Preparing for the Open Water Dive Training

This weekend I'm heading out for my open water dive training. This follows my weekend confined water dive training which I did about 2 weeks ago. As I'm discovering with all things scuba, there's quite a bit of gear to get together beforehand.

In my case, the dive location is about 2 hours away. So I stopped by my scuba store to grab all of the necessary equipment a couple of days early so that I'd be all set for the drive Friday night after work. This equipment included:


  • 7mm wetsuit (rental)
  • 7mm hood (rental)
  • 2 scuba tanks at 3000 PSI (rental)
  • BCD
  • dive weights


  • 3mm gloves
  • compass
  • sea snips
  • mask defog

Yep, four more items added to the initial cost of scuba diving. At least the compass will fit into a couple of consoles should I end up buying one of those.

The weekend dives should be fun. They're at Dutch Springs (was once a quarry). Apparently the water is clear and there are platforms at different depths to facilitate the training.

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