Scuba Diving Class – Day 3

Ahhhh… Sitting on the couch after the third and final day of the confined water portion of scuba training. We spent the morning going through the remaining discussion along with a 50 question final exam. The exam was pretty easy so I wouldn't worry about it if you haven't done it yet especially if you've scored well on the practice quizzes.

The in-pool portion covered off a few more skills. The hardest one was swimming without a mask to simulate the situation where you lose your mask and need to retrieve it. The first couple of days in the pool were good preparation for this task.

We also practiced taking out and putting back in our weights along with removing our BCD and putting it back on both at depth and at the surface. These weren't particularly tricky although I can imagine waves or currents making things a little trickier.

And of course we learned about more gear we should consider buying including a slate plus graphite pencil, whistle, patch kit, gloves for the open water dives, and the all important mask defogger. I can't believe how much equipment there is for the new scuba diver to buy!

Side note: I saw an ad for a mask with a digital read out on the face so you don't even have to look at your guages — I'm afraid to ask how much it costs.

We're now done with the in-class and confined water diving. Up next, in two weeks, is a weekend of open water diving. For that we're heading out to Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania. As a training location it sounds pretty cool — it has platforms at various depths for refining our skills in a more realistic environment while still being pretty safe.

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