Roatan and Utila (Bay of Islands, Honduras) Dive Operators

The island of Roatan is part of the archipelago of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Honduras is in Central America, bordered by Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. The Bay Islands consist of three large islands — Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja; three small islands — Morat, Barbareta, and St. Elena; and more than 60 cays a mere 10-40 miles from the Honduran mainland.

Roatan is a relatively short and direct flight from Miami, Houston, or Atlanta, offers reasonable rates for weekly dive packages and has a variety of activities to enjoy between dives and off-gassing the before your trip home.

Scuba dive operators for Roatan and Utila include:

Aggressor Fleet
Utila Aggressor live-aboard
(800) 348-2628

Anthony's Key Resort
(800) 227-3483

Bay Islands College of Diving
(504) 425-3291

CoCo View Resort

Deep Blue Divers

Fantasy Island Beach Resort Dive & Marina
(888) 636-3555

Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort
Roatan Travel Services
(877) 338-6672

Jade Sea Horse

Laguna Beach Resort
(800) 66-UTILA

Luna Beach Resort
(866) 710-5862

Mango Inn Resort and Utila Dive Centre
(888) 322-DIVE

Paya Bay Resort and Dive Roatan Scuba Center
(888) 662-2466

Turquoise Bay Dive & Beach Resort
Roatan Travel Services
(877) 338-6672

Utila Lodge
(800) 282-8932

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