Hobbies & Leisure: A Fun Life is a Good Life

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There's a lot of societal pressure to live a productive life in which you contribute to the community in which you live. That's all fine and you won't get any argument from me about such a lofty goal. However, I think we also need to leave time to enjoy things we like doing whether they have a direct impact or not on the well being of anyone else. If I want to take photos of things that 1,000 other people have taken photos of, there's nothing wrong with that. If I want to spend a week every year diving in tropical waters and admiring sea life, there's nothing wrong with that either. And if I happen to enjoy learning how to survive in the wilderness, well that should be entirely my choice even if I spend most of my time in a concrete jungle.

This section on Infolific is dedicated to this idea of hobbies and leisure time. We really don't care what it is you do as long as you have fun doing it!