Good Home Cooking at Yesterday's Calf-A Restaurant, Montana

When my family takes a drive through southwestern Montana, we like to eat at Yesterday's Calf-A, located in an old schoolhouse in tiny Dell (population 7 to 19!).

Run by Linda and Richard Marxer, the cafe serves up good home cooking. It's known for its roast beef, but my favorite is the chicken-fried steak.

Old schoolbooks line the walls, and daily specials are listed on a blackboard. Don't miss the offbeat welded sculptures in the corral.

Dell is on I-15 (Exit 23) in far southwestern Montana, about 38 miles south of Dillon; Yesterday's Calf-A is right off the exit. It's open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily; it's open until 9 p.m. in summer, except on Sunday. To learn more, call 1-406/276-3308.

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  1. This is the opinion of Sandy Berthelson, Kens Berthelsons wife. Its too bad you had to sell off all the old memories to make all the payments. No one thinks of anyone anymore except themselves. All the children and older folks that came were more interested in the good food, old antiques, and the feel of Yeasterdays calf-a with all the memories inside. They could sit back and talk about how it used to be. Now, in my opinion you have taken that away from everyone. If all memories were to be lost and sold, why did you keep the name? The memories and the names went together hand in hand. The Berthelsons worked hard when they owned that calf-a. It was a well known place without internet and a bar. When they owned it they didnt need a bar, or internet avertisements. The calf-a spoke for itself by word of mouth. Wow, what great fun and historical value for all the young and old, a bar and no historical memories. Ive ate in there since Ruths passing. Its not homemade anymore. Its nothing like it use to be. Now its like walking into an everyday place. Thats not what the name stood for! I dont know you. Ive never met the new owners. Although you would think that a respectable person would change the name if the were going to change everything else. The name respectfully belongs with the Berthelson family. Its your place now. Make it your own and give the name back to the respectful ownersof the name. It doesnt belong there anymore, and im sure alot of others would agree with my opinion. God bless the Berthelsons for all there hard work and time they lovingly put into Yeasterdays Calf-a!!

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