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If you're like me, you bought a dive log when you took your open and confined water dive training. This dive log is one of the things that really drove home just how easy it is to spend money when learning to scuba dive. And while much of the equipment is necessary, there really is no reason to pay for a log ever again since it's really just a empty forms for recording dive information. Instead, I recommend downloading and printing one of these dive logs.

Technical Dive Log

This dive log attempts to make it easy and quick to record many different elements (equipment and conditions) of your dive by providing many check boxes.

Download the technical dive log here (opens a new window).

Experience Dive Log

This dive log places greater emphasis on recording what you experienced on the dive such as day or night, what coral you saw, and if you encountered and animals. This one is a little more cluttered than the first.

Download the experience dive log here (opens a new window).

Interactive Dive Log

This dive log uses some of the interactive features of Adobe Acrobat enabling you to click on checkboxes and select values from drop-downs. This will certainly keep your log information tidy, but of course it can only be used while in front of a computer.

Download the interactive dive log here (opens a new window).

interactive dive log

Free Form Dive Log

This dive log captures the critical details of your dive and leaves a lot of room for notes. It's more visually appealing than the simple dive log below.

Download the free form log here (opens a new window).

Simple Dive Log

If you're just looking to capture enough information to plan your next repetitive dive or are just not the sort to record things, this is the dive log for you.

Download the simple dive log here (opens a new window).

Multi-Dive Log

This is good dive log for multiple sequential dives. It does require that you use a dive wheel instead of the standard RDP.

Download the multi-dive log here (opens a new window).

multi-dive log

Nitrox Dive Log

Nitrox divers have to keep track of their air mixture and this dive log makes it easy to do so.

Download the nitrox dive log here (opens a new window).

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  1. Would it be possible to have those templates editable?
    I like the free form version, but would like to make some slight changes, like units (kg instead of lbs) and have two pages side by side (for cutting two A5 pages).

  2. I LOVE the Free Form log. Do you have it in Imperial units?

  3. Great - but a mix of the Multi with the "Nitrox" air part would have been almost perfect.

    The search continues... :(

  4. Thanks for the log.
    Could you create a version where the left pages are flipped, so that we do not have to cut the page, just folding in the middle will do?

    • 2 sided printing--flip on short edge worked for me.

  5. thanks for free log

  6. thanks for the logs will be hand as just starting out .

  7. Great idea; easy to use, too.

  8. Thanks for the free logs!

  9. Thanks for your help. This is for my scuba dive loving husband!

  10. Nice job!

  11. Thanks for the free log.

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