Witz Waterproof Case Review

The locals in Bonaire will tell you to not keep valuables in your car when you're diving. The car rental agencies will tell you to keep your doors unlocked and your windows down so that thieves won't damage the vehicle while they steal your stuff. While it's hard to know if anyone rummaged through my stuff when I was in Bonaire, I can at least say that they wouldn't have found money, credit cards, keys, or my driver's license. That's because I had them with me 60 feet underwater in a waterproof (well, sort of) case.

When I popped into a local dive shop in NY, I was disappointed to find a poor selection of waterproof cases. Surely I couldn't be the only one going to Bonaire, right? The store owner directed my to the Witz Surf Safe which he said many divers used. He also indicated that he wasn't sure what the depth rating was and unfortunately none of the labels provided in this information either. My guess was that they wouldn't be completely waterproof, but water wasn't going to really damage my cards, US currency, or keys so I took a chance.

Sure enough, one of the two cases I bought leaked at depth. I cleaned the rubber seal and that improved things, but even then it seemed that at least some water was seeping in. The other case worked better, but 50% success doesn't inspire much confidence. Overall I'd have to give these cases a thumbs down for diving. They'd probably work just fine for beach visits and shallow swims. You'd think the manufacturer would indicate the max depth in the product information so people could make an informed decision.

Witz Waterproof Case

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