The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook – Travel

This book offers some tips and techniques for surviving travel-specific situations. Some of the situations are wacky such as the section on how to foil an alien abduction or how to navigate a minefield. Uh yeah. However, most of the book deals with real-world situations some of which are common while others are quite rare.

The book is good from the standpoint that the tips are clearly laid out rather than droning on and on about a million different variations to achieve the same thing. However, that's also the book's failing in that it makes assumptions about what you have available.

I particularly like the areas that many survival books don't cover such as surviving a tsunami or sandstorm. The more common tips like how to build a snow shelter match suggestions from other books I've read so I'm taking that to mean that the more exotic survival situations are also described accurately.

I give this book a thumbs up for being an interesting yet fun introduction to survival, but a thumbs down when in comes to being comprehensive. Apparently there is a game that goes along with this book which, like the alien abduction tips, diminishes the book's authority. All in the name of making money I suppose.

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