but do it genuinely. It is the doorway to their culture. Treat the language and culture with respect of course, but learn all you want of other cultures. Exploring other cultures is one of the greatest pleasures of life and no one should be deprived of it.

    • The author really displays true ignorance. History has shown many countries have been conquered since human civilization. It’s survival of the fittest. If it wasn’t the U.S, that made Hawaii a part of their country it would’ve been Japan, China, etc. Get over it. You have great health care, financial aid, etc. because of the U.S. Hawaii on it’s own would not be able to afford any progress. I grew up in South Dakota and if you want to see true oppression, visit a Native American reservation. They are the ones who are truly suffering, but I also know they are given a lot of government money, paid college tuition, any type of support.The problem is alcoholism. It’s an epidemic on the reservations and so many are unable to break the cycle. None of us were alive when the Europeans conquered the United States, but the government is still paying for it. Just like Hawaiians who receive money and are able to buy land if they are only 50% Hawaiian and because there are few Hawaiians that are truly half it’s dropping to being only 25% Hawaiian to qualify. Hawaii is a part of the U.S. and everything it is. Go on and appreciate your culture, just like the Native American’s do, but quit being so high and mighty about it. The Native Americans would love if people showed interest in their culture. Just like you should be willing to teach your culture to others and be proud that anyone is even interested. Though I’m so put off by Hawaiians and find them to be a bunch of titty babies. I’d LOVE for them to try and survive on their own with NO help from our U.S. government. They’d be crying and whining when our hospitals, health care, food and every supply pulled out.

  41. I have been stationed in Hawaii for 4 years now and since then I have met 4 Hawaiians that were rude. Far better than the amount of rude people I ran into while stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. The first instance was when I first arrived on island. I was asking a bus driver about a location and he got mad because I miss pronounced it. Another local got up and told the bus driver to get f*** and then answered several questions I had. Second instance was a "thing" (not sure if it was a lady or a man but I am pretty sure it was part cave troll) that cut me off then flipped me the bird... still not sure what that was about. Third person was a guy standing outside the door to a homedepot. I needed to go to the return counter which is 5 feet past the door. It looked like he was inline but at the same time he was standing pretty far back from the end of the line. So I asked him if he was standing in line. He glanced at me, mumbled a derogatory insult, then waved his hand at me like I was a mosquito. I then walked into the store and got inline in front of him. He began throwing a fit because I cut him so I let him get back in front of me. Another wtf moments. Fourth and final instance is a guy yesterday decided he was going to ywell at me for not turning my truck off at a gas pump. Now before anybody goes ape shit bc of a safety hazard, I drive an 18 year old diesel truck. Diesels dont like to be turned on and off alot also diesel fuel cannot be lit by a spark or a match. You need pressure and extremely high heat (even a torch can have a hard time igniting diesel fuel). Diesels ignite fuel by compressing the fuel and air to several thousand psi before it passes to a chamber with a glow plug which gets extremely hot to ignite the fuel in the cyclinder. This guy accused me of not turning off my truck bc I am white and in uniform so rules didnt apply to me. For 10min this retard jumped around me trying to get me to fight him. By this time I already had called the police. The gas attendant walked over and explained to the local (he wasnt even hawaiian but from Guam) and told him diesels dont have to turn off their engines. This clown then calmed down and in his own way apologized. We shook hands I called the cops back and said no need to show up. Altercation is settled without any physical violence and I am not going to push for harrasment charges. Now my platoon sergeant had a worse incounter. His wife was pulled from his truck while they were getting ready to leave a restaurant. He ran around and knocked the first guy out. Two more ran around the truck and tried to attack him. Luckily my psg was with his brother inlaw and his family (who are all native Hawaiians) and they chased off the other two offenders. They were all eventually caught and arrested. Turns out some Hawaiian gangs go around finding soldiers and tourists to beat up just because they arent native. Any of those altercations above can and do happen in every state. To assume all Hawaiians are worthless indreds, rude, or uneducated (as some comments below mention) is just plain ignorrance. Since I have been here I have had locals take me to private hunting areas, fishing spots, and even sacred ruins. A local invited me once to help him operate his sail boat in a sail boat race. I was sitting at the bar in the La Mariana Sailing Club one day and he just walked up and asked if I knew how to sail. I told him nope but if he was willing to teach I am willing to learn. We didnt win but it was a great time. To sum it all up you got assholes and rude people everywhere you go. To judge an entire race, culture, or religion based on the actions of a few is just plain ignorance.

    • To be fair, military is historically treated that way because of violent crimes against Hawaiians.

      They don't like you, they fear you.

    • I total agree with you. There are people like myself that move to Hawaii and really enjoy it for all it beauty and wonder. It's disheartening to read people describe terrible experiences like there is something wrong in HI. There are rude and mean people all over the universe I'm sure. I truly believe you see what you want to see, its all about attitude and looking for the best wherever you may be.

    • I'm a slightly hammered Canadian, reading these boards before my fourth visit to Hawai'i and I just want to say your statement, especially the last 2 sentences are the only time I've felt any positive feelings about someone in the military. I apologize for the backhanded compliment, but I am genuinely happy that someone as level headed and open minded is in that force. Perhaps that betrays my own certain ignorance, but I wanted to tell you regardless. Cheers.

  42. I lived there in '99 and '00, worked in a hospital. I would get racial taunts on occasion. Funny how nobody called me a dumb f*ckin haole or told me to go home when I was taking care of their sick grandma, though. I did meet a lot of good folks there, and I took my wife there for our honeymoon a few years later. I think the good outweighed the bad.

  43. Funny....racism is legit if you aren't white.


    Whites only = wrong
    Browns only= right

    Its not hypocritical at all. No. Its not privilege either. No

    Hey. Reality Check.
    Racism is anti-mertiocratic and therefore wrong. No one deserves anything simply for the hue of their skin or accomplishment of their ancestors- this is privileged entitlement.

    Your personal aptitude and virtue should get you where you go in life. Not where you were born, who you know, who your family is, or what racial identity/race you belong to.

    Racism is a tool for losers to consolidate wealth pools and limit competition. Many other groupisms do this as well. Anyone who does things to keep their competition down is a loser. All peers should be entitled to equal progress. Being a peer is entirely based on aptitude and virtue.

    • How does this have anything to do with this article?

      I absolutely agree that we should be entitled to equal progress but by saying this you are totally downplaying the discrimination that many minorities face. White people of course can face racial discrimination, but it isn't the same as racism. In our society, white ppl are the "dominant" race and therefore you can't be racist to white people. Also, let me guess are you white? because you sound so privileged to say this. You clearly haven't faced racism. I can see why you are so mad but don't try victimizing yourself. If you really think that this is affecting you then imagine being asian. Asians aren't even seen as a minority and racism is so normalized. And asians are also treated as if being asian is an advantage for education so the percentage of asians accepted is lowered.

      If you don't recognize how privileged you are, then please tell me one time that you experienced discrimination.

  44. The MOMENT a natural disaster hits Hawaii, they'll all be REAL happy about being U.S. citizens... and they won't have a problem taking mainland money when they need it to rebuild.

  45. When will small cultures realize how hypocritical they are when it comes to these things? If Hawaii didn't have modern-day technology or any standard of living, they would blame rich people for being prejudice and thinking they are too good to help the Hawaiians. Yet, once people show in interest in developing the markets and actually learning the language and culture, people are still pissed? Assimilation is different than appropriation. If you don't believe in assimilation, then that means you are against any foreigner of any country moving to another place for any reason. If someone in say, Japan wants to move to California to better their life, are they wrong for coming here, learning how to speak English and getting a job? Somehow this "appropriation" scenario only works when it comes to white or U.S. born citizens. If you don't want anyone to come to your islands and share your culture, then you better believe the same for every other country and culture. Sorry to all the people fleeing horrible governments, wouldn't want them appropriating United States culture.

    • “If Hawaii didn’t have modern technology..” Hawaii was a thriving monarchy recognized as such by the entire world until the US decided to illegally overthrow it. Hawaiians have not forgotten this and the animosity runs deep to this day. You speak as if you know the difference between appropriation and assimilation yet your entire commentary is centered around an extremely ethnocentric point of view. If Hawaiians had the opportunity to forge their own identity in the world, as a legitimate kingdom that it was, the possibilities would have been endless for a modern self sustaining nation. Unfortunately, America has intentionally deprived them of that opportunity and you have the audacity and arrogance to basically say Hawaii should be thanking America in return after systematically destroying Hawaiian culture and depleting their natural resources. Go read an actual history book and while you’re at it take a look in the mirror and repeat “I am the reason why Hawaiians hate white people”.

      • When Hawaii was discovered by the west, it was a stone age society. There was no written language. The hadn't even invented the wheel. The islands were made up of tribes at war with each other. Human sacrifices and slavery was the norm. Only the royalty and priests could own land.
        It is not the fault of the Europeans that the Hawaii's were unable to progress. If Hawaii had no outside influences, it would still be in the stone age.

        • This is the best observation and true. Just look at many African countries and how those people live. Hawaiians should realize but hatred and ignorance clouds their view. Imagine if tourism would stop for 10 years in Hawaii. Or millionaires wouldn't build vacation homes. Not all but the ignorant Hawaiians don't realize how much tourism and US welfare system benefit them.

      • Ha, possibilities would have been endless would they.... HAHAHAHAHA.... If you're that advanced a people, why don't you make a spaceship in your own backyard, fly to Mars, learn to live there free of Haole then create a fast delivery system so you can to and fro between
        planets so you can go home every now and then and then maybe i'll start to believe you

      • I am not the reason. I wasn't born yet. I had nothing to do with the destruction of Hawaiian culture.

        However, Hawaiian resentment is completely understandable. Native North American Indians have been fighting terrorism since 1492. I strongly dislike Columbus day, it celebrates genocide. Hitler used American history as an excuse to invade Poland.

        Racism, did you know that when freed black slaves moved to Liberia (West Africa), they displaced the native population, subjugated them and took over? The native peoples were black too.
        Some more violent culture would have over run the islands. They would have had more violent weapons. Hawaiians would have had no chance. For example, Hawaiians didn't even have gun powder.

        Many people hate the "other". We have been a violent, intolerant species since humans walked the earth. It won't change.

        We can try to change it in our daily lives, or live in hate. Me personally, I try to be open to others, but, I don't like everyone. I can't stand people who force their religious beliefs on others. The wall? Really? More monies are spent on killing people than health care, feeding the hungry, or healing the earth. I throw up thinking about it.

        Over fishing the oceans so we can have "Fish oil" on the grocery shelf makes me furious. I am trying to do something about that. I speak out in conferences, and people stop and stare. Hopefully some will open their eyes.

        Try to do something, anything to make your part of the world better. My feeling is to try and to understand the "other" while finding something to believe in. What the hell, it can't hurt.

        • "We have been a violent, intolerant species since humans walked the earth. It won't change."

          I remain hopeful that this CAN change... perhaps slowly over time, and by fits and starts.

          Discussions like this one, painful as they are, and with all the flaws and prejudice on display, and misrepresentations of history, are part of the process.

          To just keep talking...

          If it can't change, truly, and we humans can't get any better, I say: why should there be any of us at all? Let the mistakes we are making with the climate and with the environment carry us off.

  46. I have received hateful stares from a few locals over the years and it takes you back to see such hate. Makes me sad as I respect the culture and its people. But I have also met very warm locals and do appreciate it. But after reading this blog I really don't want to go back again. This ruined it for me.

  47. The original Hawaiian culture was at the Neolithic Stone Age level. For example, the Hawaiians murdered Captain Cook, in 1779. They cut him into pieces and stripped the meat off his bones. They believed the keeper of these bones would inherit the mana, the spiritual power, of the deceased. The Hawaiians were a superstitious and ignorant people with no exceptional accomplishments. I don't care what the Hawaiians hate about me, since I don't hold them in high regard.

    • Most people are subject to the same fatal flaw. Their "race" is really quite irrelevant to that phenomena. The accomplishments of their ancestors is also rather irrelevant. It only indicates a probability of their potential. Genius can be born of retards.

      What I am curious about is how mirrors have effected people's racial identity. I seem to lack this attribute, but I wonder. I suspect mirrors have increased people's need to identify with histories of people who superficially "look" like they do. Personally, I find most history to be rather repugnant and hardly laudable. I certainly wouldn't impose guilt on people due to the short comings of their ancestors.

  48. Too many of you getting off the rails on tangent about colonialism and racism. The article talks about impact of tourism.

    Like it or not, tourism, and especially hyper-tourism, does make an impact. Especially small locales like Hawaii with long rich history. The changes are magnified by loss of tradition and culture and "invasion" of tourists and slow integration to USA (the nation that took over Hawaii . . . be that good or bad depends on what and how you factor the variables and your own culture and heritage . . . local Hawaiians feel different than Billy Bob from Arkansas).

    Hawaii is changing rapidly the further you go from 1893 or 1959. Loss of historical tradition and customs replaced by tourism, mainlanders living there, and all the modern day challenges. Good or bad? You decide.

    I lived in Hawaii from 1976 - 1998. I visit family there almost yearly. Boy how it has changed!

    Millionaire foreigners buy up million dollar condos and do in fact force out locals in already tight housing market. Most of jobs are tourist, hotel, retail, low skill related (which is why I left coz not much you can do with technical degree there). Go outside of Ala Moana high rise million dollar condo construction boom, and rest of Oahu is same as it was 10, 20, 30 years ago . . . just more crowded. The locals are not benefiting from tourism. Living in same run down places they did when I lived there.

    People routinely work two or three jobs to make ends meet. Renting an apartment in places like Kalihi runs $1,000 plus for run-down over crowded house renovated to squeeze in as many renters as owner can fit to maximize dollars.

    This is why places like Las Vegas has such a huge Hawaii expat population.

    Public schools are old, no tourist tax dollars fixing them up. When friends visit me in mainland they are astonished at quality of public schools. Drive by homes and you see 10 cars parked in front because too expensive to live by yourself, so you live in generational housing.

    Homelessness has gone crazy! Saw very few back in 1980s, now they're everywhere. Why aren't tourist dollars helping that?

    Rail cost should be way more offset by tourist dollars. Brunt of cost if passed on to locals. State payroll tax higher than Federal tax.

    Drive on North Shore and there are literally dozens of shrimp trucks. Hordes of tourists vying for shrimp. Was there in March 2017 and it was astonishing to see just how many tourists flock North Shore. I thought it was way too much.

    Hawaii has many problems. Tourism and impact is just one. Will more tourism help or hurt? Will less tourism help or hurt? If you care about local culture, tourism helps deteriorate and belittle it. If you don't care about local culture and history, then let the tourists in. If you care about locals and their economy and benefit of tourism, then something needs fixing because they are still low paid (just go visit where most live and so many working double and triple jobs to make ends meet). If you don't care, then let the tourists in.

    Too much tourism didn't create Hawaii's problems, but they for sure impact and magnify them and I see no tangible benefit on locals. Before the tourism boom, locals were still there, not making much money, working multiple jobs, living in generational housing, limited job opportunities. Same is true now.

    • I agree that the super rich real estate investor do ruin things for everyone else. They do the same here on the mainland. Look at California, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas coastal areas. Any place with a nice climate and a nice view becomes an international destination for the rich. Unfortunately Hawaii is a beautiful place with a near perfect climate. Limitations should have been out in place years ago to prevent real estate speculators from , and rich individuals from buying large plots of very small islands.

      It does however, appear that on Lanai the answer to their financial problems may be coming from a billionaire. People need to work, and on Lanai there just isn't much of a way to make a living without tourism. If I am wrong, please enlighten me, but from what I've read the people are optimistic for the first time in years. Personally I have to see it developed, but if it's what the people of Lanai want then good for them.

    • Stop clinging to a cultural identity and groupisms

      I have lost no culture as there is hardly a culture around me worth perpetuating. I don't have a culture just because I am white. That is asinine.

      Tourism is good. It brings trade. Trade improves people's lives. Much of what you've outlines as "problems" related to "tourism" is actually purposeful mismanagement by the rich. Too many high aptitude, high virtue people are marginalized which causes a power imbalance in our social structures. Racism reinforces the marginalization of high aptitude, high virtue people.

  49. I never had a desire to visit & now I definitely won't. Why go spend $ where I am unwanted & judged by what others did before I was born?

    • Hawaii is a great place to visit and vacation.

      I remember living in the Pacific Northwest and a sign on the highway would read as you entered a state "Welcome, Have a Nice Stay, Just Don't Stay Too Long" or another as you were leaving "Thanks For Visiting, Did you Forget Anyone?

      I think the same applies to Hawaii

    • My family is not Hawaiian but we do have friendsthat are. They have said if you respect the locals, our islands, and our culture, then you can visit anytime!! Not all locals are "unwelcoming". If you don't want to come visit then DON'T!! Don't ruin it for everyone else, you are reiterating facts about the government, and everything else, but that part is not the real Hawaii. Before you talk about Hawaii without having been here, think about it. Locals in Hawaii work and vacation like everyone else, and we hear stories about the mainland, too, but we go to those places and experience them for ourselves. We don't listen to someone else's bad experience and decide we are not going there because afriend had a bad experience. COME EXPERIENCE HAWAII FOR YOURSELF!! DON'T LISTEN TO THE HYPE!! HAWAII IS AN AMAZING PLACE EXPERIENCE OUR ALIHA FOR OUR ISLANDS. If your friends had a bad time they probably pissed off a local. So give the islands a chance, because Kauai, which is the northernmost island, is so beautiful and the locals will show you ALOHA, if you respect our aina (lands). So what do you say? ?????

  50. The author of this article truly is the lowest form of human garbage perhaps after murderers and rapists. Congratulations on your pure hatred of travel, tourism, ethnic diversity, and everything good in this world. I hope you die alone, not even with members of your own race at your side.

    • SN, a little strong but I also agree the author of this article is motivated by pure hate or doing what he intended and pit one person against another. Hawaii is riddled with violence from the beginning and to bring all that to the white man is a cop out. Most of the islanders I have come in contact with have been very gracious but there are a few that show their pure hatred and I (do not) look away because that kind of behavior is not acceptable. That being said I will still visit the islands and as always be respectful of the land and its people.

      • "Hawaii is riddled with violence"?? Are you serious? It's literally one of the safest states in the USA in terms of low violent crime.

        • Part of the reason it is "statistically low crime" is that many, many crimes that are committed against whites are not prosecuted. Non-Hawaiian people are routinely beaten but the police do NOTHING because they hate non-Hawaiians too. It is really unsafe there for military guys because local gangs target military people for ancestral revenge. Howlie Day in the schools is REAL. Non-native Hawaiians should not go to Hawaii. Let the place rot. The simmering rage of Hawaiians is well documented, perpetuated and even encouraged. Hawaiians say Whites are to blame for all of their problems. They long for "the good old days". There is no such thing. Only in your dreams. There is no such thing as honor or fighting fair in that culture. They are worse than animals because they excuse the terrible, violent behavior by saying, "well you probably pissed off a local..." Read the other comments. Every comment to those sympathetic to the locals gives some BS excuse such as, whites did the same thing to blacks. I experienced first hand and have since read many stories about people being attacked by a gang for no reason at all. And not just knocked out, but really beaten badly even after the person was knocked out. Teeth knocked out, face smashed, bones broken FOR NO REASON besides you are non-Hawaiian. Hawaiians must stop blaming everyone else for their problems. If you must leave Hawaii to get a job, at least you have 49 other states to choose from. Without USA , you would still be the backwards living inbreeding monkeys that you prefer to be.

  51. Many of the comments on here have degenerated into racial slurs and talk of racism. Culture and race are two different things. There is only one race. The human race. What divides people is culture and history.

    The overthrow off a sovereign government by another nation that you had treaty relations with, is liken unto say Japan taking over Washington DC. At the time of the overthrow there were two major players in Honolulu. The Brittish and the Americans. Also in the harbor we're the Japanese. Earlier attempts at overthrow was the three days that Hawai'i was a Brittish territory, and an abortive attempt by the Russians. Both incidents we're undertaken by individual members if that specific government, and when their government officials found out, sovereignty was restored. Except in the American case. Politically, the U.S. was in the wrong. This was not similar in any way to what happened elsewhere in the world. Hawai'i was sovereign as any sovereign country is today. They had their own Constitution that, btw, was more inclusive than the American Constitution. There were citizens of Hawaii under the Constitution that we're not Hawaiian as well. It was never about blood quantum, color or race, or even culture. It was about how the U.S. (then America) overthrew a lawfully sovereign nation it had treaties with, and with whom no declaration of war was in place. That should scare every single nation in the world. It was done with the knowledge and cooperation of the US ambassador to Hawaii in cooperation with American citizens living in Hawai'i, and the US Marines. That's how it happened. They set up a puppet government, imprisoned our Queen, and made Hawaii a territory of the US. They passed laws saying you could vote if you owned land, if not, then you had no say. They instituted taxes on sheep's, dogs, donkeys, people and children in a time when currency was not circulated. If you could not pay, you were dispossessed. And I could go on...into the other aspects if life that was changed. But, bottom line. The US violated an international treaty with a sovereign state. It doesn't matter about strategic placement in the Pacific, etc. Is it right for you to move into your neighbors house, take over the title, cause it has a better view? Nope. That's what sovereignty is about. Once it is restored, then the talk can begin about what happens next. Simple.

    Just wanted to clarify for people what happened. I am a retired Archaeologist, and a Native Hawaiian.

    • True, but this has been the story of mankind from the very beginning. I know it does not make it right. I sometimes think of the old phrase, survival of the fittest, or like Darwinism. Nature is not always kind. As a world, I think we have become more civilized, but we still have a long way to go to reach that utopian society.

      • Adaptation, as expressed by Darwin was in reference to how certain species adapt physical traits over time as the result of environment. For example, certain birds developed curved beaks that could more effectively access the nectar inside of flowers. These adaptations over time is said to make the species "more fit."

        Adaptations take years, usually depending on the life cycle of the species in question. A flu virus for example is like a little Xerox machine, if you will, changing rapidly with each generation. One generation could be a minute. This is why it is so hard to find the exact flu remedy. The viral strain keeps changing.

        This is what Darwin's theory was about. Survival of the fittest was a term attached to it, but has nothing to do with war, overthrow, who has the bigger weapons, etc.

    • Everyone & place has history. I heard firsthand of Hawaiians hatred of white Americans from a native Hawaiian. Hate me, hate my money. I cannot be held accountable for things I cannot control. I was born long after Pearl Harbor

      • I'm sorry you had to experience that. One person's anger or foolishness does not speak for a whole culture of people. Every culture has people within it, with their own ideas of things. Some people support Trump, some don't. Some March on Washington for what they believe, others start riots. Every culture is a mixed bag because people are different. Know that there are many of us who love our home, know the history, desire restoration, but are not filled with hate for people, no matter what color they are. The Hawaiian kingdom had citizens who were non Hawaiians. And, whether or not it happens or not is not for me to guess.

    • We can restore your sovereignty, and pull all of our military and economical assets, and within a few years without our help you will be part of another country. If we had never welcomed Hawaii as a state in the greatest country in the world, then the Japanese would have killed every last one of you during WW2! Think about that. There would be no culture to even argue about. The USA definitely gives more than it gets from Hawaii, and I would vote for letting you hateful racists fend for yourselves in a second. Maybe try having a little gratitude for the kind people who have given their lives to protect your tiny vulnerable Island.

      • My previous comment was for Gentry below, and the writer of this article.

      • Aloha Chris,

        Not sure where the anger is coming from, but if I were to speculate about what would have happened to Hawaii if there was no overthrow, given the political situation at the time, I'd say Hawai'i would have more than likely become a protectorate of Brittan, although the British tried, but gave up their claim prior to the over throw.

        I guess we can only guess, so if the Brittish took over, given their history in the Pacific, they would have kept the monarchy in place, and assigned a governor to oversee the Brittish interests. By the 70s, Brittan relinquished control of the islands it held, and maintains a diplomatic relationship with them over time.

        Speculation about WWII and the Japanese is interesting. If the British were here, they probably would have still attacked, although I'm not a war historian, I'm guessing that Hawaii became a target because of the military bases here. Especially since they bombed military installations.

        Many Local people, including Hawaiians have served in the US military, and continue to do so. To want sovereignty does not negate what has occurred in terms of their service or the service of others. I worked for the military for many years and I have many relatives who served. It is not ungratefulness, nor money, nor any of the reasons people may think it is, that Hawaiians want sovereignty. It is for the reasons I spoke about earlier.

        I think I should clear up another point. I personally have no idea if Sovereignty for Hawaii will occur and what form it will take. The people that were part and parcel of the illegal overthrow are long dead, that's true. But the US still remains, and in many cases, the families of those people, although I'm not sure what can be done about that. Also, being a Pacific Anthropologist/Archaeologist, I will say nation's who achieved sovereignty had to struggle with economics, and other issues afterwards, finally making alliances with larger entities in the end. I dunno what will happen here, but whatever does, it doesn't have anything to do with color or race, as I mentioned before, one person's anger does not speak for an entire culture of people.

        Btw.. I'm married to a wonderful man, who happens to be happy. My son looks more haole than Hawaiian. I have cousins who are darker skinned, and some lighter skinned. It's a mixed bag. But I live my home, my life, and I pretty much respect people for who and what they want to be, it portray, etc. Is there more traffic with tourism, yes. Do I get irritated that I can't go to the beach with my family and have a party with my family, without strangers walking into the party uninvited? Yes. Is the cost if living higher here because of tourists? No. Everything's shipped in... It's expensive... I could go on

        But... Really it's the same way in any resort community in the world. Seriously. People need to stop making it a racist thing. Geez

      • You present the U.S as a cure but that is a ignorant way of thinking, the U.S forbid the Hawiians from speaking in their native tong, brainwashed future generations into thinking the U.S was a cure. Both of these things and more contribute to the decline of the Hawaiian way of life. The U.S could have created a treaty of protection which would allow the U.S use Hawai'i harbor and in turn the U.S keeps the Kingdom of Hawai'i safe from malicious countries. Sadly that didn't happen and the U.S illegally overthrew the Kingdom.

        • We don't keep you from speaking your native language now, and I haven't heard anybody from your side that sees the U.S. as a cure, so who exactly was brainwashed. You have a ton of freedom, more than you would under a king, and yet all you want to do is hate white people. I'm tired of the excuses for racism against my own people. We won't stand for it anymore. You've take advantage of our respectful nature and good manners long enough. Your people call my people weak and cowardly, well, you've mistaken good manners and patience for cowardice. We are slow to anger just like our God has taught us, but enough time has passed. I will visit Hawaii if I get another chance, I will live there if I get a chance, and I won't put up with any crap from hateful locals. It is a U.S. state, I am free to go there, and free to defend myself and my family from any threats encountered there. Your racist hypocrisy is sickening, and it has poisoned your soul and others like you. I will still extend the hand of friendship to any local that choose not to hate me before they even know me.

        • I was not justifying any rasicm. You can come to the Island if you ever wanted to. Just learn some of our history before you come to the Island, I have a haole friend and I see him almost as a brother. He understood what the U.S did was wrong. I don't blame him for anything what I get mad at is the ignorance of some people who come to the Island and learn nothing about the culture or our history with the U.S. When you come here you need a open mind and not just assume things. Hawaiians and the locals on the Island have a sense of pride for the land and most people still hold to the past because it's so fresh you only have to look back two or three generations and find the Hawaiians that were forbidden from speaking their native tongue. The law thay forbid the use of the Hawaiian language was passed in 1886 and only abolished in 1984. You have to realize Hawai'i was already being ruled by white people because of how powerful the sugar plantation owners had. All I want is for haole to understand the history Hawai'i has with the U.S and that they can't assume that all that's in the pass, and they're are flaws with the king or queen but not all the presidents were inherently good.

        • This is in response to Kaleo'okalani's response to Chris below... my apologies - the web page did not give an option to reply directly to it.

          *SO* I will be the 1st to say that I, personally, can't imagine visiting somewhere with such history and cultural differences from that which I am accustomed and not be FASCINATED by it all thus sparking an urge to learn all about it before visiting. *BUT* That's just me.

          Requiring someone to hit the books (in the form of "Just learn some of our history before you come to the Island") as a prerequisite to being treated equally and fairly is just absurd. I've traveled quite a bit and have yet to come across a similar social norm even remotely on par with this. Should tourists from around the world be required to be familiar with the settlement of las vegas before pulling up to a blackjack table? I know it's not exactly apples to apples, but please take my point.


          "I have a haole friend..."

          This is quite humorous to me. Ask any member of a population that is discriminated against on the mainland if they've ever heard:

          "I have a lot of black friends..."
          "I have a lot of gay friends..."
          "I know a lot of XXX..."

          and ask them if that sounds racist... or ANYTHING-ist. Amazing!

          Kaleo'okalan, I'm sorry this post is coming in the form of singling you out. You seem quite open-minded and intelligent (and I think you make a valid argument in your post above)... but that's exactly why your words have disturbed me to the point of my response. You claim you're not justifying racism, but I don't know what else you would call it.

          When the open-minded and intelligent among us take a stance similar to yours, i fear the fallout from the less enlightened.

        • Kaleo, you have a fantasy view of your past. Why do think whitey and the Japanese run the place? The average local is less than 10% native. Most pretend at being native. It's like a gang culture run by the dumbest kid.

        • To Chris,

          The people of Hawaii have nothing to be greatful towards the US — neither do any of the other countries, eg Viet Nam or Iraq or Afghanistan, and so forth —for sticking its nose into other people’s business, destroying people’s way of life and then “rebuilding.” Just as a victim need not be greatful some who punched him and is now caring for his injuries. America likes to crest problems and try to solve the problems it created.

      • We, as the Hawaiian Kingdom, had and have a good and long standing relationship with the Empire of Japan. It is the americans fault that the Japanese bombed Pearl harbor and turned Pu'uloa into a poisoned wasteland. Try to understand this from a Hawaiian perspective

        • "it is the Americans fault the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? America had not committed any act of war toward Japan when Pearl harbor was bombed. We had a buildup in Hawaii because Japan had already taken parts of China by force and we're about to move into the south China sea.

          You are wrong. Japan would have taken you by force and they would not have been fair, or friendly. You would have been subjugated.

          I get it you are a racist, you hate white people, and you would rather be ruled by Asians with similar skin to you. You could at least be honest about it, instead if making up your own historical "facts" . You are a liar and a racist, and you disrespect the men that died in Pearl Harbor by saying that we caused the Japanese to bomb innocent people. Maybe you are Japanese and biased because of it. That would explain a lot. I totally understand your perspective. You are a racist , just like most other Hawaiians. I hope we let Puerto Rico in the union, and leave Hawaii out. You can make your own way in the world. Good luck with that.

        • Emilios comment is spot on, what a moronic statement from Kaleo.... So when I visit Essex to drop off a washing machine, do I need to read up on their history of the Essex wide boy or when I go to County Durham, should I become an authority on coal mining and ship building? Words fail me....

    • The Chamorro people of Guam are extremely grateful for U.S. protection. I recommend to ANY Hawaiian that is bitter toward the U.S. to look at what happened to Guam during WW2. The Japanese committed what can only be described as atrocities there before the U.S. fought and liberated the island. They did the same in China, and in the Philippines, you know the other people you hate. I am not saying you should hate the Japanese either as they have seen the error of their ways and become a strong ally to all democracies. What I am getting at is that if not Japan then North Korea, or whomever the next psychotic dictator in the world was or will be in the future will have their way with Hawaii without a powerful military protecting it. If "give back" your country then I don't think our military should eve be there anymore because we would be wasting military dollars on a nation that wants nothing to do with us. Keep letting your kids grow u ignorant of the benefits of American statehood and maybe you will be back on your own, although I'm certain that you would still have your hand out as the last ship sails away.

      Teach the kids of Hawaii how to be grateful, how to be welcoming of OUR culture, and put some value on something other than "scrapping" like say, education, or traveling as a student to learn about other cultures. The hypocrisy from every Hawaiian that complains is absolutely mind boggling. You are like the little brother that we want to love, but you are just so smarmy that it's not worth the effort. best of luck on your own if that day ever comes, and it just might with the orange idiot that we have as President now.

      • So using your logic, as long as a nation is taken over by another nation that protects them, then all good? They should be grateful?

        So Philippines should be thankful if China takes over their outer islands because they [China] has a strong military and larger economy? Same for Nepal and Bhutan?

        You're missing the point. Some people place heritage, culture, independence over economics, military power, protection. Some gladly sell out their tradition by words such as "be thankful". "They took my culture and religion and saw the color of my skin as dirty and made me speak the fluent English". And for that be happy?

        That said, we can't change the past. I for one get upset when stronger countries take over other countries and over time kill of their heritage, culture, way of life. Then after few generations people say "be thankful" coz they now bow to new masters and been indoctrinated. That's wrong, but how it is coz winners write history and shape minds of future generations. Become panzies who sold their heritage.

        But it's hard to hold on to the past once you been taken over. Conquering countries don't give up possessions so fast and the citizenry get used to new rulers. Sad but that is how it works.

        China is strong militarily and has aspirations of expanding. Wonder what people would say in those occupied lands in say 100-years if worse case comes to being? "Be thankful" I guess?

        • Actually you are missing the point. You can not have the utopian independent society that you desire, you simply can not. I think you and others romanticize how "perfect" things were before the "hostile takeover by your evil overlords". Most Hawaiians were slaves who worked for the king. They lived of of what they farmed, but gave the king as much as he wanted. So generation after generation of this caste was doomed to servitude. That doesn't sound so great, but whatever. You can not operate as an independent state because you would be vulnerable to a takeover by a country that gives you even fewer freedoms than the U.S. you live in the freest country in the world and it is full of opportunities. You are free to move about the 50 states and make your way in any legal way you see fit, just like other Americans are free to do the same, and Hawaii is one of the 59 states. You think that you can have a perfect independent society if the U.S. would just back off, but it is impossible. Your attitude is no different than white rednecks , or American Patriots from the movie Gangs of New York, or decendants of the founding fathers who feel more entitled than others, and want to block out immigrants who might want to come and have the same great life they have. You are a hypocrite. All Hawaiians that think like you are selfish hypocrites. Get over it. Make the best of the life you have. Move to where the opportunities are. That's what people do. They may not want to leave home, but sometimes their are no opportunities at home, that's how it was for me. I saved a little money and I moved to a place that had more job opportunities. It was a foreign place to me and hard to adjust to, but at least I had a job, and a place to live on my own, and a future that could bring more opportunities if I worked hard and stayed out of trouble. This is life. There is no perfect world, and you are no more entitled to it than anyone else.

        • I think brown skin is beautiful. My wife has brown skin, and my son has brown skin. I have never once heard a white person say that brown skin is "dirty". Why do you think we're all getting skin cancer sitting out in the son with no clothes on? We can't help the color of our skin any more than you can, but we surely don't hate you for having what most of us consider beautiful skin.

    • Im glad you brought that up. I dont think many people understand that about Hawai'i. I think, or at least hope, with the right moment in time that they can reclaim their own sovereignty once again...

    • If its not about race, why are your protecting an institution of ancestral monarchism? Why do you harken to a culturoracial past and speak of the wrong doing of ancestors? Why do you personally have an identity based on those constructs? Why do you ignore the lack of merit on both sides?

      Are you saying that the haoles would become ruling monarch's as well? I'd be against it no matter what race or culture were the "monarch"

    • ". . . more inclusive than the American Constitution"?

      You don't know very much about the American Constitution.

  52. People are people all over. If u behave badly in most places, and u happen to be different in some way, skin color, whatever, you might hear some name calling.

    I'm Hawaiian, and I have several degrees. I'm a retired Pacific & Hawai'i Archaeologist.

    First, there has never been any physical evidence of cannibalism in Hawaii. Bones found over the years have no marks or other evidence on them that suggests cannibalism. So, no Hawaiians did not eat Cook or anyone else for that matter.

    Second, the story of a Hawaiian Prince killing his son with boiling water is a myth.

    Third, in almost every place in the world where explorers/conquerers landed, there is a local native word for those people. The word haole is the same. Modern usage of the word has been used as slang and in a derogatory way.

    Fourth, as much as Hawai'i is the 50th state, in many ways it is a product of history and culture, and not the label of statehood. So, if you come to Hawai'i with the idea that people will behave as mainlanders do, you will be in culture shock. We have many mixture of races here. In fact, my son looks white, but has as much Hawaiian blood as other Hawaiians with deeper skin color. People love him for him, well before they meet me and discover he's part Hawaiian with deep cultural and geneological roots.

    Fifth People who come here find Hawai'i a different place, and often that is the reason they come here. And, while Hawai'i is beautiful, the cost of living is high, and living here can be isolating for those from the mainland. I feel ya, I felt the same way on the mainland away from my family.

    In every culture there are always a few bad apples, so yes there are uneducated people, and yes there are people who are rude & mean, etc. It's that way in alot of places in the world. Travel outside of the US, you will see what I mean. Europeans who travel to the US experience culture shock too. Most people like to be respected, especially in their own neighborhoods, Hawaii's neighborhood just happens to be a tourist destination. Think about it. If you traveled to say Rome, would you endeavor to be a good guest, show respect cause your visiting their home, etc.? I think because Hawai'i is a state, people make certain assumptions, and these assumptions not only dictate behavior, but create barriers to understanding each other.

    Sixth, it's easy for us as human beings to justify bad behavior by cloaking it in racism. Hawaiian studies programs didn't exist until the late seventies. Most people knew some Hawaiian history, but we're still in the dark. It's been a relatively short time for Hawaiians to digest it all. And because we are human beings, some get angry. This does not mean that the overthrow didn't happen..it did. And, all the rest.

    Seventh, if you don't feel comfortable here, that's ok. If you do, that's ok too. But, let's be clear. If your rude, people probably don't like you. If you treat others how you like to be treated, you'll probably be fine.

    As a culture, Hawaiians are inclusive. But, we have yet to talk about how much of our culture is appropriated for tourism, and then funneled back to the mainland, or China, or elsewhere. Most tourist dollars don't remain here. For example, do you know Maui chips is a mainland company? What about all those Hawaiian beers? California. I could go on. Buy local from a local person, even if they aren't Hawaiian. Then maybe the tourist dollars will mean more to people.

    I am learning new things everyday while helping my son and other local artists in our shop. It is my son's dream, so there I am.

    Ok I talked too much. That's my two cents.

    • What about the culture that existed in Hawaii before the Polynesians invaded the islands and eradicated them? Did such a culture exist as archeological evidence suggests?

      • It is irrelevant. They determined that by never talking about to begin with.

        The first settlers of Hawaii

        The Hawaiian Islands had been uninhabited for millions of years, until around A.D 300 to 600. The Polynesians from the Marquesas Islands were the first to reach the Hawaiian Islands. Settling by the waters, these natives started small farming systems that became some of their main food sources. Another group of settlers arrived in hundreds of years later. This second wave of settlers were the Tahitians, who were also of Polynesian decent. The Tahitians oppressed the first settlers from the Marquesas, calling them commoners and forcing them to run off and make a living in the mountains. It was the Polynesians from Tahiti who came to inhabit much of the Hawaiian Islands before the first Westerners landed on the Islands in the late 1700s.

        Go figure. The current crop of racist hawaiians are probably decedents of narcissistic polynesians. I highly doubt racism would be a problem if it wasn't for the dominating war culture of the second wave of polynesians....but who knows. Racism is popular with the primitive types and their cult masters.

  53. I moved here 5 years ago. I came with an open mind and an understanding of the cultural differences. Hawaiians I feel are very friendly, and true I do not pretend to be Hawaiian. Hawaiians and mainlanders move in different circles. I was told Hawaiians will not invite a mainlander into their home and they will not enter a mainlander's home either, but I experienced exceptions. I realize I am an invader here, just as in my very small conservative home town where I grew up on the mainland, when a middle eastern family moved in and purchased a convenience store, it was robbed several times. Being a tourist here is one thing, being a resident is another.

    Some surprises since I have been here is that property crime is orders of magnitude above from where I lived in the mainland. Also rape and auto theft is well above the national average. I initially wondered why so many housing developments and individual houses have gated access.The prisons have a revolving door here. Many I hear on the news have multiple felonies and are released with 2 or 3 thousand dollar bonds. And everyone here seems to be on some sort of government assistance.

    My only bad experiences were hiring Hawaiians to do work on my property. I have been ripped off three times now. And they were blatantly and intentionally done. Was I targeted because I am a haole? Perhaps so. I do not know. I do not want to walk around with a chip on my shoulder, but I don't think I'll ever hire a native Hawaiian again.

    Of course all of the above is somewhat a function of what Island you are on. Oahu is more incorporated, Kauai, still very native, and the BI (where I am at), sort of a mix based on community. But I love the weather, easy going life style, and open space.

  54. We are Mauna Kea. I couldn't do much but sign E-protest petitions while this was happening. The protest created a scene of peaceful gathering and strong determination for a sacred place to be left alone. Living in Texas, I'm only limited to do something. After all was done and won I felt my signature counted towards something. I was inspired to get we are Mauna Kea tattood with the islands and location of the mountain. It reminds me that culture is important and societies need to respect that. One day I will visit the mountain, in respect, to pray. I am Hispanic.

    • Yes. A sacred place, where your religious dogma can never be questioned.


  55. It’s upsetting that this discussion started off with what resonated with me as some thoughtful, intelligent, respectful and valid comments and arguments from all sides, and now I’m seeing a flood of attempts to justify and promote hate-speech and racially motivated acts of discrimination. I see it coming from people identifying themselves as “white”, which saddens me both that it’s happening and that I, a white male, could be associated with this simply because I’m of the same race. I’m also seeing it equally, if not more, from the locals and natives.

    Some will say that any actions taken (or words spoken) by a group that has been the victim of oppression cannot considered racist when pointed at the group guilty of said oppression because of the power dynamic (past or present). While I wholeheartedly disagree with this for what I believe should be obvious reasons (deliberate mistreatment of someone based on race, religion, etc, etc is wrong. ALWAYS. PERIOD), even if that was the case, I fail to see any “right” in refusing service, shunning from the community, threatening violence or just painting an entire group of human beings in a negative light based solely on their race.

    There is no question that horrendous things that were done to Hawaii and its people in the past are still felt widespread on a large scale today. It would be ridiculous to deny this and even more ridiculous to ask those affected to "just deal with it" or “get over it”. But shouldn’t we ALL be about changing the mindset of people to realize that things like the treatment of the Hawaiians and the land on which they lived is not right? If we change the mindset, the likelihood of similar future occurrences decreases. So yes, I understand and support being deeply upset by the acts of the past and its affect on one's culture. I also believe the most productive course of action to take is to bring about change, not harbor animosity and seek revenge.

    Lastly, there is no question that tourism and masses of “foreigners” moving to Hawaii have driven cost of living through the roof, forcing some locals and natives into less than desirable situations (of which there are many). It can be argued that this happens in all desirable locations and it’s part of the job. True, but we’re taking about Hawaii now and just because it happens elsewhere does not mitigate any of its effects here. However this is not my point. My point is that I agree that it is a very real and very serious problem and as such I would like to think that it can be agreed that the way to fix this is through legislation, however ineffective or hopeless it may seem at times. If there needs to be caps and quotas, they have to be put in place by law/statute. I know that’s easy for me to say not having to live with any of the fallout being endured, but at the same time I’m quite certain that mistreating the people (or groups of people) shouldering the blame for this situation will not resolve it.

    I don’t know much, but I do know that racism or discrimination in any form at any level will not bring about the change we need. it will only feed the beast, perpetuate the cycle and let the ignorance continue to run rampant.

    • Yes. People who complain about being subjected to racism are racist. They cannot get beyond the fact that two people who look alike are not necessarily much alike at all.

      Look. Race is one of many maladjusted mechanisms people use to limit competition. Many people of many "groups" are being discriminated and forced into powerless positions by other "groups" simply so the cult leaders can have more power and the followers can have an inflated sense of value and accomplishment.

  56. I am currently visiting Hawaii (Oahu) for the first time. If I could find a good job here, I'd think really hard about moving here. As a black American, I tend to be very observant of how members of different ethnic groups interact with each other. And although I've only been here for a week, I've noticed that most of the native Hawaiians I've seen are in the service and tourism and entertainment industries (food service, tour guides, bell hops, dancers/entertainers, etc). My heart breaks a little each day because here is yet another group of people who have had much of their land, opportunities, and way of life taken from them. I am from the mainland, but I don't want to be associated with those who have brought hardship to the Hawaiian people. I try to treat all people with dignity and respect, whether his title is "janitor" or "CEO". Please let us visitors know how we can be less obnoxious and help make your lives just a little easier.

    • Agreed, FirstTimer. I too would like to know. I'm a graduate student of linguistics on the mainland, and have always wanted to visit Hawaii-- for cultural knowledge, the beauty of the land, and of course linguistic richness. I just hope that people like you, and myself, people appreciative of other cultures, can continue to better the world and be aware of each other's differences. Let us know, Liz, how we can approach Hawaii the right way. I'd love to visit someday.

    • Probably the simple answer is "go home". But capitalism, even in Hawaii wins out. A lot of cronyism here. Just look at the light rail project.

      But my experience is be nice and you'll get nice in return. Leave your attitude behind. Sometimes, just do not try to understand.

      I was at the grocery store check out counter the other day to pick up a few items. All total about $15. I went to go pay, and noticed I left my wallet at home. The Hawaiian lady ahead of me, who just checked out, heard me, and said to the clerk, "just put it on my credit card". I was TOTALLY surprised. I wanted to try to pay her back some how, but we just settled on that I'll pay it forward. Now I am looking for a good opportunity to do just that.

  57. I am white and I have always wanted to visit Hawaii and Australia and all of South America. I love to learn about cultures a lot and I don't want people not to like us just because we come from the mainland. Hawaii isn't the only place being destroyed. The world population will most likely reach carrying capacity within 50 years or so. Maybe there is a reason for more diseases and deaths. The world can't handle this much at a constant rate. We migrate. I'm sure many Hawaiians have wanted to go to other lands just like we do. I want to there to help people. To learn about their culture and to save endangered species. I want to conserve resources and eliminate human trafficking and torture. I am willing to die to save the earth and help the people and animals. Also America is "free" if you want to call it that, but I say this meaning there are many other races in the USA not just white. We can't help being born here and living the way we do a lot of the time. It doesn't matter what or how we are born , it matters who we become.

  58. Great forum here,(sarcasm) everyone thinks they are special because are a born into a society or race? Hogwash. Either you contribute to the betterment of everyone or you are a leech. WHAT ARE YOU?

  59. 1. If you're of both Hawaiian and White ancestry, you're a Hailewaian--the worst of the worst because it suggests your native kin mated with the enemy, and created you, a symbol of surrender and defeat for all Hawaiians. You should move off the islands unless you're pure Hawaiian.

    2. All Hawaiians living in California should be forcefully relocated to Hawaii because they are taking over our beautiful state with their criminal tendencies, excessive alcohol use, and low levels of education.

    3. If you are a White person born in Hawaii you're still a Haole. No way around this but sorry.

    4. If you believe in Hawaii's right to independence, then start an armed rebellion (if you have the balls).

  60. Lived on the Big Island for 7 years. Found the "locals" to be the most racist, illiterate, culturally inbred people on the planet. And, long-term Mainlanders love to justify all their obnoxious bullshit out of some misplaced sense of guilt or shame. It's disgusting. Want to talk about Hawaiians being mistreated? Well, study how life was in ancient Hawaii amongst the Polynesians. Their's was truly a vicious culture. For instance, the commoners had to lie down on their faces when the Ali'l royalty passed by not to mention the cannibalism and horrific warfare and slaughter between different island groups. Couldn't wait to leave that shit hole. If you want to experience the tropics amongst friendly, welcoming people, try Queensland, Australia. It's far more beautiful than any place in Hawaii.

    • Long-term mainlanders move there because they amounted to nothing in the states. The only place they have influence is in Hawaii.

      • A typical racist comment. What do you know about mainlanders? And what makes you think they want to influence anybody? If you knew anything about your own culture you would know that the Hawaiians were violent people. One of the princes killed his son by making him stand in boiling water because he was crying too much. Tell me again about what a great place it was before the haole showed up? Chances are you would have been born if they haole didnt show up because one of you family members would have stepped on the shadow of an Alii and they would have been killed.

      • It's funny to me how cultures and races like to look down on U.S. citizens and white people for traveling to places and using the native words, trying the native cuisine, and sampling some native music or dance, YET, white, U.S. citizens are expected to accept all races, languages, and cultures coming into their hometowns and states. Now let's say white/U.S. citizens refused to speak other languages or try other foods? They would be accused of being "white supremacists" and turning their nose down at anything different from themselves. Small cultures want the respect, technology, and perks of being a modern-day society supplied by trade and tourism from other races and countries, yet complain about those same people WANTING to experience a new culture and learn about it. On one hand you tell white people to "become educated on other cultures," yet if a caucasian person tries to learn a new language or cook a new type of food, they're "appropriating." Grow up and decide what you want. Assimilation is not appropriation. You either want to be acknowledged by and included in mainstream white society, or you want to be left in complete isolation. You can't have both. And if you choose the latter, don't then blame other for being "racist" or "prejudice."

    • Dear Perry Widhalm,
      The way you refer the locals as illiterate, racist, and culturally inbred show what an ignorant haole you are. We were not a vicious culture, we were not unintelligent, and we were not cannibals. There is no evidence of Hawaiians ever being cannibals. We were an advanced society and we were getting along just fin until you went and overthrew us. And sure, what if commoners had to lie on their faces when Aliʻi passed by. This was as strange to you as bowing to your king was to us Hawaiians. If you could not wait to leave that shit hole, why did you not leave sooner. We do not need your kind here anyway. #Boycott Hawaii? We laugh at that shit. We would be happy if you did not come here. When I say your kind, I do not mean white people. I have some white heritage myself. What I mean by that is that people like you, who do not bother to learn about our history and our culture, do not respect native customs, and do not accept Hawaiʻi as it is, come to our islands and expect it to be a beautiful version of your home and everyone to listen to you. Well guess what, you are the guest here, so if you donʻt like it, why did you come here in the first place jackass?

      • Although, my words were too harsh. Certainly, not every islander we encountered was as I described in my rant. Perhaps 50% - 60% of the islanders were good and decent people. Now, your silly comment serves to validate my points Local Hawaiian Kid. You do not even have the courage to post comments under your own name. You are a typical islander ... angry, ignorant and full of bullshit. FYI, Hawaiians ritually butchered and ate Captain Cook. That is a well-documented historical fact. Did you attend grade school?

        Re-read your post. I, Perry Widhalm, did not overthrow you. What a bizarre and stupid thing to write. And, this may come as a surprise to you but Hawaii is a State within the Union. I am no more a guest in Hawaii than you would be here in Wyoming. I do know the history of Hawaii and a good deal about ancient Polynesia. We did not leave Hawaii sooner because of employment duties. Having a job is probably something you do not understand Local Hawaiian Kid. Are you on welfare? Drug addicted? Alcoholic? In jail? I wish Hawaii would succeed from the United States fool. Hawaii would become another 3rd World cesspool in less than a decade.

        • Mr. Perry Widhalm,

          Your article, at first glance, seems constructive, recognizing a problem and encouraging people to realize certain behaviors maybe actually disrespectful, wether intended to be or not. Your response to "Local Hawaiian Kid" sounds, to me, like the disrespectful visitor you describe in your article. Confused here, very disappointed in your response as a published author I think you could represent yourself, and fellow americans, with some shred of decency.

          "What a bizarre and stupid thing to write.
          You are a typical islander ... angry, ignorant and full of bullshit.
          Are you on welfare? Drug addicted? Alcoholic? In jail?"

          Seems to me you wrote and article calling out a group of people that you clearly belong to.

      • It is infuriating to hear whites talk about losing white culture.

        It is equally infuriating to hear any other race talk in the same context.

        Stop being so dern primitive.

    • Hello I am a white mainlander who has never been to any place outside of my landlocked state but I've always had an interest in history and other cultures and I would just like to say that your comment is the most racist narrow-minded drivel that I have ever read. I don't care if you are on the island for 7 years. every culture on this planet has a long history of violence. most all of humanity come from hunters and gatherers who more than likely spent most of their time eating killing or f-ing. the past was a very violent time because it was a time of survival and war. what I'm trying to get at is even though there is violence in a a cultures past doesn't make them violent Savages especially in today's world. all humans have the capacity of great violence and great evil but they also have the capacity of great good. so you calling the Native people of Hawaii racist and inbred and bringing up violent things from their cultures past is like condemning anyone of Aztec or Mayan descent of being violent bloodthirsty monsters because their ancestors used to sacrifice people by cutting out their hearts. Or condemning all Australians for being wild bushmen or convict because Australia once was a pinal colony.

  61. Enjoy the people who don't care about any of this as your tourists because you have made respectful people feel guilty about going to Hawaii.

    I fear articles like this only polarize tourists even more. As someone who is becoming educated and trying to be culturally sensitive (as culturally sensitive as a white person can be) all I get from this article is that Hawaiians don't want me to visit Hawaii because I am already to blame for ruining Hawaii and it will be further ruined when I visit.

    • I thought i was the only one that thought this was racist as all hell.

    • The destruction has already taken place. The new owners make all the money from their new colony's no one considers the humanity & feelings of those left behind to service building wealth for the new arrivals

    • I agree. This article was garbage. Not very accurate, and written with a haole (foreign) mentality. Liz Beacon does not speak for the majority of Hawaiians and locals.

  62. I think it's time for all white ppl to do The same thing that modern day African-Americans done about being generalized as black. I'm Scott of Highland decent, so I could be belligerent and demand to be called a Gaelic American... or everyone could recognize the fact that there are white people from many many countries. Within those countries there are different factions of those people. Do you want to know who took your land? The same people who enslaved your ancestors. Period. The British crown and it's cohorts along with the Rothschild investment coven. File for your sovereignty. Declare financial independence and surrender citizenship in the United States of America Corporation. Every single person in every state has the right to be a citizen of only their state

  63. The authors act like White Europeans are from the USA, or is it just me? I'm Native American and the "UNITED STATES" were doing just fine before we were "discovered".



    • We share similarities. They wanted to make us a "civilized colony".. But tell me how is holding our king at gunpoint, stealing the authority from our monarchy, and using our land as a commodity, kicking the native inhabitants out CIVIL?

      • They actually didn't want a civilized colony. They tricked you. They wanted your land for themselves.

  64. The world keeps spinning, history keeps moving, things change. It's time to acknowledge and accept the sad truth that everybody knows but nobody wants to admit. Like it or not in ten years time there will be next to no native Hawaiians left in Hawaii as they will just going to keep getting priced out as house prices keep going up and the rich keep moving in until there is nowhere left to go. Hawaii is just not big enough to support both classes. One is going to have to lose. Those that remain will do so at the beset of the tourism industry and expected to demean themselves for the privilege. Gentrification is a beast but it is inevitable. It's what Hawaii's future is and that's okay but let the locals be angry about it if they want. It's just part of the grieving process.

    • Whenever I see comments like this I get so depressed because I feel like you're right, even if I don't want to accept it.

      Yes, this is coming from a Germanic white girl. However, I have been happily married to a native Hawaiian for 9 years now with three beautiful children. We have been trying our best to teach children about the beautiful culture, language, and religion of Hawai'i. Two of our girls are at Hau'ula elementary in a Hawaiian language immersion program. We plan on sending them to Kahuku high where they may continue to learn it. We believe its important for our children, no matter if they aren't native, to learn about the culture they are thriving it. It's difficult enough to find a good introduction to true Hawaiian culture without it being saturated with the commercialized American version.

      I know the outlook seems bleak, but I wholeheartedly believe there's hope for the future.

      • You're a white girl married to a Hawaiian, but are concerned about Hawaiian's losing their identity and culture? While I whole heartily support your decision to love who you love, can't you see the hypocrisy in your union based off of your position?

        Humans through technology and time will eventually all become one race with many cultures. Lets embrace each other as humans and stop worrying about who lives where. There are many Hawaiians living on the mainland too.


        • I am simply not going to waste my time on you. Your comment is deplorable... I can say so many things about the above.... But you show the kind of ignorance that can not be reasoned with

        • George, your comment is what people say when that really don't have any thing to say. I guess you are a racist that doesn't believe in mixing of races and cultures, that's why you think it's deplorable. Go back to biting your own ear and leave the adults to their conversation.

      • Hey Rose, where is your conpern for your homeland? Germany is being overtaken by people that absolutely hate you and want you out of Germany. While Hawaiians have legitimate concerns, at least the people visiting now are perpetuating the economy there and aren't demanding safe spaces for being minorities.
        And you should also be offended by native Hawaiians because they don't look at you like you with welcoming eyes, no matter how much you think being married to one gives you a pass. So quit while you're ahead. You're an apologist and probably support the influx of refugees in to Germany. The same refugees that refuse to respect German culture

        • So what you're saying is- she should go back to Germany to make sure native German blood stays in Germany. Hawaiians should stay in Hawaii.
          Why stop there? Africans go back to Africa and white Americans go back to Europe. Asians, of course, need to head back. And let's send all the Jews to Israel- well... technically that's up for debate according to Islam- so let's just kill all of them since they don't have a homeland.

          Apparently Hitler was right all along. Let's segregate the races so we can keep our natural disposition, talents, and culture. Right guys? Smh...

  65. As I start to write this, I have no idea what my typing fingers are going to compose. I just want to write what I'm feeling in this moment. In a word I would say sad and disappointed...okay, that's two words. I'm sure I'm older than most of you (69) and I see things differently; not just because of my age but my life experiences too.

    After reading this article I thought to myself "Jim, have you been living in a vacuum?" As unpleasant as some of it was to read, it also opened my mind to few things I have honestly never thought about. Knowledge is power (to be informed) so I am glad to be aware of these issues now.

    There have been a few times while on Maui that I've encountered some indifference from locals; I refer to it as the occasional "stink eye" but I've never experienced a local getting up in my face with a crude comment or saying to me "Go home haole." When I get the 'stink eye' I just roll with it and don't allow it to get under my skin.

    I have always been respectful of other cultures and its people. While traveling abroad I have seen Americans act rudely and expecting special treatment and have said to my wife many times, "There's an ugly American....I don't ever want to be that guy." My wife and I try to do as little tourist stuff as possible but some of it can't be avoided
    Yes, of coarse Hawaii is a US state but I have always felt differently about this particular state. Could have a little bit to do with getting there takes a plane or a ship but it mostly has to do with the uniqueness of its true people and I try to respect our differences at all times.

    I love Maui and I mean I LOVE MAUI. There is no other place on this planet I would rather be. My wife and I have been talking about moving there for years and we're finally ready to make that move. We just got back to the mainland 2 weeks ago after spending 6 weeks there. We celebrated Thanksgiving, my 69th birthday, Christmas and the New Year there in Kihei. When it was time to leave and go back to the mainland, I did what I always do, I cried.

    I have always struggled to find a place where it feels like I belong. I get stressed out pretty easily everywhere else in the world....not that I'm a stressed out freak show or anything like that but it's hard for me to feel safe and comfortable and relaxed. I came home from Vietnam in 1969 and that war had a horrible negative impact on me. I was a gunner on PBR's (River Patrol) in the Delta and saw a lot of action. I'm all squared away now, some 48 years later but it's still difficult for me to relax and feel completely stress free. That is what Maui provides for me. It speaks to my heart and my soul and it whispers to me with every breaking surf, with every passing breeze, "You are welcome here."

    As I said earlier, my wife and I don't do touristy things at all. We spend hours walking the beach and trails (sometimes 10 miles a day) and we'll wade in the surf and lay in the sun. We watch the sunset every night and then retire to bed early. We don't go out to the night clubs...just not our style (we're older) and we get up early to watch the sunrise. We do this every single day and never get tired of it. I want to continue to live out the rest of my life, doing just that and if I do nothing else but that I'll die a happy and contented man.

    So, all that said, do I find it disturbing that so many local people don't want me there? Yes, I do. I'm not Hawaiian, I'm not a local but I love your island and it's people and even the ones that give me the "stink eye." Maui isn't lying to me when it speaks to my soul and tells me I belong there...tells me I'm welcome there, acknowledges what I've been through in my life and offers me rest and safe haven.

    I hope I hear back from some Hawaiian natives (locals)who will say to me, "Come, you are welcome here." Even if I don't get that warm invitation, I'm coming anyway because I must....my heart tells me I have no choice.

    • I know in my heart that you will be ok there. Your love for the Islands and their people will shine through enough ,so you so not have to worry. Even if you do not hear from any locals, do not worry, for those who would have responded kindly to your post may not even be able to read your post. Trust your gut and go for it. Do not manifest that that is not wanted, only what is, so with that said, go to where you belong and live your life in Hawaii, for you have that right to be there, and just know you will only attract those who accept you. peace to you brother and thank you for your service to our country!!! Mary

    • I want to explain the difference to you about a local and a person of native hawaiian descent. A local is someone who was either born and raised in Hawaii or one that moved here with their parents and was raised here. So with that said, I am a local girl, born and raised on Kauai, and now I am moving away from here because I don't make enough to afford a house here. So my family and I are moving to the mainland, all because "haoles" (meaning foreigner/not local) are moving here and acting like the islands owe them the world and then some. They come here immerse themselves in the Hawaiian culture, give themselves and their kids Hawaiian names, and act like they own the islands. Most of them treat the locals and natice Hawaiians like second class citizens because some of us aren't as "educated" as they are.
      By all means move here to our beautiful state, but respect the locals and the native Hawaiians. There is no one island that is less beautiful than the other, because each one is different. The people here on Kauai are the most friendly from my experience, and so are the people from Lanai and Molokai. Maui and Oahu are the most commercialized. So just remember those people who give you the " stink eye" have good reason to do so, especially when our islands are being disrespected by tourist/visitors. Remember these islands have been our home since "small kid time" even since we were born, just respect them and we all will respect you. Respect is earned, not given to you when you don't really deserve it.

      • Before I begin with what i had planned to begin with below, I will state that….
        * I'm 42 and male
        * I voted for H in fear of T being elected
        * I'm disabled and have been since 2003

        NOW I will begin with a few more facts:
        * I was born and raised on the east coast and currently live in Colorado
        * I have 2nd generation ties to Italy, but for all intents and purposes, I am white, white, stark white as can be.
        * I consider myself to be well-educated, exponentially open-minded and that through background and life experience, I am in favor of increased diversity and drastically opposed to the structures and conditions that hinder social (among other types) equality justice.

        I’ll be the first to say that, to me, what locals and natives have posted here (and communicated through dozens of additional spaces) is both justified and accurate with respect to both their subjective and objective statements. I do however choose to respectfully disagree with some of what I’ve heard/read/ingested/experienced with respect to the general sense of “distaste” (to put it lightly) towards the non-locals, Haole and, god forbid, tourists in general from across the globe.

        To reiterate, the colonization, the violence and myriad of atrocities of the past that have all but destroyed an entire, beautiful, long-standing culture are disgusting and inexcusable. There will never be an argument to effectively mitigate any of that and no fix to bring back what was robbed in the process. For that myself and (hopefully) other human beings, I lament.

        My issue pales in comparison to what I touched upon above… again, I’ll be the first to hitch my cart to that horse. And I *almost never* feel so moved by someone else’s free will that I feel the need to reply interwebs-style. Maybe it’s because i’m disabled and in addition to enjoying all the perks afforded by “white-man-hood”, I can slightly identify with an outnumbered, underserved population. Maybe it’s because my S/O is an educator and has made it her life’s mission to eradicate the aforementioned social injustices and, I believe she couldn’t be more on on-point.

        But to get right down to brass tacks, I take serious issue with anyone who believes that inequality based on something that makes someone (or a group of someones) different… regardless of the history and/or motivation. I understand the urge to shoot a “stink eye” to a tourist crowding up a local’s beach. Being a mainlander, I won't bother tossing out catch-phrases like “capitalism” and “free market economy”. Argue that if you like… I feel it will rapidly go south and evolve into a larger ideology… but that’s neither here nor there. My point is that condoning hate and/or prejudiced acts/speech is NEVER ok. Understandable at times? Sure… i’ve been on that end myself. But to allow/endorse anything of that nature for any reason is wrong.

      • No they dont have "good reason" to do so. All because another guy with white skin disrespected their island, doesnt mean that they should take it out on James or any other white person who is giving their island the respect that it deserves.

        Do so is called racism. Something that the human race is trying to get away from.

        • they give you the stink eye because when you decide to visit, act all "american" (you know the type), and disrespect their island, you are benefiting from the atrocities of colonization committed years ago. it's like if someone kicks your door in and robs you. and then i just happen to walk by, see your door open, and walk in and help myself to your food, your bathroom, your tv, etc.

          i could argue "hey! don't be mad at me! i'm not the one who broke into your house. it was open when i got there!" but i've clearly taken advantage of your door being broken. definitely not ok.

        • Amen!!! You are absolutely correct. Happy you said it because I was going to.

    • But you truly enjoy it here and you appreciate and are respectful. Plus when you act/are/seem more local then you're treated as such. Until we see your actions or know how you feel /talk you're just a haole so maybe that explains the stink eye thing . (It may not be right , but it's understandable when many haoles have been dicks and even tried to demonize locals for their own racial propaganda.

    • I agree. Hawaii has such a pull. The most beautiful place on earth and I give it all the respect it deserves. Even if I get a few hateful stares and you know those have been for the locals that work at the airport checking us in. Yelling across to another, Here's another one. Unfortunately that person I took to task right on the spot as this was plain hate in front of 100 people. Neither one of us was the winner but hopefully he will keep that hate inside and not disrespect the next passenger. Like you said I will be back.

  66. I've seen a lot more replies since I made my reply because it notifies me by email. Something I'd like to make people aware of is that my home state of Florida Did not choose to be a part of the United States of America either. Neither did any of the southern states, Territories, or even the neighboring country of Texas. But just as I had to give in and come to the realization that my home in Northwest Florida had changed and was never going back to the way it was, many people here need to accept that that it has and will continue to happen in Hawaii as well. I moved here because I had a financial opportunity and because once I got here I saw that the attitude of the people, while a little different flavor, was reminiscent of the way it was when I grew up in the deep South. Most people here stand up for their self and handle their own problems and don't go crying to everyone when something bad happens to them. To all of the whiners making comments about one in the white people to go away: my friend Alex can trace his lineage as far back if not further than anyone I've heard of on the island. And while he does fight for what the United States done for other native groups, I can quote him as saying that "if it weren't for all the white people here all we'd have is a bunch of damn beautiful land and be up to our ass mangoes" ... "i'd rather see my daughters have a college education and be able to go anywhere without being under educated are out classed" so there are benefits and their negative impacts. Start looking at the white people here on an individual basis not as a group who wronged you because not a single one here has wronged you in any way. Some are a burden and you should want them gone, but in that case use that same spirit also admired when I first observed it, and kick their ass and put them on the plane. If you're not willing to do that stop crying... you're an embarrassment to your ancestors, who were a brave and noble people.

    • You're wrong. All of the southern states after the originals lobbied to be brought into the Union, Texas included.

  67. I live on the east coast of the US and had no idea Hawaiians felt this way. I'm sad to hear it. I'm a descendant of a similarly occupied nation and I doubt they will ever be free. That said, if the majority of Hawaiians would like to secede we should let them.

    • I'm in Maui right now with my husband and for the past
      10 days the resentful looks are consistent throughout the day no matter if entering the Maui Ocean Center or checking in for our whale watching tour. We have been to this lovely island 6 times , but have not been for 12 yrs. We won't be back and I'll try to discourage my clients (I'm a travel agent since 1978) coming here.
      There are too many people here, plain and simple and I don't blame the locals at all. We've ruined your beautiful
      island, and I hope I can help in my small way by not returning. Aloha. and all the best to you Maui

    • Where my proud Americans at? America has done nothing to stigmatize or decrease the value of Hawaiians. If anything, America has helped bring Hawaii into the era of representative governments and industrialization which has helped them more in the long run.

      • You can be a proud American, but also recognize others right to pride in their own culture. You're missing the point of the article, unfortunately, and I hope you'll open your mind to it.
        We could argue endlessly about the economics of Hawaii being taken over by the USA, with both sides coming in with pros and cons. The stark reality is that the economic details are complex, there were good sides and bad sides. Anyone who insists otherwise isn't being objective and measured in their analysis (money came in, but as a result the cost of living has likewise become nearly prohibitive, pushing out native Hawaiians from their incestral lands).

        What the author is talking about is the erasure of their culture, the whitewashing of it, as a result of their home being turned into a version of Disneyland. The example of a mock papal hat the author referenced was apt; imagine how offended Americans would be if Hawaiians turned America into a tourist destination, filled with offensive caricatures of Christian culture? It's not possible of course, due to the differences in scale, but this is precisely what happened with Hawaii. The plastic grass skirts, the Hawaiian shirts, the fake leis, all of these things serve to make Hawaiian culture into just another cartoon, something frivolous and fun; whereas for Hawaiians, this is the history of their ancestors, and as a result holds a lot of symbolic weight for them. Meanwhile, the average American knows next to nothing about Hawaii, and can't be bothered to care.

        While the money and governance question is the one you bring up, the author is speaking about something more vital; identity. You don't have to be either liberal or conservative to see their point of view; it's not about our "feelings" as Americans reading this, it's about their history and the steady decline of their identity.

      • Let me give you a little history lesson because obviously you haven't done your research or your homework. In 1898, the Hawaiian language was banned for being spoken in schools. The ban wasn't lifted until 1986. This caused the Hawaiian language to become an endangered language. There are about only 1,000 native speakers left (most live on Niihau) and about 8,000 who can speak and understand it. Compare that number to the 1700s which was estimated to be 500,000. Not only did this happen, but the Christian missionaries tore apart our culture, including hula. Hula was our way of passing down stories and morals. So much has been lost because of those days. So yes, the U.S. did ALOT of harm to the native Hawaiians.

        Just to let you know, Hawaii's monarchy was far more advanced than America was at the time. First of all, we had working electricity in Iolani Palace (1886) and most homes/businesses (1887-1890) before the White House (1891). At the time, most over 90% of Hawaiians had a higher literacy rate in both English and Hawaiian. I also wouldn't be so proud of the whole representative governments thing at the moment if I were you. Trump is president and most of Hawaii is so not happy with that. I take issue with the whole 'representative' part. Representing who? It's not the majority or minority groups. More like the top 1%. So no, you did not help us in the long run. We were completely fine before the American businessmen with the help of the U.S. military, overthrew our Queen. I know the history of my people and the suffering we have long endured. Educate yourself before throwing out your alternative facts next time.

        • @Cyrnean So have your verified your ancestors to the Marquesas Islands? If so, that's a heck of a lot of family documentation! Not many people can go back nearly 2000 years

        • You were making a very good sincere and thoughtful argument until you mentioned Trump. Then you turned you whole post into a political thoughtless rant.

        • @Scales7 You can't prove the 'theory' that Hawaiians came from the Marquesas Islands. It's a speculation and not a fact. Nice try though.

          @Dave "Political thoughtless rant" huh? Actually no. Go read the post I actually posted it for. He mentioned representative governments and obviously Trump is part of that. He's made empty promises and he doesn't represent what he's promised to the LGBTQ community and others. I wasn't going off topic and it was entirely reasonable to respond as such. If you have a problem with that, find someone else to share your sentiment with because I certainly don't.

        • Who broke the kapu, and then invited missionaries from New England into Hawai'i? Your Ali'i. You can hardly blame whitey for showing up when he was invited by royalty. And the missionaries worked to end slavery in Hawai'i, to codify the Hawaii'an language, and some of their descendants even worked to keep Hawai'i independent. So it wasn't all bad. Like most history, it's complicated.

        • That sounds good. How can a place taken by force that have everything removed & the people their don't matter, their true history be eliminated be better off? The people who benefits on taxes, tourism's, & real estate won't be shared with them. Ask the American Indians who had their black wall street bombed just because they were doing better than their invaders. Ask all the indigious people who are call immigrates & forced to leave a country if their ancestors 1,000's of years to get use to it. I guess I don't understand greed. Most countries were doing fine. Before they were taken over by foreigners. No other culture does this then belittle the people & their nations once devastated.

        • You know, Crynean, I stopped at your first snarky sentence. It was so ugly I have no interest in your history lesson.

        • @Cyrnean

          So you don't really have any verification from your family tree as to where you are from right? You just have a "theory" you can't prove either, so it's called, I FEEL like a real Hawaiian so it makes me one.

      • So it's okay to be like "yeah! Murrrica! And take whatever whenever and then say you should be greatful we fixed you."!? Your thinking is majorly skewed.

    • Change is uncomfortable. I also live on the east coast of the US and have never been to Hawaii, but I hear this all the time in response to "gentrification" in New York City. I'm white, I live in a mostly black neighborhood and I get the "stink eye" by my neighbors for not belonging for "kicking them out" of their neighborhood, and making prices go up. I've been assaulted and called racist terms for parking near someone driveway a block from my house. I literally don't know how to feel.

      Should I make sure since I'm white to only move to neighborhoods that are white? If a neighborhood is black should I not move there out of respect for the residents?

      • Good point. All wrings are done now, but how to learn to be at peace considered a second class citizen who teen sons are not safe from law enforcement because of amendment 13. Everyone is not accountable for what happened & we have to understand we can't take everything out in each other. That's going to be hard with the president of some of the people that we have now. I just see world war lll to end it all. World war l & all were division of Africa. Apostolic l & ll. How do we expect so much blood shed (wars & rumors of wars) to end good?

  68. Grow up!!! I am tired of people complaining. Karma is a bitch, so leave it at that and be kind to all who respect you. Spread kind words and forgive.

    • Said the white American lady. Don't comment about a race/ethnicity you know barely anything about. How would you feel if your culture was saturated by the commercialism of another one? Indeed, we do need to move on but you don't need to be harsh.

      • Im Native American just visited Maui. Its beautiful but too many people. I was hoping to see more native Hawaiins to experience the native culture. I met a few who were so very nice and very willing to share their history and the Hawaiin values. There are too many tourists i feel.

      • Rose youre an idiot. "White" is a slang term for European. Did you think Europeans weren't part of the human race? Or what? Because ill learn you a few things for your own good.

        I am american, however I am decended from slavic people. Do you know where the word slav comes from? Take a wild guess! The word "slav" in serbian means "slave". My people are literally named slaves. And actually, contrary to ignorant belief, we were the most enslaved people on the planet! Ever! Over thousands of years! Slaves! Whipped, broken, killed, beaten. Well before africans were even bothered or your precious islands were found! And you wanna know something else? I have never heard my family even speak of it. I had it learn it in school. None of my slavic friends, family, or peers ever talk about it. We moved the fuck on. Why dont you try that?

        But dont forget that Im "white" lmfao.

        • That's true of Slav but that was when Europe was uncivilized & having having 500 years wars at a time, plagues & dark ages colonization did allow them to become more civilized but at the expense of other nations. How do you get rid of the fallout when nonwhites are treated different. Your new administration will & has diminstrated thus outcome. What should these people & their families do in the mean time, they will never be white.

    • Seems like the perfect answer unless you are the one still under the bigotry blanket. The old saying, Sins Of The Father. Well we as (White) people have a lot a repair work to do. Yes be kind and forgive is a start but it goes so deep and so engrained in the people who are on the receiving end of all this hatred that it is hard if not impossible for them to see the light at the end. So first thing to remember is "Grow Up" is not an answer.

      • TRUE DAT!! Margaret Anderson, well said. If that viewpoint could be grasped by more, we'd be moving in the right direction for sure. Similarly, reciprocating thought processes would put us that much further ahead. But again, WELL SAID!

  69. I think the reason why everyone is so uptight about hating the white man, is because it's being taught that way. Born and raised here, I'm 35 years old and all of a sudden Hawaiian studies is "Hate the white man because they did this. Hate them all because of that!" What ever happened to teaching about how the Hawaiians lived, like fishing and growing kalo. You don't hear or read about the Makahiki anymore because, maybe it was written out by the activists who want to have a kingdom again. Who's bright idea to change the teachings of Hawaiian ways into hating the people who came to pitch an idea of a religion called Christianity? I'm not trying to make trouble, but what I was taught back in the day, was that THEY liked Christianity and is why all the issues with the overthrow is because they let it happen.

    • Did you seriously just say they just let the overthrow happen? You realized that the Queen was threatened right? She felt like she didn't have a choice. She also went to Washington D.C. to try and rectify that. President Cleveland was trying to give Hawaii back, but his term finished before his wishes could be carried out. The next president took the exact opposite stance which then made it impossible to give Hawaii back to its rightful monarch.
      BTW my Hawaiian Studies classes were NEVER like how you described it and I had quite a few growing up. I graduated from Kamehameha and participated in various native Hawaiian programs. My kumus taught me about my history and my ancestors. They taught me to respect and take care of the land. They've taught me many things and none of it included 'hate the white man!' Anyone who has truly listened to their kumu talk about the folktales and history will tell you what I have. You are talking about the internet and articles that people post these days. Do not mistake that for hearing it directly from a kumu or kahuna.

      • YOU KNOW WHAT CYRNEAN? I'm sick of being blamed for something my ancestors did. That's like me attacking you for something that happened 800 years ago. It has nothing to do with you. I mind my own fucking business and don't bother anyone, but I still get called ha ole or cracker even though I go out of my way to help others. It's racist Hawaiians and blacks that are changing my values. I used to be a people person, but now I'm growing putrid hate for natives because I'm discriminated against, even though I mind my own business. Get ready, because this anti-white bullshit is all coming to a head, and I for one have grown cold to this "blame whitey" bullshit and will show no mercy to anyone if the shit ever hits the fan.

        • Haha it has nothing to do with me. That's a straight up joke. When your 'ancestors' changed history to what we know, it certainly did affect me! Who the hell calls you cracker in Hawaii. That's a mainland term. I'm fine with most 'haoles.' It's the ignorant disrespecting haoles that I have a problem with.

          BTW everything about my post had to do with history and MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE to Lilykoi's post. There was no racism in it, so I don't know where the hell you got that from my post. A lot of people don't know the history or get to experience what I have.

          I'm sorry that you feel that you've been attacked many times and that you have become jaded against certain races. However, you have no idea how we feel or the rights that have been and continue to be violated by the American government. You don't know the struggles of my people and I'm assuming you don't care either. Turn a blind eye to all of it like you're doing now because obviously it's working out so well for you. Keep 'minding your own business' instead of having an open mind and being willing to learn from the natives. That's your problem.

        • Is your rant supposed to be a threat? LOL! Oooo I'm scared. No one is blaming you for what your ancestors did. But your peers are responsible for perpetuating racist ideas and practices to the detriment of minorities. Within 50 years, whites will no longer be the majority in the US, and that has many of you frightened and angry, hence your hatred of Obama and your support if Trump. The way you treat minorities over the next few decades might very well set the tone for how whites are treated when they inevitably lose political power. And you people are presently setting a piss poor precedent and example.

        • No matter the race, everyone deserves peace. I don't see how that will happen during this administration. Too many wounds being reopened...

    • I lived on the Big Island in '99 and '00, worked in a hospital, and found the people who disrespected me (a non-Portuguese Caucasian) most were the ones who had little or no Hawaiian ancestry. It seemed they were trying to prove how Hawaiian they were by disrespecting anything American/mainland/white. The Native Hawaiians I got to know, mostly because I went to church with them, were decent people. I also have to say that nobody gave me stink eye, called me a haole or told me to go home while I was taking care of a sick or injured family member.

    • Thanks for your perspective Lily. I resent the negativity aimed at white Americans in general because I am white, but I know that there are some really annoying , bullish and even evil white people. This thread has made me a little more defensive, and a lot less likely to visit again, however it is good to hear from you about Hawaiian culture the way I understood it to be growing up. I would hate to see those teachings becoming fewer and farther between. I do not want to see Hawaiian culture disappear, on the contrary I hope and pray for it's preservation while incorporating a tolerance of other cultures. It's really not so much the "white man" that makes things worse as it is the rich man, which comes from all different backgrounds. I know you can see this, and hope others can too. Thanks again for your honesty, unbiased opinion. I am not sure that my opinion is even unbiased anymore, but people like you make it easier to come back to a more objective way of thinking. Take care.

      • That's so true. That is why most people get along & live one another. Its not an easy pill to swallow having your language, culture of your fathers, land & wealth removed from the treasures of the people who put it there. The world is one big understanding and all people are lied to by their colonists. The Bible warns of this day when pagans rule. " God's people scattered all over the world shall perish because of lack of knowledge & being void of understanding " " most people will not know the different in a lie & truth" so captured people all over the world do have ligit concerns, unfortunately it falls on deaf ears. In spite of it all these people are still taught love not hate as their slave masters. Although people are concerned about their oppression & lack of freedom to live their culture, speak their language or educate their children in math & language of their people, so their whole civilizations are lost even the great Egypt. They lost hundreds of thousands of years of culture. The 5% that was not burned by Greeks & Romans civilized them. However building empires continued with destruction of those societies as well.

  70. One more point I would like to make, the Hawaiian people have been so rude and hateful to me, I don't leave my house unless I absolutely must. I can't wait to get away from Hawaii, I'm miserable on this god forsaken rock.

    • So leave and don't let the door hit you on the way out!

  71. I've lived in Hawaii over 30 years, I still am refused service in stores owned by some Asians. I was beat on by a local girl I worked with. I notice the animosity from some locals and Asians every day.
    What gets me is no matter how much local Hawaiians hate outsiders, U.S. dollars and Japanese yen are loved no matter the percentage of native Hawaiian blood the locals are mixed with. By the way, as much as the local Hawaiians hate Americans, they love the U.S. entitlements.
    And another thing, I met a couple a few years ago that was trying to get financial assistance so their daughter could attend the prestigious Hawaiian school. It didn't bother the local husband that his Japanese wife earned enough memory that they took the whole family for a two week vacation at Disneyland Tokyo.
    I have met so many people of different cultures but some of the Hawaiians want it both ways. They hate us and they want us to leave the islands but they want the same rights as as everyone else if they go to the American mainland.
    If they hate Americans so much, why do they spend so much time and money gambling on the Ninth Island of Las Vegas?
    I myself have been so mistreated by the locals I've begun to hate living here. But I suppose that's their plan after all.

  72. I have read through this and I'm so saddened by all of the harsh comments. I will certainly not pretend that I have a higher value of my opinion than others. EVERYONE has a right to their opinion. And by what I'm about to say, I am not dismissing wrongdoings of the past. I'm Caucasian by heritage (a small portion Native American too). I am a lover of history. I am what people call a "tree hugger". I am ignorant at times and I'm head strong. Most importantly I'm human. Now I keep using "I" because I only have the experiences that I myself have encountered. I certainly don't know everything. But the way I see things if I cut my hand my blood will run the same as any ethnicity. I support humans. We have history, good and bad. The fact that whites have belittled so many is infuriating to me. When it boils down to it we are all equals. I'm an American, Native and European. I've read the history books, I've watched the documentaries, I've listened to the stories. And I still don't fully understand, I can't possibly do that. All I ask if whoever you are is willing, please keep an open mind. Don't get angry at one persons remark and blame an entire culture, ethnicity, etc. I can't see all Hawaiian Natives to be harsh or otherwise towards whites and vise Versa. We are all unique, individual and have our own opinion. Please don't use a blanket term to speak harshly of others. I'm not talking to just Whites or Hawaiians. I'm talking to everyone everywhere.

    • finally someone gets it and wants to move forward. This is a great way of thinking and maybe some people can forgive and move forward as well. Just remember every race at one time or another were enslaved or slaughtered. We are all one!

  73. I am a New Zealander, and I can tell you this, with my life long experience of growing up around the Maoris and Polynesians, that these people are the most lazy and shiftless people you could hope to encounter. They are arrogant and think you owe them a living, because we 'colonised' their country. Hawaii, I can tell you from visiting that Shithole with its unfriendly locals, is the most NOT to visit place on the Globe, pity when Europeans arrived an epidemic plague didnt wipe them out.Stay out of the dump and visit The Maldives instead.

    • How disrespectful are you. Not everyone in hawaii are lazy, shiftless people. We work hard to live here and just get by on rent. And what you sayin about locals being unfriendly. Not every local you see here is disrespectful, over here you show respect to get respect, we ain't going to respect you if your attitude is like that. I mean, some locals here can be hateful towards tourists but just because they hatin that does not mean all of us are. We are actually pretty welcoming towards tourists and show them respect so don't be sayin we arrogant and unfriendly. Why are you even commenting, there's a saying called "if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all", what if other people went and said that new Zealanders were dirty, uneducated people and that their counrty sucked. I'm pretty sure no one would like that

      • I totally agree with you. I Love the Hawaiians, I treated everyone with Love and Respect. Oahu is my second home. Don't let rudeness override your happiness.

      • @Hoku Kohalauve Your mistake is that you're trying to reason with an open white supremacist A.K.A. a terrorist. As soon as you read ''pity when Europeans arrived an epidemic plague didnt wipe them out'' that should have let you know that you're talking to a terrorist.

        • It's ok for you people to call out whites, but God forbid anyone call you out. You people are nowhere NEAR perfect, but you think you are. If "you people" offends you, then pull up your big girl panties and move along.

      • I agree for the most part. But when one has been on the receiving end of the hate it is a hard pill to swallow. Our last trip to Kauai we tried finding a road that had the B&B we were staying at.Had no map and decided to just ask the locals. Four locals gave us directions including one police officer that took us in a circle bringing us back to where we started. What should have been a 20 min drive took us 3 hours. Oh just look for the house we lava rock across the front. Plenty of those to choose from. We know this because the B&B showed us on a map how we were routed and I found that so sad it ruined my visit on Kauai. I will never go back. A main road that nobody knew where it was? On the other hand have met warm and friendly islanders but it is the hateful ones that leave a mark.

    • Eddie Quit's comments are disgraceful. I am ashamed - but sadly not surprised - that a fellow New Zealander would spout such bigoted, hateful nonsense. It saddens me to think of all of the entitled, petty and small-minded people who share his view that live, not only in NZ, but elsewhere. Educate yourself Eddie.

  74. What a ridiculous article, however it is interesting to see that even on the Islands there exists a silly 'social justice' attitude of entitlement like there is with "native" folks in the States too. But allow me to explain to the angry natives how things really are; how the world really works:

    You can feel disrespected all you like but had it not been the United States colonizing your precious islands it would have been somebody else. Maybe the Spanish, maybe the French, the Japanese, the Russians or even worse the Portuguese. Do you Hawaiian natives really think that it would not have been someone else? LOL, please wake up and smell the Kona coffee!!!

    I'm from England and a looooong time ago the Romans decided take over Britain. There really wasn't going to be any stopping them; Romans were like that--- they did what they wanted. Difference of course for us Brits is that we aren't still whining about it today.

    So for all you rude Hawaiians who seem to get so much personal delight from being rude to tourists----- GROW UP! You really aren't that special in the big scheme of things. And if you really think your monarchy is coming back anytime soon----well, don't hold your breath.

    • You are so. rude. Does it make you feel good being a bully and then boasting about it? People like you make it hard to move around this world as Americans. Jerk.

      • I agree CLT that they make all of us look bad!!! I would love to visit, but this article made me think otherwise, and this is what they intended it to do. I am saddened that there are so many hateful people in the world.

    • This is to address the ignorant comment made by Donny Brook. The world works in very wrong, unjust and their is no way to justify it. Whether you had your native land taken away hundreds of years ago or recently it does not make it right. The People of Hawaii are special and they do deserve respect and the white people of the island and tourists remind them of the land that was unjustifiably taken from them. They were taken by force and many of them killed and imprisoned. What did the Portuguese do to you to make you so angry with them. Please put your British ego in a small box and grow up. The British people are not superior human beings. All humans are equal regardless of race or ethic background and it's amazing to me how only the Caucasian population seem to have a problem with racial superiority disease. Please keep your ignorance to yourselve and let the Hawaiians carry themselves how they please. I don't think they care if the monarchy comes back or not but I do believe that they have the right to feel resentment towards invaders of their beautiful island that they maintained peacefully and happily before it was taken away.

      • No one has to leave Hawaiians to do anything, that's the way the world works,nature doesn't have rights and wrongs. The native Hawaiians would have either ceased to exist or would still be hurling spears at one another if not for the European arrival there and more specifically the American acquisition of the islands. Does the lion owe the gazelle he eats because he did it? Is that wrong? Couldn't he have tried to find some berries instead? Please. America does not owe anything to Hawaii or the Native Americans or the African-Americans or the Japanese or anyone else, that is the way the world works. As far as "appropriating their culture" by using words in their native language, are you f*cking joking? So if I go visit Germany, or Malaysia,or Brazil I should speak only English right? Because to learn anything in the countries' respective languages would be shamefully appropriating their culture. I should also refrain from eating their traditional food too, right? Not my cultures food I couldn't just appropriate it like that. And if I were to so disrespectfully to eat Malaysian food while in Malaysia, I shouldn't order "char kway teow" because that's THEIR word and I don't say it right. I should expect them to understand when I say I want the "noodles with chicken and shrimp stuff", right??? These libtards legitimately make me laugh. I can't wait until shit hits the fan and all the p^ssy liberal "hey you can't do that that's mean" shit goes out the door. I can just imagine the Chinese invading the west coast and just mowing down thousands of you cucks standing there chanting "HEY, HEY HO, CHINESE INVASION HAS GOT TO GO"

        • Okay so first of all you obviously don't know your fucking history so you're about to sit the fuck down and learn. I wouldn't talk if i were you. You know nothing of what our ancestors had to go through. You call this a successful country well then obviously you're as ignorant as the white people who only thought of my ancestors as slaves. When chinese people come to invade us which is highly doubtful because china supplies us with everything. Most of the people in hawaii are probably chinese. So when they invade hawaii the only ones getting hurt is the white people. So watch your fucking back your ignorant son of a bitch.

      • I think it has more to do with the threats of violence, and the fear of finding yourself in a situation where you are out numbered and a mob mentality decides to beat someone to death for being haole. I think this is more perpetuated by local MEN toward visiting MEN, but maybe some Hailey women have had the same problems. For the record when I was there the only stink eyes I received are from what appeared to be Japanese locals. Hard to tell from looking at someone what their background is, but generally I could tell they were not native Islanders. The women were all very nice, and I never picked up an any insincerity at all from them, and I am pretty good at picking up negative vibes. Wish I wasn't.

    • Donny, that was the most insensitive response I have ever read. See you white people are the ones with a sense of entitlement. My family is Native American and experienced the same thing the Hawaiians did. How did you feel when 9-11 happened? How would you feel I'd Isis came and forced you to be Muslim and live the way they do? You can't imagine that because your white pride won't allow you too. Europe is not being threatened by terrorist on a daily basis, so its easy for whites to be so insensitive.

      Also, who said anything about being happy with the monetary, racist and materialistic way of life that your ancestors have bullied into other people's culture? Some people enjoy peace, life, family and friends and not a bunch of bullying. You are totally wrong for your response and you need to humble yourself! Leave that white privilege to the side for a second and think like a considerate, humble, and decent human being without the false filters.

      • "My family is Native American and experienced the same thing the Hawaiians did."

        Unless Mom and Dad are 150+ years old, like hell. Everyone who took part in the atrocities against American Indians are long dead and gone. [Nevermind the fact more then 90% of all American Indians died because of disease, without even having to meet the European settlers at all.]

        "Europe is not being threatened by terrorist on a daily basis, so its easy for whites to be so insensitive."

        Excuse me? Yeah, because experiencing 4 Terrorist Attacks in 10 months (like France) is somehow better than the "terrorism" of White people living in America.

        "Also, who said anything about being happy with the monetary, racist and materialistic way of life that your ancestors have bullied into other people's culture?"

        Because they do. We didn't have to 'bully' anyone. People like Capitalism because they need/want money and it makes them rich. That is how the World works.

        • You know Kimberly being Native American is a lot more then just blood. It's culture, spirituality and a way of life and knowing your people. You can be brown on the outside and white inside. Adopting colonialism and manifers Destiny makes you more western/European

      • The basis of this entire article was rude and insensitive. So, when someone like Donny responds back "insensitively", that's what the author gets. What has happened to Hawaii over the past 200 years is not a matter of good and evil, AND "white" people that tour these islands are not to blame. If you look up the history of the island, the Kings and tribe leaders consistently sold the land here and exploited their own people. Simple. Years later, greedy businessmen and greedy developers have overpopulated the island making it difficult for natives to live here. I don't think it's right for the mainland to point at Hawaiins and say "You're Welcome" for being part of the U.S., but at the same time, I do believe that if the U.S. didn't make Hawaii a state (by the way, it was on overwhelmingly 93% vote to Statehood by the people of Hawaii), Japan or China would have colonized and exploited the island. I live in a tourist area as well with ski resorts 10 minutes from my house. I have watched home prices skyrocket and our neighbors rent out their homes to tourists. I don't cry about it, I just try to embrace it and realize that growth and development in a cool place is inevitable. I feel bad that the author and many other Hawaiins feel this way about tourists. I wish it was different and I would love to know the people here better. Everytime I come here, a local always does something or says something dicky or racist to me or my kids...every time. BUT most of the locals here are pretty cool. When I get treated crappy, I don't whine, I don't cry, I just realize that they don't have a perspective about people and like to categorize people as they know how. It reminds me to be cool and welcoming to tourists in my hometown and realize they're just trying to see and experience something they don't get at their home. I get it, we all get it. Hawaiins want their island back. Last time I checked, Somoa, Tonga, Fiji, Guam are all still pretty untouched. If you really wanted to get away from all "white" people, move there cause tourists are not going to stop coming to Hawaii, it's just reality.

    • So first of all the white people took over the Hawaiian islands. You guys can keep on saying that without all you white people we wouldn't have any of this kine stuff. But you all can keep your "stuff". Hawaii would be a much more happy place without it. I don't know if you knew but Hawaii as of forever has always been the most peaceful place in America. It has the lowest ratings of murders or any kine criminal activity. The white people ruined everything for us in Hawaii. It's funny how you guys think this country is such an amazing one and peaceful and successful one. The only way it has been successful is from the back of the slaves that were my ancestors. So don't go around thinking this is a mean article. There are way more then 7 reasons why we hate you. In return for our beautiful islands we get diseases and you bring in more people. If you guys were'nt involved with us then Pearl Harbor probably wouldn't have been bombed. They took Hawaii. They took Samoa. They took Micronesia. They took polynesia. Yet you guys still have the nerve to supply other armies with weapons, food, and money to destroy papua new guinea. So Shut up and if you want to say something go and learn your history first you ignorant white bitch.

      • "They" gave you freedom of speach so you could go on Internet forums and speak your mind without fear of censorship or imprisonment.

        • And freedom of speech is something that is exclusively for white people to give? What an idiotic comment. Also, learn how to spell before you post. "Speach" isn't a word.

        • Duly noted on the spelling lesson and thank you Gerald. I can't connect the dots with your logic, Why do you think I mean "white" when I used the term "they"? The intention of my post was to bring attention what America and its ideals have provided. ALL it's citizens enjoy freedom of speech without censorship or imprisment. The post was not intended to be racial at all. You took it there.

      • peace and not all whites are bad, just our USA politicians who are soon to be ousted. Your right about our politicains/presidents having done horrible things to other countries and Hawaii. The globalists are to blame, and they control the leaders of all countries. It is these people who must be stopped and hopefully one day these countries and Islands can go back the way they want. This is my hope anyway, peace to you and I would love to visit Hawaii one day. Just remember that there are many whites who admire your people and would love for them to have it back they way it was. At least this is my hope and desire!!!

      • I am not condoning slaverly in the least but, but nearly all races and nationalities has endured slavery at some point. I am 75% German but I dont me say, "I hate romans because they enslaved my ancestors."

        I understand why Hawaiians dont like tourists, and mainlanders--but guess what, back when America was imperialistic we took you over... sorry, but it happened and as shitty as imperialism is, its apart of human history and culture, and I'd bet that it wasn't America than it'd have been another country.

        • Hmmm, Interesting how you believe its something of the past? Do you believe you would have the same opinion in America and being American If your entired being and culture was outlawed? Today being German isn't on the edge of extinction. There isn't only .01% of the population who speek German. Your way of life is comparable to any European/Western way of life. However, traditional way of life for Hawaiians or just locals are almost gone. Does might is right work if it only benefits?

      • what you're saying is valid and fair.
        But I do wonder, aren't you being hypocritical?

        I look totally and completely Caucasian; blonde hair and blue eyes. Yet, my mother was born and raised in Havana. They were refugees that immigrated to the USA about 40 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I'm a gringa, for better or worse; but how is it right to be doling out responsibility to "white people" as a whole for these crimes? Realistically, the vast majority have nothing to do with it.
        Ive been called "cracker", despite the fact that I'm a first generation American, because of the way I look.
        It's nothing compared to what many have to deal with, and I'm certainly no victim of anything real or noteworthy. But my point is: isn't the whole point of combating racism to hold individuals accountable solely for their actions, not for what they look like?
        Not understanding history is ignorant, you're absolutely right.

        But blaming anyone with pale skin for what happened is, I'm sorry, but bigoted. And incredibly, inexcusably ignorant. "Hating white people" is exactly what is sounds like - blind, unfocused, ignorant hate. And it makes you no better than the people who unjustly harmed your ancestors.

      • Japan was bent on WORLD DOMINATION. That was their plan. Hawaii is part of the world so Hawaii would have been overrun without American soldiers, and firepower. The Japanese would have overwhelmed the islands with actual foot soldiers brought over on carriers, and commenced indiscriminately slaughtering your people. ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE. You wouldn't even be here now. You are extremely naïve about what happened during WW2, and how vulnerable Hawaii is. Hawaii is in my opinion, the most beautiful land and sea in the world. I still think the Hawaiian people are beautiful, and the outside, and many are still beautiful inside. Hawaii's beauty is no secret, and the islands would not be left alone without a powerful military, which you can't provide on your own. You would have to pick a partner. If not the U.S. then who? I'm not saying these things to make you feel powerless; I really just want you to get your mind off of the very narrow track that it is on, and think of the big picture, past, present, and the future of a potential island nation. I think it's a little like a troubled teenager hating his/her parents rules, or conditions, that they just want to break free without realizing the predators that will be waiting for them in the world without the protection of people who care about them.

      • Actually the Japanese were working on taking Hawaii through sheer demographics. Jack London wrote about the arrogant, "We own this place" attitude among Japanese in Hawaii around the year 1900. By the early 20th century, Hawaii was around 60% Japanese descent.

        Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because the US was in a serious depression and had a strong isolationist streak. The idea was to "sting" the US into leaving Hawaii. Hawaii was to be the Easternmost edge of the empire Japan was going to carve out in Asia.

        Japanese do not have a good history of treatment of non-Japanese, or even "not the right kind of Japanese" like Okinawans. Their treatment of non-Japanese in Hawaii wouldn't have been good at all. Hawaiians at best would have ended up like the Ainu, practically kept as curiosities or zoo animals.

        Chinese and whites, Portugee's, etc - prison camps. This is what was done on islands conquered by the Japanese in WWII.

    • So your argument is ''Some one else would have did, so why not us?'' That's like a murderer saying ''people are killing each other all the time, so why do you pick on me?!" That's exactly the mentality of white supremacists scums.

      • I don't think the U.S. government murders the Hawaiian people. Who would you choose? You really only have 3 choices. The U.S. China, and Russia. Chinese business men would buy up all of the land, and quickly overdevelop. The Russians would do the same, and every island would be swarming with sailors, and nuclear weapons would be stockpiled and ready for launch in abundance. Natives, and locals would have no rights, and would probably be shipped off the islands altogether, and any protesters would be imprisoned or shot. The U.S. affords quite a few freedoms.

    • Great comment! It's true..the native people have no right to complain about any past grievances. They were the losers. History is written by the winners. If they had been more capable, more advanced, and more prepared, they could have retained their autonomy. But they were weak and soft, and they got steamrolled. Now their state exists for our pleasure. They'll just have to accept it.

      • Haha omg your comments are just too funny because of all the ignorance just sitting like a pile of shit here. Obviously you need to learn your history. Let's break apart your silly little argument.
        1. "more capable" This is laughable. Over 90% of Hawaiians at the time was more literate in BOTH Hawaiian and English than the mainland.
        2. "more advanced" Iolani palace and quite a few homes had working electricity BEFORE the White House. So I think you have it backwards there Matt. We were thriving as a country and little ole America was jealous.
        3. We were not 'weak and soft.' Yes, an overall peaceful place at the time and Americans were so called allies. Did our Queen think that America would have the audacity to threaten her and all of her people to get there way? No because that just isn't Hawaiian mentality. So no we don't "just have to accept it." We have the right to fight for what we believe in just as you do. Learn some respect and humility and stay out of our state if you have that attitude.

        • Who brought electricity to your state? Answer: Thomas Edison.
          Wouldn't a native Hawaiian purist that longs for the return of the old way of life prefer not to have electricity anyway? It did make things much different, much more worldly, and American.

  75. I recently visited Maui - first time in Hawaii. My family wanted to go to a Luau. It was really good, supposedly one of the best and more authentic ones. They talked about how the white men came and screwed everything up - though they were nice about it since many people in the audience were white. But I felt guilty after it was over, even though I personally had no real reason to. I am, however, associated with the people who disrespected the culture simply by being white, and American, at least that's how I feel.

    When I walked out, one of the performers was standing on the sidewalk greeting guests as they left. I told him how much I loved the island and said, "I'd love to come back if you'll have me". Something like that. He replied, "You are always welcome here"

    I wasn't sure he meant it though - I mean that is part of the show, in a sense. He was very nice and seemed sincere. EVERYONE was very kind to me. But that's just how I felt. I wanted to tell him that if I do return I will respect where I am and I understand that I am an outsider.

    Like, I want to go back because I loved the island - I have no desire to bring any crap attitudes with me. I would rather be a part of their culture, at least as much as any white man/outsider can be. I have no culture to be proud of and I felt jealous(?) in a way that they have such a great one :)

    I did some more research on the culture and history when I returned home. I really fell in love with the island, the music, the more relaxed (at least as I perceived it) way of life, and the people I met were really nice to me.

    I have nothing but respect for everyone and everything I saw there. I thought, what a great place to live - literally. But I know I am an outsider. It's a disgrace how some people - tourists - behave. No matter how courteous I was, I couldn't help feeling like I was an intruder - not because of the way I was treated at all, but simply for being there.

    I would love to spend more time there. I may even want to live there. But I am very cautious, or aware, of the fact that this is not my real home and I may never be fully accepted. And I'm okay with that, in a sense, because I would do my best to be respectful of everything and everyone there. It would not be an effort, as I feel like I was born to be in such a culture, rather than the crazy mainland. I've never fit in with that. I WANT to fit into THEIR culture as much as possible.

    I am going to visit again soon and spend more time there. I'm not a typical tourist - I hate resorts, don't need all the tours. In fact I want to learn more about what it's really like in Hawaii. You don't learn that in the tourist areas.

    Not sure what my point is with this comment. I really loved it there. I went to Maui to enjoy and experience Maui, not to bring my societies B.S. to them.

    Thanks to everyone else who commented.

    • Omg this is one of the most respectful responses ive seen from a white person about anything, i appreciate you and your appreciation rather than appropriation of my culture ❤

    • Wow, of all the comments I have seen here. I feel most in sync with your feelings. I have never been there and have always heard how beautiful a place it is. I hate how "being white" is such a crime now a days. I really wish everyone thought the way "we feel", I wish we could all respect each other's past this way.
      Thank you for putting your feelings here so I can see I am not alone.
      P.S. though I was not "part" of what happened in the past I do feel sorry that it happened, and I am sorry that the world may have turned out this way because of it. I can only hope that one day ppl will look past our ancestors mistakes and wrong doings and see each of us as individuals just as so many don't want to feel like they are judged by the color of their skin. Both are things we can not change.

      • Sorry, but you can not "nice" your way into being accepted on the islands unless you are giving out hundred dollar bills. I hope that we can stop being hated for being white someday too.

    • I only read about half of your comment, but I loved it. You are the type of person we as locals would lo e to teach about all things Hawaii!! If you do ever come back visit Kauai instead!! It is just as friendly and beautiful!!

    • I feel the exact same way Mike. I have been to Maui twice and rented a house and car, and just kinda lived the experience instead of doing all of the touristy stuff. My family and I are very curious and love learning about different cultures, and the Hawaiian culture is one of the most beautiful one's I have experienced. We never felt like the natives or locals had a problem with us, everyone was incredibly kind, I think in part because I would ask every native or local we dealt with their own personal story, and tried to learn as much as I could about them and their culture. I would hate for anyone to not want me to visit their beautiful home because they felt disrespected. I too, truly respect and love the Hawaiian way of life, it is beautiful.

    • They don't want you to live there. You can be the nicest, most respectful person in the world, but they are definitely anti immigrant. Enjoy your vacations, but they do not want you to stay.

    • People like you are welcomed, respect gets respect, it will take a little while but when locals warm up to you like we have it spreads quick, you will slowly be accepted but everything will take it's own time.

  76. Thanks for the article! Kind of funny, kind of real, kind of informative to those wishing to come here. Not all of that is relative though, there are a lot of great people here with aloha. Don't blame the locals, blame yourself for not being able to fit in with the locals. And if you don't like it here, by all means go home or stay away. We won't miss you, I promise!

    • I would be happy to leave trash can of an island, I absolutely despise each and every local here.

  77. Well........ reading this explains a lot! My "haole" daughter gets treated like crap by the father of her boyfriend simply because she's glowing white.
    and we're here, on the mainland, in the middle of other "haole" people - where this piece of garbage moved to so he could make big $$$$$ off the white people he hates.
    That's just rich!

  78. Growing up in Hawaii and being of Hawaiian decent we feel stolen from, cheated, mocked and abused.

    The U.Saturday government imprisoned our Queen, stole our lands, raped our culture and we are just told to take it because it was for the best.

    Maybe the beast for the U.S., it was never right for Hawaiians or Hawaii in anyway!!!

    We did not asked to be annexed, we did not want to be U.S. citizens by any means. The Government took over hawaii and did everything they could for greed. So some white men didn't need to pay tariffs on sugar cane, pineapples and other things.

    Then the Goverment acted as they they did the hawaiians a favor, you did not.

    When did stealing ever become right?? When did being Hawaiian or part Hawaiian become wrong??

    When people ask me if I am an American, I say "hell no" I am part Hawaiian and a US citizen.

    My father was white or "Haole", but he married a Hawaiian woman, he respected Hawaii and the culture. His family moved from Iowa in 1947.

    My Hawaiian family accepted him cause he was married to a Hawaiian woman, he respected our culture and lived hawaii. He had more lover and respect for Hawaii and our culture then anyone I ever met that was a Haole!!!

    My dad was "a local boy", He loved Hawaiian food, hawaiian music and his part Hawaiian children.

    He went to Roosevelt High school, swam at queens beach, and loved Hawaii as his home. He treated Hawaiian culture as a way of life and did so till the day he left this earth.

    He was disgusted the way hawaii was over ran from progress of the white man, it was not progress but degradation of a culture he loved so much!!!

    He respected the land, the volcanos and his Hawaiian O'hana.

    But, he still did not like many haoles because of the way they acted, they poisoned the land, treated hawaiians like garbage.

    The U.S. came into our islands and told us that our culture was wrong. This is why so many Hawaiians do NOT like haoles!!!

    When I went home in 2014 to O'ahu I was disgusted and heart broken by what my home had become!!! I weep for my home that is no longer what I remembered and loved so much!!

    We did not want to be part of America, we don't ever see us as Americans because we ARE NOT AMERICANS!!!! WE ARE HAWAIIANS!!!

    As a part Hawaiian I want my land back, I want my culture back, I want my HAWAII back!!!

    I look white, but honestly I cannot stand most white people. You all oh and ah when I say I am from hawaii and i am partyou all looked at me with confusion cause my skin is white. But I am and always will be Kanaka Maoli, my home was stolen and raped for profit. My culture was raped for greed!!!

    When I went home and couldn't even walk down the streets with out a cop stopping me, or swim at the beach I grew up on since I was born cause of pollution or enjoy the being back home cause it was so ugly that's when I knew my hawaii is not the same hawaii I loved as a child.

    When did being Hawaiian become part of the native American Indians of the mainland??

    We are hawaiians, we are our own people and we want our home back. This is why we say "Haole GO HOME!"

    Don't give your children Hawaiian names if your not part Hawaiian, that is a huge insult!!!

    Don't wear Hawaiian jewelry cause you vista's, your just stealing more of our culture by doing that!!!

    Don't try to speak pidgin cause you want to "fit in"!! It is ingrained in our culture when hawaii was stolen, now you try to steal more of when we have come up with!! Leave our names, our pidgin, and our jewelry ALONE!!!

    We did not ask for this, nor did we want it. It was forced on us and now we are demanding it back!!!

    White men thought they knew better, but they saw dollar signs and we saw saw out culture slip away one generation at a time.

    We didn't get a say then, but we have since found our voice, we will not be silenced any longer.

    We didn't need religion, we didn't need to be made civilized, we didn't need the white man telling us how to live.

    They took it upon themselves to change us and look what it has become. Nothing but Shit!!

    • As a white man....So if I move to Hawaii, love Hawaii for everything it has and doesn't have, honor all of the local traditions...Marry a Hawaiian lady, Make half Hawaiian babies then as a white man I am acceptable like your father??? You are so full of crap. If you are half Hawaiian then you are half Haole. So you should leave Hawaii too! You aren't going to get Hawaii back just by chanting "Haole Go Home." Hawaii is forever changed and is not going back to indigenous times. I am disgusted by racists like you.
      Your Hawaiian ancestors sailed East and found the islands. Europeans sailed West and discovered the islands as well. What would the ancestral Hawaiians done if they reached the islands and they were already occupied? Slaughtered the natives or get slaughtered themselves. THAT is the the way homo sapiens work. Get used to it and become adaptable or go extinct.
      The King of Hawaii sold the island of Niʻihau to a Haole named Robinson for $10,000 in gold. To this day it is still owned by a Haole family. Robinson was a Haole family invited to stay by the King. Seems even the native Hawaiians can be bought as well.
      Haoles aren't going ANYWHERE. The more the mulato Hawaiians yell get out the more we will dig our heels in.

      • I am not From Hawaii or the United States. I am from Brazil so my opinion is unbiased. White people have destroyed the culture of Hawaii and took the islands by force. White people have been doing this for centuries. The United States was taken by force from the native Americans who are truly the only Americans in this country. The US should return Hawaii to its native people and give them their rightfully deserved monarchy back. The same should go for Puerto Rico. The racist white people should have stayed in Europe where they belong. This country will never be blessed by God because it was taken by force and murder. The same happened in Hawaii when white people showed up and started war with the natives. When will this stop. Maybe the US will take over Tonga or Tahiti next. I think it is ridiculous and one day hopefully congress will give Hawaii its independence. The ignorant white prick that made the comment that the natives of Hawaii can be bought should really study up on Hawaii history. The only reasons native Hawaiins sold their land and allowed them to take over is because they did not want to see their people die any longer.

        • Thank you Marc justice, very nicely said.

          I applaud you for your insight and kindness.

          By the way, love the comment about the prick!!

          (Priceless) ;)

        • Aren't there a lot of Portuguese (aka Europeans) in Brasil? Maybe all those white Portagues should have stayed in Europe and leave the native South Americans alone.
          Not all white people are racist.
          Stop teaching the new generation to hate.

        • Marc,
          From whence do you originate? Spaniards who raped and pillaged every country they set foot on?? Are you related to a drug lord? What gives you the right to throw a stone?!
          Guilty by race, not by action,

        • This is in response to Harry and B, whoever they may be. I will assume that both of you are white. This country would have been better off ran by the native Americans. Donald Trump running for president is a joke. I find it hilarious that white people continue to think they are superior to all races. This new generation has no clue the hell the native Americans and the native Hawaiians went thru. The Spanish were saints compared to what the trash from Europe did to this Country. Lesser minds will continue to think its ok and try to tell me not all white people are racist. I agree not all white people are racists, just the majority. Why such a disparity, the official federal of bureau prison website states that a percentage of inmates are black, however the inmate staff are labeled African Americans. This country states in God we trust, lol !!!That is the furthest from truth. More than half of congress is derived from old racist white men. Someone will arise and make a difference, oh wait I forgot, every revolutionary that has spoken out on racial equality has been assassinated, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Malcolm X, and the list goes on and on. When we get rid of all the white racists members of congress who are old white men, that think we still live in the 50's and believe that white people are superior, then and only then will we grow as a country. Please when making comments make sure you think about how you respond. The United States has to make a change as white people are going to be the minority in this country within the next 20 years. Central government will not exist for much longer. We must all respect and treat each other the same regardless of race and color. A concept that is very simple, yet so hard for people to accept and understand.

      • Actually I am a quarter Haole if we're gonna get technical!!

        Your the kind of person we have kill haole day for!! NO RESPECT!!!

        So high Maka Maka, so "your better cause your white". I guarantee you go to hawaii, try to speak pidgin, try to fit in, how about you go to Nanakuli or Waianae, or even Waimanalo and you will get your killed.

        Yes, the Robinson family owns it NOW!!

        But it was bought by the Sinclair family in 1860's, they were sold the island by King Kamehameha V for 10,000 in gold. The island has no electricity, no modern things we are accustomed to.

        They have ha'aha'a, you Sir have none!!! All I can say to you is important dare you to go to those place where I grew up, you gonna get lickins and false cracked. You will be all keke'e and manu kina. Au'e Kane hao'ole, Au'e!!

        My mother is on the big island Hawaiian council, she speaks fluent hawaiian. We just want some of what was stolen from us, from our ancestors!!

        You Fricken white people come in, take what you want and act like it is your right to do it!! You have no respect, no caring, no nothing.

        No wonder so many white people like you end up off of ka'ena point.

        When more visitors can show humility and decency, then we might start thinking and feeling different!! But when it cost 8.00 for milk and Hawaiian people are forced off their land that generations have lived on to make room for more fucking condo''s for assholes like you to visit and crap on the local people, that is wrong. You can insult me all you want. But the truth is there and cannot be changed at all.

        Plus we are the only language in the world without swear words. We learned them from the white man, so shove it!!

        Aloha oe' wa'a wa'a kane

        • You sound so violent! Your email does not sound like someone passionate about PART of your culture you sound downright violent! Scary.....by the way....you are a 'ficken' Haole! Abet 1/4.... You are still a 'fricken' Haole! Your father was a GREAT Haole because YOU say he was......really. You have blinders and live by double standards! Your DNA is what it is, you cannot chose which part appeals to you more and speak violence against the other!
          I am 3/4 Hawaiian and we were taught love and respect of ALL cultures regardless of their poor behavior. You cannot lump an entire race of any ethnicity into your violent tirade.
          So I say to all ethnicities, I am Hawaiian and most of us have great love an respect for all people.

        • I was born in America and both my parents were adopted. I agree on most of the points you are saying I don't agree that much with America my self. But let's say I want to Hawaii would you not like me there? Trust me I would disrespect it either. It looks like a lovely place and culture to live in.

        • Wow...cuz violence is never the answer. Americans may have taken our country, doesnt mean we fight back with violence. Things need to change, haole arent all bad. Hell I know Haole whose familes been here for 90 years and natives still treat them bad. I duno bro, I never felt violence is the answer. I dont remember ever been picked on by haole. Always seems like we think we are better. Kill haole day needs to end. Aloha needs to be taken seriously, you think our great grandparents would look back and approve of this attitude?

        • This is a response to Lauri. I understand your anger, I really do. What people have done to Hawaii is terrible, the fact Hawaiians can't live the way they want to, the values they hold dear is a huge problem. However I see something worse here, I see a heart struck with bitterness and hate. You have every right to be angry but please try to remember, we are all people on this earth. Not every foreigner is going to treat your beautiful Hawaii terrible, or not act respectfully to you or the Hawaiian way of life. What I've learned in life is that people are people, you have good ones (like your father), bad ones and everything in between. It's best to be mindful but judge people on what they do, how they act. I'm only saying this to you because I see a heart that is so overtaken by bitterness and hate that it might just lead you to ruin. You might shut yourself out of relationships that could be the best of your life or even let this hate consume your life so you'll get no real rest. These words come with love friend, I hope you get the Hawaii you remember back but for now try not to let this anger ruin you.

        • Lauri - reading your tirade literally made me laugh - it was quite humorous. Someone challenges your argument - forces you to think and justify your opinion - and your calm facade immediately breaks down and you go all uber-violent - throwing down just about every Hawaiian phrase and haole stereotype known to man. I felt like I was reading a rant some 10 year old wrote in their diary.

          But...I think I know the source of all that anger and violence that lurks just below the surface. It's self-loathing. You despise that haole blood that courses through your veins. You want so badly to be considered a "real" Hawaiian and be accepted by your family/friends/peers, but your pale exterior gives your lineage away - and that infuriates you. You go to great lengths to explain how your dad respected the 'aina and such, and it does sound like he may have been a good guy - but he was not a "local boy" as you describe him - he was a haole. In fact, he wasn't even a "local haole" - which, in my opinion, necessitates that you were actually born in Hawaii - not Iowa. He was simply another haole that moved to Hawaii - like all the others that you say you hate so much.

          So, that would make you a hapa-haole, or, only half-Hawaiian. I bet your pale skin made you the point of jokes and ridicule when you were young and that hurt you terribly. You eventually grew to hate everything haole and possibly even secretly resented your dad for putting you in that situation. So, you consciously (or unconsciously) shunned your haole ancestry - choosing to focus solely on the Hawaiian half of you - and putting that forth as your "true" identity to demonstrate to others that you were indeed a "legit" local girl.

          I get it. I grew up in Hawaii and knew quite a few people like you. It's sad. But - don't blame yourself - it's not your fault. You are the product/victim of a racist society - one that ingrains their youth with a profound anti-haole sentiment - and has done so for generations. You grew up racist without even knowing it - and it sounds like you don't even realize it to this day. That doesn't necessarily make you a bad person - you adopted a survival mechanism to assist you with fitting in with the masses. I've seen it many times over - and you can still change and not live such an angry life.

          I would suggest letting go of the anger and opening your mind to the possibility that not all white people are your enemy. Sure, there are some a-holes, but that can of course be said of all skin colors. It's not fair (or intelligent) to pre-judge someone by their skin color or the perceived atrocities of their distant ancestors. I first left Hawaii in my early 20s to go to school on the mainland and was quite surprised to find that my own biases were false - most of the white people I met were warm, friendly, welcoming, and gasp...intelligent. I learned to let go of my prejudices and you can too. Life's too short to hate. I wish you luck in your growth.

        • Wow. I agree with you and Marc. I'm Conscious Black Woman from a family who were slaves, part of Tuskegee experiment, jim crow south w/ no electricity & out houses, robbed culture/names/religion, still 3/5th of a person in America, grandma was share cropper/in house help, part of Creek Native Tribe, still enduring mental slavery via religion/learning disability programs in public school system here etc. I want to move to Waianae to raise my children & teach them culture, and grow my own food organically and enjoy the sun and go to the afterlife. But my question is to you, do brothers and sisters accept people of that type of background?

      • You don't get it. It's not because your white that people hate you. It's your behavior, the way you think, your values, your culture. Haole isn't white but foreign.

        Your clueless, when the people of Hawaii are talking about living a way of life they are not talking about going back to live in huts. They are talking about a Life of Aloha and being laidback, where local values of Ohana, Community, Culture was important. Not wealth first, concrete malls and I before we.

        Adapt? Unfortunately you guys are the least adaptable people. That's why you practice gentrification, forced assimilation on other cultures and sameness.

        Your also ignoring a ton of Hawaii History that also explains a lot of the anger. The masse trial, sand island and the internment camps during WW2, the plantation years and the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom are just a few examples and are a few examples of the behavior, ideology, values , culture that cause trouble.

      • I'm here right now, I'll be back....I'm gonna stay two or three years and see from there. I sport an American flag on one arm and don't tread on me the other arm. Just saying I'm peaceful but let someone talk smack about me being white. Maybe it won't happen, I hope no one is that stupid. I'm not looking for any aggression....it's why I'm moving here but if it finds me I'm gonna put an end to this "go home shit" on the spot. And if I have too, I'll do it until I'm known as "the guy that's cool....don't fuck with him." I'm humble but also assertive. I've felt like there have been times that locals were sizing me up but felt it wasn't worth the trouble. I get along with all walks of life if you are a human and don't press me to believe what you do. I won't ever press what I believe on you.....I'm a sheep dog if you mistake me for the sheep or come at me like a wolf I will react. I'm the one you didn't expect, I'm the one that ruins your expectations that your had more power than you do. And if I get really pissed of by the locals I'm gonna start buying up land. Bottom line live and let live. America is never letting this place go as long as war is profitable. You so called locals need to chill out with all this you took my land stuff. And why do eggs cost so much here with all the chickens walking around? Hehe

    • Yea because tourists are the ones who took the land from Hawaiians... They are also responsible for enslaving blacks and bringing them to America. Not all white people agree with what happened in the past and know it was wrong. How can you blame someone in the present for what happened in the past when they had nothing to do with it?

      • Because the behavior hasn't changed Greg. Look up manifest destiny and find out it's definition and how it worked on the move west. Today as a culture in America we have replaced God or religion with technology, progress and wealth. Now look at issues like TMT on Mauna Kea or Standing Rock and we see that the past just repeats itself. You can even say that the cultural sterilization of gentrification is also part of the past. We see thru out American History that yes a lot of people didn't oppress minority Americans but at the same time not a lot stood up to set things right either when bad things happened to minority Americans in our history.

    • Lauri,

      thank you for your comment. I am not sure what race I am but I look white so that's what most people assume I am and that's what I say I am. I lived in Hawaii (my mom rented) and went to school and learned Hawaiian history from the Hawaiian point of view. I love the islands and the people I met there and carry them in my heart forever. I have family there who I love and who taught me the importance of preserving Hawaiian tradition.

      I just want to say I am so sorry for what white people and other races have done to Hawaii. All you white people saying to get over it are being insensitive and aren't truly trying to see history from another culture's point of view. We all carry biases with us even if we don't recognize them. Dig a little deeper and really ask yourself if you understand enough of the other side to make a comment. I wish I knew what I could do to change or repair the damage that has done but I'm just one person. So all I can do is offer my sincere apology and try to continue making a difference in the world and protecting our precious environment.

      • You don't need to apologize for being white.

  79. How do natives feel about teachers coming to Hawai'i and living there to teach? I was there 2 ago and heard there was a teaching shortage (which we have here also). But I felt bad bc we at least get paid better (still not as we should) but better than Hawai'i. So I felt a little compelled to someday come back to teach ....but then I figure, "If they pay teachers better in Hawai'i, wouldn't the locals that can teach be more inclined to apply for the jobs? Then they wouldn't need outside people." Or is the shortage so bad that they require locals AND outsiders to fill the positions (regardless of wages)?

    *I heard it on the news while there and read it in a National Geographic (the article was about how a teacher couldn't afford to live there with his family so they left Hawai'i).

  80. I am Haole. I have been to the Hawaiian islands 7 times. I am awed at the beauty, the water and the native culture. I love the food, the wind and the waves. Keep fighting, keep limiting access, keep preserving. I too live in a gorgeous place: the Rocky Mnts of Colorado. You show me your secret beaches and how to surf and I take you to my secret powder fields...respect and sharing is what we all need heal this terrible wound.

    • I highly doubt that any of us Native Hawaiians would ever show a haole one of our secret beaches. Our beaches are already flooded with tourists. As soon as we start showing people our secret spots... more and more people will go there and the county will just make it a public area or something like that for everybody. Some of our spots are very sacred and it just sickens me when people say things like "show me your secret beaches" like uhm NO. There's reasons us Kanaka keep it SECRET. Well, at least for as long as we can. We raise our keiki, teaching them all the different places of our island (I live on the Big Island) and we teach them which ones they shouldn't talk too much about. And as they get older they understand why we have to keep it this way. Just trying to preserve the real beautiful spots for the people that the land actually belongs to.

      • Mutual stewardship of all lands is how harmony is achieved. So if you don't want the exchange that I suggested then I will plan to move there peamemtly and find the hidden gems myself. Haha

        • Haha? Listen carefully, Doctor: they don't want you there. You move there and they will harass you until you leave. Your smug condescension will also likely earn you a big old beat-down and further poison the well for haole tourists who follow you. Just leave them alone, the world will deal with them in the fullness of time.

      • Unbelievable! The land does not belong to you. It was here long before Polynesians emigrated from Asia and will be here long after we are ALL dust. In the grand scheme of time we are all but fleeting visitors. So as I tell my children, it is right to share.

      • Really? You moderated my post? The post that stated that the land belongs to nobody and that although the Polynesians have been in Hawaii for 1000 yrs, it is but a drop in the ocean of time? The land was here long before Polynesian settlement and will be here long after we ALL end. Ownership is such an egotistical sentiment. We OWN nothing! We are but mere custodians for the time wherein we are set. Nothing more, nothing less. Custodians by their very position engender respect, but I swear you guys/ girls are doing a lot to destroy that sentiment. As a foreigner who has spent the last 20 yrs watching the rise of this nationalism from the deck of a surfboard, it smacks of the overall racial segregation that is sweeping the US as a whole. All I can say is, get it together people, for while you have the ability to lament and dissent openly now, there are forces at work in this world, that if they should ever win will ensure that any such dissension and criticism is dealt with harsh punishment, even death. Be thankful for the rules we live under. It could be a whole lot worse.

      • Google Earth has revealed your secret beaches, just like it has revealed the good Doctor's "Secret Powder Fields in the Rocky Mountains".
        I have a white (you would call Haole) acquaintance that used to live somewhere in HI (don't recall which island). He told a story of seeing a white guy get assaulted by 2 natives at a "secret beach". These guys now pack heat in anticipation of another encounter.

  81. When I visited I was bothered by the whole "pay Hawaiians to demean themselves" thing and tried to avoid the hotel-luau bullshit. I was more bothered by the hostility and threats. I won't be back and I wouldn't EVER consider buying property there (what a stupid thing to do). The locals will say "good riddance" and yes, you're right. To you I'm a stinking haole and have no business at all on your beautiful islands, so I think we're in agreement on the problem and the solution.

    If I could, I would support any movement to have Hawaii ejected from the United States (not sure how to work out the whole strategic military thing, though). The REAL locals don't want to be a part of the country (ask Haunani-Kay Trask) and I'm sure that the industry and economy there would flourish without white-skinned devils and their exploitation. Or not.

    Either way, good luck with all that. Keep encouraging your children to hate other people, especially the ones who bring money into your economy. The blinding speed of the changing and integrating world will certainly give you a special pass so you can retain your traditions and retain control of your territories. Your economy will muddle along as it has, a few Whites (and probably Japanese, Blacks, Hispanics, most anybody else) will be beat up from time to time but the local judges will prevent any real legal retribution from punishing the offenders because of the need for historical justice and the fact that native Hawaiians have every reason to hate us.

  82. Let it go we cannot change the islands & buildings and such , just have to enjoy the life we live with our ohana...
    If u dont like it change your lifestyle we all dont like the new condos and the rail but we gotta deal with it cause nothing going change

    Move on dont dwell on things we cannot change , ho da miserable you guys must be, shame on you

  83. I think the main problem lies with our government. I was born in the Territory of Hawaii, before we became a state. The government let all the buying get out of hand. Waikiki has lost its beauty and now looks like any mainland state and/or foreign country. It's a shame that we have lost the beauty of our aina. Sure we still have beauty on the country side, but they are buying all that land too. Our children can't even afford to buy land and homes here because of all the huge houses that are built and raising the cost of taxes and land. It is what it is however, I wish it would stop. We can't take anymore, we need to start taking care of our own and not the transients that are relocating here. Enough said.

  84. I LOVE THIS POST!! GOT ME LMFAO???????????

  85. It seems nobody dares to speak up. Where and who are all those people with their heads in the sand.
    I am standing with the State and the US Government. Those people could have spoken up in 1959 whe they voted to become part of the USA. It is done and it is final. We are the USA and proud of it.

    • Um julie ...obviously they couldnt yeah?

    • I guess Julie needs some love before she can respect or live with Aloha.

    • By the way i dont think the hawaiian people voted to be apart of the usa they were most likely forced to ...

    • dude are you for real hawaii was taken by force like ?!? its called imperialism. Are you that uneducated?

      • In March 1959, Congress passed the Hawaii Admission Act, which U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law.[88] The act excluded Palmyra Atoll from statehood; it had been part of the Kingdom and Territory of Hawaii. On June 27, 1959, a referendum asked residents of Hawaii to vote on the statehood bill; 94.3% voted in favor of statehood and 5.7% opposed it.[89] The referendum asked voters to choose between accepting the Act and remaining a U.S. territory. The United Nations' Special Committee on Decolonization later removed Hawaii from its list of self-governing territories.

        Looks like your the uneducated one!

        • Good one. Im half Mexican, half German and all American. Its sad that so many people across the world are hateful to the core. Live, Love, Laugh. Stop hating each other, the past is in the past where it belongs.

    • Oh Julie they tried. Did you know that Hawaiian Citizens had to sue the territory of Hawaii and it's government to stop using public tax money in supporting a yes vote in statehood. Did you know that a good portion of voters were military and American citizens who didn't have residency. Did you know that majority of the Native Hawaiian population that voted for statehood voted against it? Yes but you wont learn this truth from text books today.

  86. What is not said here is that small islands simply cannot sustain the influx of tourists and in-migrants. Our infrastructure can't accommodate it, our economy can't sustain it, our ecosystems are too fragile for it. The use of scarce, precious land for offshore investors rather than agriculture makes us vulnerable and unable to provide for our local population's needs. We have an insanely high degree of homelessness--disproportionately Hawaiian--and no coherent strategy to address it. In fact homeless people are treated harshly while construction proceeds on luxury condos. A stupidly managed rail project will damage our children's future for decades to come. We need alternative economic development, not tourism. Hawai`i is not a zoo to which people should come to stare at the natives. It's a beautiful, breathing culture, and if you respect it you will experience something remarkable. This thread talks about who blames whom for what, but not about what can be done to protect these islands and how will that happen. Our government is either unmotivated or incompetent to solve the problems. However, at least we are not arguing about bathrooms. (Oh wait-- yes we are. Homeless people have few options for this human need, but then are reviled for uncleanliness. If you are a tourist, know that they get pushed around so you will not have to see them.) In short-- the situation is COMPLICATED. Please approach with respect or go elsewhere.

    • Holly said: "Our infrastructure can't accommodate it, our economy can't sustain it"
      Sounds reasonable to me, and I agree with that. YET, when someone in the states says the same about an influx of 50 million South Americans and Mexicans affecting the economy, ALL THE SUDDEN IT'S RACIST.

      LOL, it's just comical the hypocrisy of every one of you.

  87. . wow . that was totally shocking . as I am sure many would agree . whoever wrote that . . and not entirely true at all . some of it is true . . especially about the high costs of living . . I really resonate with the prejudice part mostly because I have absolutely experienced it almost every day all over the island at different places depending upon who I encounter especially with people under 40 the younger generation who seem to have lost or have not been taught to have respect for others . . . . it's absolutely true and I have never in my life been on the receiving end of prejudice so when I moved to this island and began experiencing it . it has been completely stunning . . at first I was astonished . now it makes me upset . . why . . because it is wrong . . they don't even know me but a person is rude to me simply because my hair is platinum white and my skin is white/pink . . seriously . . it happens all the time . . and I'm not the only one . . I've spoken to other "white" girls and they have the same experience . . I do believe it is different for men . . but not entirely sure . .

    And there are some other things on this post which are true . . especially about the housing and food costs being in the stratosphere . . and the fact that many people don't seem to understand just how damaging to the marine life and ocean the sunscreen products are . . totally oblivious they are . . but no one could blame someone for not knowing . . ignorance is bliss . . they say . . . Yet it is true that tourist income help the local businesses . . but when I say that I am talking about shopping local for organic Maui farmers produce and food and local made crafts etc . . . . not the astronomical amount of money spent on hotels and rental cars . .

    But on this article . the rest . . totally out there . . a matter of radical opinion and especially depending upon who you're talking to . .

    We know most Hawaiians are not "pure" Hawaiian it is rare to meet one and most are actually an ethnic mix just like the rest of us with more Hawaiian than everything else . . many are more than half Hawaiian . . But it doesn't really matter how much or how little Hawaiian koko . the blood . the heritage . the genealogy . because if you have any Hawaiian in your family at all you are Hawaiian yes . . Yet many of us are Kanaka in our hearts . . I have actually had Hawaiians say this to me which was a great honour and I really appreciated it. .

    But you see . I lived in Europe where there is a much more formal protocol with the rules of engagement and a cordial manner of speaking with an understanding of what being polite truly means . . and not being so incredibly personal . . in many cultures to be so personal when you first meet someone is arrogant . . . but many people on Maui do not know this . . for me it is fundamental . . and I am stunned when someone behaves so inappropriately . . so it does really help when communicating with people of languages and cultures of all countries of the world . . plus . I resonate with Gaelic and Scotland Ireland Germany Austria The Netherlands Italy etc . . . . . so I do have many other cultural interests as well . . .

    Most Hawaiians do not hate tourists . . but believe me when I say there are some that do!

    Yet even so . most Hawaiian people are open hearted and loving and sweet and fair just as many of us are and kind to people who are of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds and spiritual beliefs . . .

    We all have our families our children and mothers and fathers and cousins and our creative interests just like everyone else . . in many ways we are all very similar . . the only differences really may be our background and history our culture and our ethnicity . .
    Others however are unfortunately incapable of seeing beyond their own outrage and disappointment for what has been taken from them and are totally radical and hostile and rude to ALL Caucasians especially and foreigners of all other ethnic groups as well because they are of the same or similar race as the ones who came here and caused so much trouble. And just because those people are not Hawaiian they are blaming literally everyone for what happened 100 years ago . and that is not fair . .

    There are people like this within my own family here now that I am married to a Hawaiian and it doesn't matter to them that I am married to a member of their family by marriage we are ohana but they hate me anyway . . . they totally ignore me as if I am invisible and the hostility is palpable . . . that's really hard to ignore when I go to family functions . . It doesn't matter how kind I am to them they do not reciprocate . .

    It really is insulting and has an impact on your life when you are constantly being subjected to such an unfair and unjustified prejudice when they don't even really know anything about you. They don't know who you are or where you come from or where you've been or what you love nor do they care . . they simply hate you because you're different . . . I will never get used to that . . .

    It's really had a tremendous impact on me and caused me to distance myself from them and stop trying to connect because they have zero interest in knowing me . . .

    I believe many of you who are my family on my side from my birth and my true friends will find this to be surprising . . I can tell you each and every time it happens it hurts my feelings and makes me angry at the same time . . because I am such a sweetheart and all my life most everyone I've met along my life's journeys has always loved me and welcomed me with open arms . . . happy to see me and to be with me and asks me questions . . has a genuine interest in knowing me and I in them . and they are interested in what I believe and to have philosophical discussions . to really listen . . the banter . the laughter . . the relationship is easy and comes naturally . . there is simply no one here who does that . . . it leaves me feeling very isolated . . .

    So . . anyway . back to this . .

    Most of us love these islands and her people . . we sympathize and empathize and we love the culture . we promote Hawaiian culture and language and history . we try and educate the world about the truth . we love the ocean and beaches and tropical climate and temperate rainforests and botanical gardens etc. . . that's why we're here . .

    We had nothing to do with what happened a century ago . and I for one along with many others are truly shocked and dismayed about the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom and how badly they treated the Queen and how inexpressibly rude they were to the people . . just as Hawaiians are . . It was outrageous . . and when you think about how religious beliefs were imposed and how much land was "acquired" and the control over how they dressed and how they suppressed their language and how they spoke . . . well . . It all was so incredibly audacious you can't help but be livid about it . . for many of us the knowledge of the truth about the Hawaiian Islands history and her people comes as a shocking revelation for these things are certainly not taught in American history books in schools on the mainland . .

    So when we travel here or move here and learn about what really happened it is devastating . . it's unreal . . and when someone is rude to you simply because you're "white" . . or "haole" you try and understand the source of the hurt and anger even when you find it to be unreasonable and it causes you to open your heart and try to be more forgiving . even while your first reaction is to defend yourself . . and it isn't always easy to be so giving . . sometimes you simply can't help but be offended . . then depending upon how deeply the offense is you know that person needs a reality check and a tune up and you call them on it . . Believe me . . many people mistake kindness for weakness and I have learned never to ever let anyone get away with disrespecting me . . .

    But even I too get upset when I see tourists trespassing and climbing over walls to pass a no trespassing sign to enter private property . or tossing their garbage and leaving their trash on the beaches . . or trekking out into Ahihikinau ignoring the signs to not walk off the trails . . invading sanctuaries . generally being loud and obnoxious . . as if they think the entire island is open for them to trample and explore without a thought or care or respect for the land and for people and private property . . . One can imagine how they would not tolerate someone climbing over their fences and entering their backyards . . yet they think they can do it here . . why do you think you see so many gates!! And I've never seen so many no trespassing signs in my life! . . It's to keep the tourists out! If there is an open road leading to your home you can count on someone eventually wandering about and exploring every open road and driving up to your door unless you have a gate.

    Then you meet really super nice people here on holiday and they love the islands as much as we do and they are dazzled by the beauty so you smile because it makes you happy to see the joy . they are kind and respectful and courteous and genuinely thrilled to be here and you breathe a sigh of relief to have met someone by chance who is so nice so you offer to use their camera to take a photo of them all together for their memories and you strike up a conversation discussing everything which interests you and quickly you both realise that you will be true friends for all your life . . that's the way it goes . . you just never know . .

    Considering there are literally millions of people on Maui every year from every country you can imagine . . most don't speak Hawaiian and some don't even speak or understand English . and all with their own idea of what is morally right and wrong and what is unacceptable and what is appropriate . . just think about it . . . in many ways there are no rules and those of us who live here just try and deal with it . .

    So . anyway . it's all very complicated . . here I am perusing photography and reading poetry and then reading this really set me off ja . . LOL . . my thoughts on this . . I could go on and on about it in much more detail but you get the point yes . .

    When you open this link and on this page scroll to the bottom to the comments section . . I like Tyler's reply too . .

    Hopefully what I have shared with you really helps put things in perspective . .


    Sharon Mau

    • Of course Hawaiian people are nice. That's not what this article is about. It's about American manifest destiny and disrespect for others. Why not go there and bring back some rocks to see how much this island lives tourists. It's always a different perspective from the Victor's side.
      Every tourist country lives on slave wages in poverty because Americans buy up all their housing and drive up the cost of living. In the Bahamas ! Everything! Food, clothing , cars, housing everything is 3 times mire iney than in the US. Now try live on $6 an hour. That's what my friends were being paid.
      Stupid thoughtless entitlement ^ is the reason they should hate you. The author was trying to fostor respect. This sick entitlement is what is wrong with the world. The United States IS the terrorist. But seeing howvirs your birthright you wouldn't want to see the truth.

      • it's WHITE PEOPLE who are the terrorists, not "the united states". WHITE PEOPLE/WESTERNERS have literally destroyed every place they've come in contact with! africa, the americas, etc. etc.

        • That's funny because Africa has been free of colonialists since 1960 in most parts and then 1975 in the former Portuguese colonies. They've had 47 to 63 years to get their crap together and they're still 3rd world counties. Korea was a poor agricultural country in 1960 with few resources and now South Korea is a world power in economics and business and trade. What's Africa's excuse?

      • Americans are not allowed to own property or business in the Bahamas...just saying
        So try blaming it on someone else lol

  88. Well we all know who had a bad experience in Hawaii.

  89. Everyone has right to thier own opinion so lets not get hostile haha

    We all know about the overthrow of the thrown & its heartbreaking to say say the least, i am also not hawaiian, not all of us are but those of our ancestors that have lived here for for decades & born into the plantation & other businesses that was produced after the overthrow

    The hawaiian people like any other native human being adapted & adjusted to their new surroundings therefore we all shouldnt be complaining about the past we all wouldnt be here today, modernized . this doesnt mean we agree on the new rail development or developments in that matter. who knows what hawaii would of been like if history didnt happen, most of us would not even exsist nor our parent - great grandparents , everyone struggled... Thats the life of any human being .(us locals already struggle everyday to survive & take care of our family therefore we all know how hard it is). Its sad that the hawaiian culture is being lost but for some reason a lot of us locals still have the aloha that still is felt & shown in our everyday life here on the islands, i strongly agree on all of the preserved hawaiian heritage programs schools projects & hawaiian homes because without it hawaiians would be history too. Not 1 person i met likes the developments that happened since the modernization of the hawaiian islands but no one has stopped it (i know a lot of us tried) , these islands have been developing ever since.... But this is what the islands is today , we live with it & struggle through it or like some we have to leave our home behind & move elsewhere to take care of our families .

    So to all us local people who get defensive about the tourist that visit or move here, dont . they give us a lot of opportunities they are not here to stay or wreck our culture ... Modernization did that . not them... They give a lot of us jobs a whole lot of hawaii is our tourism.
    Im not even going to talk about the government we did the wrong thing for not voting or participating in the change thats in our favor. Its always going to be like that until we Participate & act.

    TO TOURIST: all we ask is to not liter & enjoy the culture and respect the land and animals , most importantly leave all your worries & troubles on the plane cause our island is too beautiful for stress & anger =) so enjoy it you paid a lot of money to vacation here

    • They do make the Cost of Living a lot higher though, we don't have enough houses and apartments for everyone so the few that are available are set at a ridiculous price, it's supply and demand and because of all the transplants moving here there isn't enough supply to meet demand, not everyone here has homestead that passed down for hundreds of years, think about the people who truly struggle to stay alive in this god forsaken place

      • The rental and housing prices are outrageous because Hawaii does not have a housing cap on rentals or houses like lots of the mainland does. Why should it cost more for locally grown food than mainland food ? Many people choose to live paycheck to paycheck because they are hung up on trying to impress their family and friends. We found we can live as cheap or as expensive as we want here it's each families decision . Kids don't need everything that they ask for but parents or aunties always manage to give in. Yes the islands are racist big time and it will take months to get a good job here because they wait for someone local to also come and apply. Forget trying to get into UH nursing program if your not local you have to audit the first few weeks doing all the homework then as locals drop out you can talk with the teachers and they will accept you! Oahu and Maui are the worst the other islands are Akamai and people very friendly.

        • Mainland "housing caps" are not something I've heard of. Rent control is a thing, but there are tons of ways to get around it too.

          Locally grown food costs more everywhere. Hawaii's got the best farmer's markets though. You can pick up stuff for cheap/free at the end of the day.

          I agree, stop spending on "toys" and you can make your money go a lot further. First thing is to write down "every penny in, every penny out" - every bit of money you make, and spend. You may find out you're spending $100 a month on sodas. Or $300 a month at that lunch truck by your job. Once you know where your money goes, you can fine-tune it.

          Kids honestly don't need much. Let aunties/unkos buy treats if they want, but make sure the kiddos have their clothes and a good diet, and learn cheap ways to have fun. Some of my best memories are of us going to the beach with the hibachi, some hamburger patties or hot dogs, a loaf of bread, and just swimming and eating. That's far cheaper than fast food. Another good memory when I was little was going to swing on the swings etc at the school yard, get this, in the *summer*. It felt like the forbidden fruit.

          Any nursing program anywhere is going to be hard to get into. Got news for you, I've run into as much anti-white racism on the mainland as anywhere. It takes months to get a good job anywhere. It's all money and connections no matter where you go.

  90. Let's all take a breather and remember this person who wrote the article probably has nothing to do with nor any say in Hawaii, the Hawaiian people or their feelings.

    Blood, born and raised, I am Hawaiian. I don't speak for any of my people, either.

    We don't hate tourists. We hate disrespectful tourists. Unfortunately, there are many and they go everywhere - not just Hawaii. I live in Pennsylvania now and I see just as many disrespectful tourists, here. When I travel, I remember that my culture was suppressed by "tourists". You can ask my 100% Hawaiian grandfather that doesn't speak Hawaiian why he doesn't.

    Tourists are not the problem. Society breeds the people who poison cultures and land. Nothing more. Hawaii will always have its sanctuaries because the people would die before giving it up. If you want to see the real Hawaii, find the people who embrace it more than the tourist traps that charge you money to see it.

    Feel free to ask how to pronounce our words. Use them when we've taught you how to properly say them and we'll love you for trying.

    Come see our beaches, but remember your tanning oils and lotions pollute water.

    Pick up after yourselves and we welcome you with open arms to come back, again.

    Stay in the hotels and eat at the restaurants, but please remember that the performers and employees feed their families with your tips. We share culture freely, but still need to take care of the little ones at home.

    If you choose to move here, just be respectful :)

    If you stick to a few points of advice, you'll be more than welcomed in Hawaii - you'll be respected. Don't listen to this author, they don't speak for us.

    • thank you for a sensible response. I lived there for 17 years on several islands, but mostly Maui. Agreed, It is people not the whole population who disrespect a place. Since Ihad blond hair I felt a LOT of discrimination living there. Unfairly I might add. Often the Hawaiians who were mean did not know me nor what I did. Nor who I was\. they judged without any knowledge. I lived there respectfully and with great heart for Hawai'i and its Culture and heritage. It made me offended and sad to this ten reason post. REALLY? I have friends and family living there. am I to never go there again? I believe your response was very good and I hope people take the time to read some of these posts. Thank you.

      • People are not themselves when they're angry and full of animosity and resentment of not being able to be themselves no one likes to be helplessly controlled

    • Thanks Tyler..I was hoping to one day visit there but that article had me 2nd guessing myself :\

    • Well said Tyler! I think it's funny, that no matter where you're from, or where you go the key thing to remember is 'respect'. I've read a lot of the things posted on this thread, and understand what the others are seeing. There's always going to be dislike, disrespect or worst, hate. I'm not Hawaiian, but I'm brown and I have lived in a couple different US States, and now reside in California, you know the same can be said for us living here...we get thousands of tourists and a majority of the other US States do not like us...we have a little bit of just about everything under the sun with people and places, but in a larger area. I believe that a large population of people living in a smaller space always tend to create friction, like a home with too many house guests...and in the end, we really need to remind ourselves to respect each other...

    • Tyler - this is the best post of the whole thread. As a visitor, what he said - don't litter, take it easy on the oils and lotions in the water, tip well, enjoy yourself. If you're gonna live in Hawaii, learn about the culture and history, and learn the different cultural norms.

      One of the most "Hawaii" things I've ever seen is a photo of a pickup truck with the vinyl letters along the side saying "BE HUMBLE". But seriously, Hawaii culture is much less confrontational, you're not supposed to brag about yourself, or get loud, or make fun of people unless you know them REALLY well. A lot of behaviors that make you seem "cool" on the mainland are very un-"cool" in Hawaii.

  91. The only part that I want to comment on is the fact that when I clicked on this article link on Facebook, a lovely message of "Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /travel/usa/7-reasons-hawaii-hates-you/ on this server" pops up to greet me. I don't know if it's just me or you the author tried to block people from Hawaii from reading this article, but I find it hilarious that you would even try such a thing! It's 2016 dude and proxy servers aren't hard to come by! Pretty pitiful that you "might have" tried to block people with IP addresses in Hawaii from accessing your article. That just shows the ignorance of people nowadays. Won't even comment on your article because many Hawaii residents have done so already ;)

    • The explanation is less interesting I'm afraid. Facebook users as a whole were blocked because this site just couldn't handle the traffic. And it was more important to keep other areas running (there's some software being sold elsewhere on the site) rather than serve an article.

  92. Show me the treaty of annexation hawaii was never annexed from the united states you can not annex any thing out side of your borders look at the laws .we have a case going on as I speak in Switzerland war crimes on judges police land tax ofice state officials and so on there are like 40 something names on the list and your president thats right obama .you cant get to the international courts by just knocking on there its a long process they finally took it now they are reviewing the case on war crimes against American people.this is for real this is not a joke.america don't want any one to know about this ALOHA

    • This is why Hawaiians were mad. It was illegal to annex Hawai'i. They did it anyway.

    • There was never a treaty, that's why we're pissed off, don't be an asshole and say "show me the treaty" they put out Queen under house arrest while they stole our land

  93. Whoa, Braddahs (brothers)! Chill (Relax)! You know this article was written by a Haole (outsider), right?

    Here is one locals (a Hawai‘i born person) reply.

    1. Destroyed Gov't: True, but we make the most of the situation, and in recent years have used US laws and protocols to gain some autonomy, as have Native Americans and Inuits.

    2. Language: Not True, I don't expect to go somewhere in the continental US and be able to pronounce some Native American words/ place names. I'll try it, but I know I will butcher it. It's the effort that counts. We just usually have a good laugh about it and move on.

    3. Destroy Environment: We locals do it as well. We just ask you to tread lightly as possible and try to keep things as they are. We try to be as sensitive to the land as possible. Our lands are extensions of our family and we try to care for it.

    4. Breast, Really? The author must be a hard up male not getting any. Who wants to see sagging breast? Have you seen National Geographic?

    5. Mocking Culture:

    Fashion, Native Hawaiians never dress like that dude in the picture. If you want to dress like a douche, by all means. That's all you. Usually we just like T-shirts and board shorts. It's hot here!

    Culture, Native Hawaiians are fiercely proud of their culture. They almost lost it, but the resurgence of the knowledge and practices is strong. It is inspirational.

    6: Life is not a beach: Hell yeah it is hard. It is so expensive to live here. A gallon of milk is usually more than $5.00. Do we hate outsiders for it? No. There are certain things we accept. The price of living in paradise is one of them. Makes families stronger because nothing else matters more than family.

    7. Demeaning? NOT! As I said earlier, Native Hawaiians are very proud of their history and their culture. They love to share it with those that appreciate it. We still have luaus not too different from the hotel productions, and not as tacky. It is really up to the tourist to find the authentic Hawai'i. You won't find an authentic Hawai'i if you stay in Waikīkī or any of the tourist areas. It is best to venture out. You even help the local economy if you do venture out. Most hotels are owned by outsiders and most of that money leaves the State.

    We welcome you to the islands with open arms, just be respectful of our culture and land as you would expect others to be respectful of yours.

    Out of adversity, comes strength.


    • Thank you my island relative. The Lakota are similar to the native Hawaiian, we believe in the spirit of Aloha, we call it 'Wolakota'. Our People face struggles similar to yours. Your homelands were desecrated, as were ours, take a look at America and try as we may, there ain't a damn thing we can do about it. Our language was nearly lost when Catholic churches decided they needed to 'kill the Indian, save the man'. They attempted to destroy our spirits by beating, raping and even murdering our ancestors who were helpless children left in their care. These are a few examples of similarities. Your homelands are beautiful. It's unfortunate your people don't have a way to control the # visitors. When I visited, I saw ppl from all over the world at Oah'u and it's a small island.

      • This makes me feel so much better. Our family loves your Island. We would never disrespect you, and thank you for always welcoming us.

    • Well said...I totally agree with you Hawaiian Local!

    • Are you native Hawaiian? Or just born in Hawaii?

    • Mahalo!

    • True. So true. When I read the article and responses I was taken aback! I think some people have been treated badly and others are learning about Hawaiian history from places that unfortunately are not true. I'm part Hawaiian and have light skin. I could pass, and often people assume I might be Italian, or Mexican, or whatever. Haha

      Being raised partially here, partially in No. CA, and for many years being an Air Force brat and travelling with my parents, I'm used to it. Noone really knows. People have ideas about what we look like, and how we should be as a people.

      I'm older, I remember when my grandmother used to say to us young girls at family parties, "go dance with the haole man, make them feel comfortable." For many years now, if my family has a party at our local beach, tourists from all over come walking right into the party and hit the food line with a plate! We don't even know them, they are uninvited guests. My grandma would say to us (now older with family of our own) go say hello and dance with those people, make them feel welcome." I would say Gram! I don't care where you come from, what they are doing is rude!" She'd say nevermind that, they don't know, we are Hawaiian, if someone is hungry, we feed them."

      Two generations above mine, that was the sentiment towards outsiders, you give, you open your home, your family, you cater to them, feed them with your last piece of food. My mother's generation was a little different but not much.

      My grandmother was on her deathbed, literally, and our family came from far and wide to see her and pay their last respects. About evening time on the second day a lady showed up with two tourists. We didn't know who they were, but my mom assumed they knew my gram and we're there to pay their last respects. They went into grams room, and while my gram couldn't even speak, while she was dying, they said they had heard about her stories about Hawaii and wanted to meet her and hear her stories. My sister and I immediately ushured them out of the room. They were not even apologetic.

      My generation, is split. We are friendly and love people no matter who you are, with limits. If your rude, it expect us to serve you at our family functions if your uninvited, think again. If you behave badly, you probably get told off by someone. But we also forgive too. We work hard like our parents before us did.

      The next couple generations are more vocal, and I notice some families wanting their children to marry Hawaiian to preserve the Hawaiian bloodlines. Some not so friendly, but each if them have their own stories like I do.

      I usually treat people as they treat me, but I am older and sometimes it's not worth the energy to get upset. I like peace.

      I notice when people move to another place they take their ideas, and baggage with them. It happens here. Some ideas are good, some not so much. We don't want you to be us, I know I don't. I just want you to respect me and my home. There is a thing called "the vacation mentality" and often times people under the influence of this, do things they wouldn't do at home. "What the hell, I'm on vacation, what's down this road, or behind this wall?"

      That's how you get people laid out on the front lawn at the house you rented for your wedding at the beach. Or people standing right next to the preacher at your perfect beach wedding.

      So, let's be respectful where ever you go, here or elsewhere, and treat one another like you want to be treated. This goes for everyone, tourists, locals, etc. Kapu Aloha Hawai'i.



      • It really gives me a sick feeling to hear about people helping themselves at parties and taking advantage of your grandmother's good nature right up till the end of her life. There are some very rude Entitled people, and unfortunately they tend to be people that can afford to travel. Just so you know I was raised with manners, and to avoid inviting myself into my friends homes, and would usually make an excuse not to when invited because I thought maybe they felt obligated because it was their dinner time. My whole family (even extended family was raised this way). My mother would serve food to my friends if they just wouldn't go home when it was supper time, or if it was the mddle of the day I. The summer. Mostly we played outside and rode bikes, played basketball, baseball, football, etc. In my small town. Most of my friends had very good manners around the adults at least. I would never belly up to someone else's family buffet expecting to eat for free without even knowing the people serving. I can't even fathom the gall that somebody like that has. Your grandma sounds like my grandma's, but I would have no problem running people off who have no manners. Every adult has learned boundaries, and when they cross them they know good and well what they are doing. Those types you really can't be nice to. They are programmed to take advantage. Just know that this is not how all mainlanders are. I would be appalled if somebody I knew behaved that way, and I would have no problem straightening them out about it. I hope you get to meet better quality mainlanders in the future. They do exist.

    • This is one of the two most sensible replies I've seen so far.

      I wish you the best in life and I hope that you'll be able to lead by example to squelch the voices of xenophobic hate-mongers and show people how to love themselves again and stop projecting.

      Hate breeds hate, be the solution and not the problem.

      I usually never participate in these things because it goes nowhere, but you in particular touched my heart, you're unbiased and you brought insight to the situation instead of perpetuating the nonsense.
      Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity and you deserve the best in life.

  94. Please don't stereotype all Polynesians into the same category. My family are all hard workers, no one is lazy and act self entitled to anything. You are getting self righteous over one persons thoughts. Just because one person says something, it doesn't mean that that's the way everyone in Hawaii thinks. To say you will never come here and that we "don't appreciate tourists hard earned money" is just plain stupid. I don't know if I want some idiot who gets all upset over one persons thoughts to come here. It's the "greater than thou" attitude that people have when they come here that annoys the locals. If you come here, humble yourself, immerse yourself in our culture and traditions, then you will have a wonderful time and you won't offend anyone. Our culture is all about family, helping each other when someone is in need, loving the land and respecting everyone especially our elders. I know a lot of people that come to Hawaii and have tried spam, and guess what? They like it. I'm not going to knock other cultures for liking certain foods and you shouldn't either. If you can't have a humble attitude and learn to enjoy life and the beauty around you that doesn't cost a dime, then you don't belong coming here.

    • Can you give specific examples of ungrateful, crappy tourists and their actions? I'm legitimately curious, because I want to be 1000% certain that I never have those behaviors when visiting. I love Maui, and I have studied the culture and history and feel horrible for the past actions. I am deeply humbled and in awe of how Hawaiians love the land. I am a bleeding heart, and something about visiting Maui changed me. I am not going to buy a condo and capitalize on it, or move to Maui, and I can see how wildly frustrating it is that it drives cost up, to a point where natives and locals can no longer afford to live. Frustrating isn't the word, but it's the best I have right now.

      I am sorry for ignorant mainland / foreign travelers who don't respect the land. It seems to me, those people are like that everywhere, and that it isn't specific disrespect to Hawaii. People who don't respect Mother Earth and the land anywhere surely will rear their ugly heads when visiting Hawaii too.

      I am so very sad for some of the Hawaiian history and the US takeover. I feel deep sympathy for the ravenous disease and illegal wrongdoings that took place. Wiping out an untouched, healthy island of people from disease is heartbreaking.

      Touristy areas are frustrating and full of frustrating people, and I understand that too. That is the same everywhere there is tourism. My favorite parts of Maui aren't the touristy things, it is the land.

      I did not encounter racism when visiting. I am green eyed and blonde haired. I am so sorry to hear the answer to the awful things done in the past are to blame and hate any white person. While I understand the anger, I do not like the idea that I can be hated simply for the color of my skin. To be clear, I hate that anyone could ever feel a hate towards an entire people due to skin color. I understand hating what happened in history. I would hope that the anger for the history could fuel something so much better... like positive and collaborative thinking for changing the future.

      Maybe I have my head in the clouds. I am just a bit of a hippy wanting everyone to come together and love one another and to love the earth and the sky and the wonderful things our world provides for us.

  95. Yes, it's okay to be angry about how our island and home gets treated. But how can you expect people to care for our home or culture like we do? There is so much miscommunication, misinterpreted theories, and lack of knowledge when it comes to various cultures; it's truly sad. But who cares what we all think. Each and every one of us will forever have our own opinions. Yes, there were some things that were done to our Hawaiian culture that was wrong, but we are not the only ones who were once oppressed. The NATIVE Hawaiians are still natives. The NATIVE Americans are still natives, but were also oppressed and continue to have to live under oppression. They could leave, as could we, but why would we? Our lives would not be the same at all if it were not for colonialism. Everyone needs to get off of their high horse and realize that one is not better than the other. We have a world of opportunity now that would not be possible without the "white mans" help. So let's all just relax and take into consideration how people feel. Whether it be against oppression or for colonialism. Our opinions are just opinions. Let's not hate one another for our ancestors encounters and adjustments. Majority of us Hawaiians have roots elsewhere besides hawaii itself, so all you angry Hawaiians, just remember that you would not be here if it were not for colonialism. Unless you are 100% Hawaiian, which there may be like 20 left, then we cannot complain. On side note, everyone should consider taking a cultural anthropology class; it will open your minds in ways you would not think of yourself.

    • Ah , the voice of reason ! We visited several years ago . We spent one night on the big island then finished our stay in Maui . We loved the slow pace as that is what we came for . As we explored on our own , no guides , we saw a young woman spear fishing . So amazing ! We ventured into nature and saw a "rainbow" tree . I took photos of the flora and fauna , we saw sights we will always remember . We will also go back ! We have friends from Ca. That live there too ! We have lived in other countries and have respected them all but we respect our own as well ... I admit I was taken aback at the writer stating we should not attempt the language , we were always encouraged to learn the language of where we lived , how do you manage if you can't communicate? So happy with all that put that foolishness to rest ? . You have much to be proud of !!!

  96. Jesus fucking christ,

    Get over it this is the way the world works. Who ever has the most power makes the rules it's unfortunate but it's true.
    People a see that people b have good real estate and cannot defend it so they go and take it, it's how human beings are programed.

    And besides that point why would you hate modern day mainlanders? I have no desire to partake in or repress Hawaiian culture it's not mine and it dosent appeal to me. I have no problem with the culture but it's not my cup of tea. So why should I be treated like a leper for simply existing in hawaii?
    If I see a cultural event taking place I think to myself oh that'd cool and I keep on walking. Not bad thought or said.

    • "Get over it this is the way the world works. Who ever has the most power makes the rules it's unfortunate but it's true." --- Probably said by some douche who is up in arms against muslims moving to new places and bringing their beliefs with them and spreading their culture.

      • No its how america works that why the international courts are looking at a case on war crimes in hawaii its for real you can look it up america is keeping it hush they dont want any to know about it. Pluss if we were part of america why do we have the JONES ACT LOOK IT UP we get charged 3 to 4 x the price for every thing that comes to hawaii. Ships pass hawaii gos to cali un load then reaload comes to hawaii and we are charged 3 to 4 x the price if this American soil why cant they drop it of in hawaii .

    • You sound like the type of person who travels to Japan and then refuses to partake in any of the Japanese culture.

      "I have no desire to partake in or repress Hawaiian culture it's not mine and it dosent appeal to me. I have no problem with the culture but it's not my cup of tea. So why should I be treated like a leper for simply existing in hawaii?"

      The culture isn't your cup of tea? Well then, what is your cup of tea? Maybe you should get out of Hawai‘i since it's not your cup of tea and go somewhere else. You're treated like a leper because you're an asshole, that's why.

      • Certainly if someone is not happy in a place, they should find another place. I grew up in Hawaii and there are tons of people who b!tch about the place. Then I move to California and here again, tons of people who b1tch, b1tch, b1tch about California. All I can say is, well leave then. I've lived outside of HI and CA, in Arizona and Colorado, and those places are not better than California.

        And none of them are better than Hawaii as long as you don't expect Hawaii to be like the mainland.

  97. Damn. The majority of the people in these comments are actually suggesting you be grateful and get over it. That's some fucking nerve right there. You're allowed to be angry. If this was done to my country I would have lost it. Honestly. Not a compassionate, understanding bone in their bodies. More power to the author. Hope you know there are still some people out there who can see things for what they are.

    • I see all the comments on here, and think these people should just calm down. I was born and raised in Hawaii, but have traveled to several different countries and showed respect to each place I visited. I learned about the different cultures and met different people. I was never disrespectful to their culture. Each culture was fascinating and fun to learn more about. I don't think local people demean themselves when the show the WELCOMED visitors what the native hawaiians cook their food, which are still done till this day because the roasted pig (kalua) comes out really tender, the way we tell our stories by dancing the hula, we as locals express our concern, because these visitors come here befriend a few locals, move here, then tell everyone now they are locals!! SERIOUSLY?! YOU ARE HERE ALL OF 10 MINUTES!! Any way you spin it, only some of the visitors disrespect Hawaii. There will always be that one "douche" that will write stuff like this guy did. He probably got his ass kicked by a local girl because he made some stupid comment about our culture here.

      Oh yeah, to that "not my cup of tea" guy, MOVE!!

  98. 1. Yes, they put an end to the monarchy, and it's too bad. But if you know anything about history at all, you'll have to appreciate the fact that it's very rare for a native culture to be honoured and accommodated - Europeans typically have come in and killed & cheated the natives off with zero regard for anyone, so Hawaiians got off pretty easy considering the alternative of how things typically went down back in the day.

    Besides, how can you blame me, a Canadian with Norwegian ancestry who had zero to do with what took place over 100 years ago? I'm pretty sure you can't be mad at my great grandfather in Norway 100 years ago then begrudge entrance to Hawaii to me as his ancestor for there being no monarchy.

    2. Tacky tourists sound like asses all over the world whether it be "mas cerveza por favor" or "ganga rasta mon", or "Aloha, hang loose". Not everyone who's white is a tacky tourist type. Hate on tacky tourists all you want, but don't hate on white people in general for being white.

    3. Re: destroying the environment: The only source you quoted was from about 30 years ago. Get some updated information on this matter and do some serious research on this matter before making dogmatic inaccurate accusations.
    I've traveled extensively and Hawaii is by far the cleanest and most environmentally responsible "fair weather" place I've ever seen.

    4. Re: Ruining breasts: Ya, that sucks, to be sure. I agree. But the truth is that if you've seen bare sagging boobies since birth, they wouldn't give you much of a thrill anyways, so you're not missing as much as you might think.

    5. Re: mocking culture: Yeah, that's just embarrassing. But again, that's just the way things work when it comes to stupid tacky tourist culture, anywhere in the world, not just Hawaii.

    By the way, feel free to mock my Norweigian heritage or Canadian culture all you want. What's the big deal?

    6. Re: real estate prices: Dude, I'm from Vancouver. When I moved there 18 years ago, a house in our area used to cost about $200k. Today, that same piece of property is worth about $600k. Who do I blame for that? The few hundred Hawaiians that moved to Vancouver over the last few years?

    7. Re: paying natives to demean themselves: Up in Canada, we have natives humiliating themselves in the same way by doing silly dances and chanting annoying songs, the same as pretty much any country that has stupid tacky tourists paying to experience - scratch that (they don't really want experience) - wanting to "see" a different culture.

    Scantily clad sexy women? What? How'd I miss that? I've just seen chubby decently clothed ladies! Joking aside, I love how there seems to be no pressure in Hawaii to be thin & sexy.

    • Europeans beheaded 800 native hawaiian in the 1800's on the Kona coast.All because hawaiian didn't wanna convert there religion to Catholic or Christianity.So get your facts right before saying we should be grateful ful.because if it wasn't for white people,Hawaii would still be beautiful and pristine as it was 200 years ago.Know your shit.

      • it's religion. Catholicism has been an imperialist force across the globe for centuries. This isn't unique to America, though. To be fair, those religions were based in Europe.

        And they say "god is love"... you are right, it's a joke

    • 1. I don't get your point. You're asking us to be complacent with the fact that we've been "accommodated"? What's the point of your reply? It's 2016. And you. A Norwegian Canadian. What the fuck does this have to do with Hawai'i? What about fucking Vancouver? You've got more than 200 First Nations to worry about already.

      2.Boycott us, who gives a fuck. The Japanese and the Chinese are where the money's at.

      3. Why wouldn't tourism have an impact? You really need a study to prove more than common sense should?

      4. That's exactly the point. They weren't sexual in this context. Did you get it yet?

      5. Do it with some intelligence, at least.

      6. Hawaiians have nothing to do with your situation. Tourism has everything to do with Hawaii's situation.

      7. Up in Norway, we have natives humiliating themselves in the same way by doing silly dances and chanting annoying songs, the same as pretty much any country that has stupid tacky tourists paying to experience - scratch that (they don't really want experience) - wanting to "see" a different culture.

      Also, joking aside, maybe you can somehow get it through your head that Hawai'i has a different aesthetic than the European whitewash you're used to. I don't expect you to comprehend it right away, as you seem to be only used to things that pertain specifically to white folk, but I do ask you to consider it :)

    • War crimes is real there's a case going on in Switzerland under what america did is war crimes.international laws states that what america is doing and did is war crimes . America don't want any one to know even there own people study law before you talk . I dont blame you for not knowing about what happened to hawaii but like how america says law is law so they should follow it .America passed a bill public law 103 . 150 its a apology bill for the illegal over throw of the hawaiian kingdom. Illegal is illegal america should come clean and stop the lies your not at blame for what happened .

    • Not sure if you're arguing against or agreeing.

      So maybe it's basically "7 Reasons [Fill in Name of Beautiful Lands Once Occupied By Indegenious People but Now Occupied By Illegally Invading Super Power & Turned into a Tourist Trap to Make Money From Selfish Visitors ] Hates You"

      The problem is not unique to Hawaii, but that doesnt make it less real. I think our problem here is more about too many people MOVING here from the mainland & less-so with tourists anyways, but thats just me ;)

  99. Most of us come from a culture that was, at some point or other in history, usurped by a foreign one. Mine is no different in that respect, and probably, yours isn't, either. If you keep that in mind when visiting others' countries, Hawaii included, it gives you a respect and a feeling of joint equality and acceptance. We're all vanquished, but we can proceed decently from here forward.

    I don't doubt that there is enmity toward me from some Hawaiians simply because of the color of my skin, but I treat them as if I am a visitor to their country, because I am. If I am in danger, it's not because of anything I've done. We all need to behave with real respect for each other from now on. The past is over.

    • I agree the past is over.

      My son is of Filipino/Scottish/English/Irish/French/German decent, growing up in Hawaii/Philippines/California. Where is he a native? Where is he a local? Where is he welcomed without prejudice? What historical atrocities is he responsible for? Where does he deserve more/less respect and where should he be sure to give more/less respect and to whom? What past pollution is his fault? What past globalization? What past commercialization?

      Assigning blame, or commanding more respect from a 2 year old baby based on the color of his skin, the place of his birth, the area he grew up, or the languages he has learned...

  100. I'm sorry you (the author) has to read the comments on this post. Your (the author's) anger is justified, and even as someone nonwhite that has familial roots there, I still understand the impact of -why- I have roots there that are only about 120 years old, what it means for me to visit, and the shit indigenous people go though anywhere that's colonized, regardless of who is doing the colonizing or how long ago that was. I'm sorry that most people believe the history written in the books we were forced to read in school. (At college level; price raised AND often written solely by the person teaching the class!) And I'm sorry for the lack of understanding in general. I never comment on articles on the internet (so I am not even gonna put notifications on about replies haha), but I thought you deserved to know that someone gets what you're saying that isn't Hawai'ian themselves.

    • While the points of the article maybe true ( depends on your opinion) no where in the comments have I read anything related to Hawaiians also being part of the problem. My point is that, as a state, Hawaii could implement states laws( building codes, tourist taxes, ownership laws) that would reduce the inflow of the white invaders.

      Simply put , Hawaiians can control, to a limited extent, their own destiny at the ballot box. Vote in folks who represent the locals interests and use that as the "gatekeeper".

      Local school boards could increase the curriculum to include more Hawaiian culture to ensure the youth of today take it forward into the future.

      Ultimately, Hawaii could succeed from the U.S via a direct appeal to the U.S. Government or to the UN. This is a long shot but hey, if you want you land back you use all avenues.

      The above being said, then understand that some of the unspoken upside from being part of the U.S. Will go away. That's OK if the locals want it but this won't be a case of you get to eat the cake as well.

  101. I wouldn't go to Hawaii if you paid me. Bunch of self righteous racists that don't appreciate the tourists hard earned money. Any state where a Spam is a delicacy has something wrong with it.

    • Ha ha, yep I'm a NZer. We have Polynesian culture here too. Lazy, self entitled, theiving, highest child abuse rate in the world. Hawaii is beautiful but the natives are violent pigs!

      • What a joke.
        You sound miserable.
        God bless your soul, darlin.
        Aloha oe!

      • Haha...yeah white foreigners did the same thing to the Maori, now u complain about how they act??

      • I'd gladly pay you both NOT to come to Hawai'i. Oh wait, I'm lazy & self entitled... Oh darn. Still. Keep your hard earned money & shove it where the sun don't shine. :D

    • Sorry we don't appreciate your "hard earned money", but as you've read, the fact that tourists show up to spend their money in Hawai‘i makes it harder for locals to survive here.

      BY THE WAY, spam is great, most of you guys just cook it wrong and make weird shit out of it.

    • Good....stay home ;) Win-win!

  102. Even with not doing any of the reasons listed there is still judgement. Funny thing is even though I have multiple ethnic groups in my bloodline I'm too light skinned to be anything other than white. Understanding, and acceptance is what everyone everywhere wants. Something that has happened 100+ years ago is not my or any individuals fault.

    • Thing is Christina, they don't see it that way. Colonisation gifted hawaii with free education, healthcare and many other advantages yet they still scream and moan. Fact is this Stone Age people were colonised by a superior people and bought into the modern world as a result

      • Realy Markus? "Colonisation gifted Hawai'i with free education, healthcare and other advantages?"
        News flash/ History lesson for you! The Kingdom of Hawai'i before it was taken over illegally had one of the highest literacy rates in the world. The Kingdom hired scholars from England, Scottland and France "Not FREE" to teach not only royal children but, the kingdoms children. Iolani Palace had electricity before your very own White House. Which King Kalakaua contracted Thomas Edison to bring electricity in 1886 4 years before the White house had it. Trade was done freely with European and Asian countries. Hawai'i had it's own Dr.'s both educated abroad and contracted ("Paid NOT FREE) also, they also had traditional medicines as well which western medicine piggy back's off of making the synthetic versions. The Kingdom of Hawai'i was fine before it was stolen. Imperialistic thinking! You need to change not US!

      • Wrong, we had all of that including running water, flushing toilets and electricity in Iolani palace before the White House. The thing most misunderstood is that it's likely we will be free and independent in 30 years. We had a fire dept, police dept(that wasn't racist from the get go) and healthcare also the highest literacy rate(90%) and after United States took over, health got worse, literacy went down and the language almost died. We had amazing diplomatic relations with all the European nations.

      • Colonization did not gift us with free education, healthcare, etc. We still pay for those things. In fact, we didn't even have bacterial diseases, viruses, AIDs, etc. before foreigners got to Hawai‘i. We had perfectly sustainable living systems. We were never "Stone Age" people. We never needed to be brought into the modern world. Every other country affiliated with us recognized us as a perfectly functioning country with responsible monarchs, but no, the United States decided that they wanted to have their cake and eat it too.

        Don't try to justify colonization. Realize that colonization is what started catastrophes like the WWI, WWII, etc.

      • Actually colonization decimated over half of the population with smallpox & then tried to rob the other half of their culture & dignity. Missionaries & white businessmen pounced & served only their own interests. Bill Clinton even officially apologized for the illegal overthrow of the Queen, but it meant NOTHING.

        This article sums up just part of that hate--and some of us do hope u r offended and feel squeemish about it. It likely will not prevent many from still coming here, but maybe it'll make you think twice or show more respect when here. Dont stay too long though....too many new ppl here already--everybody wants a piece of Hawaii for just the price of an airline ticket.

        • I didn't get my piece so cheap... I was 14 when I inherited a meager amount and spent 20 years building on it. I finally invested in a taxi business in kona. My first partner screwed me and the guy we were buying out. So what did I do?... I made things right. I sent him money to undo the damage my ex partner had done. Bringing my total spent to almost 50k. Then when I arrived with my family he took us in. But made it so I couldn't make money with him. I then find that he still owes on the vans. So he's committed fraud by all legal definition, but the fact is that if I leave the island I'll never get a fair shake. So now I'm bouncing around trying to keep my family alive while so many who could help, don't because of what the "whites" have done. I'm of Scottish blood and if you ain't seen braveheart then just pick up a damn book and find a country the English didn't oppress. Good luck. That's then and this is now and I'll fight any one of you Polynesian some bitches if that's what you respect. But if you wanna justify being a snake by showing me the slither marks of others, then show my tracks amongst them by god! Back in the Deep South I done a damn sight of bad, but not one whit of it to the Pacific Islanders. But they're taking my money and leaving me hung out to dry. The proper way to show me that I'm unwanted would've been if I couldn't have found a place to invest here. Lot of good ppl and they hate the damn thrives and snakes of all races...,

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