Glacier National Park: Mountains and Moose Everywhere You Turn

The US has some amazing national parks and so I've made a point of visiting one or two a year. In September I travelled to Glacier National Park with camera in my hand, lenses in my pack, and tripod over my shoulder. The park is a great destination for landscapes and wildlife. Mountains rise up around you, bears roam during the day, and moose appear in the lakes for those that wait patiently.

The western side of the park is beautiful, but wildlife is harder to come by. The eastern side seems to have all of the bears and moose. This seems to be a consistent situation as the eastern side is also where you'll find more accommodation options. So while I wouldn't completely exclude the west from your visit, I would certainly recommend overweighting your time in the east.

Driving up and down the road to and from East Glacier will give you the best chance for seeing black, brown, and grizzly bears. For moose, head out to a lake around sunrise or sunset and wait. Once you've located where there are moose, you can count on that same moose (or others) being there the following days. My best sighting included 4 moose in one lake!

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